The Report of the Commission of Inquiry on Eritrea is NOT “Dead” Yet

After three years of work, the COI report on Eritrea have failed miserably to impress its chief sponsor, the U.S, and many of the Council members for lack of accuracy, objectivity, partiality, integrity and credibility. But that doesn’t mean the report is defeated altogether. 

By Aghade*,

Two weeks ago, Eritreans around the world celebrated soon after it was announced that the United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC) did not accept the report of the Commission of Inquiry on Eritrea (COIE) as something accurate and well researched. Now that the dust has settled and the anti-Eritrea groups and their sponsors have begun to re-group again, it’s important for Eritreans and friends of Eritrea to know what happened at HRC meeting and what’s awaiting around the corner.

Though the report of COIE was not accepted by the council for being biased, flawed and full of exaggerated stories, it’s surely not “dead” yet, as some have stated. This is because the sponsors of the Commission have not given up on the underlying objective through the COIE – mainly the US, UK and the Ethiopian regime. Don’t take my word for it, read the HRC resolution (A/HRC/32/L.5/Rev.1) and listen to the speeches given at the meeting.

Overall, the HRC subtle rejection of the key elements of the report and the language of the resolution they adopted without a vote only highlighted the new strategy of the sponsors: to pursue a witch-hunt campaign against Eritrea. After heavy lobbying by the US, UK and the three members of COIE, the HRC resolution went to a great length to rationalize the decision to extend the mandate of Special Rapporteur (SR), Ms. Sheila B. Keetharuth, for another year. Just as I predicted in my previous writings, the HRC resolution explicitly asks the SR to conduct “further investigations” and travels to Eritrea to supposedly collect evidence of “systematic” human right violations.

Knowing what we know today about Ms. Keetharuth’s work with the COIE and her politically biased views on Eritrea, clearly, the same danger is lurking around the corner. Ms Keetharuth has been given her marching orders to pick up the pieces and try all over again. And this time the sponsors are going to be a bit tricky, since they are taking the case to both UN General Assembly and African Union. Eritrean diplomats and their advisors have their work cut out for them.

Indeed, the report of COIE is far off from “dead”.

At this juncture, I strongly believe that the general public has a critical role to play in the fight against this upcoming case to expose the lies, calculated disinformation, and false rumors that will soon target Eritrea and its leaders. This time we know, more or less, what is coming and there is no excuse for each and every-one of us (Eritreans and friends of Eritrea) to sit and wait for Keetharuth and her sponsors to lay the groundwork (as usual by spreading the same/new lies) to achieve their original objectives – i.e. destroy the institutions the Eritrean government draws its strength from, mainly patriotism, unity, confidence, work ethic, national service, etc.

At a risk of overstepping my bounds, I am challenging everyone (especially those with skills and access to information) to roll up your sleeves and write, and write and write (early and frequently) with laser-focus to:

1) expose each lies (large and small) that will soon begin to swirl in the world-wide-web,

2) call attention to implicit and explicit anti-Eritrea bias of the SR and her sponsors, and make it difficult for them to deflect attention from their politically motivated approach, and

3) inform the world at large that Eritrea has the willpower to march on and defeat any aggression (foreign or domestic).

As always, together we can and we will defeat this challenge… as this is the challenge of this generation and challenge that we must win to face the next challenge of building a peaceful, unified, prosperous and democratic Eritrea.

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  1. What can they possibly do? I agree that we shouldn’t be complacement but let’s not give it more importance than it deserves either.

  2. Im sorry but didnt the same site reported, it was dead? It doesnt sound like an apology to me. IGAD has done its work as far as Asmera is concerned. All the choas shabo created will be answered in due time. For the supporters, sit back and relax while 2016 bring about the change democracy loving Eritreans celebrate a new era.

        1. ለዓየ ለይረብሑ ጃርናሊስታ ብልጸረፉኒ፡ መርዘነይ ከም ተለዓለትኒ ለርኢ ፎቶ!

      1. That’s if Evil PFDJ ever survives 2016. In the mean time enjoy this video and keep dreaming somehow sometime your nightmare Woyane
        will stop to exist and vanish from the face of the earth .

    1. The so called CIO report is not dead at all but it is in life support with intensive care by three doctors from USA ,England and Ethiopia . they seem pretty angry and frustrated by its disappointment to recover.

      1. ICU mortality rate is very very low when three best doctors are caring for it. You came from us, dont you believe in miracle anymore or shabo took that from you as well?

    2. which one is harder to do?
      Freeing your self from the shackles of Mental slavery or “bringing about democracy,,,”
      As if
      it comes in a capsul of one for all, concotted with Honey and a promise from the CIA, Dan conel and co???

    1. Where is the safety since all its citizens live in a continuous fear for not to say a word about the regimes policies and acts. Where is the safety in such a country where there is no rule of law and where secret security elements can kidnap anyone for unknown reasons and the ignorant military officers can put anyone in prison for personal reasons. Please change your title to the most intimidated city in the plane.

      1. Can you please explain this to me what does not mean the most intimidated city in the plane.? I am just curious.

      2. Those who in word or deed cooperate with an SOB neighbour like you, should be promptly eliminated, for national security reasons.

          1. I was not asking you,
            what did you tell the home office as to your reasons were for leaving Eritrea, did I!!!

      3. Recently the Woyanes sent a few hundred trolls to China, you must be one of the graduates here to disrupt, distract repeating lies told by ur master. Slave woyanes your days are numbered, I feel sorry for the Tigryans who will be associated with the evil slave woyanus.

      4. You yourself may have to fear because you may have done something against the country and its people or even because you are a Weyane. You seem to be the last propagandist to entertain this notion. No one in Eritrea lives in fear of anything. It has been incontrovertibly proven that it is so especially as of the 25th anniversary of our independence.

  3. As the late Eritrean rapper Sandman Negus used to say, “Sawa kills evil.” I loved his rap on Sawa. You can check it out on YouTube.

    1. speaking of Sawa ….

      We have had another successful youth festival in SAWA last week with excellent programs. This year, we have been joined by a delegation of Youth leaders from Finland and another representatives from EU including ambassadors. Why? To debunk the very lies incorporated with in the now discredited COI report about Sawa.

        1. South African Ambassador Prof. Iqbal hinted today that he is about to finish a book on Eritrea titled, Eritrea: Why Has the States Not Collapsed?

          It is expected to have many secrets among the diplomatic corps in Asmara and I suggest everyone interested about Eritrea to buy and read it when it is out.

      1. ሳዋ
        ቦታ መንእሰያት ቦታ ስኒት
        መጻኢ ወለዶ ሓብሓቢት ኮስኳሲት
        ሃገራዊ ክብሪ ብማዕረ ኣውራሲት

        ዋሕስ ኤርትራ ናይ ሎሚ ናይ ጽባሕ
        መዲና ሓድነት በሻሓት ትራባሕ
        መርዘን ተጻባእቲ ሞያኣ ዘይልካዕ

        ትኹስኩስ ጀጋኑ ክብርታት ዝዕቅብ
        ወራሪ ከዳሚ ሲዒሩ ዝምንጉድ
        ኣብ ህንጸት መኸተ ብሓደ ዝነጉድ

        ነጻ ኤርትራ ክብራ ዝዓቀበት
        ንኹሉ ብማዕረ ሸባብ ዝሳሓለት
        መፍትሕ ብሩህ ተስፋ ኣለኹ ዝበለት – ሳዋ!

        1. ሓው ራእይ ደሃይካ ኣይተሓባእ፡ በቲ ውሕሉል ግጥምኻ ንሳዋ ግርም ጌርካ ገሊጽካያ ኣለኻሞ፡ የቐንየልና።

  4. Well, the TPLF and their handlers were hoping for a celebratory square dance at the ICC this summer. That’s certainly dead.
    As for the future, some argue that the TPLF and the ICC themselves have precarious winds blowing in their direction.
    The ICC in particular might have its overzealous wings clipped since its racist indulgence in Africa is becoming too obvious and too close for comfort even for the most corrupt African leaders.

    1. At the rate TPLF is going, it will be referred to ICC first before Eritrea does. Can u believe TPLF is talking about invading South Sudan?

  5. For these vampires to finally leave us alone, the fall of the weyANUS, is an essential component which must come to pass soon.

    1. My sawa friend, you cant even move Eritrean economy an inch for less people than Addis let alone Axumawites but dream is free, you sure dont have to pay for it.

      1. Aye boroqroq!!! Attum sebat, nzeifeltekum zeitblwo? Qurub hfret aisma’akumn? Eti Axum entekhone, neana yqerbenna kab neakhum, dqala agew. Bzaeba Sawa entokhene d’ma, n’ea kem suwa k’tste!

      2. Your jealousy and your envy is going to kill you.While your Addis and your Axumawites kill each other Eritrea sawa.

  6. Don’t like the title. it should read ” Let’s be vigilant and eradicate the Human Rights Commission of Inquiry on Eritrea Once and For All”.
    We Eritreans never kid ourselves.

    1. That psychological warfare element of it is dead

      if anything we have seen the devil in the eye and told them we will not stand watching as you humilate our people, for we know your hands are everywhere, your dubious actions, and false promises will not fool us,
      only a matter of time till the day this Hydra will lament and hide its only remaining head, know it will hide, “let it be my people free at last”.if you feel the positive energy,,,,,
      please say.awet n hafash and Glory to our martyres.

  7. Dear HEGDFYou can not only need your people only on the time of great despair ,when your ground is shaken and feel your power is in an imminent threat ???? You need to stay connected with your people at all times and you should have a great regard for the rule of law and above all treat your people with great respect and then let alone writing on internet you will see them in droves in the streets of every city in Eritrea and abroad to safe your assess like what happen in Turkey -So please try to change your tactics and strategies

          1. The regime is fine, and in a much better position not least in reviving Eritreas economy, and preserving Eritreas dignity.
            if you are more interested in individual freedom to preach,do it some where else.

  8. From the start, no country, especially African countries should have signed to such a court especially since the US was not signing. It is totally unfair to give authority to the UN Security Council while there are countries in there who are not signatories! That should have been the first warning for all countries especially developing ones. There are GLARING examples of people from non-African countries who have turned the world upside down and who should be referred to the ICC, but they will not be touched.

    Regarding the COI, there is no doubt it is dead! However, its sponsors have tried (and may succeed) to resuscitate it by urging the African Union to consider the matter. The sponsors of regime change are trying to send it there because they believe that the matter has better chance of passing at the AU away from the scrutiny of the world where we cannot go out and demonstrate as in Geneva. They may also believe that the US might be able to offer the carrot or the stick to pressure African governments, just as they might have done in the case of Djibouti and Somalia. African leaders have to put their money in their mouth and kill the ICC on its tracks.

    1. And of course we have to devise a new strategy to kill it before it arrives, and if it does, kill it wherever it reaches!

    2. But the donor countries make belonging to these enslaving institutions like ICC by the African countries a necessary prerequisite in order to receive loans. A beggar is always on some kind of leash by the master.
      And, by the way, even if the USA had joined the ICC it wouldn’t have been affected by the rulings of the ICC because it has the veto power at the Security Council. Of course, Israel which abuses the human rights of the Palestinian people routinely is protected by the USA veto power.

  9. kindeya Gereananya · Edit

    Hizi’ma en’o wede’berra lehaze hijjju law Eroba khediu, weyanena leQerreya yeley shaewuya law affa fessula en’o

  10. By the way, TESFANEWS has a responsibility to disclose who this “Aghade*” is and what his qualifications and experiences are. The reader has to know this in order to get the full perspective of the meaning of the words and narratives he selected. “Where is the writer coming from and where is he going” have to be thought of in the context of the writer’s motives and interests, which generally can be reasonably assessed by his background and his current profession.

    If disclosure isn’t possible, then the writer should be owned by TESFANEWS and presented as:
    “Aghade*, TESFANEWS staff writer”

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