Russia Launches Spy Satellite for Egyptian Military

Spy Satellite
A Soyuz rocket with Egyptsat-2 satellite shortly after rollout to the launch pad at Site 31 on April 13, 2014. According to its official specifications, the one-ton 559GK satellite could discern details as small as one meter on the Earth’s surface. In addition to regular photos, the satellite’s optics could produce infrared imagery.

By Russian Space Web,

A RUSSIAN rocket launched a new-generation surveillance spacecraft Wednesday designed to give the Egyptian military a powerful “eye in the sky”.

THE launch of the Soyuz-U rocket took place as scheduled on April 16, 2014, at 20:20 Moscow Time (12:20 EST) from Site 31 in the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

The launch vehicle was carrying a Russian-built Egyptsat-2 satellite designed to provide high-resolution imagery for the Egyptian military and other government agencies in the country.

The spacecraft was successfully delivered into its planned orbit 520 seconds after liftoff.

The development and launch campaign for Egyptsat-2 has been conducted largely in secret. Only one visual of the operational spacecraft was released to the public by its manufacturer RKK Energia after the successful launch. Notably, in its post-launch press-release, the company avoided the use of name Egyptsat-2, instead identifying the satellite as a “spacecraft for optical-electronic observation developed for the foreign customer.”

RKK Energia announced that the satellite had been inserted into a 720 by 440-kilometer orbit with an inclination 51.6 degrees toward the Equator. Its ground facility established control over the satellite at 21:52 Moscow Time, the company said. Western radar detected two objects in orbit with similar parameters, probably representing the satellite and the third stage of the Soyuz-U launch vehicle.

The satellite was expected to use its own propulsion system to enter a final operational orbit.


Given Egypt’s current water dispute with Ethiopia and the threat of using force to stop the construction of the controversial Dam that Ethiopia is building over the Nile, the launch of a spy satellite perhaps capable of being used as a missile guidance system should be a source of serious concern for the Ethiopia regime. Russia also apparently trained Egyptian engineers to control the satellite from a ground station near Cairo that has been operational since October 2011.

52 thoughts on “Russia Launches Spy Satellite for Egyptian Military

  1. kkkkkk.This is a joke.We Ethiopian does not fear anything that comes from retarded mind Arab.
    We will use our resource.If EGYPT comes to war they only repeat history.

    1. You do know Arabs are your biggest investors. The man who controls most of the lucrative businesses in Ethiopia is himself an Arab. By the way, what history are you refering to? Anyway I hope a mutually benefical agreement comes to bear between the two parties. No need to fight over something that can be settle through diplomacy.

    2. alen: Listen to "Truth" comment . Peace is only option for anyone . Especially Ethiopia . and by the way…. What History are you talking about ? disregarding those fairy tell and old wives tales of "ethiopia" glory days which have been way exaggerated and fed what exact history are you referring to ?
      Also please remember Ethiopia is heavily dependent on "Arabs " for jobs and financing of various projects .
      Either way though . Advocate for Peace not

      1. We only know Arabs ppl they don’t have brain, but they not tired to open their big ugly mouth! !! Sorry! & have a nice day Arabian morons

    3. alen, what history are you talking? the fact that the Arab Mahdi's defeated your King Yohannes , cut his head took with them and till this day, it is sitting in the Museum in Khartoum Sudan.

  2. I don't like the government of Ethiopia for all the hate they have towards Eritrea. A part of me wants Egypt to destroy the dying Agame regime. Another part of me wants Egypt & Ethiopia to resolve the dispute peacefully. Ethiopia needs to stop lying to themselves and saying things like they will defeat Egypt in a war. Ethiopia should stop construction on the dam until they get a full clearance that it wont harm Egypt and the neighbors along the Nile. What's the point of wasting time and money if a report comes out against the construction of the dam due to environmental issues. Unless Ethiopia is purposely trying to pursue animosity towards Egypt they should stop and talk, or prepare for Egypt to destroy the dam & topple the puppet, hired government of Ethiopia. Ethiopia should not be play Russian roulette with Egypt, especially since Egypt has the help of Russia, Ethiopia will shoot themselves in the face.

  3. Please refrain from commenting to a hoax and satire articles.
    Diversionary tactics does not work in the 21 centuary.
    Africans stand together for the good of the continent in unison.

  4. kkkkkkkk perhaps capable of being used as an orbital weapon equipped with a warhead.
    what' a gimmick where do you hear this?

    1. Orbital weapon is any weapon that uses GPS guidance to hit its target. Or in other words a GPS or Satellite guided missile. Such missiles need an eye in the sky in-order to hit their target very effectively – in your case an Egyptsat-2 satellite.

  5. Satellites cannot have warheads at this present time as it is illegal …. Tesfanews should delete that part of the from the editors comment at the top

  6. oh Egypt must be takare why because everything is by peace otherwise we are also hard to egypt by chemical hazard we damge the nile rever as we awnt to destroy egypt so it is not simple gam so keep ue mouth

    1. we can simply do thet satelite from america as we want but Ethiopia is only afrid poverty what is Egypt it is ement coutry now a time nobody is win with that of propaganda so cary ur self

  7. I don't see the problem of having a satellite regarding to the dam/dams Ethiopia is building. Egyptians can have multiple satellite if that is the priority for them, but for Ethiopia the priority now is different and in a couple of years Ethiopia also will do the same by having its own satellite. If Egyptians , by any kind of nightmare they will have, try to go to war as a solution ….. THAT WILL BE THE END FOR THEM !! A hostile nation in the upstream of Nile, with 85% of the water resource of the Nile river …… It will be a damn mistake !!!

    1. Save the ‘Fukera’ and ‘Asheshe Gedame’ for a later day use and let’s analyse your options together:

      1) NEVER underestimate your enemy – small or big. Woyane learnt his lesson very well in the 2006 Somalia invasion. Going in might be easy but to sustaining it costs them dearly. A rga-tag, poorly armed, incoherent Al-Shabab militias taught the woyanes a good lesson and what makes you think the mighty Egypt can not. Whatever military strength you possess, never take lightly your adversaries potential. So that’s rule number 1

      2) With a powerful, 24/7 enemy eye on Ethiopian sky means potential defense lines, military positions and equipments the Ethiopian military stationed for worst case scenario are no more secrets. At times of actions, military knows which one to be taken first to have a field day. You can not attack the dam with out taking care of the air defense system capabilities first. To do that you need to know where and how to hit those targets first. That’s why you need the eye in the sky.

      3) Worst case scenario: Let’s assume Egypt took everything according to plan and destroyed the damn Dam. Before even Ethiopians heard about the news of destruction their beloved ‘Abay Dam’, the Egyptian bombers will back to their bases triumphantly. Mission accomplished, as for the Egyptians are concerned. What are you going to do then? Seriously.

      You can not say Ethiopia will dispatch planes immediately to attack the Aswan Dam or the Pyramids. You already know that is not possible. If that was so easy for Ethiopia, Egyptian wouldn’t need to spend years studying Ethiopian lines of defense and its capabilities in place. That means Ethiopia need to spend months and years to study on how to penetrate the awaiting Egyptian air defense system. Otherwise, your mission will be cut short half way in the desert. suicidal mission you can call it.

      4) We have heard some infantile opinions from some Ethiopians and armchair politicians that if Ethiopia couldn’t retaliate in kind for any military attack on the Damn Dam, they say they are in-favor of polluting the Nile with some kind of chemical or even radio active element. This is just laughable. Let’s forget the radioactive stuff as that will never materialize in reality. Let’s say you use chemicals. Is that for the purpose of killing Egyptians or Sudanese first?? As stupid as it sounds, the first causality in such act is Sudan and do you think the Sudanese will simply sit and sip the water and die or they will join hands with all anti-Woyane forces and bring the death back to you and the regime?

      So, for Egypt it is a question of survival and when it comes to that you will lose nothing except to die fighting for it. Ethiopians need to re-think twice and need to accommodate Egypt’s concern too even though it is their undeniable right to build irrigation or dam on their side of the border and using their own water. BUT, it shouldn’t come at the cost of denying 90 million people of Egypt the right to survive. We are talking about WATER and the Nile is Egypt’s ONE and ONLY source of water … be it for agriculture or drink.

      The one who controls the water controls everything. That is absolutely true. But do I need to sit tight and watch while you build my control. Doesn’t make sense.

      1. @tesfanews
        here it's just not about the ethiodam, here it is only the arrogance of the arabian against the black africans, but the amazing thing is that the ne99er does not learn from his past. Were you in an Arab
        Country lived.. , probably you would not have this opinion. You have not learned much in your life, to analyze and assess from West Coast America is quite simple. One you have to be clear, the consideration of the arabs, you are an inferior human.

        1. Arabs were people that eat camel meet, drink camel milk, use camel dung for fuel, and use camel skin for their clothing. But thanks to the petroleum now you are able to walk shoulder to shoulder with other human beings. On the other hand, Ethiopians had government for more than three thousand years and when you arabs were slaves for the British and French, the Ethiopians have succeeded in keeping their country independent. when you refer something as "inferior human", that shows your ignorance. God created all equal so there is no one inferior….one day your oil will get finished and you arabs will go back to your "camel days"

      2. Tesfanewes you are contradicting yourself. as you said if finishing of alshebab is hard for Ethiopia, how come you assumed the Egypt military will have an easy ride in Ethiopia. So the Egypt can easily beat the second powerful military in Africa easily?

        secondly Ethiopia need not win the war, But Egypt has to control the whole Ethiopia, the whole tributaries of the Nile. otherwise touching the dam is a suicide, Ethiopia can easily divert the Nile tributaries to deserts. If Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq thought us anything, its impossible even for America to control Ethiopia let alone Egypt.

        1. Did I mention anywhere about Egyptian invasion of Ethiopia? NO. and Egypt is not that fool to do that either. For what purpose. Their issue is with the dam and once they debank the dam by whatever means they can (????) the rest is to get back to their desert and wait if Ethiopia dare to cross the Sudan or Sinai.

          Ya. We have seen what to be the second most powerful military in Africa already. Ask any Al-Shabab fighter how many Ethiopian soldiers he killed shooting straight between their two eyes. About your Air Force, ask any Eritrean how many of your inventory failed to return back once they crossed the Eritrean borders? Lol. Aye yewoyanewoch neger…. Empty bravado ….

          እስኪ ትዕግስት እናድርግና ነገሮች ወዴት አንደሚሄዱ እናጢን። የናንተ ችግር ብድሮ በሬ ለማረስ መሞከራቹ ነው። ውጊያ ምን እንደሚመስል ገና የገባቹ ኣይመስለኝም። ውስጥህ ባዶ በደጅ ከ እፍሪካ ሁለተኛ ሃያል ምናምና — ኣንደኛው እኮ ግብጽ ናት። ማን ለማለት ነው የፈለከው? ኢትዮጲያ ግብጽን በሃይል ብትበልጥ ነዋ ሁለተኛ የተባለችው? እኔ እናንተን ብሆን ኖሮ፡ መሬት ላይ ያገናኘን ብዬ ስራዬን ዉስጥ ዉስጥ ሲሰራ ነበር የምቆየው። የሻዕቢያ ጠባይ እንደዛ ነው። የፈለከውን ፎግር፡ ባልሆነ ግምት እራስህን ኣሳምነህ ኣንድ እርምጃ ስትራመድ ግን፡ ያልጠበከው ሆኖ ሲቆይህ፡ ያኔ ነው የተሸነፍክው።

          ኣሁንም የምለው፡ እራሳችሁን ዝቅ ኣድርጋቹ፡ ከእናንተ የሚጠበቀዉን ብቻ ኣድርጉ። የ ግብጽን ሃይል ኣታናንቁ። ግብጽ ኤርትራ ኣይደለችም ኣሜሬካን ተማምነህ እንደፈልክ የምትፈነጭባት። ለ እሜሪካ ግብጽ ማለት ምን ማለት እንደሆነች እስከ ኣሁን ካልገባችሁ፡ ምን ያህል እራሳችሁን ከሚገባው በላይ ተፈላጊ ኣድርጋቹ እንዳያችሁት የሚያሳይ ስለሆነ፡ መለስ ብላችሁ እራሳችሁንና ኣካባቢውን ቃኘት ኣድርጉት ነው የምላቹ። ይህ ካልገባችሁ እንግዲህ ትምህርት ቤቱን እራሳችሁ ላይ ብታሰሩትም ኣይገባችሁም።

          ቸር ይግጠመን።

          1. Tesfanewes , I am amazed by your fluent Amahraic. Anyways to the point. I got you. You are right Egypt has military advantage over Ethiopia. But what does that mean in this context? can they bomb the dam? may be they can? Can Ethiopia retaliate in kind to Aswan dam? may be not. But here is the secret, bombing the dam is a suicide for Egypt, they know that. Firstly by doing that they antagonize black Africa, china, Italy , France and Israel(hundreds of their citizens are working there) and the international community, the second and the most important thing is Ethiopia can retaliate by diverting the tributaries of the Nile, that can easily be done and the only way Egypt can control that is by fully occupying Ethiopia, I hope you agree with me that is impossible for America let alone for Egypt. I haven't encouraged Ethiopia to attack Egypt, but if Egypt attacks Ethiopia, I think we have every right to defend, considering the geography and the military capacity Ethiopian army should be capable to defend aggression(that is not only for Egypt, even if it was America or Russia that is what we will try to do as any country in the world do) . as for the second powerful military, its not like you and me have to invent a new scale of measurement, military scientists have their own measurements and they put Ethiopia as the second powerful in Africa.
            I guess as Eritrean you have a brain vs heart dilemma, your brain says let Egyptian crush your enemy woyane and your heart doesn't want Arabs killing habesha people and their pride(at least that was my feeling when Eritrean suffered in Sinai), But lets see the thing objectively, what options Ethiopia has? saying yes to whatever Egypt says? Egypt demonstrated since time immortal that they have no willingness to share a drop of water from Nile, Egyptians never faced a drought while a million Ethiopians perished just before a couple of decades ago because of drought. You might say negotiation come first, yes that is right. But there was negotiation, the Nile basin initiative tried for equitable share of the Nile water, But Egypt refused to give us its unfair colonial area rights. So shall we just accept that?
            by the way I am not woyyane
            cher yegtemen

          2. Let's forget all the assumption you and I presumed …. as for any military capability by either of the parties will be determined in due time.

            Now do not try to convince me BUT since this website is read by hundreds of non-Habesha readers with no geo-political interest to either party, how can you sell your dam project if one challenges you with this:-

            FACT #1) Ethiopia builds the damn dam for hydro-electric purposes (aside other ulterior motives, if any), meaning, in order for the Damn Dam to generate electricity, it has to be full to the teeth and start to over flow. No overflow – No electricity.

            FACT #2) If all goes well (???) the Damn Dam will be completed according to the original plan i.e. in the next three – four years.

            FACT #3) After completion, Ethiopia need to divert back the ENTIRE water flow into the Dam in order to fill it.

            FACT #4) At the current rate of flow of the Nile river, the Damn Dam will need 5 – 6 years to completely filled out and start to overflow so it will generate the intended electricity.

            Here is the question that begs to an honest answer. It's about HUMANITY. Can you imagine what is going to happen for the 90 million Egyptian life in those 5 – 6 years with out a drop of water from the BLUE NILE? It is going to be a Catastrophe.

            This is where Ethiopia failed to convince anyone let alone the Egyptians. The only argument Ethiopia wants to sell was, "of course Egyptians will get back the water after 5 – 6 years since whether we liked it or not we will have to release the water to hit the turbines and generate the much needed electricity …. and until then you figure out what to do to yourself not Ethiopian problem …".

            This is the main bone of contention. Failure to get an answer for this means no one will buy your argument. No African country (black or white) will come to your rescue if you fail to face the above music by yourself. It is not about an Arab and black African issue here. That how Woyane played to the illiterate people of Ethiopia. But what makes you think other black Africans including Eritreans will fall for your trap as we perfectly understand where the problem is. No sane African will come to your rescue when Egypt spanked your arrsss. Why should they? Do not take other Africans as fool as your people.

            International court of arbitration will defeat whatever genuine claim Ethiopia has with only the question of Humanity and the right to Survive.

            Ethiopia need to come with an answer as to how the Egyptians will survive in those 5 – 6 years. Life is more important than electricity. No question. Humanity will win over sanity. Any kind of action by Egypt over the dam will then be tolerated since it is going to be justified appropriately it is all about survival: LIFE and HUMANITY vs. Electricity and Development.

            You be the judge…..

            NOW: Have you ever imagined what it takes for Egypt to turn the cursed Dam in to an expensive pile of concrete? They need some 20 – 30 martyr air force pilots with a carefully planned mission.The target is the damn dam and each pilot should vow not to return alive with out destroying the dam. It only takes one buster bomb among the 30 planes to make the dam history. Luckily Ethiopia might shoot down 29 of the planes but what if the pilot balance the plane and drop on the dam like a fire ball? If push come to shove, possibilities are many.

            Solution: The solution is again to accommodate Egypt's concern. Remember, Egypt is not against the construction of the dam but only on the size.

          3. Tesfanews you lost some legitimacy when you refer the dam as damn dam. It seems you already passed the judgment. By the way there was a t committee two from each country (Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia) and 4 international experts, they concluded that even though more social and environmental assessment should be further studied, in terms of water it will not affect Sudan and Egypt significantly. another neutral study shows during the filling period Aswan generation capacity might reduce up to 6%(which is insignificant). The entire river will not be diverted , I don't know where you got that idea, and how and when to fill the dam is still up for negotiation. If it blocks the entire flow why do you think Sudan supports the construction?
            In my opinion Egyptians know the dam will not harm them significantly, Even they know it will give them many benefits . But they don't want accept that Ethiopia to be strong and to have a key that open and close their water gate(confidence and trust should be built to bridge that gap). Arrogant Egyptian built a dam in a dessert where evaporation is high and now they demand water based on that inflated need of the dam, but Ethiopia was not consulted during the construction of Aswan dam. Tesfanews actually you should also condemn the arrogance they have toward black Africans. Ethiopia and Eritrea are not in a good terms but that is temporary and I am sure the next generation will solve that, submitting for Arabs unfair arrogance will not be solved easily.

          4. Honestly, do I care less for the Damn Dam and Ethiopia at this time when your country, with tacit encouragement from the west forcefully occupy my sovereign land and doing everything it can to arrest our development and our right of living peacefully in this region??? NO.

            I won't settle less than seeing the junta in Ethiopia submitted to defeat …. at any cost. The rest is secondary to me and to most of Eritreans.

          5. This Amiche is mad as hell,cool down boy,you might get heart attack.It is your Tigraian PR. IA who is destroying you country,not America and wayane.
            If you are man enough go fight the system and liberate your people.By bad mouthing Ethiopia and wishing bad it won't solve your problem.

          6. Anbesaw !!!! Dingai weha Btafes west ygebal ?aygebam Bechirash aygebachewem.Akaki Zerf bcha hone srachew.Well said Tesfa News

          7. aha, leka ante shabia neh!!! why don't you mind your own business and save your brothers and sisters from fleeing their homeland to the great unknown? mind your own business

  8. I very happy for Egyptians if that protect their county secure their people so be it.The reality is ,i agree with the analyzer,The Orbital weapon is the only that uses GPS guidance to hit to target on the earth.Some individuals no clue, what you are saying only argumentative by comments KKK this is jock. .I will say go research to get some education." A little knowledge is very dangerous " Thanks

  9. Lol why need a satellite weapon to hit Ethiopia lol they just got a lot of population they can't fight Eritrea could crush them in 30minutes with only an ak47

  10. Fvck Egypt. They are like a toothless barking dog. They can not face ethiopians directly as a man!! They know their own history well: history of slavery and cowardish. They have been humiliated by ethiopians several times in history. During the battle of GUNDET, out of the 54 military officials in the egyptian army, 32 were non-egyptian americans, swiss, swedish, french, italinas e.t.c. But, they lost very badly. BIG TIME!!!The only thing they are able to do now is to try to create instability in ethiopia by supporting foreign and local enemies of ethiopia. Shabia, ONLF, OLF, al-shabab, and extremist islamists in addis are some of their tools on their payroll.
    And why borrow a foreign spying satellite while one can build their own satellites like what ethiopia is doing now? Ethiopia is building the first ever african satellite technology sponsored by one of ethiopias finest sons, Mr. Alamoudi and it will launch a satellite soon from " outside of Ethiopia". For more information, visit the ethiopian space science department in Addis.
    Abay Dam is now more than 30% complete and it will be finished soon. Cry baby cry. You are caught with your hands tied.

    1. Jacob keep dreaming idiot u will see if Egypt attacks Ethiopia u will see the battle of Ethiopia how they,fight lol lol they will run away before even Egypt begins

  11. i am a big fun of Wladimir i do not think that Russia will cooperate with Egypt for such deadly purpose against Ethiopia.

  12. a lot of tension in ethiopian brothers comments. i myself like national pride. but no need at all to create a state of conflict between the 2 nations.
    regarding the nile water, what i get is that ethiopian govt eventually wants to create a situation that enforces egypt to pay for the nile water or worse use it as weapon that choke egypt.
    my opinion is that egypt will not allow this to happen in any way.
    i belive water is more than enough for egypt, ethiopia and brothers in sudan. lets cooperate for the sake of mutual prosperity

      1. As your supporter it would have been better if you continue as a moderator than interjecting your self in the conversation.You will alienate your followers.
        Just a thought.

  13. God is fishing in the Nile river, and he catches the crocodile called pharaoh. The time is coming and this is part of the fishing.

  14. Coup No More? US Clears Egypt to Receive Apache Helicopters

    April 23, 2014,

    The United States pledged 10 Apache helicopters to Egypt on Tuesday, easing back for the first time on sanctions placed against the country last year following the ousting of President Mohamed Morsi.

    Delivery of the choppers is intended to aid in counterterrorism operations, the Pentagon said in a statement Wednesday, but comes only months after the US first suspended military aid to Egypt after the country’s interim government began harshly cracking down on dissidents and protesters.

    “We believe these new helicopters will help the Egyptian government counter extremists who threaten US, Egyptian and Israeli security,” Pentagon spokesman Rear Admiral John Kirby said.

    According to the statement released by the US military on Wednesday, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel told his Egyptian counterpart, Col. Den. Sedki Soby, that US President Barack Obama has authorized the decision to deliver the helicopters.

    Next, the Pentagon said, US Secretary of State John Kerry “soon will certify to Congress that Egypt is sustaining the strategic relationship with the United States and is meeting its obligations under the 1979 Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty.” That deal between America’s top Middle East ally on Egypt has for decades allowed Cairo to stand as one of the largest recipients of US military and economic aid.

    Nevertheless, the Pentagon said that American officials have yet to be assured that Egypt is on a US-favored path so soon after last year’s uprising.

    “Secretary Hagel told General Sobhy that we are not yet able to certify that Egypt is taking steps to support a democratic transition,” Kirby added, “and he urged the Egyptian government to demonstrate progress on a more inclusive transition that respects the human rights and fundamental freedoms of all Egyptians.”

    Military aid to Egypt was suspended by the US last year after Pres. Morsi was ousted during a coup d’état led by Egyptian army chief General Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, setting in motion the second government overthrow there in a span of just two years. Adly Mansour was installed as Egypt’s interim president last July after the removal of Morsi, and Al-Sisi is expected to win presidential elections scheduled there next month.

    In a phone call this week with his Cairo-based counterpart, Sec. Kerry “urged Egypt to follow through on its commitment to transition to democracy – including by conducting free, fair and transparent elections,” State Dept. spokesperson Jen Psaki said.

    The Guardian newspaper reported earlier this month that, according to government statistics, 16,000 dissidents have been arrested in Egypt since last July. Alleged terrorist operations have stayed rampant as well, however, and on Wednesday this week a senior Egyptian security official was killed by a car bomb placed by militants, according to local media reports cited by the Los Angeles Times.

    US Rep. Kay Granger (R-Texas), the chairwoman of the House Appropriations subcommittee overseeing foreign aid, said in a statement of her own published on Tuesday that she favored the Obama administration’s decision to deliver the Apaches to Egypt.

    “As Egypt continues its transition toward a new democratic government, the United States must work with the government of Egypt and support the Egyptian people,” Granger said.

    But the chairman of the Senate Appropriations subcommittee that oversees foreign aid, Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vermont), has previously insisted that the US should suspend all aid once a military coup occurs.

    Late last month, the Human Rights Watch humanitarian group wrote in a letter to Sec. Kerry that Egypt has failed to progress whatsoever with regards to improving democracy in the wake of the last two uprisings.

    “The question is no longer whether Egypt is on the road to democratic transition, but how much of its brute repression the US will paper over,” Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East director at Human Rights Watch, said in a statement. “An accurate appraisal of Egypt’s record since the military-backed overthrow of President Morsi would conclude that, far from developing basic freedoms, the Egyptian authorities are doing the opposite.”

  15. TesfaNews caught red handed disseminating EriTV like fals news to the PFDJite gang. There is no any mention of warhead on the original article. I don't know what you think you will gain by lying to your readers, but this shows that you will fall as the other PFDJite news platforms like Shabait and Shaebia websites.

    Here is the original article about the launch of the satellite

      1. Most of the comments here are with regard to the editorial not the main article. You pushed the readers to discuss war between Egypt and Ethiopia while the main article is discussing about an imagery satellite which can be for peaceful purpose as well. By the way, Eritrea is not going to benefit in any kind squeezed between the war of these two countries.

        If the hypothesis is that Egypt will attack Ethiopia by satellite guided missile, then we don't know what a frustrated Ethiopia will do next given that Egyptian ships use the Babel El Mendeb Strait to get the Suez Canal.

        Eritrea is already 6 feet deep, so, if we have a sane mind, lets not look for another trouble around us. I hope these two countries solve their problems in a round table discussion.

        I hope Eritrea would no longer suffer for it has suffered so much.

        Note to the author (TesfaNews): You can be a propaganda website which is fine with me, but try to be a website that anyone can read. I am not a PFDJ supporter but i want to see things through your perspective and that's why i come here to read and comment. For example I am happy when i read some accomplishments done by this regime which is posted here not Assena or the other opposition websites. You getting my drift?


  17. Ethiopia has every right to use Nile for personal consumption. However, you can not justify the building this Dam at the expense of 80ml Egyptians who have no other means of survival. You can bully the people of small defence less and honest/naïve Eritrea but you can not bully Egypt the same way. Yes, history will repeat itself…. i.e. the weyane parasites will be bombed to the stone ages. Ethiopia Eritrea Somali or the whole of east Africa can do without Weyane-Tigray, as Mengistu HAILEMARIAM put it rightly "Tigray LE'TEMENE ENKUAN ATBEKAM". Weyanes are parasites of the biggest order, nothing they do is justifiable. What right have they got to incorporate a large fertile land of Begemeder, Welo and other parts of fertile land of Ethiopia to rocky Tigray. Weyanes must be exterminated!! they are the source of all the problems in the horn of Africa.

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