Shoot Shoot, I have a Bird to Catch

Young Dutch Eritrean heritage who gathered for YPFDJ Veldhoven conference told sacrosanct European values do not apply to them.
Young Dutch and Europeans of Eritrean heritage who gathered at the YPFDJ Veldhoven conference in Holland, have been told by Dutch authorities, the sacrosanct European values such as freedom of assembly and the right to be treated equally under the law do not apply to them.


The 13th YPFDJ conference, which was started on Thursday 13 April 2017 in the city of Veldhoven, in the Netherlands was ordered to discontinue and displace the venue. The decision made by the mayor and Dutch government was a violation of basic democratic rights of European citizens.

The whole scenario was well “pre-planned“. First create an illusion of “disorder of public safety” then make a decision to kill the target. The dramatic act of the decision was just like as journalist once said to the commander of soldiers in the war zone, “shoot shoot I have a bird to catch“.

When the war broke out between Eritrea and Ethiopia in May 1998, more than eighty thousand of Eritreans have been deported from Ethiopia, and the Ethiopian Government’s main reason was: “because we don’t like the colour of your eyes“.

But I never thought such similar version of action would happen in the Netherlands. The Eritrean Dutch and the Eritrean European citizens were deprived from their basic rights of holding their annual assembly. Where is the so-called liberal of Dutch democracy?

Every year Eritreans living in Europe as well as in the Netherlands have been holding annual conference for last decade. The annual Eritrean conference or assembly offers wonderful and unique opportunity to introduce Eritrean cultures and traditions, and meet and share with Eritreans from all over the European countries. The participants would be provided with a fun and creative environment for networking and discovery. The conference goers also got a glimpse into Eritrean culture through colourful cultural performances, music and dance, arts and crafts, exhibitions, educational seminars, discussion forums.

But, unfortunately, this year’s conference, which was planned for 13th until the 17th of April 2017, half way cancelled due to distorted information. It is a shame to see such a move by some Dutch officials, who were misguided by couple of Eritrean “Traitors” and by wrongly perceived media outlets.

I used to believe that the western democracy in general, the Dutch democracy in particular stands for the majority rather than minority. The voice of the majority is always the winner. For reasons still is not known, they forbidden the European Eritreans from holding a conference in Veldhoven and forced to displace the conference goers.

The members of Eritrean communities across the Netherlands were outraged by the false accusations the decision and violation of basic rights last week. I believe people would be surprised and dumbfounded to see that Eritrean-Dutch citizens including Eritreans living throughout Europe deprived from their basic democratic rights.

Every precious human being deserves a chance to gather, to meet or have a festival as far as the public’s peace is not disturbed. There is a saying that goes like this:  “innocent until proven guilty“. This is a principle that requires the government to prove the guilt of a person and relieves the defendant of any burden to prove his or her innocence. Therefore, the Dutch officials should have studied their case before jumping to a quick decision.

The leading Dutch media, NOS TV, has reported that Eritreans in Diaspora are forced to pay 2% tax for the Eritrean government. If they don’t pay, they face a consequence. The story, which was reported on the Dutch Media was biased, one sided and an outright lie. This is preposterous even to think of that.

The 2% income tax paid by Eritreans in the Diaspora in general and Eritreans in the Netherlands in particular, is not mandatory but voluntary and it is also legal as every citizen of the world does.

It is important the Dutch journalists to have a first-hand knowledge about Eritreans and verify the false accusations, which was reported on the Media, but they need to visit the Eritrean communities’ centers that located throughout the Netherlands.

When you fulfill the request of a few treasons against the majority Eritreans, who support the Eritrean government overwhelmingly, by denying their basic rights, or as what is happened here in the Netherlands last week … that is what makes it so double standard for Dutch officials to rejoice in their decisions.

For many years, we had the pleasure of believing that our basic rights was respected and protected, but as far as last week’s action is concerned, our basic democratic rights marked by question.

17 April 2017 Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Eritrean Media Group Holland

22 thoughts on “Shoot Shoot, I have a Bird to Catch

  1. The decision made by the mayor and Dutch government was a violation of basic democratic rights of European citizens.


    1. Deki Halal Meriet, here are the young Eritrean Tigers and Lions, the YPFDJ, defending their country and people with flying colors from all over the world.

      YPFDJ, thanks for following the footsteps of YIKEALO AND WARSAI.

      Stay on course Dekii Halal Meriet for the PROMISED LAND IS JUST around the corner. In fact the PROMISED LAND is already here.

      By the way on Fridays I am a Moslem who goes to the Mosque to pray and on Sundays I am Christian. who goes to Mariam Dearit to pray..

  2. Veldhoven is the way to go. All future pfdj sponsored meetings should be challenged until the regime lifts the 17 years old state of emergency and starts following rule of law. You can’t govern with rule of bullet at home and demand rule of law abroad. Sorry, that’s not how things work!

    1. Do you think as a few minority to put preconditions for our right to get together if we will. You will wait looooong for that and may be then will need to wait even longer … You are ridiculous how can you even contemplate to challenge the majority and go unchecked do not dream friend.

      1. We all Eritreans but as of y supporters of PFDJ and the other opposes have their right also to demo. But I have one question, why the (Y)PFDJ hiding this conference all the time? they r saying, that they the democratic rights, if so why hiding?
        Who said that only the PFDJ supporters are Eritreans? most (Y)PFDJ supporters think this, why?
        Peace & Prosperity for the Eritrean people in Eritrea!!

    2. First of all there is no state of emergency and the rule of bullet in Eritrea, by the way do you know what does it mean ? Veldhoven action will never happen again.because the YPFDJ conference is legal and democratic but the unknown collective scoundrels and rootless had misused it .Those who are demonstrating,they have a lack of edication and thier activists are narrow mided regionalists, anti peace and prosperity .so whether you like or not the YPFDJ are the future of Eritrea. God bless Eritrea and its people .

      1. Can u just give me an answer for this, why (Y)PFDJ supporters think that, they only are Eritreans?
        In diaspora the (Y)PFDJ have the right to do everything but the others not, even we live in diaspora, why?
        In Eritrea in anyway u can’t imagine it, but why in diaspora??
        Is this Eritrea, what we want & the others fought for this country??
        Weather we want it or not Eritrean is for Eritreans but not only for PFDJ
        We are one Nation but with different opinion, we have a wonderful culture, we have a wonderful country, we have a strong people, we love our country but not PFDJ

        1. Of course i can give you an answer,have you ever seen a group of people or any opposition those who stand or represent for Eritrea ?.Let’s talk frankly first of all i am pro any positive opinion,we as human beings it is definitely normal to do so.Pls read again what i wrote last time I didn’t say that the PFDJ are the only Eritreans but i said they are the future of Eritrea, any one who feels an Eritrean has a right to be an eritrean,even now they will be more and more again because they are well informed than any body else what an Eritrean enemies think about .God bless Eritrea and Eritrean people.Long live Eritrea !!

      1. Yes indeed sweet dream the problem will be if he/she awaken from the dream/coma, faces a grim reality. The reality that one has overestimated his capacity and his rights. To create chaos mainly by staging such with the help of heartless and dubious individuals has its limits. And remember many of the few hooligans in Holland were also Tigrians who have only one agenda to wreck havoc to every thing Eritrean if they acquire the means of course.

      2. We have a dream, without PFDJ, we have a dream one day, we will free of PFDJ, we have a dream the oppressor PFDJ will out of the Eritrea! we have a dream, one day those, who died for the Eritrean freedom, come true their dreams!! we have a dream that Eritrea goes forward without PFDJ!!
        We have a dream, that one day Eritrean killers PFDJ will come to justice and put them in jail & punish them. We have a dream, those who makes Eritrea poor like the PFDJ, see them in court & get their punishment. We have a dream, those who raped, killed, the Eritrean youth see them in court, punish them!
        We have tooooooo many dreams but I hope, we leave it to time, time will tell every thing!!
        Peace & Prosperity for the Eritrean people in Eritrea!!

    3. Why are the agames always copying what we do and project their failure on us?

      Which country, is OFFICIALLY being ruled under a state of emergency, you idiot? Your country- Ethiopia.

    4. Nahh. Ask those who have already tried that in some cities in the US. Today many are under court mandated surveillance for security threat to Eritrean community centers and so on. In fact some have been convicted for vandalism, disturbance, trespass… and they have ordinance against them barring them 300 feet from community events and centers. So, I DARE YOU to try….and add your name to that list.

  3. The number 17 in 17th April 2017 both the day and year gives you a chilling memories as to what happened to the YPFDJ and what has happened in 17th century history of the Netherlands (Holland). Despite a small country, Amsterdam (Holland) was the capital of European slavery center. History repeat itself in different forms at different times. No surprise!

  4. Here is the summary –
    1, write 5 times DENYING BASIC RIGHT (though they are supporting government who is denying any right )
    2, War between Eritrea and Ethiopia 1998 (playing the victim)
    Well keep fucking Eritrean people as long as we are in diaspora (I am proud member of YPFDJ ) I will pay 2% VOLUNTARY !!!

    1. Fuck you. They’ve the right to support any government they like! The dutch should lead by example or STFU, in preaching freedom of speech or freedom of assembly!

  5. Thanks TN. As your name you are hope. If there is no hope life would stop. Keep informing us.

    For me the highest value ever is the gift of our MARTYR’S Eritrea. We will not blink to safeguard it. It is disgusting to see people attacking this god blessed gift of our Martyrs. I am a regular visitor from Eritrea. Keep on TN.

  6. Prof Marie is a psychopathic criminal,sadistic and competely crazy as she falls our youth in danger while the police are groping in the dark by spying on our youth and selected her victims on an open street and terrorizing them?
    Weyane Tigria as we all know is a bunch but this event is history and most important is that they will never succeed and we Eritreans are Always Winners and our Young people have already showed this.

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