South Sudan Buys Weapons Amid Famine: UN

“We have not bought arms for the last of two-three years” – Government Spokesman

South Sudan is spending its oil revenue on weapons, UN report alleges
At least half – “and likely substantially more” – of the country’s budget expenditures are devoted to security including arms purchases, according a confidential UN report.


South Sudan’s government is spending its oil revenue on weapons as the country descends into a famine largely caused by Juba’s military operations, according to a confidential UN report.

The report seen by AFP on Friday calls for an arms embargo on South Sudan – a measure backed by the United States but rejected by the Security Council during a vote in December.

“Weapons continue to flow into South Sudan from diverse sources, often with the coordination of neighboring countries,” said the report by a panel of experts.

The experts found a “preponderance of evidence (that) shows continued procurement of weapons by the leadership in Juba” for the army, the security services, militias and other “associated forces.”

South Sudan derives 97% of its budget revenue from oil sales. From late March to late October 2016, oil revenues totaled about $243m, according to calculations from the panel.

At least half – “and likely substantially more” – of its budget expenditures are devoted to security including arms purchases, the 48-page report said.

The government of President Salva Kiir continued to make arms deals as a famine was declared in parts of Unity state, where at least 100 000 people are dying of starvation.

“The bulk of evidence suggests that the famine in Unity state has resulted from protracted conflict and, in particular, the cumulative toll of repeated military operations undertaken by the government in southern Unity beginning in 2014,” said the report.

The government is blocking access for humanitarian aid workers, compounding the food crisis, while significant population displacement is also contributing to the famine.

An upsurge in fighting since July has devastated food production in areas that had been stable for farmers, such as the Equatorial region, considered the country’s breadbasket.

The report was released ahead of a special Security Council meeting on South Sudan on Thursday that will be chaired by British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson.

After gaining independence from Sudan in 2011, South Sudan descended into war in December 2013, leaving tens of thousands dead and 3.5 million people displaced.

14 thoughts on “South Sudan Buys Weapons Amid Famine: UN

  1. Isn’t this what Ethiopia does?! Buy weapons even during times of famine & go to war! South Sudan probably learned from them.

    1. Not that South Sudan learned from them, but that the crokodile- tearing, so called humanitarian agencies, cover for them everytime they do, because it’s politically convenient. South Sudan is not, like Eritrea, allowed to defend itself.

  2. South Sudan leaders are operating like Woyane in a 63 Zone. The only thing missing in their resume to reach Woyane’s Status is deaths ???? from a Garbage Landslide in their capital city of Juba. One would think IQ63 was Woyane’s genetic, could it also be contagious?

    1. Now you told us Eritrea is drought or famine free, why not help them out by sending food their way like we did to Somaliland? It’s our culture after all. Free gas might allow you to prepare our third gate to the sea soon enough, in return for badme that is.

      1. Ugumesh, No one told Eritrea is drought free, in fact Eritrea has less water than you mama Ethiopia. The difference is Eritrea knows how to preserve its water and use it properly. Eritrea is Famine Free!!! Your stupid PM just said the following:
        Ethiopian PM says Food Security ‘Achieved’
        (ESAT) – Agricultural productivity has declined to 2.5 % from 7% due to the severe drought in the country but food security has been achieved, Hailemariam Desalegn said in a contradictory statement.

        1. Adal
          This creepy clown is Tigrian in the morning and an Ethiopian in the afternoon or when he feels scared he draws the Ethiopian card. He shows a glaring handicap in comprehending the dynamics of the ongoing political and diplomatic discourse in the region. He is a light weight agent, he does not understand the distinction between drought and famine. Though Eritrea lies just in the drought affected area, Eritrean managed to feed its inhabitants thanks to the hard work lied years a head thereby no famine unlike its neighbors specially the unfortunate country ruled currently by the MLLT juntas. Sentiko understans better if you adress him as a MLLT rather than an Ethiopian because he gets only one meal a day in the morning before he turns to be an Ethiopian.

      2. Stop lying. NO one said Eritrea is drought free. This El Niño-driven drought has it the entire region, including part of Eritrea. Yes, only Eritrea has managed to withstand this drought and be FREE of famine.

        I know you heave heard Dr. Birhanu Nega has eloquently say, a few month ago, drought is caused by a natural phenomenon, yet famine is cause by misguided economic policies.

        What Eritrea is free of is famine because of YEARS of hard work. Yes, unlike your TPLF Ethiopia, Ertra has manged control because it adopted strict economic policies and programmes of Eritrea’s self-reliance.

      3. Samliland doest need any thing from a pack of beggars. All you need to do is giving them back the money you have been looting from them in the name of peace keeping by registering low ranking army privates as generals to rob the UN coffers.

      4. ኣሌክ - Alec you · Edit

        Nebsi, ur putting words in someone else’s mouth, El Niño didn’t spare Eritrea, but Eritrea was prepared for it, by preserving water, building dams and so on. And that is why Eritrea is not starving now. Because it prepared itself for over 20yrs in-order to secure food-scarcity. But I can’t say the same for u ppl. So don’t try to hide the truth. It’s because of ur begging nature that u are starving to death now. Instead of securing food scarcity, u are building dam for electricity, while ur ppl are starving to death. It’s all about publicity and filling their pockets for the Woyane-Tigray. And because of that Ethio-ppl are getting humiliated by ur TPLF junta.

        And about that “why not help them out by sending food their way like we did to Somaliland” — Ala nsukum, while ur ppl are starving to death and ur playing political image/just for publicity sake. U want credit for ur evil deeds, well.. let me tell u something wedi tiny-Tigray, we know u very well, u can’t deceive anyone, and u don’t get credit for doing the right thing for the wrong reasons. And that is why ppl hate u for it. Cuz honesty is like an Alien entity to u ppl.

      5. “If Ugumush take Bademe, the Sun will never rise”. Remember that, that was PIA trick in your midget head to divert the attention from Assab to Bademe, as he well knows the Weyane war was for a nightmare of greater tigray. Look at you agames…jogged bare foot to Bademe per PIA instructions.

  3. What choice do they have when foreign powers are arming the anti-government rebels? The government has to keep up. This is a catch-22.

    South Sudan is Africa’s Syria.

  4. Size Zero - Not By Choice · Edit

    It is a repetitive sad cycle. Instead of preparing, thinking ahead and playing the alternative political agenda well, to now block humanitarian aid is so hypocritical in my view. You cannot be neglective, especially having a pattern, then refuse help due to political ideology! Not before the actual population.

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