Russia, Eritrea Sign First Ever Agreement to Boost Trade and Economic Co-operation

Russia Eritrea sign trade pact
Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov after the Press Conference with Eritrean FM in Moscow. Bilateral discussions underscored broad alignment of positions on rule of international law

By TesfaNews,

Eritrea and Russia today signed the first in the history of bilateral relations a protocol of consultations between the foreign ministries of both countries to further deepen the existing political, trade and economic interaction, a statement released by Russian foreign ministry disclosed.

The cooperation agreement they signed today in Moscow will spur bilateral cooperation by enhancing trade, investment, educational and cultural links.

On the sidelines of the meeting, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Russia and Eritrea should look for specific ways of working together in trade and the economy. 

“We appreciate our regular contacts and we are interested in intensifying them,” he said. “I am sure that we should turn our political dialogue into searching for specific spheres of interaction, first of all, in trade and the economy.”

Signs of growing Russian interest on the East African state emerge when it successfully defend and help water down two U.S. engineered crippling UN sanctions against Eritrea.

During their discussion on regional and international agendas, the two foreign ministers agreed to work closely in the UN and other international markets where Lavrov said “our positions are similar or coincide”.

Russia’s main focus on return was to develop and secure favorable trade and economic conditions for Russian businesses that already shows growing interest on the implementation of a number of investment projects in the country specially on Eritrea’s burgeoning mining and natural resource projects.

Osman Slaeh called it “a good opportunity to develop partnership”.

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov also said that they have discussed regional problems that affect the peace and stabilization of the African continent.

Lavrov said African problems should be solved by Africans themselves and on the basis of balance of interests, international law and support from the international community.

“We have held useful talks, considering the key issues of the international and regional agenda,” Lavrov said. “We have agreed on the supremacy of international law, the central role of the United Nations and the importance of cooperation in addressing global threats and challenges to security.”

“We give special attention to the situation in different African regions, to the south of the Sahara and in the Horn of Africa, including the situation in Somalia, between Sudan and South Sudan and in the African Great Lakes region, alongside relations between Ethiopia and Eritrea,” Lavrov said.

“We would like to help normalise these relations as well as other critical points on the African continent,” he added.

Press Conference of Foreign Ministers of Eritrea and Russia. See translation below in the comment section.

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42 thoughts on “Russia, Eritrea Sign First Ever Agreement to Boost Trade and Economic Co-operation

  1. Speech by Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov at Joint Press Conference Following Talks with Minister of Foreign Affairs of the State of Eritrea O. Saleh, Moscow, February 17, 2014

    Google Translation:
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    Ladies and Gentlemen ,

    My colleague the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the State of Eritrea O.Salehom held useful talks . Addressed key issues of international and regional agenda . Confirmed the closeness of our positions on most of the issues discussed with respect to the rule of international law, the UN’s central role and the importance of collective response to global threats and challenges to international and regional security. Agreed to continue to work closely in the UN and other international markets.

    Keep the focus of the situation in different regions of Africa , including Sub-Saharan Africa , the Horn of Africa , including the situation in Somalia, the Republic of Sudan and South Sudan , the Central African Republic , in the Great Lakes . Discussed the relations between Ethiopia and Eritrea . Would like to promote the normalization of these relations , as well as the settlement of other problematic issues on the African continent .

    We are convinced that all issues relating to Africa must be addressed primarily by Africans themselves based on the balance of interests of international law with the support of the international community .

    We have a common interest in the development of bilateral relations. Today we discussed the contacts in the political sphere to deepen political dialogue . We signed the first in the history of bilateral relations plan consultations between the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Russia and Eritrea , which will further deepen our political interaction.

    Particular attention was paid to the problem of the development of trade and economic ties. Russian companies are interested in implementing a number of investment projects in Eritrea. Our partners have confirmed that they are ready to create favorable conditions for Russian business.

    During his stay in Moscow O.Salehu have meetings in the Ministries of Natural Resources and Environment , Education and Science of the Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce . We presume that will be discussed in detail the specific challenges and opportunities to expand economic ties in the field of investment , trade and development – we are interested in the derivation of trade relations between the two countries to a new level .

    I believe that our talks were useful. We renewed our interest in strengthening their cooperation in all areas. We will ensure that all talked about today , embodied in specific cases .

    1. Ayte Anene,
      I can see a steam coming both from your nose and ears. Stay tuned dude you ain't see nothing yet, Soon Jealousy will destroy you and weyane junta.

  2. This is extremely encouraging. Slowly but surely Eritrea is changing the landscape in the HOA. As PIA stated in his latest interview, we should shape the region and not wait for others to shape it for us.
    Well done to the GOE.

  3. One can say that Eritrea was forced into Russian and Chinese arms due to America's belligerence.

    This means that Russia, with its veto power, will look out for Eritrea on the UN Security Council.

    Russia is looking to reconstitute its old Soviet Empire. I hope it was not offered a base on the Red Sea. One hopes the United States will change its behavior toward Eritrea soon.

    The Red Sea is still an important strategic waterway.

    1. Why the speculation before waiting to hear from the GoEr? I do not see why the GoEr would offer Russia or anyone else any of its territory for anything. Eritrean territories are Eritrean and for Eritreans alone. And there was no indication to that effect that I have heard or read.

      1. Yes we should not speculate on things that we have no real information about. It is good Eritrea is broadening its diplomatic ties with many countries around the world. Eritrea as newly independent nation is a late comer to the various diplomatic intrigues and games, and we are catching fast. Our enemies tried to isolate us taking advantage of their long relation with various countries, while we were fighting for our independence that advantage is being eroded as Eritrea learn and catch up with game.

        I don't see any problem in renting or leasing our territory for countries who desperately need the use of our strategic location for the right price. It is just like renting your house or leasing your real estate for under a contract that both of you agree. In real-estate business they say location, location, location. Eritrea has the location. For so long our location was used by our rulers. Now we the rightful owners of our resource we can use to our advantage. .

    2. We do not gamble with our lands like some stupid people and nations I advice you to worry about your land that is being grabbed as we speak right now in Ethiopian lands. Otherwise do not even ever think medri hidri for sale, if you knew how liberated and how much sacrifices we paying and paid as Eritreans you wouldn't ask such stupid question. But as we said some of you pretending to be Eritreans any your master did not equipped you with lethal poisonous at all

      1. Hey let the "DRIVER" drive us to the destination he and only he knows how to drive this Nation
        ooh yea Russia ? is a good moment for us but i believe many more will follow i guess if u demonstrate that u r not a sucker even the big shuts will learn to respect u

    1. What about self reliance? Why should we rely on Russia, embeytey Selam K ? Isn't Isayas the Monster Gobo of hell? Demolishing everything we had? Come on guys open your second eye, don't be cyclones for ever!

  4. There will be nothing, hgdf always bring something that could help him for six months propaganda. we might see soon Issais might travel if they accept his request, for tv eri consumption. Hgdf has no rule of law, clear policy….hgdf has bad record anyway . A country like Russia have deep knowledge of the small countries like Eritrea. It is better for all of if Issais peaceful give power to the people of Eritrea. Then we could start to count. Issais told us there is no success in the last 23 years no electric, water, health service….we donot need witness for these. How could investors do without enough power supply, are they going to wait for the Sudanese to supply power after 7 years. It is a joke.

    1. This reply is to all naysayers , ill-wishers and self serving elites who deliberately and maliciously downgrade and criticize the Eritrean peoples' march towards progress day- in and day- out, just like the Mekelle clique and their sponsors who work relentlessly to derail this beautiful voyage Eritrea has embarked on. As an Eritrean you never wish your country to fail, if you do go get your Ethiopian passport and you 'll be more at home. The good outweighs the bad in Eritreas' progress report, to believe one needs to go home and travel outside "Asmara" ,see the qualitative changes made even with the Un Security unjust sanctions put forth to cripple this beautiful country and people. Finally Eritrea is a third world country young as well, therefore judge it's performance in comparison to the other older African states and not with the West.
      Eternal thanks to "Our Martyrs" who made this dream come true!!!

      1. Labeling Woyane or Ethiopian shows your poor ability, talk issues and give answers.
        Opportunists and liers will never go away from this beautiful land of Eritrea, until erased
        Like a wrong article.

    2. I agree with the rest about Sara. Sara , you are either one of those so called Eritreans who win 24/7 about everything but has never done anything for Eritrea and or cant think past the tip of your nose.
      Alternatively, you could be a free loader Woyane goat always uncomfortable your own skin consumed by fear, greed and envy.

    3. Why are you blabbing .In a first place.some of you when you talk nonsense .You think you are accepted by blabbing,But your view is not constructive at all It didn't make any sense .only you are saying what you were heard.We are like turtle ,WE don't brag our Government don't boast.Sara obviously you don't belong in this Web ? I want to say some thing but to talk to you is waste my time .I better STOP there .Thanks web

    4. The Sara you need to go maitselot Hegedf will be in Eritrea for ever, i am sure you will have attack have baby aspirin within your reach. Weyane are unsophisticated in their evil mission

  5. Sara weyane go to Ethiopian news website you don't belong here. Don't worry we have 6 millions PIA's who are willing to take eritrea for next generations to come, while your people hungry and begging for food for generation to come.

  6. Since the US is spying on everyone one would think that they have been eavesdropping on the conversation between Russia and Eritrea and may be that is why US wants to "bring Eritrea from the cold"

  7. Mr. Yemanay
    You talk about "resolve its dispute with Ethiopia in amicable and civilize way" No argument about peace full resolution of dispute. Do you think it is "amicable and civilize" for Ethiopia to occupy sovereign Eritrean territory? why are you blaming the Eritrean government instead the Ethiopian government who is occupying our land against international law? My friend that simple statement speaks volumes about who you are and where you stand on this issue. You are blaming the victim and simply have not point. Al I know for sure is that you are a Woyane supporter and you are lost my friend. This is the wrong web site.

    1. Halhal,
      I didn't say Ethiopia's occupation of Eritrean territory is legal but what all I said was for the regime to get out of its isolation,it needs to bring an end to the dispute it has with Ethiopia in an amicable way. As sad as it sounds,that's the ONLY and ONLY CHOICE it has.If the regime fails to do so as its now,then its very unlikely to get itself out of isolation any time soon because no one country would want to jeopardize its relationship and interest it has with larger and resourceful Ethiopia.This is a bitter reality that we should learn to live with.If you think we are the oil rich gulf states of Kuwait and Qatar of the region then you better check yourself with your psychiatric doctor in your area.So this deal is no different with that of Iran,Qatar and some other countries that dragged their feet from the regime and this too is not going a long way.

      1. Mr. Yemanay

        Thank you for your advice but I think you should be talking to your Woyane friends or countrymen about the morality of occupying foreign lands. Eritreans know that the solution to the current standoff is simply evicting the beggar Woyena regime and it will happen in you life time, you can count on that. Eritreans are tired of living with the threat and wimps of successive Ethiopian regimes who think Eritrea or parts of it belongs to them. Nothing belong to them or you for that matter. You are all squatters in our land and your only choice it to simply get off our land or your will find out your world caving around you.

        You came here with your mind already made up about who is at fault and therefore, you are not a fair judge of the situation. You can go and lecture your Woyane buddies.

        You have described Eritrean as a barren ungifted land, the Same way the Hailesellasie, Mengistu and the current Woyane regime describe Eritrea. Why is then Ethiopian murdered us in our own homes for 30 years just for a piece of a barren land? They are all pathetic layers including you. You all cant make a logical statement all in one sentence.
        There is oil in Eritrea beside gold and perhaps diamonds. The Entire Eritrean and Ethiopian highlands is of volcanic origin and has a potential for gold, diamonds and other precious metals. The whole red sea coast of Eritrea has potential for oil and gas, the same as Ogaden where your Woynane friends are ransacking and murdering entire villages in Ogaden the same way the Haileselasie and Mengistu regime use to do in Eritrea. Defiling Eritrea and Eritreans will never get you any where. You can get to where you want to go if you stick to your concerns and do what is morally and legally right.

    2. I am from this border area. in our village no one want this border. We crossed with our goats from north to south. From south to the north. And now everything closed. Everywere danger of landmines. This bombs will threaten even our grand grand children. We are one people. We dont need this ill border.

      1. My friend Hailom, borders never prevented people from working together for the common good of all. Ignorant politicians are responsible for breakdown of a society. The credit for this breakdown goes to past and present Ethiopian leaders, including the Ethnocentric Woyane regime.

        I believe Eritrean and Ethiopians have no issues working together as good neighbours and relatives in some cases. The overwhelming majority of the people who do not want the border delineated are Woyanes or other Ethiopians who still claim Eritrea as a whole or parts of her such as the Port or Asseb or Massawa ( if you talk to your Woyane friends) is theirs. Why would some one think that my village belongs to them. What about the people who lived and died in this land for thousands of years? No one can simply walk into our homes, below up our cemetries, rape, pillage and murder as they wish. This is the story of our relationship and has been perpetuated by Ethiopian and only Ethiopian leaders. This is nothing but a criminal act against Eritrea and its people. This is what Ethiopians have to realized and come to terms with.
        As an Eritrean, I want that border clearly defined so no politician want to be idiot is going to show up at my village and tell us this pieced and or that piece belongs to Ethiopia etc. As Eritreans, that is what we have to put up for the last 70 years. Eritrea is our home and no one owns our home but us. This is a very simple idea but yet very difficult for various Ethiopian leaders and their supporters to get through their thick skull.

        How would Ethiopians feel if tomorrow Egypt was to invade Ethiopia and claim the entire Abay River watershed is theirs? This is what the current ethnic Woyane regime is scheming about sovereign Eritrean territory as have all the the previous Ethiopian regimes. When is this is perpetually looming threat of invading Eritrea and taking whatever pieces you wish is going to end?

        In my opinion, Eritreans are more than happy to work with Ethiopians in good faith for the common good of all as well as humanity, simply because it is the right thing to do. However, those Ethiopians or Ethiopians of convenience like the ethnic Woyane regime with sinister agenda against Eritrea and Eritreans will have to kill all of us before they can get an inch of our blood soaked land. Eritreans more than anyone understand the real cost of war and the dividends of of peace. You cant make peace with habitual lairs and thieves while they ransack your home.

        1. Mr. Yemanay,like the Ethiopians say,"Ye Whega Beressa,Yetewegha Ayressam",and if I recall Eritrea was the one that was stabbed, again "Fool me once shame on you.Fool me twice shame on me",unless one is delusional or is romanticizing with Ethiopia,it is crystal clear who is genuinely seeking peace and good neighbourhood in the Horn of Africa. My dear friend you got more faith in our neghbours. If they want peace and harmony,everything is laid on the table for quite a while,they know what to do ,Eritrea has met it's obligations and nothing else should be expected of her.
          Awet N' Hafash!!!

      2. If you are concern about your kids ?then go where you come from okay? In the first place when the war broke very body run to Eritrea ,Because they were Eritreans 70km were destroyed the house Burned..After war the UN peace keepers sitting no one there Jandy and Suzann Ruiz put you there ,Ask them ?If you are Eritrean you don't have to move but make your mind in or out ?did you get it?Thanks Web

  8. Mr crap Halhal can u please stop this non sense don't have moral in the first place to blame Eritrean government I just recommended u to go back to dedebit college or to be buried with chenwi zenawi. I don't even waste a time with person like you to explain the truth, you are simply a loser and hooligan.

  9. Mr crap yemanay woyanay agamino can u please stop this non sense don't have moral in the first place to blame Eritrean government I just recommended u to go back to dedebit college or to be buried with chenwi zenawi. I don't even waste a time with person like you to explain the truth, you are simply a loser and hooligan.

  10. The Weyane stooges never fail to show-up in Eritrean affairs uninvited and with their unsolicited "Advice"! The problem of their advice is that it defies logic, and of course that is no surprising coming from people with crooked heart and groggy mind. These people are driven by age old envy of Eritrea and anything Eritrean! For heavens sake, these people were even jealous when we had the volcano erupting in Mt. Nabro a couple of years ago. Imagine!
    And what they don't seem to understand or refuse to believe is, we Eritreans may be smaller than their 90 million forced conscripts, but we have never been defeated by these scum bags, yet they like to say "Aqaqi zeraf" as if that would make them what they are not. Yemanay and Sara, do you think you have not reoccupied Eritrea because of your Weyane;s good will? You always want to forcefully retake Eritrea, but thanks to Warsay Yekeallo, every time you tried you go back where you started from with your tails between your AbaQ legs. Go figure.

    1. My Dear lalimba I agree with your idea parochially,Even though our neighbor or the west they will never sleep .They can pay any grid with out brain, who blind by jealousy to do the dirty work for them .One thing ,I can assure you .When it comes to attack Eritrea ,they will be history.If you remember ,when our President came to NY We drove 48 hours non spot it is wreath it .Never heard or seen in all world .In his speech said it is very humbling for me one Eritrean is like a thousand.unique ,loyal,determent, considered, human .Zewers zewrars .I don't brag .But i was very humbled by his speech and I was proud to be Eritrean.Thanks web

  11. @ yemanay, who are you to speak about the significance of Eritrea’s resources? Eritrea is rich in resources, with gold and other metals, potash, oil and many more things to come. Our number 1 resource is human resources and we work for everything we need, we don’t wait for handouts like Weyane beggars. What does the size of the country have anything to do with prioritizing relationships, case I point Israel and UK are both small but 2 of the top allies of USA. Ethiopia is sooner or later going to dump Weyane on there heads or there will be no more Ethiopia the way everyone knows it. Amhara, Oromo and Ogaden will break away from Weyane, leaving Weyane isolated and at the bottom. Ethiopia is a fragile country and that is the reason countries will gravitate to.Eritrea right now because the developed countries prefer to invest in a stable country.

  12. " Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov also said that they have discussed regional problems that affect the peace and stabilization of the African continent." Meaning None other than Ethiopia . Same Topic was discussed between General Sisi and The MoF of Russia last week ….
    .Very Interesting to see the international Community is Finally Fed up of Feeding and Supporting this Useless and Troublesome junta called TPLF.
    Really Admirable Work You Are doing Brother Tesfanews .

  13. Woyane ….shabia…at the end we are all the same. We should work together. Otherwise we wre used again as proxy puppets… so habesha unit. Despite the past i love the tigray and ethiopian people. What happens in the past is rela sad and should never happen again. PEACE FOR ERITREA. PEACE FOR ETHIOPIA. PEACE FOR AFRICA.

  14. TO LALIMBA. start thinking globaly. Who is next to you. You should start to forgive. Help the people and the people will help. It sounds yiu are full of hate. Ethiopians are next to us like anyone on earth. 40 year war brought us exodus…a land full of landmines… traumatised generations…hunger…nabra besey kibret ab kaloot hagerat… . The winners of this war are the midleeast countries. Yiu should stop blaming always the others. Look into the mirror and ask what you can do for a better africa peacfully. DONT FORGET WHAT HAPPENS TO OUR PEOPLE IN MIDDLE EAST. BEATEN RAPED AND KILLED. HATE CAUSES HASE. IF WE WANT TO ESCAPE POVERTY WE SHOULD START WORK TOGETHER. OTHERWISE WE WILL STAY AS BAGGERS AND POOREST NATIONS. AWET N HAFASH HABESHA

  15. Thank you Moscow and Congrats on your success with peacefully gathering the world in Sochi. The memorable historic choreography displayed in respect to your ancestors past has left us all in awe and inspired in Asmara and the H.O.A. Diaspora as we one day hope to eclipse an astonishing presentation of our own cultural arts, spirits, and history that is highly profound and quite similar to yours in this very near future that is ushering a new era of peace and prosperity, a golden age for the Free World. Maybe next time on the rink?Bravo/ Pozdravlyayu! .. Brussels, Washington.. take heed

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