Congressman Urges U.S. to End Alliance with Brutal Ethiopian Regime

Time to stop allying with a brutal, corrupt and minority Ethiopian regime
At a special U.S. Subcommittee Hearing sponsored by Rep. Chris Smith, Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R) calls for the U.S. to stop allying with a brutal, corrupt and minority regime of Ethiopia.


A U.S. congressman says it is high time for the U.S. stopped allying with a brutal regime under a pretext of war on terror.

Representative Dana Rohrabacher of California was speaking at a hearing on Thursday organized by the House Committee on Foreign Affairs under the theme “democracy under threat in Ethiopia.”

“Any honestly elected government would be against radical Islam,” the congressman said describing the Ethiopian regime as “a small clique that’s corrupt and brutal.”

“The Ethiopian regime represent a small minority in Ethiopia. We are helping that small clique which is corrupt and brutal. It’s time for the U.S. to say we made a mistake by going down that road with a small group of people. We should be friends with the overall people of Ethiopia, not just with a clique. That will serve the interest of the U.S. and the interest of the people of Ethiopia,” Rohrabacher said.

The congressman who recalled the attack by security forces against protesters in the post 2005 election that was won by the opposition said it was “disgraceful” that the regime used American military aid to oppress the people.

“It is time to eliminate Ethiopian regime from its ability to purchase and obtain U.S. weapons. It is disgraceful that after the 2005 election, the military attacked the people. The worst part is that this military has American weapon that was used to repress the people.”

Rohrabacher said 20 percent of the people of Ethiopia is starving as a direct result of a corrupt and brutal regime. “The problem with a brutal regime is not only repression but also misery and hunger,” he said.

Chairman of the Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights and International Organizations, Representative Chris Smith (R) of New Jersey chaired the hearing. He recalled that tens of thousands of political prisoners still remain in jail in Ethiopia. Smith mentioned the recent arrest of journalists Khaled Mohammed and Darsema Sorri as well as the leader of the Oromo Federalist Congress, Merera Gudina.

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Speaking on the occasion, senior researcher at Human Rights Watch said the regime’s narrative of double digit economic growth and progress in development indicators is a “smokescreen.”

“The current government – the only one since 1991 – runs the country with an almost complete grip on power, controlling almost all aspects of political, public, and even much private life,” said Felix Horne.

Representatives of various groups of Ethiopians and a torture survivor also spoke at length on the human rights abuses perpetrated by the regime especially under a martial law that was declared in October following protests in the Amhara and Oromo regions.

101 thoughts on “Congressman Urges U.S. to End Alliance with Brutal Ethiopian Regime

    1. I think Harun Maruf meant to say …
      “BREAKING: AU officials in Somalia say current arrangement that relies on military onslaught against Al-Shabab will not achieve its goals.”

      1. We have been saying this from the get go, use of military force can not solve the Somalia problem. It took 11 whole years for the worthless AU to come to that realization. Beaten by experience!!

    1. It seems to me TPLF and the opposition groups are vying for USA’s attention like a little good mistress. So, how are the Ethiopian people going to be better served in contrast to uncle Sam’s interests? As long as there is a government in Ethiopia that is not controlled by Ethiopian electrorates and doesn’t represent Ethiopian people interests equally and fairly, then I am afraid we are just going to have another extreme fascist regime in Ethiopia. If that happens again, then Eritreans and the horn of Africa will never know peace. In Ethiopia, history keeps on repeating itself generation after generation. One has to know where one has been to know where one is going. I am sorry to say that Ethiopians do not know what has been happening to them since the second world war. Know thyself first before pointing fingers to this political group or that political group. The hard truth is that all the Ethiopian political groups do not materialize from thin air. All successive Ethiopian fascist regimes are a product of the Ethiopian people. For once, the Ethiopian people need to look inward and find internal solutions to their internal problems. Otherwise history is going to repeat itself and the suffering of Ethiopian people in particular and the horn of Africa in general will have no end.

      1. Well, thank you for diagnosing us out of this coma you seem think we are in. For a second, I thought you are describing your own case since you are the one without even an opposition of any kind, no election, no constitution, failing economy and blind as hell supporters that’s been born or live in a different country but seems to think, your king is the best at the expense of the poor. I truly don’t know why you keep mentioning peace in the horn. The Horn has been in peace like no other time in history. The only country out in the cold, Eritrea. Both Sudan, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya are building their respective countries. Only Eritrea managed to fight with all and fund anti peace elements. If six people are telling you about your offensive smell, you ought to take a shower not accuse all six why their noses are bad, why they hate you or have some dark motives. Maybe and just maybe, you do in fact smell and might be wise to look inward.

        1. Wishful imagination has twisted your mind to create an alternative reality. You are one very sad case.

          Here is the status of Horn Africa countries vis a vis TPLF:

          Djibouti – Recently African Intelligence reported that the TPLF army crossed into the lil-booty

          South Sudan – The country is in full-fledged civil war, and your TPLF Ethiopia is one of the two countries responsible for funneling weapons to the rebels. (Uganda is the other country).

          Somalia – TPLF has over 20k soldiers causing mayhem for the last 20 years

          Eritrea – TPLF still occupies sovereign Eritrean territory and refused to comply with the IC boarder decision.

          Ethiopia – TPLF has the country under the State of Emergency, terrorizing 94 million Ethiopian people with impunity.

          These are the facts on the ground, and TPLF is responsible for all these crises. If you close your eyes and imagine QuEnti, an oversided QuEnti will exists, but only in one place — in your little head. That is the difference between reality and imagination.

          1. Hi brother this dude is trained to deny the real world. Like hid peers with creepy alias they believe or pretend to believe in the make- believe /alternative world, where literally every thing is up side down. He speaks volumes about not having election and constitution. I really do not think he knows the meaning of those word. he gloss over the sham/rigged elections and the abortive constitution written by some unbridled MLLT core in the jungle. He has been instructed by his contractors. He is nagging about those issues ad nauseum. Yes at some point it seems he is becoming paranoid to the extent that he could nor distinguish reality from the imaginary.

          2. Wedi Mehari, there are 8 countries in the horn including Somaliland. All but one working together from security to economy but we are the once living in the alternative reality? Talk about minority, at least talk to Sudan for better of your people. You are following one erratic leader who will take you nowhere anytime soon. I will pray for you.

          3. Let me offer a rebuttal based on facts and only facts. You have been disconnected as your leader.
            Djibouti- per our agreement of 2007, our sisterly neighbor may call us to secure our sea corridor any given times, by request.
            Somalia- when world wasn’t betting on fair election and accused us of corruption, the first step to democracy was taken and security was provided. ONLF has not a single cell but US base idiots issuing statements.
            S. Sudan- as early as two weeks ago, the leader was in Addis asking for help and signing MoU’s. People wishing war had fake news under “dirty deals” to sabotage the little peace they had.
            SoE Ethiopia- France and Turkey are also under the same after few people created choas, security must come first.
            Eritrea- lasting peace can only come by talking not waiting for us to blink. You have been waiting and you will be waiting for a long time. Even if we give badme, then what? Will you stop funding terrorists? Will you give hope to the youth by getting rid of NS? We have no more interest there but you need us to trade or free movement of our people. Your entire dream can’t be “TPLF gone” potash or some base coming to Asab to protect you. The people deserve better than that.

          4. Ethiopia’s far-left economy is centrally controlled by a small clique that are fantastically corrupt.
            Who would believe such a hospital actually exist in a country that brags itself as the “fastest”, the “biggest”, “the largest”, bla bla economy in the world? Look what the referral hospital in Adwa Tigray looks like …. ምስኪኑ የትግራይ ህዝብ


          5. LOL… Thanks TN, you made my day.
            On a serious note, it seems the patient is the Amputee Bed looking for a new leg.
            Sentiko, we would appreciate your clarification.

          6. Let the Eritreans continue to suffer, until you review the sanctions in 6 months time? Is that it, mr Brit ambassador? Innocent, in english means exactly that: INNOCENT. Got it, mr. Ambassador? Or shall I teach you, your own language?

          7. Surprise, surprise. Here is a one video making the rounds with members of congress. Things are going from bad to worst for your Woyanes. This how brain washing begins … and it seems they will come around a lot sooner than we thought. I figured this will make you lose some sleep to night. Cheerios Amigo

        2. Oh my, my ! Look who is talking, It would be nice if you engaged your brain before firing your wish, the countries you mentioned outside Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya and Djibouti they are ravished with corruption unpararelled to any, leasing land to foreign countries and firms by kicking off their own people from their homes, committing atrocities on citizens who resist, if you call this country building, I say may God grant you his wisdom. You called Esayas our king, well you’re demonstrating that you still have that feudal mentality of the Mesafntawuyan, Eritreans have never knelt or bowed to anybody, be it kings or superpowers. Most probably you might have more money in your bank account than Esayas.

  1. Did he just described the 2005 election as won by the opposition? The funny thing, the weapon the US gave us wasn’t even that great compared to China and I don’t recall Pentagon complaining about the purchase. There is a business man in the White House, hopefully we can make great deals going forward but I don’t think the American tax payers would appreciate such drama from an elected officials. Last time I checked, New Jersey has a crime rate and death toll as equal as the entire Horn. Idiot.

    1. Homeboy, you’re working over time over a dead dream of Abay Tigray, that hallucination was dead as a door mat long before the frog croked.(lol)

    2. You can make all the fake deals you wants to but this is what Ethiopians think of you and your despicable Woyane tribal regime. Let time Ethiopians felt this way, Hailessilasie was buried under a toilet and Mengistu stole $30 millions USD and run to Harare. You stolen from the young, old and corpses. You have not where to run but to Dedebit, nasty dog breath Woyane jackass.

    3. Dude, New Jersey crime rate is not out of government sanctioned killings like that of your tribal regime. Like it or leave it, the seed of discord has been sawed between your minority tribe and the two major ethnic groups, Amhara and Oromo. This is with out counting the other minor groups such as Benishangul, Ogaden, etc ………. Such ethnic hatred can be settled in one and only one way and that is through ethnic cleansing. This is karma of the Eritrean people, the closest brother and neighbor you can ever get that you betrayed and vowed to cleanse them. Now its a matter of time before these worst nightmare of yours to come to extinct you from the Ethiopian land. No where to run.

      1. I think, you have been watching too much ESAT. It’s really important not to be so consumed by diaspora politics instead, take one trip to our beautiful Ethiopia, visit your cousins at the camp if you wish and really understand where my people are. The so called discord comes from elites talking out of their behind and certain media outlets making too much noise for headline, that’s not to say disagreements doesn’t exist. But as you have witnessed, we do engage our opposition when we can without calling them names so long as they don’t work with shabo or encourage civil war, can you say the same in Eritrea or outside? Can you even question your king without being killed or jail? As for this karma, there is nothing we did to Eritrea except defend ourselves. Your leader started that war, not us. Take some responsibility for once but we are still letting your cousins in, gave back their homes and creating jobs, what else do you want? Say thank you please.

        1. About 27 years ago, some people was feeding themselves through landfil (the time when pm Meles promised 3 meals a day). Now nothing changed, shame cause bbc was showing about 500 people who live in the tip area) glitter palaces of private speculation around the urban cities, in concrete has been done nothing to the big Masses.

      1. 17 years and same music from your camp, we are still there. Ethiopia without Tigray is like US without NY, unthinkable. I would worry about your land however, that demographic is changing faster than we thought, little light I hear these days.

        1. ኣሌክ - Alec you · Edit

          U reminded me of what the America/south said ones, “the blacks are not going to be free” like how they said ‘over our dead bodies’ blah blah s***t, but they wer right on that ‘our dead bodies’ part tho. Haha.. Their hopes was shattered to pieces. ????

          Well ma dull neighbor, u are a Tigrayan/Agame, meaning it’s ur job to defend that Tigrayan dominated power. So it’s understandable nebsi.

          “Ethiopia without Tigray is like US without NY” LOL???????? talk about flattering yourselves LOL????– Tigray is nothing but a dry land– with nothing to offer. But, like always keep on daydream. But the non-Tigrayan Ethiopian are saying, we’ve to eradicate the Tigrayan dominated power. And that is why, they’re arming themselves against u ppl. And that is why ur master is leaving u. c’mon son 6% against 94%.. the majority always wins. Yes u keep them chained by that “Assab-card” for awhile, but u failed to deliver that promise.. and now that ship has sailed. Hehe..

          And about our land.. nothing shocking here, just like ur forefathers to take what’s not yours is your sickness–Jealousy– but in the end –Envy destroys its host– and that is why u have been deported and isolated, cuz if u ppl sit and get comfortable in someone else’s land u think u own it. U are delusional ppl.

          So, we know u ppl very well, u are our enemies, u have been for centuries. So, even tho we’re good ppl, we have no choice but to eradicate u with ur own stick.

          In the end tiny-Tigray is going to blow-up, just like the Frog tried to be as big as the elephant but burst!!???????? and now without ur Cannon-fodders and Aid-handouts.. well, say goodbye to Israel’s six-day war record goodbye.????

          1. The way anne crew is finished, thank god and the peoples of the horn of Africa. May there be peace and prosperity arising from the ashes of the most despicable regime. IMHO the most important lesson here is the intentions of its enablers hellbent on world domination

        2. As much as I hate mengistu once he said during war ” I understand what Eritreans fighting for, but what I don’t understand is these beggers the one we feed them with one grinder in their province no fertile land or water… ”
          You see, every American dream is to visit new York once in their life time, but Ethiopians dream to chase you out of every province, city, and little town to where ever you come from, crooks

    4. How much money did Weyanne paid you to do the mouthing propaganda Stinko ????????? The Ethiopia regime by now the World know How brutal regime was, is .Are you trying to cover the Moon with an Umbrella?Aye Agamish have to poop out to make the wold laugh .If you did say some thing NO pay check so keep going..Sick around .

  2. It’s good to see American politicians come to their senses and describe Woyane exactly as it is. They are only doing that now because they know TPLF regime is finished. They can see the writing on the wall. Once, the people say I have had enough and will not take it anymore, that’s it. It’s just a matter of time. Otherwise, Woyane has always been corrupt and brutal and oppressive and a minority regime that represents less than 5 percent of the people. It didn’t become all those things in 2017.

  3. Hello All:

    If this is true,I think it is good news for Ethiopians and ERITREANS in particular and for the Horn and its people in general for obvious reasons as Real Peace,Tranquility and Practical Economoc Integration shall be realized,indeed!
    The “dumb” USA and its mercenaries will understand the fruit of such a Peaceful Co-Existence of the Horn People, if the USA is really interested in a Peaceful Horn of Africa,unless and otherwise creating hegemony and conflict is its Modus Operandi,which seems to be the case if history is to be the witness and have no clue why,but hope the Chinese interference in the Horn will teach the USA and its Partners a Lesson to think twice.
    The “bravo” little Ja Booty’s invitation of China with its multi billion $$$ infrastructure development in that tiny Nation has made the USA to think twice ,me hopes!
    Yes,the USA,time to wake up and work for TRUE Justice and True Democracy,not a fake an Opportunistic one !.

    1. Well, they think that black people are incapable of democracy and just governance. I don’t think the Chinese have superiority complex. The Western world is blinded by it’s arrogance and racist ideological world views.

    1. Interesting Prof!
      That is right dealing with more than 200 million people of the Horn is better,legitimate and more productive than dealing with a clique!

      Peace and a light at the end of the Tunnel @ last for the Horn People!
      Hope for the best!

    2. The west should realize that the weyane clique is driven by its hate and revenge against eritreans and the amharas. This clique is a danger to all the people of the horn and the west is helping it to stay in power which means that they are indirectly responsible for the suffering of our peoples.

    3. I was expecting Congressman Dana Rohrabacher to expose not only TPLF’s hideous acts but also the highest level who are close him, who emboldened these corrupt and brutal killers, the likes of Obama and Susan Rice who laughed out loud ridiculing Ethiopian people and hugging the killers!!!

  4. germination of an Ethiopian revolutionary struggle …..

    Ginbot 7 (PG7) fighters attack prison freeing political prisoners

    ESAT – A group of armed men on Thursday attacked a prison in north Gondar freeing political prisoners. Patriotic Ginbot 7, an armed group opposing the Ethiopian regime claimed responsibility for the attack.

    A representative who spoke to ESAT said they have killed two soldiers while four others have surrendered in the attack in Wegera district. The representative said they have also seized several weapons.

    Meanwhile, a fuel truck travelling from Sudan to Ethiopia came under attack in a place called Negade Bahir on the Ethiopian side of the border. Several fuel trucks were stranded following the attack.

    No party claimed responsibility for the ambush.

    There have been sporadic attack by self-organized armed groups and PG7 against regime forces in northern Ethiopia.

  5. የኢትዮጵያ ብር የመግዛት አቅሙ (purchasing power) አሽቆለቆለ

    ኢሳት (መጋቢት 1 ፥ 2009) – የኢትዮጵያ የመገበያያ ገንዘብ የሆነው ብር ባለፉት 12 ወራቶች ብቻ የመግዛት አቅሙ ከአምስት በመቶ በላይ ማሽቆልቆሉን አለም አቀፍ የፋይናንስ ተቋማት አስታወቁ።

    የብር የመግዛት አቅም እየቀነሰ መምጣት በህብረተሰቡ ላይ ከሚያደርሰው የኢኮኖሚ ተፅዕኖ በተጨማሪ የሃገሪቱ የኢኮኖሚ ዕድገትና የዋጋ ግሽበት እየተፈታተነ እንደሚገኝም የምጣኔ ሃብት ባለሙያዎች ገልጸዋል።

    መንግስት አጋጥሞት ያለውን የፋይናንስ እና የውጭ ምንዛሪ ክምችት እጥረት የብር የመግዛት አቅም እየቀነሰ እንዲሄድ ካደረጉ ምክንያቶች ዋንኞቹ ሆነዋል።
    በኬንያ በሚገኘው የሳይቶን ኢንቨስትመንት ማኔጅመንት የምጣኔ ሃብት ባለሙያ የሆኑት ሞሪስ አዱር በኢትዮጵያ የተፈጠረውን የፋይናንስ እና የብር አቅርቦት ችግር ተከትሎ 10 የውጭ ሃገር ባንኮች በሃገሪቱ ወኪል ቢሮን በመክፈት ብድር በማቅረብ ስራ ላይ ተሰማርተው እንደሚገኙ ብሉምበርግ የዜና አውታር ገልጸዋል።

    ይሁንና መንግስት ባንኮቹ በሙሉ የባንክ አገልግሎት ስራ ላይ እንዳይሰማሩ እገዳን ጥሎ እንደሚገኝ የተናገሩት ባለሙያው በርካታ ባንኮች እገዳው እንዲነሳ የተለያዩ ጥረቶች እያደረጉ መሆኑን አስረድተዋል:: በሃገሪቱ የፋይናንስ እጥረት ተጽዕኖን እያደረሰ እንደሆነ የገለጹት የምጣኔ ሃብት ባለሙያዎ በዋቢነት ባለፉት 12 ወራቶች ብቻ የብር የመግዛት አቅም በ5.3 በመቶ መቀነሱን ለዜና አውታሩ አስታውቀዋል።

    በኢትዮጵያ እድሚያቸው ከ18 በላይ ከሆኑት ህዝቦች መካከል 22 በመቶ ብቻ የሚሆነው የባንክ አካውንን ያለው ሲሆን፣ ቁጥሩ በሰብ ሰሃራ አፍሪካ በአማካኝነት ከተቀመጠው 34 በመቶ እጅጉኑ ያነሰ መሆኑም ተመልክቷል። በአፍሪካ በኢኮኖሚ እድገቱ ግንባር ቀደም እንደሆነች በሚነገርላት ደቡብ አፍሪካ 70 በመቶ ዜጎቿ የባንክ አካውንት እንዳላቸው ብሉምበርግ በዘገባው አስፍሯል።

    የአለም ባንክ የኢትዮጵያ የብድር ክምችት እየጨምረ መምጣት በሃገሪቱ የኢኮኖሚ እንቅስቃሴ ላይ ጫናን እንደሚያሳድር አስታውቆ መንግስት ብድርን የመውሰድ ፖሊሲ እንዲፈትሽ ስያሳስብ ቆይቷል።

    የመንግስት በብቸኝነት እያከናወናቸው ያሉ የልማት ፕሮጄክቶች በዜጎች ላይ ኢኮኖሚያዊ ተፅዕኖን እያሳደረ ይገኛል ያለው ባንኩ የግል ባለሃብቶች በልማት እንቅስቃሴው ተሳታፊ ቢያደርግ ችግሩን መቀነስ እንደሚቻል ጠቁሟል።

    ባለፈው አመት በሃገሪቱ ሲካሄድ የቆየው ህዝባዊ ተቃሞ በኢኮሚያዊ እንቅስቃሴው ላይ ተጽዕኖን በማሳደር የውጭ ቀጥተኛ ኢንቨስትመንት በአምስት በመቶ አካባቢ እንዲቀንስ ማድረጉን ብሉምበርግ የተለያዩ የፋይናንስ ተቋማት መረጃ ዋቢ በማድረግ በዘገባው አቅርቧል።

    ኢትዮጵያ አጋጥሟት ያለው የፋይናንስ ችግር ለአመታት ዝግ አድርጋ የቆየችውን የባንክ ፖሊሲ እንድታሻሽልና በቅርቡ ለውጭ ባንኮች በሙሉ የባንክ ስራ ላይ እንዲሰማሩ በሯን እንደምትከፍት ኤክስ አፍሪካ ቤስሊንግ የተሰኘ የፋይናንስ ተቋም ገልጿል።

    1. The hungry hyna which has fallen on the poor creature will never quit or leave it except dying on it. If TPLF lose the Ethiopian lucrative power, it knows that the situation and future of its home Tigray will be the worst than any time in Tigray history. And also the Ethiopian peoples and the world communities know that the only solution to bring peace and prosperity to Ethiopia and the east African nations must be by ousting the power-greed and human-killer TPLF wich is using the word “terrorism” to allow itself to wage war on Ethiopians and neighboring countries. This malicious and envous group is befallen by paranoia from which they will never be cured.

  6. We don’t know why the international community is waiting for all these years we in our Horn Of Africa from Ethiopia since long time and now they even turn against their won people so its too late better than ever you should end your alliance with them and EU also international community and the hall world

  7. ኣሌክ - Alec you · Edit

    Haha.. slowly the master is disposing its pet, not because it cares about the suffering of Ethiopian ppl, but the naked truth of TPLF’s crimes against non-Tigrayan ppl of Ethiopia, in a way — its ethnic cleansing– that the US tried to hide, just like the crime/genocide in the Ogaden region. But this crime in the city, it can’t hide it. Thus it has no choice but to drop it all on the Woyane thugs. But the sad part is the real criminals with the strings like Susan rice, Gayle Smith etc. are getting away with murder.

  8. It has become abundantly clear to US lawmakers that the Agame are a liability to US interest in the Horn of Africa region. The US can no longer afford to have its image associated with the most hated, genocidal regime in Ethiopia. Cutting off the aid, as President Trump had promised, will do the trick. The Agame are bottom-feeders and they cannot survive one single day without the aid dollars.

    Hit’em where it hurts! Change is coming soon! Amen.

  9. A fake attack on GERD?

    (Indian Ocean Newsletter N°1446 – 10/03/2017) – While Ethiopian prime minister Hailemariam Desalegn claims to have foiled an attack fomented by Eritrea against the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) Eritrean president Issayas Afeworki’s government says it knows absolutely nothing about the matter.

    The information minister and government spokesman Yemane Gebremeskel swears to have never heard of the Benishangul People’s Liberation Movement (BPLM) suspected of being behind the attack on the dam.

    According to our sources, the inauguration of the dam has been put back once again. Workers haven’t been paid for several months.

  10. Where is this heading to:

    “ረጽሚ ኣብ መንጎ ሰራዊት ኤርትራን ኢትዮጲያን ተኻይዱ፤ ህዝቢ ዓዲታቱ ለቒቑ”
    aigaforum and TOL are mute so far.

      1. hahah…
        U missed my my point intentionally.
        Enjoy the VOA sponsored Trio Eritrean Neutral debate on Eri Affairs…
        My friend Tewelde of the VOA won’t annoy U.
        I was disappointed by Prof Mussie Misghinna’s vague and one-sided opinion.
        I want to hear B Adal’s and kaleab’s official views through the VOA..
        I will call Tewelde to invite you.
        No joke that some brothers are dying at the Front….
        Get ready to SQUASH Weyane once and for all…

        1. Excellent interview by Dr. Mussie Misghina — A must listen by all Eritreans.
          Regarding Woyane … You said “Get ready to SQUASH Weyane once and for all…” — Let Ethiopians take care of their woyane cancer. All we need is a nice large flat screen TV.

        2. Justice, congrats for knowing one of those three Phds interviewed by VOA. If I tell you I know 2 of those 3, would that make me better than you?

          1. LOL …
            Kaleab, just to be fair 🙂
            I am not sure if Justice said He knows one of the Guests (the 3 Piled High Deepshits (PhDs)).
            What Justice wrote is: “My friend Tewelde of the VOA won’t annoy U.”
            … which means Tewelde of VOA is Justice friend.
            But Justice might have meant to say “My friend (BAdal), Tewelde of the VOA won’t annoy U”. — I am streaching it here thinking Justice considering me a friend 🙂

          2. What is funny is Justice calls the interview of the three PhDs as Neutral debate while that of the Professor Mussie, a one side opinion.
            Fact: PFDJ haters hate democracy more than PFDJ supporters.

          3. LOL, I know Dr Mussie is one the most brilliant Eritreans that you can find out there. No question there.

            Brother B.Adal, as you may noticed I am not interested in opinions of politicians or the educated class. Opinions neither address nor solve problems. My kids too got quite a few of them. What Eritreans need is fair and complete analyses.

            Like or not, Dr Mussie did provide us with analyses. He didn’t just say… here is the problem but he took the time to point out why each problem exists to begin with. And then he followed up with his thoughts on how to address those issues given contemporary political development/experiences of fellow African countries. Brilliant! To make a point he reminded us a few times that Eritrea is a unique country but also an African one, meaning we have think about the issues/solutions from Eritrean as well as African perspective. Again, one can agree or disagree with his conclusions… but not with his methodology.

            Unfortunately, the threeo’s did nothing but unload their opinions on everything they were asked. I leanred nothing from those guys. Nada. Moreover, I know one of them took part of the Woyane sponsored meetings in Nairobi, Kenya. So, go figure

            Sorry for the long response.

          4. Come on Kaleab:
            Prof Mussie shied away from saying the facts as well…as he is a Pro-Eri Gov,which made him to be biased and afraid to state facts….
            The others boldly stated the problems and forwarded solutions as well.
            Now,I followed the trio’s arguments specially that of Dr Awet and he is mostly balanced.
            The Economist from London said things as they should be….
            No need to be biased and to be discriminatory…as all are Eritreans…..
            I did learn a lot from all of them–Prof Mussie included ,specially his Logic 101 and Methodology 101 style…but was short of suggesting practical solutions and how they should be handled.
            Their Tigrinya was unique though….
            The last guy stated things like in a godly way.

          5. Bingo Kaleab:
            That is why we need an Inclusive Constitution -so as to agree by consensus and by compromise and to be governed by a universal Charter.

          6. I agree with you. Dr Mussie discussed Eritrea’s weakness and strength from within, that is one of African country. What I like from his awesome analysis was, he described Eritrean case as “An African Experiment”. What the 3 experts (probably) failed to realize is, it is very easy for us to distinguish “expert” analysis of someone a hater or a supporter.

          7. Dude,your “hero”-B Adal included:
            This has NOTHING to do with democracy but with Governance 101….
            U totally missed that as the same Economist you are belittling said it eloquently, having the basic right to learn, to work and to earn a living is one of the most basic democratic/Social Justice Rights…
            That is where the core difference between the PFDJ Lovers/Apologists” and “haters” ,rather Justice Seekers differ.

          8. wedinakfa did not say B.Adal is my hero, I don’t know where you got that conclusion from.
            What he said is “I like what you said bro”. What is wrong with his statement?
            Justice, you see why we call you and your kind, haters! In any case, to borrow from your own words of earlier response to Kaleab B, I say to you Cool down Justice … Read things carefully.

          9. B Adal:
            U R the one, who is messing up labeling people as “Haters” and “Lovers”…polarizing and dividing Innocent Eritreans-the PFDJ way–Enough!
            Do NOT do that.
            We are all Justice Seekers one way or another,in our own way and do not expect all things to be done ONLY in your own way as that is totally against any common sense, not just UN-democratic. And Dictatorial.

          10. Well, although you are conveniently avoiding my question, I am going to respond to your accusation, since it is an accusation. I will address what you said to wedinakfa a little later.
            <==Justice, you said: "U R the one, who is messing up labeling people as "Haters" and "Lovers"…polarizing and dividing Innocent Eritreans-the PFDJ way–Enough! Do NOT do that."
            My response to you: Stop acting like Sentiko!
            ==> I would love to get the credit being the first to Label all enemies of Eritrea as Haters, however that deserved label was given to the haters, way before BAdal by some wise men/women.
            ==> As to haters, I am proud to Label all enemies of Eritrea as Haters, but “Lovers”, I just heard it from you, probably for the first time being used in this context. People call BAdal is paid by PFDJ agent, sympathizer, bla bla … The fact is, I have never been a PFDJ member (not for lack of desire, but for other reasons), although I am 1000% PFDJ supporter.
            ==>Now, that I have responded to your out-of-line questions, Let us go back to where we should be. Why are you avoiding to answer my question regarding your comment to wedinakfa?
            Below is a copy of what I asked you earlier, and please don’t go tangential in order to avoid the question.
            wedinakfa did not say B.Adal is my hero, I don’t know where you got that conclusion from.
            What he said is “I like what you said bro”. What is wrong with his statement?
            Justice, you see why we call you and your kind, haters! In any case, to borrow from your own words of earlier response to Kaleab B, I say to you Cool down Justice … Read things carefully.
            P.S. I repeat, PFDJ haters hate democracy more than PFDJ supporters.

          11. Cool down kaleab.
            I know none of the Guests personally but my own tewelde during our—-high School period….Enda Mission….and in DC…later.
            Read things carefully.
            Prejudice is so bad that it destroyed America…specially the victims -the poor Blacks.

        3. Lol. Squash huh? Do you even have enough people to fight anymore? why not start with the guy who is holding your people hostage first then, we will teach you how to implement a constitution and maybe your cousins don’t end up in some camp in Libya or Ethiopia. Wey squash

          1. What Ethiopians need right now is Food!!! Not Trash not fake Constitution. 48 Woyane made hungry Ethiopians died and many more are missing probably buried under piles of trash (aka food). Sentiko, I am sure you are having three McDonald’s per day … think of your people, will you?

          2. Ayte Sentiko
            Your intermittent warmongering aside, we do not aspire war as we know more than any body else the repercussions of war, we know too much how to play with fire, but we choose prudence. We have seen too many of your landsmen who void to obliterate us every now and then the latest being the war novice MLLT generals, but not many are blessed to witness the havoc. Aye do not brag about your military might because your one time creator knows the strength of your “army” more better than you could ever anticipate. Feed your hungry children first then can you brag how great you are, by the way your latest farce is a catch word, Tigray is becoming the Big Apple of Ethiopia have you asked the real Ethiopians how do they see it ? just curious. Stay tuned the 94% are coming to claim what is rightfully theirs.

          3. There is no war coming from us unless you start any drama but as for the military, look at every matrix that’s out there. The main reason for your proxy and will not set foot in badme. Don’t be stuck in 1998, we have moved on. Do the same please, for the youth.

          4. Ayte Sentiko
            We Eritreans know the value of humane being, we do not reason to squander even a single Eritrean in a war, but if we are forced to do so we know how to play with it superbly. Ayte Sentiko it is your MLLT which is scared by its own shadow nowadays and complaining constantly Eritrea supports this and that groups, recently it was a fake news about GERD. The question of Badme is settled long ago and we do not want to pay any life to get back. We now how to retake what is ours. There are no words to sufficiently describe your delusional mind set. Do you really believe the ” army ” you call which is more or less a collection of ill trained rag tag could be a match to the well disciplined Eritrean defense forces think twice. Stay tuned the real Ethiopians are coming

      2. Right brother, we do not really care about those wicked forums or hate sites, except of course the diehard MLLT core and its tail. The MLLT mouthpieces will gone any way with its owners, until then we will enjoy the scared junta followers.

        1. Lol. Wey gud…IQ, will you ever talk about the people rotten in jail, just once? Do you trust your people to handle trash btw or does Wedi Afom does that line of work as well? Being a control freak that he is.

          1. Ugumesh, to your disappoint, Eritrea does not have Trash Damps as Restaurants for people to feed. We saw yesterday what your Tigray Hospital Beds look like, and now this sad news. You should be ashamed of your ugumesh identity for eating alone and not sharing with the non ugumesh 96% Ethiopians.

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