Al-Shabab Takes Somali Town after Ethiopia Troop Pullout

Ethiopia Troop withdrawal
Playing hide-and-seek with Al-Shabbab. Ethiopian troops operating under the African Union forces abandon Halgan town in the Hiran region, allowing Shabaab fighters to control it.

By Agencies,

Fighters from al-Shabab have taken control of yet another town in central Somalia on Sunday immediately after it was abandoned by Ethiopian troops stationed there by African Union mission (UNISOM).

It was the third time this month that the al-Qaeda-affiliated group moved into a town in the region after the withdrawal of Ethiopian forces.

On Sunday, an Ethiopian contingent abandoned the town of Halgan in the Hiran region, allowing the group’s fighters to enter soon after, Abdiasis Abu Musab, al-Shabab’s spokesman on military operations said.

A military offensive launched in 2014 by African Union forces and the Somali army pushed out al-Shabbab of major strategic centres, but the fighters, who once held sway over much of the Horn of Africa country, still control some settlements and rural areas.

The fall of Halgan was confirmed by Dahir Amin Jesow, a member of parliament from the region, who said residents are being subjected to reprisals at the hands of the fighters.

“Each day, civilians are being beheaded over suspicion that they are government supporters,” he told the Reuters news agency. “We do not have a government that is effective enough to protect our civilians.”

The reason for the peacekeepers’ withdrawal was not clear. Officials in Ethiopia were not immediately available for comment.

Somalia has been embroiled in conflict and lawlessness since the early 1990s following the toppling of military dictator Mohamed Siad Barre.

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Propped up by the African Union-mandated force known as AMISOM, Somalia’s military and central government have strengthened their grip on the country but a relentless campaign of violence by al-Shabab persists.

The group regularly attacks AMISOM’s troops, which is made up of about 22,000 soldiers and police from African nations supporting Somalia’s government and army.

Al-Shabab aims to drive out the peacekeepers, topple Somalia’s Western-backed government and impose a strict version of Islam.

35 thoughts on “Al-Shabab Takes Somali Town after Ethiopia Troop Pullout

  1. It seems AL-Shebab have a decree of 25Km Red Zone on Woyane Terrorist.
    WOyane have left 3 Somali town that are now occupied by Al-Shebab. Why are the TPLF leaving Somalia?
    Are they trying to scare Western Government that Woyane won’t fight Al-shebab, unless the West stops criticizes Woyane?

    1. B.Adal, yes, they have started throwing their toys out of the pram to attract attention or help. However, the main reason for withdrawing is, they are needed at home to safe Malelit’s bacon as majority of Ethiopian-UN soldiers are Tegaru due to the financial benefits paid by the UN..

    2. ወዲ ኣዳል …….ካብ ልቢ ድዩ እዚ አሸባሪ ጉጅለ ምድጋፍካ ? እዚ ገጅለ ኣብ ኬንያ ክርስትያን ብቻ እናፈለየ ከምዝቀትል ትፈልጥ ዶ ? ኣብ ዩንቨርስቲ ዝፈፀምዎ ተግባር ናይ ቀረባ እዋን ተዘክሮ እዩ:: ወይ ከዓ The enemy of my Enemy ዝብል ብሂል ስለትምራሕ እዩ::

      1. Asmerom,
        If you used your Brain instead of your Heart to read my comment, then you will find NO where in my comment where I write I support or even implies that i support Al-Shebab.
        P.S. Regarding Al Shebab killing by separating Christians from Muslims …
        Would you prefer Woyane’s Style of Killing Non Tigriyan Ethiopians? In my mind, there is no difference between Al Shebab and Woyane, as killing based on religion or ethnicity are both equally evil.

        1. አብ ኢንተር ኮንቲነንታል ሆቴል አስመራ አብልዒልካ አስቲካ መሪቅካ ንዶ ዘለኣካዮም ኣይተብሃለን::

        1. አብ ኢንተር ኮንቲነንታል ሆቴል አስመራ አብልዒልካ አስቲካ መሪቅካ ንዶ ዘለኣካዮም ኣይተብሃለን:

      2. TPLF and AL-shebab are the same to me ,you are killing Ethiopians by the helicopter genocide the Oromo and Amhara ugaden betshangul. B.Adal never ever said what you are claiming he said.Get Real and truthful.

    3. Why do I get the bad feeling that they will attack Eritrea? Either b/c Tigray knows it’s their last chance to achieve Abay Tigray or b/c the West wants them to weaken Eritrea before their puppet Weyane inevitability falls. They know that their military is stretched so they leave Somalia in order to attain this goal. I hope I’m wrong, but Weyane is stupid enough to do this.

      1. — Abay Tigray is already dead and is in the history books with The Chiwawa Meles.
        — They couldn’t weaken Eritrea even during their “strong” days, that is when Oromo and Amhara were fighting on their side during the days of impossible, Asseb.
        — Even with their IQ63, they know every Non-Tigrayan Ethiopian soldier is waiting for an opportunity to kill every able Tigray soldier.
        — The leaders of Woyane are too fat and rich to risk their life. They would rather run away to manage their stolen Ethiopian money than to lead soldiers to fight Eritrea; it is a lost cause.
        –So the fat and rich ugumesh will run away and the rest will fight to keep Little Tiray.
        — Eritrean Red Sea will only be a dream for Woyane as they will be forced to either Google Map (for the fat & rich) or a Pair of Binoculars (for the rest)

  2. So what’s the strategy here? If, one day the weyane leaves and the next day al shabaab takes over, then are the weyane supposed to be an occupying force forever? The more I look into this, the more I’m convinced that there’s no such a thing as a “war on terror”. It’s all bogus! Intended for other purposes. The earlier ppl of the HoA wake up, the better.

  3. Leave it to Mary Harper to report on behalf of another terrorist group. The last reporting she did as an “expert” was, there is slavery in Asmera but not so bad to live there. This time, the Ethiopians left Somalia, is it maybe just maybe they are needed at home? I pray she catches herpes. Agazi is in badme, Djibouti, Sudan, Somali and holding it together at home. Why in God’s name would we leave in the middle of election. The real story here is, thanks to the mighty Agazi Somalia is holding its first election 50 years later. For the record, hiran region has less than a million people with almost all living in the capitol beledwyne, they will be casting their votes next week. Haligan is small enough for their own police to secure let alone Ethiopia to abandon it for shabbab. Can you imagin Ethiopia running from terrorist, what a life less lady. I wish she goes to UK and tell us why her stupid people left EU against their own interest and leave Africa for the Axumawites. Geeezz

    1. Sintiku lol you are doing a patch work as per usual? what is going on? your “desebit” analysis don’t make sense. did the police secure the town? i don’t think so …what was the real reason “weyane insider” tell us pls? stop with the mumbo jumbo.

      1. It was obvious an invading army can hang for a while in a foreign land, but not forever no matter how strong it is. It was predictable that the mercenary Weyane army will leave Somalia in defeat one day; and here we are witnessing it.

    2. @sentek

      The Ethiopian troops in Somalia are officially integrated into AMISOM and are not serving the TPLF, so you have no right to withdraw from towns whenever you like it, that is not how it works, if you want to come with your time sheet and are not following the rules under the Africa Union Mission in Somalia then the Ethiopian troops in Somalia have no right to be in Somalia and should withdraw, rem the EU pays the Amisom led Ethiopian troops salaries so how can you withdraw from towns without even getting clearance from the Amisom headleaders?

      You have no right to play with people lives, al shabab has just beheaded three Somali tribal elders accusing them of working with Ethiopian troops.

      Either Ethiopia withdraws from Somalia for good or it follows the the rules set by Amisom.

  4. Sentek;
    This stupid philosohers Aboy Sibhat Nega said Axu is nt Agame or Tenbien butAduwa and I agree with him but the oy thing you canknow is Axum are Eritrans and you can be satisfied with rowdy rock ht is fund in Axum twn.
    Isaias hs sid once here”le Weyane arguing ith hiself and let Weyane die alne like an lddo,e just do our obs and task.Ultimatley Weyane will become history”

  5. the weyane are being chased out of somalia. They can try come up with diffrent excuses but that is the fact. The weak ethiopian military have been losing alot of battles in somalia.

  6. Woyane-Tigray is using it to blackmail the US, to save their neck from Ethiopian ppl wrath. And besides most of Ethio-UN are Tigrayans so they’re being called to defend their beloved Woyane & Tigray. But the thing is, this job can be replaced by another UncleToms easily. So Woyane is escalating its own demise. ???? Anyway no matter what Woyane-Tigray do.. its only delaying the inevitable.

  7. PFDJ worshippers, you better know what you are doing. You are Cheering al shabab without realizing the consequences. Every time al shabab captures a town, pfdj will be in big trouble. More sanctions. Is that what you want?

    1. I’m cheering that WEYNIT Dedbit is going to be Vacate from Ethiopia soon and I’m going to Ethiopia to celebrate after Weynit TPLF destroyed. Eritreans are don’t care bout the toothless and baseless the way the sanction is going to be lifted up remember no evidence for it.

    2. Poor Ugumesh,
      Your hope has become to defeat Shaebia via Sanctions … It says a lot of Woyan’s strength.
      Whatever happen to Regime Change by the “mighty” WOyanit?
      Have we settled back to NueShtey (Little) Tigray?

  8. A lot of Eritreans seems to be happy when al shabab takes towns, but dnt Eritreans kno al shabab can reach them too? Especially the Eritreans are much closer to the arabs since they speak arabic and dress like arabs and also have camels, good with ISIS.

    1. Anyone, but the weyane. Plus, don’t worry about us. We were about to eliminate even Osama, when he was in Sudan. If Eritreans were in Somalia instead of the weyane, the al shabaab would’ve been history a long time ago. You weyane want them there. All the better, to suck money out of the west.

  9. Somalia: Top Army General Shot Dead in Mogadishu

    Armed Al Shabaab assassins have shot and killed a senior Somali army officer in Mogadishu, the latest in series of targeted assassinations in the east Africa country.

    A witness speaking on condition of anonymity said two pistol-wielding men thought to be Al Shabaab members gunned down the officer who was identified as Gen Abdulaziz Araye.

    The shooting took place in Mogadishu’s Waberi district on Monday afternoon.

    The gunmen fled the scene shortly after the killing. Somali security forces have subsequently reached the site of the crime and conducted a manhunt for the suspects.

    The militant group of Al Shabaab said it was behind the murder of the army general. Somali security officials did not comment on the killing.

  10. I know why the Ethiopian soldiers pulled out.. They were hungry. Supplies were not going through to them.
    You see, taking a village and holding it are two entirely different things.

  11. Al-shabaan and Itopiya are one coin with 2 face…They will hold the territory untill woyeny come back…

    Al-shabaab Aka Al-sheydhasn was made by Ethiopia and western intelligence just like isis.

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