Seyoum Mesfin Called for “Tigray-Tigrigna” Alliance

The Abay-Tigray syndrome. Repackaging it under the “Tigray-Tigrigna” Alliance?
The Abay-Tigray syndrome. Repackaging under the “Tigray-Tigrigna” alliance?


The Ethiopian former foreign affairs minster, Seyoum Mesfin, organized two successive meetings in Frankfurt (Germany) last weak, reserved for Tigrians and Eritreans supporting the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF, hard core of the ruling EPRDF).

According to our sources, some tens of people attended these meetings, not all of whom were in agreement with him. He argued both times for renewing the “Tigray-Tigrigna” alliance, which “brought us to victory” in the armed struggle against President Mengistu Haile Mariam. 

Trying to win over his audience, Seyoum Mesfin insisted on the fact that he was no longer a minister and was no longer part of the TPLF executive structure.

Nevertheless, a portion of the audience did not take up Seyoum Mesfin’s viewpoint, considering to be harping back to the past.

Technically speaking, Seyoum Mesfin is telling Eritreans to hold their breath until they all pass out. Only in your Dreams!
Technically speaking, it is like asking Eritreans to hold their breath until they all pass out. That may only happen in their worn-out little Abay-Tigray mantra!

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    1. The Greater Abay Tigray Prophecy

      By Hawdian,

      No doubt these days, the issue of Tigray has been dominating Ethiopian politics both back home and in the abroad. In popular Ethiopian cafes, the talk now days revolves around the declining TPLF empire and the start of their great retreat to their Adwa hideouts.

      The retreat came faster than most hardcore Tigrayans anticipated with the sudden and unexpected death of Abay Tigray champion Ato Meles Zenawi.

      Their goal before his death was to sell as much land as they can in fertile ethnic regions in Ethiopia to foreign commercial farmers. What most did not realize was, greater Abay Tigray’s ambition was greatly masked behind this policy, which calls for the ‘relocation’ of indigenous people from their land TPLF-selected and barren ‘urbanization’ camps.

      This means disrupting their old way of life, livelihood and forever making them rely on the Abay Tigray. Let’s recall how Europeans dismantled African markets and made them reliant on Western institutions such as WFP, IMF and World Bank. Abay Tigray policy follows the same doctrines step by step.

      The idea was and still remains to evict locals sitting on agriculturally rich regions and tell the locals to relocate due to “Ethiopian” government schemes. Once replaced, half of their land will be sold to foreigners while the rest are made available for Tigrayans to move in and repopulate.

      Nowhere is this more visible than in the remote and isolated Gambella, Benishangul, Gumuz and Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Region (SNNPR) townships.

      The campaign is already underway at advanced stages and the government is slowly repopulating these regions with Tigrayans, who never farmed prior their arrival from Adwa and Mekele.

      Obviously, it is one of the greatest tragedy in modern Ethiopia and the international community as well as ordinary Ethiopians have not understood the scheme to this day.

      They simply think its government initiatives to develop the land but that’s far from the reality. This is a scheme to expand and achieve the Abay Tigray prophecy which requires electricity (Benshingul), water (Gumuz), ports/sea access (Afar/Eritrea) and agriculture/food (Gambella and SSNPR as well as parts of Amhara).

      The Omo valley farms are contracted to third parties such as Indian and Middle Eastern firms but later they will be asked to return the land (in the same manner Hong Kong was leased to British companies).

      The Abay Dam is to provide Abay Tigray with both electricity and new source of income by exporting power to neighbouring countries and parts of the former sliced up Ethiopia.

      Assab port is second to Abay Dam on their to do list and TPLF is most likely going to declare war on Eritrea within the next 5 years after sanctions weaken Sawa military machine.

      MORE MAPS:

      Current Greater Abay Tgray map sprearheaded by TPLF….

      The Tigrayan prophecy which is at work at present

  1. Hehehebe….. Weyane is in deep shit…. Its desperation is clearly hitting the roof.
    Btw, did anyone ask him who he wants his so called "Tigray-Tigrign" to be aligned against. Is it to be used against the Amhara, the Oromo, the Benishangul, the Afar, the Ogadeni, the Anuak or is it to be used against the Eritreans. I mean, Eritreans & Tigrayans to fight against Eritrea for him or against the rest of Ethiopians that is encircling Weyane now-a-days?
    This idiot lehacham need to see a doctor in Germany immediately. He's absolutely off his head.
    What the hell is he on about?
    One way or another, such weird behaviour is a symptom of the end of the beginning of weyane's demise….. Now let's sit back and witness the End of its ending. Sooner or later, Weyane will be history. Demhit will ally with the rest of Ethiopians to heal the wound left by Weyane & generations of youth will live happily there after the demise of Weyane. No war no peace will become No war & yes to peace.
    The sooner this cancer of our region is surgically operated, the better for all the people of the region.

    Awet n'Hafash!!!
    WedQet n'weyane & its feshafish!!!!

  2. This backstabber and double tounge snake is a wolf in a sheep skin and a wolf in a wolf skin. I would hang him by his toes. He is just like his forefather and so will be his grand children.

  3. Seyoum or anybody else from his organization are entitled to day-dreaming like this. But day-dreaming and realities are two different things.

    1. This racist will be dead soon with HIS SICK DREAMS.I cannot understand how a minster of a country openly advocate hate towards the rest of the people he represent. Eritrea knows what is better to her self and keep the dreams for your grave.

  4. This guy has completely lost his mind! The worst think is that he believes that his lies will convince his auditeurs. He has no idea how much we laugh when we hear him exposing his ignorance! He should go back and open the real history books and not a book of a supposedy ethiopia MYTHE! Poor guy!

  5. He has a visceral hate agains Errena but we cannot help him, poor thing, don't he know that he is exposing himself how ignorant he is? How come this guy became prime minister? he does not even know the history of hiw own country? did he really think with this interview he can revise our history? My God, Poor Ethiopians! I really feel bad for you!

  6. This damp guy Soyum is still day dreaming. Weyane is collapsing to the bottom. I cant get it that to what point will he be credited of talking against Eritrea and the people while weyane is on need of help or surly to be destroyed from the surface of the earth soon.

  7. I remember when this guy said daily on the Ethiopian media in 1998 "Ye shabian akerkari sebren mengist lemekeyer." Now it is back fired on him and surly weyane will be damped from Ethiopia soon.

  8. I wonder how is his state of mind 13 years after? Mr Liar, you must be DEAD SICK each time you see the progress accomplished during this decade by our beloved country and government. Our development, your nightmare! What can we say? Swallow it and get lost from the face of our people! Idiota!

  9. What does he want ? For us to fight his battles …if so he had Certainly lost his mind . I remember all his " Jaheran Fekeran " Like it was today . That's what happens when u get cornered , like a guy above said you cut ur umbilical cord which was Eritrea and then Abused Ethiopia , got into a mess with all your neighbors. What got me most was his comment " he is not part of TPLF, Ministry etc …..????? " Any one got any info about his current status?

  10. Haha… this guy he forgot everything . Weyane is done!!!!
    He doesn'tknow what the hell is talking about. Unbelievable!!

  11. comes from a person sick of AIDS….I think AIDS affected his brain too………Weyanne is exasperated and desperate……. :'( CRAY Tigray CRAY

  12. We did't forget when woyane expelled nearly 80, 000 Eritreans because the color of their eyes, destroying Martiry's cementries, destroyed villages, looting what ever they found on their way, above all the lost of brave Eritrean during the unprovoked war of 1998, till to this moment the woyane leadership is wayging undeclared wars of incursion deemed to fail, demonizing Eritrea by daily fabricated lies, woyane are known for their malignancy world wide. We Eritrean are known for human right respect, in virtue of this fact stand to testify how were treated Ethipian POW, this is well recorded in the UN archives. During the war in 1998/2000 woyane leadership said:- " we will take lunch at Asmara and diner at Massawa-We will put a puppet regime that suit to us to perform our ambitions" Now they are calling for tigrai-tigrigni union, this is woyane's Utopia.Don't forget that Eritrean are very kind and very, very smart, always plus one to your calculation.

  13. Every Ethiopia knows Ethiopia never never never was colonized by any.Have said Eritrean was colonized by every powerful empire in past Evey African and world know ,I.m not an Eritrean or Ethiopian man.This Guy ,He mast have been mentally retarded what the laugh at .I feel sorry for Ethiopian people these kind leader .I don't think even capable to lead their own family .Sorry fox

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