President Salva Kiir on State Visit to Egypt

Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi meeting with South Sudanese President Salva Kiir in Cairo.

By Ahram Online,

South Sudan’s President Silva Kiir arrived in Cairo on Monday on a three-day visit for talks with the Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, state’s news agency MENA reported.

The two presidents will discuss bolstering bilateral relations and the latest developments in the Nile Basin and the Horn of Africa, according to MENA.

South Sudan has witnessed over two years of civil war since Kiir sacked Riek Machar as vice president in 2013. More than 10,000 people have been killed and over 2 million displaced, many of whom have fled to neighboring Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya and North Sudan.

Egypt has more than once expressed support for a peace agreement in South Sudan.

In July, El-Sisi expressed in a phone call to Kiir Egypt’s support for a ceasefire, and eventual transition to peace, in the midst of a series of deadly battles.

Days later, a ceasefire was signed between President Kiir and Machar after four days of intense gun battles that killed at least 300, according to South Sudanese government estimates.

Egypt has Distinguished Role in Achieving Stability in South Sudan: Envoy

south sudan egypt relation
Ayman Mokhtar el-Gammal


Egypt’s Ambassador in Juba, Ayman Mokhtar el-Gammal, highlighted on Sunday Cairo’s role in achieving stability in South Sudan.

In press statements, he expressed hopes that the situation in South Sudan would be back to normal soon, with a view to resuming bilateral cooperation projects that have been stalled due to instability in the sub-Saharan country.

Ambassador Gammal added that cooperation has gained momentum after South Sudan President Salva Kiir’s visit to Egypt and meeting with President Abdel Fattah El Sisi in November 2014 where eight memorandums of understanding on cooperation in several sectors were signed.

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  1. Great Diplomacy—El Sisi is doing a Superb Job.
    Uganda and S Sudan….Eritrea and Somalia and the Tiny “Wxore'” Djibouti eventually will be under Cairo’s and the UAE’s Influence and very,very SOON!.
    Guess who is playing the game under-cover and behind the scene?
    None but PIA..
    I guess if this guy uses his genius mind to unite Eritreans….we would”adore” him for life and keep him in the Office for Life!
    But he has chosen a different path….the TYPO Eritrean Politics…
    I guarantee U that PIA will achieve his ambitious dream of creating a United and Greater Somalia along with Cairo and the UAE.

    1. Only weyane and weyane friends have a hate towards PIA, but real eritreans still trust him and love him dearly. You have never concluded your comments without negative endings.
      Your brain has been frozen for a while, it is JUST-ICE

      1. Menghis:
        We know who freezes and demotes–hahaha and we also know who is Weyane and who is NOT…
        We also know as to who trusts Agames more than Eritreans. We also know as to who polarizes Eritreans and makes them fight each other..

      1. LOL!

        Indeed bro. I made the mistake engaging him in discussion at madote a few days ago, and I ended up descending deep into a rabbit hole.

    2. Get your facts right mister, Somalia has cut all ties with Egypt, Egypt tried to get its old anti Ethiopia influence back in Somalia but as time change so did Somalia, so Somalia has cut all ties with Egypt so did Djibouti but its only Eritrea which continues to serve the Egyptians interests in the horn of African.

      Anyway Egypt is as poor as Somalia so Somalia doesn’t need to allied itself with a poor nation like Egypt, as lately Somalia is the reaching out to those rich nations like Japan, US, Eu and South Korea, Somalia has passed the stage of hanging around with poor nations.

          1. You are not making sense referring to Cairo as a poor village. Not that there is anything wrong with being poor, but who cares. Do you think Mogadishu and/or Djibouti are rich villages? Somalia, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Eritrea have “poorer” villages than Egypt. The Saudis may be rich, but it is only because they are “blessed” with oil. Are you going to look down on Saudi Arabia once their oil is finished? I don’t know the education level of Warlords, but I have more respect for a country full of educated people than a country run by educated people of other countries (USA, UK, France, Pakistan, India, …).

          2. I never said either Mogadishu or Djibouti City are richer then Cairo, all I’m saying is Cairo is as poor as Mogadishu and Djibouti City.
            I hope you understand my point now.

          3. How can Egypt have leverage over Djibouti? Does Egypt pay Djibouti on monthly basic? What does Egypt actually do for Djibouti? So there’s no reason Djibouti to fall for Egyptians feet.

          4. ኣሌክ - Alec you · Edit

            Well the leverage Egypt hav over tiny Djibouti — “It owns the Suez Canal. Yes it can create pressure on Djibouti through the Arab League and harass or even deny any Djibouti bound ships and vessels from passing through the Suez Canal.”

            Egypt is fighting for its life, literarily…. So it will use every leverage it has against Ja-booty.

            Even tho Djibouti hav economical relations with Ethiopia, now Ethiopia is unstable country divided between ethnic lines etc. Soon to be explode. So Djibouti have so much to lose if it goes against Egypt plans. Politically speaking.

            And that is why.. Djibouti went behind TPLF’s back and agreed to normalize its relations with Eritrea. So there is some leverage. And soon we’ll see…

          5. Suez Canal is a small river path which connects to Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea, its hardly strategic big deal.

            Ps Djibouti can leave the Arab league anytime it desires, like I said before Somalia was the one who made Egypt believe they can fly freely in the horn, but as Somalia and Ethiopia the two main countries in the horn improve their relationship Egypt continues to falls in the gutter.

            Maybe if Egypt pay like two billions yearly to Djibouti then we could say Egypt has leverage over Djibouti but Egypt can’t even do that because its poor.

          6. “its hardly strategic big deal.” LOL

            This is when I stop listening to internet would-be warlords flexing non-sense. If you don’t understand strategic and economic importance of Suez Canal than you must be high on sniffing cheap glue and combined w/ khat along with abusive amount of tella (suwa) haha

            Gd Day!

          7. The Suez Canal was once importance to Britist empire cuz for its international shipping to Iraq, Iran, Palestine and for its rule in Egypt, that’s why the British even granted Egypt full access to the Nil river even though all the nil river comes from Ethiopia, so for your question Suez Canal is not strategic anymore, even if Egypt blocked access to Suez Canal then it will only affect Israel and Iran.

          8. ኣሌክ - Alec you · Edit


            To learn more of the importance of the Suez Canal — Google=>> “how strategic is the Suez Canal” and learn something. Instead of talking nonsense.????

          9. ኣሌክ - Alec you · Edit

            “Suez Canal is a small river path which connects to Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea, its hardly strategic big deal.”

            Seriously?! Man– IF U DONT THINK, THEN U SHOULDNT WRITE OR TALK!!!????

            Dude — billions of dollars of trade passes everyday through the Mandeb Strait=> which is the Red-Sea.. “the Mandeb Strait, which is a critical chokepoint for the $700 billion dollars of trade passing annually between the European Union (EU) and Asia.” Why do u think the US pour millions of dollars into combating Somali piracy—an indication of the Strait’s importance to US interests. Its because threats to this trade route the Red-Sea. ????

            So how can u say its hardly strategic?!????
            “Ps Djibouti can leave the Arab league anytime it desires”

            Yes it can, but it didn’t. So why do u think is that?! ????
            “like I said before Somalia was the one who made Egypt believe they can fly freely in the horn, but as Somalia and Ethiopia the two main countries in the horn improve their relationship Egypt continues to falls in the gutter.”

            LOL!! Dude Somalia, it hav no power to influence anyone… and that so called government is a puppet. Even the TPLF owns Somalia. Now Somalia is a pet of a pet. It doesn’t have any power to do anything. And it’s an Arab league…meaning it can be pressured. And so is Djibouti.

            If the Saudi opened a base in Djibouti… Egypt will lose that leverage over Djibouti. And the Saudi they will have leverage on Egypt. And Egypt will have no choice but to obey… cuz it needs all the positions to strike. No matter what Djibouti is just a pawn and soon or later it will backstab the TPLF regime. Then we will see if the TPLF invade Djibouti, like TOL said.????

            And Egypt can go on with its plan thru — Uganda and S.Sudan. Cuz playing politics with Saudi will destroy Egypt.


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    Thank you for your understanding.

      1. Definitely Not.
        *** Agame (āgāme => “fruitful”) is part of Tigray in Ethiopia.
        ===> An Ethiopian from Tigray with IQ63 might take the word Agame as an insult, but it definitely is not.
        *** Weyane – A rebellion that started by the people of Tigray (aka Agame) in 1943 against Haile Slassie. Weyane were basically quarantined by Ethiopian “Elite” rulers, until 1976, Fifteen Long years after God said “Let there be Shaebia”, and there was Shaebia. So Woyane is definitely not a foul language unless you are one of those woyenti with inferiority complexity who are offended by the fact Shaebia/EPLF baby sitted, tutored and put woyane in Menelik Palace at 4-kilo.
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        Conclusion: Agame, weyane, dedebit, kedami, are not foul languages — I sincerely hope my favorite and the best website TN agrees with me and won’t ban the most basic vocabularies of my school, the Dedebit University.

        1. Be there brother for good, otherwise a web like TN would miss one of the most talented and wise person like you..Great B.Adal

        2. Haha????, this is funny… Love u man. ????????????????

          Well bro, I think what **TN** is saying.. How we use the words towards someone. Something like that. But we can slap them back to Dedebit by using facts. ????

    1. I support your intention TN. However, ሃመማ ዘልዋ መኣዲ ፡ ቀድያ ነይቲቐዲ እዩ። Unpleasant Weyane supporters’ comments are always spoiling the atmosphere.

        1. ~
          bro! – – – ክሳብ Raee ናቱ ዝገብር ክፍትን’ስከ።

          ብሃውሪ ካብ ዝምልሰልካ ኢለ ኣብ ሓደ ክልተ መዛግበ-ቃላት ሸፈፍ ኣቢለ ጠሚተልካ’ውን ኣለኹ፡

          ቀደየ፣ ቀደወ፣ ቀድዩ፣ ይቕደኻ ወዘተ. እናመሰሉ ንዝፍጠሩ ቃላት መሰረተ-ቃሎም ማለት ግሳዊ መቦቘሎም (headword, verbal noun)፣ ምቕዳው እዩ።

          ምውህሃድ፣ ምስምማዕ፣ ምስላጥ፣ ምስማር፣ (ንዅነታት ኣየር፣ ኣከባቢ፣ ቦታ፣ ስራሕ፣ ጠባይ ሰባት . . .) ከምምባል’ንከንሱ፣ ኣብ ምጥጥ ዘለ ዝርዝራቱ፣ ንጥዑም ጨና [ምዕጣን ከም መምከኒ ኣብ ግምት ይእቶ] ፣ መቓረት፣ ዜና’ውን – – – ይረሃወካ፣ ትፈትዎ ይግበረልካ ስለ ምባል’ውን ንጥቀመሉ፣ በዚ ካልኣይ ኣገባቡ ከኣ፣ ኣብ’ከም’ዚ ብጻይና ገጣማይ Raee ዝጠቐሶ ሓያል ምስላ – – – “ሃመማ ዘለዋ መኣዲ ፡ ቀድያ ነይቲቐዲ።” ኣተኣታትውኡ፣ ነቲ ተቐሪቡ ዘሎ ሽሻይ፣ ሃመማ ስለ ዝዓሰልዎ ከም’ተበላሸወ’ሞ፣ ብኹሉ ምሉ ንጥዕና ዘይሰማማዕ፣ ዝተበከለ መግቢ ኰይኑ ከምዘሎ ይሕብረና’ሎ።

          I hope! ፈቲነ ግን ኣለኹ።

        2. Dear Hizbawi, Let us thanks Nebelbal for his efforts for explaining the word “Qedya” in broad way. To tell you the truth I have nothing to added to what Nebelbal has said.

    2. Hmmm….so would you consider, for instance a statement ‘Djibouti has chosen Riyadh over a poor village like Cairo’ which is an absolute assault on our intellect or intelligence as ‘sub standard’ or ‘insult’? What about the very idea that it’s POSSIBLE TO HAVE A ‘MATURE CONVERSATION WITH EVERYONE’? I assume that ‘everyone’ includes, Sentek, The Last WarLord, Justice and other woyane goons……, right? Above all though, I like the presupposition of the latter statement. I didn’t know woyanes are here to engage us with ‘mature conversations’. Good to know! :)))

      And Good Luck With Having ‘Mature Conversations’ with Woyanes, My Friend!

  3. South Sudanese President in Egypt for bilateral talks

    By Sudan Tribune,

    January 9, 2017 (JUBA) – South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir left for the Egyptian capital, Cairo for bilateral talks with his Egyptian counterpart, Abdel Fatah El- Sisi.

    The visit comes barely a month after the Egyptian president visited Uganda, resulting into the unannounced visit to South Sudan by Ugandan leader, Yoweri Museveni.

    South Sudan’s Presidential spokesman Ateny Wek Ateny told reporters that Kiir’s visit would take two days during which the two leaders and their cabinet ministers would hold discussions in relation to bilateral ties between the two countries.

    “The President of the Republic Salva Kiir Mayardit and the accompanying delegation left Juba for Cario, Arab Republic of Egypt this morning in response to the invitation extended to him by his Egyptian counterpart Abdel Fatah El- Sisi,” said Ateny.

    He added, “President Salva Kiir will also be extending his country appreciation of the role played by Egypt in supporting South Sudan in the UNSC, and the role of Egypt in offering education to many South Sudanese’ generations since when it was part of the Sudan.

    President Kiir is also expected to extend a similar invitation to his Egyptian counterpart.

    Critics claim the three leaders agreed to open training camps for Sudanese armed opposition at Uganda-South Sudan border with the view to topple Sudanese government for supporting construction of a dam by Ethiopian government on River Nile.

    This deal, according to security sources, resulted in dispatching more than big trucks full of Ugandan troops heading to South Sudan. 20 trucks, unconfirmed reports say, claimed entered Nimule through Elgu, and eighteen trucks via Ajdumani to Kajokeji.

    The stated mission is to pursue the armed opposition figures and to clear out rebellion around South Sudan border with Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo, though the Uganda government blackmail the people in the region that they are pursuing Uganda Armed oppositions in Northern Uganda , Eastern Uganda and West Nile as a mere political propaganda, a source told Sudan Tribune on Monday.

    The visit of President Abdullah Fatah Sisi of Egypt to Uganda last month follow by unofficial visit of president Museveni to Juba three days after Egypt President visited to Uganda, in which President Museveni during a closed door meeting with President Salva Kiir, conveyed the message that he and Egyptian leader to open up a training camp at border with his country.

    The Kampala and Juba meetings resolved to provide a support to Sudanese and Ethiopian Armed oppositions. This will involve training and providing weapons to SPLM-North, Darfur Rebels both with Military Equipment and full logistics including Finance. Egypt will supply Uganda then South Sudan will be the corridors to supply the equipment to the SPLM-North, Darfur Rebels and Ethiopian Armed opposition.

    These military Training camps have will be opened along South Sudan border with Uganda and Congo border. The reason behind is that they want to use Congo Central Africa corridors to launch attack on Sudanese government than using South Sudan Border. The training Camps will be around Mofok and around Lasu.

    This will be making it o easier for transportation of the Equipment by land because by air it will be difficult because South Sudan air-space is under the control of Sudan, a security source who did not want to be identified told Sudan Tribune on Monday.

    The source further alleged that the Egyptian government had sent 58 senior military commanders to South Sudan through Uganda to access the ground for training for SPLA, Sudanese and Ethiopian rebels. The commanders, he added, are from different military units, armor, artillery, air-defense and central military intelligence.

    “Government of Egypt has a plan to topple both the government of Sudan and Ethiopia because the of Dam that Egyptians have contested before and rejected it not to be built, but Sudan and Ethiopia decided to go ahead and they have built the Dam which affect Egypt. The second issue is the contested Area in the eastern part of Sudan bordering Egypt (Halayib). Egypt is claiming that the area and Sudan continues to claim the area also. This is what is happening in the region”, explained the source.

    1. ~
      እግዝዮ – – – ዓዘፍዘፍ !

      ኣፈኛታት ማለሊት ብዓጀውጀው ክህውትቱ’ንከለው፣ ካብ ኣፍ ኣብነትዊ ዓንጃሎም ንምጥቃስ ዝኣክል:

      1ይ) “Critics claim the three leaders agreed . . . ”
      2ይ) “This deal, according to security sources . . . ”
      3ይ) “20 trucks, unconfirmed reports say, . . . ”
      4ይ) “The stated mission is to pursue the armed . . . ”
      5ይ) ” during a closed door meeting with President Salva Kiir, conveyed the message that he and Egyptian leader to open up . . . ”
      6ይ) “for transportation of the Equipment by land because by air it will be difficult because South Sudan air-space is under the control of Sudan, a security source who did not want to be identified told Sudan Tribune on Monday. – – – The source further alleged . . . ”
      7ይ ወዘተ.) ” bla bla blaaaa ዓድኽዶኽዶኽ – – –

      ረድ ረድ ምስ ዝብል ኣብራኽ፣ ክነግረሉ ደልዩ ዘሎ ድማ፤ – – – ጨለነት ተረኺብልና “የኣኺ”፣ ብዓቢኡ ንሱዳናውይን ብምቅብጣር “ከጕርሖም” LOL ! ምስ ምህቃን ደጊም፣ ” then South Sudan will be the corridors to supply the equipment to [- – – the SPLM-North, Darfur Rebels እዚኣቶ ንማለቱ ጠቒሱ ይሃሉ’ምበር ] and [ ነታ Ethiopian Armed opposition. ትበሃል ተቐንዝዎ ቀንዲ ሕማሙ ንምሽፋን ከኣም”ዩ።]

      እንታይ ሃበስ ቀደሱ’በሃል – – – ሰብ ዶ ምሉእ መዋእሉ ተልመዴን ኵይኑ ይተርፍ’ዩ – – – “ደቀይ” ፧

      ብሓቂ ድኽነት IQ ዝበሃል ክህሉ ኣለዎ።

  4. TN, maybe you have a reputation to maintain,
    but most of us have a duty to protect our beloved country. There are origin of some countries usually express their anger and frustration through a foul of language and Eritrea is one of those countries. Eritreans have different characteristics in terms of begging, lying, stealing, betraying, and hard working to mention a few that comparing to the neighbors at the horn. Their are too many eritrean haters in this site spreading malicious lies to advance their own political interest. I have noticed some of the eritreans are no longer here that used to comment regularly on this site. I believe the reason is that maybe they are tired of defending their country from lies on regular basis, or maybe they start seeing that the editor is so focused how to accommodate enemy of Eritreans with equal time share.
    These are the few questions i would like to ask and i hope you would answer them:

    Have you ever seen any media giving equal time share to the enemies of their state, if you are not then why don’t you follow their model?

    Most of the media they might give 10% of time share for the enemies, what is the appropriate time share for eritreans enemy?

    You want us to have civil conversation with who? Eritreans with eritreans, or eritreans with enemies?

    Most of us unable to engage in conversation with fellow eritreans regarding our own issues because of the involvement of the enemies in the site. Are you going to create the atmosphere to encourage eritreans to engage in conversation?

    Every media use their privilege to advance the interest of their country, are you?

    Our government not engaged in conversation with the enemies, why should we?

    We eritreans use a lot of fouls language, that’s the way we are. In eritreans what you see is what you get, are you trying to change the way we behave?

  5. Dear TN I agree with you 100% and I respect you too.I have a Question ?Like Agame ,Weyanit Weyanit Dedebit,Weyane Junta, Quntie picker ,Weyane beggar,Kedami ..I will never use F,B,Sh,Word or street word but those that I mentioned .Is that okay to use.Thank you .Please let me know? it is only for TN Administration only.

  6. TN did you just said maturity. How many times did you deleted my comment for you are lossing your temper.i have never used bud words but i know my points are stinging you.
    So stick to your maturity.

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