Saudi Arabia Urges Sudan Take ‘Clear Stance’ on Gulf Crisis

Sudan was hoping to remain neutral in the ongoing Gulf crisis.
Carrot and Stick. Sudan was hoping to remain neutral in the ongoing Gulf crisis. But, its benefactor Saudi Arabia demands otherwise.


The Saudi Ambassador to Khartoum Ali bin Hassan Jaafar has urged Sudan to take “clear stance” on the ongoing Gulf crisis, accusing Qatar of seeking the backing of two states with regional ambitions, Turkey and Iran.

Last month, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the UAE and Bahrain cut ties with Qatar over allegations that the country funds “terrorism”, an accusation that Qatar denies.

They presented Qatar with a list of demands to end the crisis that has roiled the Gulf, giving Doha 10 days ultimatum. The 13-point list includes shutting the Al-Jazeera TV network, cutting back diplomatic ties with Iran, severing relations with the Muslim Brotherhood and ending Turkey’s military presence in Qatar.

However, Doha on Saturday rejected the demands, saying “the world is not governed by ultimatums”.

Sudan is among the Arab states that refused to take part in the ongoing diplomatic crisis and declared its support for the Kuwaiti efforts to settle the rift.

In an interview with the Khartoum-based Al-Sudani newspaper on Sunday, Jaafar praised the distinct relations between Sudan and Saudi Arabia, saying these ties are growing steadily.

He pointed to Sudan’s neutral stance towards the ongoing Gulf crisis, saying we appreciated Sudan’s initial position on the crises.

“However, if Qatar rulers insisted on rejecting the demands of the four countries and decided to escalate the situation and scramble for countries with ambitions in the region such as Turkey and Iran, we hope our Sudanese brothers will take a clear stance,” he said.

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He added the current crises “is not about relations among countries but rather the security of the Gulf and the Arab nation”, saying “that is why we wish Sudan to take a clear stance on the crisis”.

In recent years, Sudan has developed close diplomatic ties with both Saudi Arabia and UAE, especially after it broke its decades-old relations with Iran.

Saudi Arabia is the largest Arab investor in Sudan with more than 590 projects.

In 2016, Saudi investments in Sudan increased to $15bn compared to $11bn in 2015.

The estimated size of UAE investments in Sudan is $11 billion approximately, of which about $5 billion are projects in progress while the rest are still in pre-execution phase.

In May 2015, Sudan said it offered UAE’s companies $59 billion investment opportunities mainly in agricultural projects.

Also, Sudan has maintained long-standing and robust relations with Qatar over the years. The tiny Gulf state supported Sudan politically and economically when the country faced an international isolation.

Qatar has hosted successive rounds of peace talks between the Sudanese government and Darfur rebels which culminated in the signing of the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur (DDPD) in 2011.

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  1. Saudi Arrests Ethiopian Muslims on Pilgrimage

    (ESAT NEWS) – Saudi authorities detained 12 Ethiopians who were in the Kingdom for the annual hajj and umrah pilgrim. Those arrested include members of the Ethiopian Muslim Arbitration Committee who were imprisoned by the Ethiopian regime for interfering in the affairs of their religion.

    Sadik Ahmed, producer with the Muslim affairs Radio BBN confirmed to ESAT the arrest of the Ethiopians.

    According to information obtained by ESAT a bail is set at 68,000 dollars for the release of the 12 Ethiopians.

    Ustaz Abubeker Ahmed and Ustaz Yasin Nuru are among the Ethiopians whom Saudi security detained on Thursday night after prayers.

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  2. Sudan foreign policy is based in short term goal tactics, long term strategy asks vision, endurance and leadership.

    1. On the contrary, Sudan is following a long term and a very matured approach to this Saudi Arabia-Qatar crisis. All the demands set on Qatar by the reactionary and backward kingdom of Saudi Arabia are wrong. While Qatar might have supported despicable Sunni Terrorists in Syria and worked hard for the disastrous and untimely downfall of Colonel Gaddafi, Saudi Arabia’s record is worse in that department. Really, this is a classical example of the pot calling the kettle black.

      Sudan can afford to follow a neutral position on this crisis between brothers and should remain so. As a fellow Arab nation it can push along with Kuwait, Oman and Somalia for a peaceful resolution of the matter.

      1. Tactically yes, strategically no. Neutral is an opportunistic stand (wait and see game).and it always happen with unreliable and dependent nations or an individual behavior for that matter.

    2. Sudan is unpredictable simply b/c it is run by three groups: the biz folk, the security folk and the president. At any given time, the country’s policy could change given which one of those group is in power.

  3. No amount of pressure should make Sudan choose between two evils, especially when sanctions are about to be lifted. Sudan stood tall in front of AU this week by announcing ceasefire, AU regional players should take an active role promoting peace for Sudan and effectively taking any role the Arabs has in any agreement. Once oil starts to move freely, we will fix what broken without these people using religion as a weapon. We might see a new Horn of Africa real soon, God willing.

    1. Are you realy this stupid? or you are a willful ignorant? Why do you thinl the sanction was eased on Sudan? Did you also read the article? The part that says over 590 projects and $15 bn? What does sudan gain from AU or their starving neigbours? And or the oil! Do you know 70% of the oild exist i South?….you are day dreaming.

    2. Balance you realy are a trapped soul, i have noticed- like the aytes, of TPLF, full of adjectives no essence.If the sudan was strong it would adopt a clear stance in this matter; to have to be neutral means just (that) the country/regime can’t differentiate between the wrongs and rights, as in this boycot, and the representation of its people and country IN their/ OWN RIGHT and in light of the principles and values its people stand for. N.B The neutral position is reserved; only for elites like TPLF,

      1. African problems vs Arabs are not even one of the same, wrong or right doesn’t have anything to do with interests. Wedi Afom choice has nothing to do with being on the right side of history but keeping himself alive. For Sudan or Somalia, it’s truly a history in the making if they can keep Arabs money without taking sides, that’s what the hell it means to be independent. China came to Ethiopia with crazy money but never once asked us to take side between them or US. Africa needs to create jobs, educating its people and reducing the number of farmers to 10%. We care less which Jelebia is better than the other, just give us the money to make the Jelbia at home and let them eat each other on that desert.

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  4. There will be a coup in Qatar soon all the signs point to this. The other alternative is war and im pretty sure they dont want to destroy qatar. Iran is just becoming too strong for saudi/israel (that of course means the usa/uk and its politicians who swore fealty to Israel) to remain quite. Its sad but this is the reality.

    1. There will be no war in Qatar. This will pass as is but Qatar will be pressured diplomaticaly from those countries you have mentioned. KSA does not want Qatar to close to Iran and this is also strategical point where Qatar could leverage its geographocal closeness to Iran to negotiate with KSA. Iran could only get through Qatar to get KSA. If sh#$t hit the fan then this is possible. But i doubt it will get there when you have 11k American soldiers are stationed in Qatar….the country is secure.

      1. You support my argument berhane. I said there will be a coup and you just stated the biggest supporter to this of 10k+ U.S soldiers. It’s easy to imagine if you take into account that the europeons tried this in a country as big as turkey with the nato stationed in the country + some traitors. I just don’t see how Qatar can exists while trying to play the iran card to its strength. The us/uk have destroyed several nations to secure Israels place knocking out qatar’s independence is small potatoes. You just have to woo some “so called” royals (20th century and still this royals idiocy) with leadership and possible loss of wealth if they don’t support the us/uk/israel/ksa line.

        1. In the case of tiny Qatar and mighty Arabs military, Sudan is not the determiner than the drop water onto the ocean. If Qatar continues to defiance or stand contrary to its blood-brotherly Arab countries, Iran and the punches of world-wide terrorist groups cannot safe it from forcefull succumbing. Of course, Qatar’s brotherly-Arab countries are not in interest of invading Qatar, because of international law which protects the integirity of all countries. But, if US and UK who are at the odd with Mollahs of Iran give a green light for invasion, Qatar will be overrun by the two mighty military of Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

        2. You are entitled to your opinion but i did not “Support” your argument. While anything is possible in political game i don’t see “coup” hapening in Qarar. If you beleive that the Americans would instigste it, then you just need to go back and understand how the current power structrue came to be….it was supported by the USA. My opinion is no coup no war in the immidiate future.

  5. Notwithstanding Sudan’s flip-flopping and unprincipled stand in just about any international issues, I don’t think the Saudis or other nation has a right to blackmail any sovereign country. This one and the one they are doing to Qatar is tantamount to a threat of blackmail.

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