South Sudan Plane Crash: All on Board Survive

South Sudan Plane Crash
Miraculous Landing. South Supreme Airlines plane has crashed at Wau Airport in South Sudan causing several injuries. South Supreme Airlines is a South Sudanese airline which began operating in September 2013, with a handful of flights every week between South Sudan and neighbouring Uganda.


A commercial plane on Monday made a crash landing in poor weather at an airport in South Sudan, causing several injuries among the 43 on board.

“It is miraculous, completely,” said Ateny Wek Ateny, the South Sudanese presidential spokesperson. “There are only minor injuries. There was no single death.”

The incident took place at the airport in Wau, in the nation’s northwest.

Ateny said the pilot overshot the runway, dropping onto an unpaved ground.

The plane’s right wing hit a car and a fire started on the right side of the plane, Ateny said. The pilot opened the door near the tail, which was not on fire.

“The crew managed to evacuate everyone,” Ateny said.

Initially authorities were not able to find all the passengers because they fled the scene.

Wal Achieng, an official at South Supreme Airlines in Wau, said the plane carried 40 adults and three children. Twenty-five were taken to hospitals, Achieng said. Three remain hospitalized with minor injuries, Ateny said.

“The weather was not good,” Achieng said, citing very cloudy conditions.

The plane was headed from the capital, Juba, to Wau. Juba is located in the southern region of the country.

Achieng said the fire initially led many people to think there would be no survivors.

17 thoughts on “South Sudan Plane Crash: All on Board Survive

  1. This pilot must have graduated from TPLF’s Flight School in Mekele. Glad to know most passengers made it out of the aircraft safely.

    1. TPLF is Ethiopian. Ethiopian Air is one of the finest in Africa with profit, how many African countries can even say that out loud? Flight to North America daily to taking your cousins in Italy after we feed them on flight, simply put, one of the many pride of Africa.

      1. Sentek not to say a word, we know that company when you guys was “kuemti pickers, kemti B.Adal zeblo” Lol, during H.Sellasie time..I want to remember not to be proud too much a company which you didn’t create out of nothing..was there maletey iyu.

      2. Ayte Sentiko
        We are talking about Ethiopian not about Tigrian airlines. The Dedebit flight school is of course certified according to IATA standards in Mekelle. Aye IQ 63 you cannot even distinguish between two evident points, you hardly know Ethiopian airlines.

      3. Well you know the comment was not about Ethiopian airline…i know the air line has one of the top safety records. But also at the same time let me bring you back to food…isn’t feeding one’s guest or our “common” culture? let alone a paying customer…no matter who paid it…pls stop the pretense and keep your mouth shut. Talk about FOOD.

      4. ኣሌክ - Alec you · Edit

        Really? a Tigrayan/Agame talking about feeding/food.. what a joke. Pls just shut up already the poster child of Africa.

    2. you know well, Ethiopian pilots with their best performance. Ethiopian Airline is the leading air avaition of Africa. so why do you connect south Sudan pilot with Ethiopian. By the way Ethiopian Airline has half share on Asky Airline in west Africa and Air Malawi in Southern Africa. and ongoing deal with Rwanda,congo,uganda even south sudan airlines. You have to respect Ethiopian Airline and Ethiopian pilot b/c of both are the pride of Africa ***

      1. Sir, easy. Ethiopian Airline used to be one of the best… but I am not I could that today. As you know the Airline has had more accidents in the last 20 years than its entire history –70 years of service. Don’t take my word for it; just google it. It is also sad to see today 25% of the pilots are West Africans. Hummm Why? Because the TPLF trained pilots kept crushing the planes… so the Junta decided to hire trained foreign pilots. Simple as that. Again, look it up. Facebook and Youtube are full of stories and videos showing TPLF trainees — loyalists — with high school degrees crushing training planes and choppers. ESAT has reported on this story several times, including how TPLF used mercenary fighter pilots from Ukraine during the 2000-2002 war with Eritrea. I suggest you listen to those ESAT interviews with former Ethiopian pilots and trainers. So, the bottom line is TPLF’s apartheid system excludes most Ethiopians from competing for this high skilled job, hereby limiting the pool for getting the best candidates. I am just stating the facts here…

        BTW, the Ethiopian Airline was one of the best… while many smart Eritreans worked there along with their fellow smart Ethiopians. It’s not a coincidence the Airline began to decline (1994) soon after Eritreans began to leave, either by choice or forced to quit.

    3. They have flight school in Mekelle???? The only difference in the status of Tigrians pre and post 1991 is that they’ve the gun now. And I’m not sure if they confuse that with wisdom or knowledge. Outside of their bubble world, they’re still viewed as bottom-feeders and beggars with custom-suits.. Nothing changed. As rebels for 17 years, those imbeciles couldn’t even learn how to operate a simple T-54/55 tank…….When Eritreans, like Captain Asres and others, ran the Ethiopian Airlines, the Agames were not even qualified to clean the washrooms…..

    1. ~
      ከመይ ከመይ ሊንጎ ነብሲ!

      መቸን ቅልጣፊ እንሓንሳብ ይዕንቅፍ’ንድዩ፣ – – – ነታ “Initially” ትብል ቃል፣ ክትውንጨፍ ክትብል፣ ቍሊሕ ከይበልካያ ከም ዝጋለብካ፣ ግጡም’ዩ (፧)።

      እዞም ኣያታትካ ከምዚ ኸማይ፣ መንእሰይ’ዩ “ልቡ ኣብደረቱ”፣ ስለ ምንታይ ንዀልፎ’ናበልና፣ ንሓያል ሚዝንካ aka ምርሽራሽ ዕሱባትን መጫፍርቶምን፣ ግምት ስለ ንህቦ፣ ስለ ኤረ ቀያሕና ጸጽቡቑ ብምምናይ፣ ብህሩፍ ምህንጣይካ ትህቦም ኣጋ 5% ዘይዀኑ ርእዮታትካ፣ ንሓደ ክልተና ኣሸቝሪሮም “ሕኛ” ከምዘምስሉና ትዕዘብ ዶ ትኸውን፤ ስለኡ ድማ ከምነጽቅጥ።

      ምስ ሰላምታይ መናውሒ ክዀነኒ፣ ወስ የብለልካ ኣለኹ ደአ’ምበር፣ ዘቐይምና ነገር ሃልይካስ ዝምዕደካ ዘለኹ ከይመስለካ፣ ዕላልካ ጥዑም’ዩሞ ከምዝመስለካ ሰገጥ ከይበልካ ብቐጻሊ ደርጕሓዮ ኣጆኻ።

      1. ኣሌክ - Alec you · Edit

        Am doing great and u nebsey, how are ya?

        And Thanks bro. This time i will make reading – slowly. My priority. My bad. ???????????? keep hammering me with ur wisdom bro. ????????????

  2. One Eritrean is among the survivors ….

    “The plane was from South Supreme Airlines, a South Sudanese carrier. It was making a trip from Juba to Wau, in northwestern South Sudan when it crashed. Most of the passengers were South Sudanese with two foreigners, one each from China and Eritrea.”

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