Qatar-Gulf Crisis: Eritrea’s Position

Eritrea officially throws it weight behind the Saudi-led camp

Eritrea officially throws it weight behind the Saudi-led camp against the Qatar-Gulf Crisis
The decision that Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain have taken [against Qatar] is […] one initiative among many in the right direction that envisages full realization of regional security and stability. As such, it is not a matter that requires invitation of the Eritrean Government or solicitation of its vote. (Photo: Amb. Iqbal Jhazbhay)

Security and stability have been, and continue to remain, elusive in our region or neighborhood. The causes of the spiralling upheaval are numerous, complicated and long-standing.

Deterrence of the scourge and its perpetrators so as to guarantee sustainable security and stability is not an easy task. Indeed, it will require time and concerted efforts. The foundations of Eritrea’s foreign policy are predicated on these precepts.

The decision that Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain have taken is not confined to Qatar alone – as the potential of Qatar is very limited. It is one initiative among many in the right direction that envisages full realization of regional security and stability.

As such, it is not a matter that requires invitation of the Eritrean Government or solicitation of its vote. For the Government of Eritrea, this is a timely issue that warrants its active support. Beyond its timely relevance, the issue is of paramount importance and will require formulation and refinement of a viable road map for the period ahead.

Ministry of Information
12 June 2017

188 thoughts on “Qatar-Gulf Crisis: Eritrea’s Position

    1. Now that Eritrea has taken a position on Qatari crisis, we await for TPLF Ethiopia to do the same in the next few days (LOL). Remember, TPLF can’t think for itself.

      What will TPLFites they do… and what will their Dedebit intelligencia say. It should be fun.

      1. Brother
        TPLF has forgotten its mind if it had any in Dedebit when it marched with the help of Shabia to the Menelik Palace, thereby the famous IQ 63. Every action of the wicked junta is anchored on a policy of wait and se then take a contrary position than that of Eritrea. Poor MLLT

      2. General Tsadkan uses geometric lines to draw out TPLF strategies. I think landlocked Woyanes got an opportunity to do something amazing here. LOL

      3. The inferior Weyane only knows copying what Eritrea does. My guise is they will follow the lion of Nakfa and repeat what Eritrea does and do. This Weyane thugs are followers not leaders

      4. What does a land locked country, unfortunate enough to be led by the despicable hasad Woyanie have to do with any talk about gulf, sea, ocean etc ? This is big boys stuff. Let Ethiopia talk about rivers, hikes etc.

      5. This is the most hilarious title ” Eritrea throws its weight…”. How come a weightless entity like Eritrea throws weight? LOL. I never expected TN to be so funny.

    2. ንሓበሬታ፥ ኣብ ኢማራት ዝመደበራ ቴልቪዥን ኣል-ዓረቢያ ንመግለጺ መንግስቲ ኤርትራ ቅድሚ 15 ደቒቕ ይገብር ከም ህጹጽ-ዜና ጌራ ኣቕሪባቶ ።

      1. ንሓበሬታ፥ ስሙ ዘይገለጸ ናይ ጂቡቲ ዲፕሎማስያዊ ምንጪ ቐጠር ኣብ መንጎ ኤርትራን ጂቡቲን ዘሎ ዶባዊ መንጎኛነትኣ ክም ተቋርጽ ሓቢሩ ። ብተወሳኺ ንግስነት ሱዑዲ ዓረብ ንሃገራት ኣፍሪቃ ኣብ ‘ዚ ምስ ቐጠር ዘለዋ ፍልልይ ናታ ሸነኽ ክወስዳ ጸቕጢ ትገብረለን ኣላ ይባሃል ኣሎ ። እቲ ጸቕጢ – ሓቂ እንተ ኮይኑ – ማዕረ ናይ ሓጅ ቪዛ ምኽላእ ከም ዝበጽሕ ይዝረበሉ ኣሎ ።

    3. If it is true, Eritrea’s position should have been firmly neutral, it very regrettable to see Eritrea taking side, either side of the way. It is very ironic to see Eritrea’s position this way, Qatar have been supporting Eritrea economically as well as politically. Qatar also played very important role on the peace agreement between Eritrea and Sudan, including the construction funding of the link road between the two countries borders as incentive and as a good will. The peace agreement between Eritrea and Djibouti, let alone sending its own Qatar’s peace keeping force between two countries borders, as a peace broker, Qatar witnessed when the two countries exchanging war prisoners, and gave its words in UN security council. Qatar also have been helping financially Eritrean government for many years, while Eritrea was and still is under UNjust sanction. Sudan’s decision to be Neutral excellent one. The West and especially European union are trying to get them together, when they do make a peace with in months, I personally don’t want our government to regret it. Qatar also may feel betrayed, may probably would not forget and forgive. We have a lot loose than to gain by taking sides.

        1. Dude:
          If u think so,then :
          -Why worry too much about Eritrea’s position?
          -Why did your fake TPLF rush into making fake news to be aired thru the Al Jazeera?
          -Why do u think your perpetual baby crier Pseudo-General Tsadkan is panicking about Eritrea’s Position with the GCC and Cairo and the GCC Base in Aseb?
          -Why do u think the GCC led by Saudi Arabia,rushed into our Red Sea and cashing millions for /to the same ” Tiny and Irrelevant” Eritrea and its position?
          -If u believe that this ” TINY” Eritrea and its positions are irrelevant,why is your TPLF and its Masters in the CIA and the Mossad are worrying too much and are sleepless about the GCC Naval and Air Bases in our Red Sea?
          In fact,contrary to your illogical and irrelevant assertion,Eritrea and its role/position have become more important than any other Nation in the Red Sea based on the facts on the ground and its Strategic and Geopolitical location and significance!
          Despite few personal reservations I might have with the Shabbo/PFDJ Leadership about our internal business as a Nation,the GoE’s tactical and strategic as well as its latest Diplomatic decisions and approaches are SUPERB,considering all things;and as a matter of fact,we should have acted the way we are doing now since 1991 as there are no permanent enemies but interest!

      1. The quatari governmnet itself thinks it will go the extra mile, in mending this mishap be reversed, it sounds to me there is deep soul searching going on their side, or what ever waarrants this action of sanctioning them by all concerned.Eritreas position, GOE as ususal is one of diplomatic exellence and possibly and most probably founded on facts of the Quatar conducts or actions which may be affecting Eritrea and the region.It is not something out of character for GOE to reciprocate what they say, as it is based on deep founded reoson de etre rather than short term economic cooperations etc,,,for backing all the rest intems of good poliiking, and the statments simply asserts stability rather than favouritism which will find solution, again that is most likely to be a dialogue initiated byquatar authorities/government.

    4. TN, after listening at theTigrena version of this later… to me it sounded Eritrea’s position is rather neutral. Essentially, the later states that … the issues raised and actions taken by Saudi-UAE are legitimate and require thoughtful considerations for lasting solutions to the chronic problems of the region. Here is Eri Tv

      1. Kaleab, you are right. That’s what I exactly wrote in my comment. Everyone jumped to one or the other. If you re-read the Press Statement by MOI, it does not out right condemn Qatar. That is probably the reason I have not read any negative news from Qatar on Eritrea, … yet.

  1. Eritrea’s foreign policy is now owned by the Saudi coalition. I was hoping that old Isaias would surprise me and remain neutral, but you can’t have a UAE base in Assab and remain neutral. This is what happens when you get entangled in foreign conflicts.


      1. brother
        Let them grilled on the simmering flames let then get cooked by envious and grudge, who cares about the MLLTise with infinite alias, often pretending as a Eritrean concerned citizens.

    2. All I know is that enemies of Eritrea were hoping Eritrea to take the wrong stand and thus undermine its national interest.
      Eritrea is going to march on the path it is following as a regional player. The bottom line is Eritrea is in an upward trajectory in all aspects and will continue on same path.

          1. With USA banning the travel of US citizens to Ethiopia,and with 15 million Ethiopian are still waiting for donated “wheat,: you have the nerve to say ‘Zemenish Ethiopia”

    3. Sam

      Its more than just the military base for Eritrea, its geography(Saudi Arabia is a neighboring country/red sea power. Eritrea did the logical and neccesary decision.

      I know for a fact the people of Eritrea, Djibouti, Somaliland, Comoros and others love their Qatari brothers and sisters who have helped them in the past but like I said due to geography, diplomatic issues, military issues, economic issues some countries simply can not go against Saudi Arabia and UAE on a tricky situation like this.

      Lets hope the people of Qatar understand that this is not some “we hate Qatar movement” from these countries rather a national security issue for many countries. If Qatar and its peope don’t know that then hopefully they will know it now.

      1. Somalia has managed to remain neutral despite having more at stake. One of the biggest things PFDJ supporters tell us is that Isaias won’t sell Eritrea to the highest bidder. Well, he’s sold it to the US-Saudi coalition. It makes no sense for Eritrea to be involved in this geopolitical game, but the Assab base implicates us in everything the Saudis do.

        I fully understand the motivations, but this definitely flies in the face of everything we’ve been told about the “integrity” of the PFDJ.

        1. Why do you care about Eritrea? is it you see yourself as a regional power with leverage and are making a claim on how Eritrea runs its own business. why don´t you show some concern to your compatriots who can not get one meal a day.

    4. (courtesy of Hagerawi Dihnet – ሃገራዊ ድሕነት፡)

      “ንኤርትራ ንምንጻል ዝጸዓርናዮ ሰሪሑ ኔሩ ስካብ ኤርትራ ምስ ኤሜራት ስዑድን ግብጽን ናይ ወተሃደራዊ ምትሕግጋዝ ኣብዓሰብ ምጅማራ፡ ሕጂ ግና እቲ ምትሕግጋዝ ንናይ ኤርትራ ኢኮኖሚ ዘደልድሎ ዘሎ ይመስል፡ከምኡውን እቲ ንኤርትራ ኣጠቃሊሉ ብዙሓት ሃገራት ዝርከብኦ ኪዳን ንኢትዮጵያ ካብ ቀይሕ ባሕሪ ነጺልዋ ይርከብ እዚ ከኣ ዘይቅቡልን ዝመጽእ ኣብ ዓሰብ ኣትዮ ዘሎ ወተሃደራዊ ሓይሊ ንዝመጽእ ከስግኣና እዩ ስለዚ ዓቅሚ እንተዘይተሳኢኑ ስጉምቲ ክንወስድ ኣለና!”

      ናይ ትግራይ ጀነራል ጻድቃን ዝሓለፈ ሰሙን ተዛረቦ

        1. Tiny Tigray has 85 milion brothers and sisters which makes it harder to mess with them, sad to say but it is the fact of the day we have always joined and showed the world our unity when an outsider comes to atack us despite our internal disagreement, and the ADWA BATTLE showed the strength of Ethiopia.

          1. When did the wicked Weyane have friends. You have stabbed the very friend and mentor you had when you feel you got what you wished. Now the 85 mil. real Ethiopians are marching to uproot your cousins from 4 Kilo. is that you call ” friends” haven´t watched lately ESAT, poor MLLT

          2. ኣሌክ - Alec you · Edit

            Going to the past to soothe ur pain. LOL????????
            But reality says now.. tiny-Tigray is in deep sh*t.
            Soon u will know what I mean.????

            Rest in peace Abai-Tigray and its frogs. ????

          3. save your hoopla for IQ63’s of ur kind……tiny tigray barely has 4 million expert beggars and NO brothers&sisters coming to your rescue beyond tigray’s border; in fact quite the opposite. 85 million will coming for ur skinny ‘lil necks

          4. Iway, the hospital bill is killing us being in ICE over ten years, all before those “skinny” 85 million coming for our lil neck komal.

    5. Lately, there have been to much News on Arabs countries and Eritrea. This means Eritrea is importing arab issues at the same starting to get dependendent of the arabs. What happens in Quatar should not matter to an ordinary Eritrean. It should not be in Eritreas interest. Cooperstion should stretch far beyond than the arab world. Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Uganda, Rwanda, Zambia, Zimbabwe are are closer to Eritrea than Quatar in many aspects. The model should include the rest of africa, Europe and USA. Everbody benifits of a strong Africa. An European countrys main interest is European politics not Middle Eastern politics. It seems some Eritreans want to distance themself from Africa and become arabs even if this means importing arab wars.
      This is not the right direction, all countries in the arab league have failed in one or another way. Ties with Africa, Europe and the USA should be prioritized.

      1. “Africa ” doesn’t exist in the way that The West exists. There are black tribes but not black nations and countries. In such a context it doesn’t make sense to speak of a ” strong Africa ” .

        1. It matters in this context, Africa is left out in Eritreas roadmap. You make Africa stronger by engaging in Africa and Africans. If you do not belive in Africa then go on and move to saudi..since you belive in “strong” arab nations and arabs

  2. In politics, there are are no permanent friends or enemies but ONLY Interests!

    I applaud the government of Eritrea for taking into consideration its “long-term” interest first. Eritrea will not benefit by taking sides against the official U.S. position and the position of almost the entire GCC member states on the matter. We are hoping the Qataris to understand we put our priorities first, taking in to account our “long term” economic, security, Red Sea, and regional strategies and priorities.

    1. It is also being reported by Egyptian media that “Eritrea declined a request by Saudi Arabia and the UAE to cut diplomatic ties with Qatar, according to a statement issued by Eritrean foreign ministry.” LOL

      1. ደቂስካ ዲኻ ኔርካ ? እቲ ብዓረብ ዝወጸ ናይ ሓሶት መግለጺ ፈይክ ምዃኑ ኣይሰማዕካን ዲኻ ? ደሓር ከኣ ” ኢጂፕሽያን ሜድያ ” ዝበሃል ነገር ኣሎ ዝበለካ መን እዩ ? ንዘረኸቦ ዘቀባብል ሰብ ወይ ትካል : ሜድያ ወይ ኣባል ሜድያ እዩ ኣይበሃልን እዩ ። እዚ ህዝቢ ምስሪ ንባዕሉ ዝፈልጦን ዘላደየሉን እዩ ።

        1. Ok, I get your point. Just so you know though, Eritrea did refuse to cut ties with Qatar. Three days ago, the Eri Ambassador have met with and delivered that message to the Amir of Qatar.

          1. Merhaba
            ” Eritrea did refuse to cut ties with Qatar. Three days ago, the Eri Ambassador have met with and delivered that message to the Amir of Qatar.”
            source please

    2. እዚ መንግስቲ ኤርትራ ዘውጽኦ መግለጺ ዋላ ሓንቲ ኣበር የብሉን ። ከም ሸንኽ ምውሳድ እውን ክረአ ዘለዎ ኣይመስለንን ። ብሓጺሩ ንጸጥታዊ ስግኣታት ናይ ከባቢና ብሓባር ኰና ክንገጥሞ እዋናዊ ክም ዝኾነ እዩ ዘፍልጥ ዘሎ ። ምወላ ሽበራ ምግታእ ከኣ ናብ ሓደ ሃገር ጥራሕ ከድህብ ከም ዘይብሉ ድማ ኣስሚሩሉ ኣሎ ። ንሕና ንተበግሶ ሱዕዲያን ኢማራትን ባሕረይንን ምስርን ጌጋ እዩ (ቅኑዕ ስለ ዝኾነ ) ወይ ድማ እተን ሃገራት ካባና ፍቓድ የድልየን እዩ ክንብል ኣይንኽእልን ኢና ። እቲ ዝከኣለና ኣብ መግለጺና ኣስፊርናዮ ኣሎና ምኽንያቱ ትም ምባል ንገዛእ ርእሱ ከም ሻራ ምውሳድ ክውሰድ ስለ ዝካኣልን ናብ ዘይድሊ ቤላ-ቤለው ( ኣቐዲምና ኣብ ብዓረብ ዝተጻሕፈ ናይ ሓሶት መልእኽቲ ዝረኣናዮ ) ናብ ምምራሕ ተኽእሎ ስለ ዘለዎ ።

    3. You said yesterday ” Eritrean government official position will remain to stay NEUTRAL as all of the GCC states are great friends and allies of Eritrea since the days of the armed struggle. Backstabbing is not in our blood.”

      1. And you had been saying your sole objective was “peace”….read the communique again if you misunderstood what it is saying. There is no back stabbing here Qatardoes not live in a believe that Eritrea has got it’s back. Be genuine my friend because it’s easy to be yourself.

        1. Are you disappointed that i asked the Editor of the page? Secondly I didnot expect that Tesfanews could guess 100% what the eri-government does or doesnt but I was baffled by the extra statement ‘backstabbing’. In this kind of political decision there is no such a thing called backstabbing cause the nation interest is the one dictates matters though the decision is wise or not only time shows. Otherwise it is only Tesfanews could answer not you. And I dont see any logic in your saying.

      2. The TN Admin and most people on this site will blindly support the government even if it directly contradicts their own prior statements. That’s just the sort of site this is, but as individuals we should definitely question this.

        1. Why don’t you go to hell – idiot! If you don’t like this ERITREAN site, don’t visit it and make a fool of yourself. Ignorante!

      3. Ayte ” Mitiku ” the fake peace ambassador where have you been lately? have you been in Dedebit maybe. Try some more sophisticated tricks your way of interfering in Eritrean Affairs maters nothing, cannot even seduce the unsuspecting citizens let alone those informed ones.

        1. Hi Alem,I thought I made my point to all of this site followers and guests that this site together with its sisterly site aka tigrai online are driven by hate. The supporters of both tplf and eplf are panicking and attack every one as a wounded dog. A good example is you from tplf blinded supporter and Balance from tplf.

          Peace is dangerous for tplf and eplf because there are many things to be exposed in the name of Ethiopia and Eritrea. The NWNP is the way to survive with all sin made against the civiliance since 1991. Peace is dangerous for better solution in ethiopia and Eritrea because thanks to the blind supporters any opposition in Eritrea can be leveled WOYANE and any opposition can be leveled SHABIA. And this has worked for the two dictators to rule both countries for 26 years so why you bother changing it while poverty havoc both lands while you and your closet family can live by praying to the new god NWNP. But the fact on the ground is that little Eritrea is number one in the world by producing refugees in fact it depends on mass exodus away from Eritrea. And the poverty in Ethiopia is next to Afghanistan and Somalia which are under civil war. Ethiopia can not survive on its remittance like Eritrea because the population in Ethiopia is 25 times greater than Eritrea.

          So Alem, only on this site my name is WOYANe and on tigraionline SHABIA. and both blind supporters know exactly that is not true but that is how it works to demonize new ideas and to get an excuse for attacking any peace meaning any change. Think of an eritran just start to preach peace the way i do in Asmara in person. What could have been to him? Eplf just puts him in jail from spreading ‘Nonsense’. But a blinded eplf supporter prisoner guard would torture him til he could find the tplf out of him.

          By the way Tesfa’s prediction Eritrea takes Neutral was a peaceful solution like Tplf has done meaning the tplf government in Ethiopia did not want to choose side for the gulf problem while eplf chose the saudi group which is not a peaceful solution. Jut think of for a second the civilians by this horrible decisions against their country. So though i know why you terrify of peace any where i am persistent on my principle.

          Peace between tplf and eplf is peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea since these two parties have been leading the two sisterly countries. Have a nice day.

          1. Mitiku, I have told many times, Peace comes only when Ugumesh accepts (not just in “principle”) the Final & Binding EEBC verdict. Stop your none-sense for now, come back to remind us of peace once woyane accept the EEBC ruling. Hope it is simple enough for you to get it.

          2. Adaley
            This crap is finally exposed a MLLTie bereft with good sense but endowed with the typical MLLT asset lie lie and lie. We can not expect much from zombies with IQ 63.

          3. Ayte “Mitiku” the good ambassador:
            Try your two cents ” comments ” Analysis ” on your own domain among the notorious ones: TOL, Walta, Awramba and other craps. Not interested in your empty blah blah. PERIOD
            You try your level best to have a space to “discuss peace” in Eritrean site. Did you not get it yet that you can not represent the Eritrean side in your ” peace mission”. Eritrea can only represent by its own sons and daughters.
            Ayte fake peace ambassador where were you last week when you ex war lord Ayte Tsadkan was gloating to make regime change by force. As a self appointed ” peace ambassador” you could at least pretend that you are against it. You know Ayte midget you and your cousins have The Wish to uproot every thing Eritrean including its government except you badly lack the means to materialize the long awaited nasty wish you had entertained long ago.

  3. Well well. No surprise here. I have been sensing the deteriorating relation between Eritrea and Qatar some seven years back when Qatar pressed Eritrea to support its war mission in Syria. Eritrea’s response was clear NO. Since then, we Qatar start playing politics against Eritrea with Al-Jazeera taking center stage an anti-Eritrea media campaign since. The Dahlak resort frozen since then along with a series of planned Qatari investment.

    Qatar also took hostage the Eritrea Djibouti border problem hostage for seven years now and used it as leverage over Eritrea. Qatar never defended Eritrea through the Security Council in regards to Djibouti’s unfounded accusation regarding the prisoners of war, while it was expected of Qatar to step in and put the issue of POWs to an end as it is Qatar who witnessed the transfer. It has never done that because saying so may bring the issue and possibly the sanction on Eritrea to its end as the other Al-shabab mystery has been resolved three years ago.

    As if that was not enough, Qatar suspended its flight to Asmara last year with out any qualifications. There are so many small and complicated issues Qatar might have caused against Eritrea that we don’t fully aware of as an ordinary citizens of Eritrea. There must be very ample reasons beyond these that compel our gov’t to risk its ailing Qatar relation than the flourishing UAE-Saudi-Egypt (et al) relation. No thanks. Relations are, after all, maintainable anyway.

    Now one question that need to answer is the issue of the few hundred Qatari peacekeeping force that stationed along the Eritrea Djibouti border. What is their fate? Are they going to be replaced with an Egyptian – UAE combined force? There must be a lot of surprises that are in store for the TPLF regime in Ethiopia. Stay tuned.

      1. Yes indeed I have always enjoyed Meaza´s analyses we are blessed to have you sis here in this genuine Eritrean forum.

      2. Guys we as Eritrean we should know better in our country political affair, especial we Eritrean been abuse by world power to frame us with any thing they got to demolish Eritrean sprite, which they never saw it coming in any other country in the world, especially in Africa. Qatar never done any thing for Eritrea, Qatar was another soldier, just like Ethiopia (under wayane party) send to plot Eritrea. Qatar was coming as a good guy on the block but the truth is they did some small investment to buy Eritrean government trust and loyalty. Especially on a time when Eritrean was isolated so badly by media and so on. Then open the door to get in internal affair, for e.g. They start to meditate eritrea and dijbouti issue, now they have a power house to ask u any thing. They want Eritrean on helping support war in Syrian, we not even related to that conflict but they ask that because they know eritrea position won’t bring any help to Syria but it would provoke Eritrean to associate to bad organization. U know what I mean.

        Eritrean government say NO, Eritreans know better. but countries like Arab spring Egypt, libiya Syria Yemen etc get played by the Qatari plot. Concerning to Eritrea their plot didn’t get a chance. Because Eritrea people has been fighting this plot left and right for long so they know better. So qatari have to leave the country because they didn’t have any thing to do, They fail their mission on Eritrean to get a plot and leak the evidence to the big power, so that can have an evidence for regim change or more sanction to Demolition Eritrea people for self reliance ideology. As a result they didn’t report the Eritrean and Djibouti issue with full scale but it won’t affect us, still that was the only play card for them. And Eritrean government made the best dicision in long time, this thing about the Red Sea power house won’t stop now it just begun . For Eritrea to Allie with Saudi and UAE and Egypt the best move to make , we will have more power to play with from now on.

    1. Excellent recap. Frankly, I found this statement of MoF to be neither clear nor intuitive. Nonetheless, your recap was very helpful in putting this statement of positon into perspective.

        1. Sam, We’re you able to understand more now than your first comment? The best thing in politics is to politik based on your advantage (interest). Young or old should know about. In other words, emotions will get us nowhere, we have to be pragmatic.

        2. is that leonard vincent france fake news
          que ce que tu vas raconter de nouvaux aujourdhuit
          tes ojectives est de tarnir l image de mon pay ,apres tout tu es un ethiopien stooge
          oh vous avez un nouvaux laquee president,

          1. He couldn’t read and understand English although he just finished his high school education in English. And now you’re writing him in French? LOL!!!

          2. He ( the fake journalist) is a sold soul who is bereft in expressing himself making himself understood, above all he is busy spinning every evil and fake news on Eritrea. He is a looser .

        3. Sam, LOL I like seeing signs of you hyperventilating. You and your Vincent got no credibility to weigh in on anything Eritrea.

    2. Plus, the visionary leader of the Emirates, the late Shaiek Zaied, was a good friend of the Eritrean Armed Struggle.The good relations continues today with his son at the helm. After the death of the Shaiek, PIA made a special trip to the Emirates to extend our condolences to the Royal Family.

    3. — Look, it is very hard to believe that Qatar “pressed Eritrea to support its war mission in Syria”. Why would Qatar do that? What for? What exactly could Eritrea provide so far away from Syria?
      — Besides, are you sure the action of Qatar Airways was not a business decision? Again, I find it hard to believe that it is not.
      — On the Djibouti border issue, my understanding was and remains that Qatar took a profoundly brotherly approach to save Eritrea from an ugly situation where it was cornered and surrounded by enemies.
      — And, by the way, in the many trips that Isayas took to Qatar do you think he was coming back EMPTY HANDED? I don’t think so.
      — Although I don’t know all the details obviously, my observation and judgement is that Qatar was the life savior of Eritrea in the last 18 years, along with the late Gaddaffi of Libya. The streets of Eritrea became dark after Gaddafi died.

      It is my opinion that the position that Eritrea is now taking has NOTHING to do with what Qatar did or didn’t do. Simply put, Eritrea is being forced to take this position because powerful neighbors like Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the USA (through its base in Djibouti) are giving it NO OTHER CHOICE AT ALL. It is the same “You are with us or against us” dirty game of before. I am sure the leaders of the State of Qatar understand that Eritrea is too small and too desperately poor to take a stand. IT IS VERY SAD.

      1. Hmmm……..You seem to be an ‘expert’ in morality. Help me out here, please, I’m in this dilemma.
        A friend of mine has been unemployed for quite some time. Fortunately, he has a job interview tomorrow and just called me to let me know that I would be one of his references. Here is the problem. I know my friend, like I know myself. ‘Fireball’ isn’t the word that describes him when it comes to work. The Bible and my parents taught me that I’ve to be honest no matter what the consequences of my action are, and apprarently expect me to tell my friend’s potential employer the truth about my friend’s lack of enthusiasm when it comes to work, but the Bible and my parents taught me as well to be loyal to my friend. So which one should I choose……..Honesty or Loyalty?

        Chill down and take a cool-aid, you’re hyperventilating, my friend.


      2. Zkeberka Dahando? I normally do not like engaging in tit-for-tat but since you sound like an honest ignorant or ill informed, I will take the liberty to educate you a few of the points I mentioned in my previous comment.

        — Yes Qatar pressed Eritrea to support UN Security Council resolution against Syria. This was what our Government at that time said:

        “Even though these are the facts regarding the historical background regarding bilateral relations or developments in Syria, the Eritrean government’s stance is not subject to sale; nor is it open for barter. By the same token, it is not designed to please or retaliate against this or that party. Likewise, the party seeking to know the Eritrean government’s stance as regards current developments in Syria should bear in mind that Government of Eritrean is not after temporary strategic advantage.” (source –

        — Again the action of Qatar Airways can not be a business decision as it was one of the preferred airways to and from Asmara in comparison to FlyDubai, Turkish Airlines, Egypyt Airlines, and Eritrean Airlines. Its to and from flights were always full. If you have no clue on this, ask those who frequent to Asmara via Doha. Still, the decision to cut Asmara flight is more political than technical or business. Why? Because the other airlines are still operating and made decent profits? Ask yourself why Qatar not cut its flight to Djibouti that were started almost same time with Eritrea. Please stop arguing on this. I am damn sure on this.

        — Qatar was indeed helped by offering the much needed help in mediating the border problem between Eritrea and Djibouti, but that help doesn’t save Eritrea from getting the second sanction anyway. Why? Again, does it have to take 7 years (and still counting) to end the border problem? If it was taken to arbitration, it may have got a final settllement by now. (May be not) But I have the feeling that Qatar is using its mediation role to exert influence both on Eritrea and Djibouti. When are we going to say enough, we can not wait thus far? When we click 10, 15… years? No. If Qatar can not solve it, let it pass the role to international arbitration with out wasting another 7 years.

        If you think Qatar haven’t held the Eri-Djibouti issue hostage, wait until you hear it from the hores’ mouth. Let’s leave this here for now.

        — As to Qatar helping Eritrea financially, of course it does but it was for a limited time only. When was Eritrea – qatar relation at its peak? During the weyane invasion of Somalia time (2006-2009?) Ok, but how many Qatari project do you know in Eritrea through out those five years? I for one know the $40 million resort project on Dahlak Island, that was left frozen since 2012 anyway. Qatar also funded the 24km Kassala – Tesseney highway ($20-25 million?). Thank you very much and that is what we all know so far. Do you know how much Qatar invested in Ethiopia since they nrmalize their relation?
        Its in billions. So if you think Qatar helped Eritrea financially or economically, it was only a fraction of what it invested in Sudan or Ethiopia. Do I have to compare it with the UAE’s single investment at Assab? That one is fetching a cool half billion a year with out any ifs and buts. So I don’t see any significant economic benefit of Qatar on Eritrea in the past decade. If you have anything different, please bring it down otherwise, stop laboring yourself to make an empty argument.

        — The rest of your ajewjew doesn’t need any consideration. But one thing you should never miss out is that, Eritrea is benefiting and will benefit greately from the current political, diplomatic and economic arrangement of the UAE – Saudi – Egypt (et al) alliance. If your argument is to see Eritrea throw all that through the window to save its cold relation with Qatar, you must be either stupid, ignorant or uninfomerd.

        Ezi wedehanka

        1. I have nothing to add on your otherwise brilliant argument and analysis. Except that Eritrea still valued its relation with Qatar (in relative terms) and it dosen’t severed its relation yet.

        2. Meaza:
          Well, you arrogantly started by saying that you would “educate” me but you failed miserably.
          (1) Your statement and the link that you provided to prove that “Qatar pressed Eritrea to support its war mission in Syria” didn’t do the job. In fact, there couldn’t be any rationale in your claim because there are many players in the Syrian conflict and Qatar doesn’t have a singular “war mission” in Syria. Therefore, your claim is intrinsically FALSE.
          (2) You obviously failed to convince me that Qatar Airways’ decision to stop serving Eritrea was not a business one. In fact, your attempt is audacious in itself. Your assumption should have been abandoned in your rebuttal. You made a fool of yourself. You couldn’t and didn’t have the facts.
          (3) Now, what the hell does it matter what Qatar invested in Ethiopia or Sudan with the case at hand? The issue is did Qatar provide financial assistance to Eritrea or not. You agreed that it did. That is all that matters.

          Let me repeat my observation again: The political stand that Eritrea took in the current Qatar crisis is not based on what the great and brotherly State of Qatar did or did not do in the past or near past. Rather, It is based on the objective conditions (realities) on the ground, (like having heavy weight neighbors), that demanded that Eritrea took that particular stand. In other words, Eritrea had no other choice. Now, is this “Ajew-jew”?. Of course, it is not. To the contrary, I call it refined assessment of the objective geopolitical realities of the region at this time — totally different from giving uncorroborated assertions in order to justify Eritrea’s following of the Saudi line.

          1. When you talk to supporters of Trump and the lifetime president, it’s important to really accept them as they come. Some would make anyone wonder how much crazy stuff they are smoking and some you just can’t help but to feel sorry for. Take Qatar airways, they have been expanding left and right in recent years but their numbers indicate nothing but lose for those flights to Asmera. To even back it up with additional numbers, Ethiopian Air from Addis were picking up ten people during those days when people were allowed to leave freely(92-97) sometimes the pilots complained why land 767 in Asmera instead of the smaller jets. Truth, the leader of Asmera knows Bibi sent him a nice looking gift should containment doesn’t work in the near future.

        3. Don’t engage that guy he’s always using “straw man arguments” and always plays devils advocate and provocateur.

          1. Wow, You must love my writings — as few as they are!
            You must have consulted an expert to arrive at so many SUPERLATIVES!
            Thank you! I am sure Meaza will take a second look after your recommendations.

            I won’t disappoint. I shall keep coming back to TesfaN more often!

    4. Although i agree with this move by the GOE. I can say i was a little perplexed and all the issues that you’ve pointed out i was aware of. But the chronological order and explanation is just brilliant thx sis.

    1. alas this is naf for me, as I am clueless into what is happening! perhaps time to visit Attorney and Counselor Isaias Afewerki!!! so many comments on intangible issues, baffling!!!

    1. Qatar Airways Boss Bashes Trump for Backing Blockade

      The chief executive of Qatar’s national airline struck a strident tone in the face of an air blockade imposed by its Arab neighbors, expressing dismay that U.S. President Donald Trump backed the action while talking up the carrier’s growth prospects.

      A group of Middle East countries led by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt last week cut diplomatic and transport links to Qatar, accusing it of supporting Islamist groups and extremists in the region. Doha denies that it supports extremists.

      U.S. President Donald Trump has signaled he backed the move by Qatar’s neighbors.

      “I’m extremely disappointed in President Trump, I thought he was more shrewd,” Akbar Al Baker, CEO of state-owned Qatar Airways, said in an interview. “I was expecting that the U.S. will lead the challenge to this blockade,” he said.

      Read :

  4. Thanks Eritrea for taking the right and wise stand on the crisis.
    This way Eritrea reaffirmes it long standing position against extremism and also maintain the vital and multifaceted relation with the close neighbors with significant influence in the region.
    Thanks GOE.

  5. TERRIBLE. Very sad news. Qatar was the lone friend that stood tall with Eritrea through thick
    and thin. Now Eritrea abandoned it when it is cornered.

    At the same time, I hope the Qatar leadership will understand that Eritrea is too poor, too small
    and too politically and economically isolated to have an independent political line. The last time
    that the Eritrean leadership followed a just and independent line by standing tall next to isolated
    and sanctioned Libya’s Gaddafi, the people of Eritrea ended up paying heavily for it. Many say that
    the sanctions on Eritrea were applied on Eritrea as a punishment for that independent spirit.

    Staying neutral was the correct position to take but it wasn’t obviously possible. Simply put, a beggar
    can’t be a chooser. I sincerely hope the good and gracious Emir of Qatar understands Eritrea’s
    beggarly misery. SIMPLY DISGUSTING!

    Personally, I simply pray that the State of Qatar will come out of this crisis victorious. Long Live the State of
    Qatar! Down with the backward and reactionary kingdom of Saudi Arabia!

    1. “Independent” stance cost us limbs and legs. What do we get in return for our ‘independent and just’ political stance over the Somalia situation following Qatar courtship?

    2. I see a few flaws in your analysis. Very emotional. Emotions, don’t go hand in hand with politics. Unfortunately, I must add. Now, what I consider your flaws:

      1. I suppose the ‘standing tall’ part, must be the roll Qatar played in the Eritrea- Djibouti issue. Very admirable indeed, but why is it stuck today? Sister Meaza, mentionedthat fact precisely.

      2. Then she reminded us, on the Syria issue, which I believe Eritrea’s- no to Qatar’s solicitations- more than justified.

      3. Remeber Qatar was one of those in the frontline, bombing Libya. I personally, didn’t like that.

      4. Surely Saudi Arabia must be playing a double- game, accusing Qatar, of crimes Saudi itself is often accused of: aiding terrorists. Having said that, that doesn’t make Qatar, innocent either.

      But Eritrea being poor and being in so a volatile part of the world, it must play its cards carefully. I don’t see this decision, though, as some kind of betrayal.

      1. Intelligent people expressed their opinion with out completely taken by emotions. This Dehando? crap celarly is taken by surprise and probably in a state of mental breakdown. He will be back when he gets everything in perspective.

    3. You “hope Qatar understands Eritrea’s “beggarly” misery?? It’s not hard to understand no matter what the Eritrean government does, you would oppose it. The world revolves around national interest. It is currently in the people and government of Eritrea national interest to back the Gulf nations initiatives because there is a heavier backlash (isolation,sanctions, etc…) if we backed Qatar. Currently we are supporting the GCC’s adventure in Yemen and the UAE naval forces are based in Assab. It would not be smart to cause a rift with the people who you are “currently” heavily invested in Eritrea.

    4. I don’t understand why TN tolerates you. Go to they will agree with your assessment., why post here man. Your boring.. stop spamming the comment section with the same damn thing worded differently. Btw there is only one beggar in the region who is currently begging as it is in his nature and that is the minority Ethiopian woyane goverment.

  6. The statement implies, at the same time, that there’re bigger fish than Qatar, this initiative must pursue in the future?

    “The decision that Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain have taken is not confined to Qatar alone – as the potential of Qatar is very limited.”

    Who’re this other forces, with greater power than Qatar? Hmmmm

    1. It is not about bigger or smaller fish rather about a problem which goes beyond our region. in fact, it is of international nature.

    2. You just reminded me of Egypt.

      As a Red Sea state Eritrea can not take a position that make it an enemy of the two main Red Sea states(Egypt and Saudi Arabia). Geography and real politik determined the outcome.

    1. I think your exact words were, “backstabbing is not our culture”. This is why we say, we know you better than you know yourself. Not only you took side aginst the people who stood by you but you are trying to spin this in such a way that should make any logical person cringe. Even Moroco was neutral as well as Ethiopia as you can clearly see. Meles kicked them out in 2008, your leader rushed to get hand outs from Qatar, how did that work out for you? I just can’t believe the ge’ez people allowed this crazy to turn them into slaves. Shameful to the least.

      1. I have full confidence over Sah’Ebia leadership and respect whatever decision or side it takes because it has always Eritrea’s best interest in it. If that makes uncomfortable, I care less.

        1. ” ንዘወደቐ ብዕራይ ካራሩ ይበዝሖ ከም ዝበሃል ንስኹም ብዙሕን ውሑድን ትዛረቡ ኣለኹም ኣነ ድማ ጽቡቕ ጌረ የስትብህለልኩም ኣለኹ ። መደምደምታይ ፥ ንስኻትኩም ክንዲ ፕረዚደንት ኢሳያስ ኣፈወርቂ ኣይትኾኑን ኢኹም ። ካልእ እኳ ይትረፍ ንሱ ተዓጻጻፍነትን ናይ መናወራ ( ማኑቭሪንግ ) ክእለትን ኣለዎ ። ” — ሓደ ትግረ ዝመቦቆሎም ኣቦና ኤርትራዊ ኣብ ሓደ ብበዓል ሸርኢ-መርኢ ኣብ ካርቱም ዝተጽውዐ ኣኼባ ( ኤርትራ ኻላስ ብኩሉ ተኻቢባ እያ ኣብ ዝበሃለሉ ዝነበረ ኩነታት ) ዝበልዎ ለባምን በሊሕን ትዕዝብቲ ። ሓቂ ብሓቂ መራሕትና ኣብ ዝተፈላለየ መድረኻት ንዝተፈላለየ ብድሆታት ብምግጣም ብቕዓቶም ኣመስኪሮም እዮም ።

        2. Don’t you have a mind of your own? You initially supported a neutral position and now you are strongly supporting Eritrea taking sides. To me it is simply shortsighted and wrong decision. Eritrea admits that it is not asked by Saudi, so why labour to take such a step? It is a historic mistake that could cost us in a the long run.

      2. ኣሌክ - Alec you · Edit

        Hahaha.. keep telling yourself that. This is politics after all — no permanent friends/enemies, only permanent interests — and Eritrea stance is its interest. Choke on that Sentiko. ????

        1. Let me use your quote, he who feeds you controls you”. The GCC has more $$$$ in Ethiopiathan you but never take sides as we are enjoying religion fantastics fight it out. Here you are bending over once again for the Arabs, who controls who? You know the answer deep down.

          1. Too bad for you TPLF does not control Eritrea. Just admit it. You and your Ethiopian TPLF is evil and does not want anything positive in Eritrea. How sad you live in state of evilness and hate. Wicked!!!

          2. “…You and your Ethiopian TPLF is evil and does not want anything positive in Eritrea. How sad you live in state of evilness and hate. Wicked!!!” Very wicked indeed!

          3. For all I know, the Dedebit is bending over all the time for ‘rifraf Sinday’ after all your Dedebit is at the battom of the strata when it comes to regional politics. To be considered your Chigaram Weyane should focus on its own problem than being AfeKelate

        2. Brother
          Don´t waste your time to this Weyane zombie he lucks the basics to comprehend such a refined political game. His prism is based on binary o and 1 world view. As an agent of the antiquated junta he tries his level best to dilute a sober discourse among us. Please ignore him he will dry like a flower with out sunlight and oxygen.

          1. ኣሌክ - Alec you · Edit

            Well bro, sometimes it’s necessary to slap this retarded Ugumeshss with ma lil friends fact & logic.????
            But, I get what u mean.????????

      3. any one who claim to know others more than they know themselves is delusional or inane. How is the begging going? being slave to handouts is worst than – taking side in a political game, don’t you think? Qatar and GCC issue will be resolved amicably as the interest of the regional players is intertwined. As for the above Ethiopia’s statement it is clear that – Ethiopia has no say in RED SEA but will not upset Qatar either for Economic reason. Adgi.

      4. I don’t understand some people. The last 15 years also people were crying about how rigid is shabia’s forign policy by standing for the truth. They were crying day in and out about Eritrea’s policy should have been with side of US. Now Eritrea is in no position to stand on side line and watch how things will be played right at her door front, the same people crying fool. It is a simple logic if things is going to be played at the red sea, then Eritrea can not affored to be on the side line.

  7. I think eritrea should’ve defended Qatar. Picture eritrea receive massive investments and reduced rate loans from Qatar. Yes I understand that this is a daring move especially since Qatar may as well choose to give two Shits about eritrea but still.. A country such as Qatar will always come out on top, no matter what.

    With that being said I realize that the obviously safest move is to align yourself with Saudi.

      1. Exactly, majority of people who are saying Eritrea should have supported Qatar are people who are anti anything the Eritrean government does.

  8. ቀይሕ ባሕሪ ኪዳን · Edit

    General Cry Baby says, “ንኤርትራ ንምንጻል ዝጸዓርናዮ ሰሪሑ ኔሩ ስካብ ኤርትራ ምስ ኤሜራት ስዑድን ግብጽን ናይ ወተሃደራዊ ምትሕግጋዝ ኣብዓሰብ ምጅማራ፡ ሕጂ ግና እቲ ምትሕግጋዝ ንናይ ኤርትራ ኢኮኖሚ ዘደልድሎ ዘሎ ይመስል፡ከምኡውን እቲ ንኤርትራ ኣጠቃሊሉ ብዙሓት ሃገራት ዝርከብኦ ኪዳን ንኢትዮጵያ ካብ ቀይሕ ባሕሪ ነጺልዋ ይርከብ እዚ ከኣ ዘይቅቡልን ዝመጽእ ኣብ ዓሰብ ኣትዮ ዘሎ ወተሃደራዊ ሓይሊ ንዝመጽእ ከስግኣና እዩ ስለዚ ዓቅሚ እንተዘይተሳኢኑ ስጉምቲ ክንወስድ ኣለና፡ ”
    ናይ ትግራይ ጀነራል ጻድቃን ዝሓለፈ ሰሙን ተዛረቦ

  9. WHY??
    How hard is it to just give a generic statement of “we will help you resolve the freaking problem but wont take any sides among these two brotherly jackals!!!!” What happened to our political neutrality?

    1. We’re at the Red Sea and its peacefull existance is vital for us. We work with Red Sea states first. Our objective in Yemen, is just that. If possible, to stabilize it before it gets taken over by jihadi warriors. Like Libya. Qatar bombed Libya but did it help in stabilizing it? NO. Qatar is not a Red Sea state. So in this case, it takes a back seat as far as we’re concerned.

    2. What neutrality? Wedi Afom has one clear intent over this tiny country, stay in power by using anything he can find. If it’s not the boarder issue, it’s Djibouti or Somalia. What even surprised me, Moroco, an Arab want to be nation took its stand to be neutral. How in the hell, Eritrea without even being asked takes side? For what? Somalia learned this big lesson long time ago, GCC never took their cause anywhere. Shame

      1. What is in it, as an Ethiopian, that made you so mad if Eritrea chose to stay with the Egypt-Saudi-UAE alliance? Based on you frantic reaction, today’s decision must be one of a kind that will guarantee Eritrea’s diplomatic, economic and military benefits further. Did you see why I already started to like it?

        1. The GEO decision is nothing new. It is as the strategic as the position it took to join the ‘coalition of willing’ countries to be on the side of the US during 2003 Iraqi war. Eritrea couldn’t afford to go against its own interest then and the same goes now.

      2. Why are you so concerned about Eritrea? You are not Eritrean. You are TPLF Tigray Ethiopian who is hell-bent on destroying Eritrea. Sorry, you are not happy for Eritrea because Eritrea made the right decision. Is it irking you that Eritrea and the good old US of A are on the same side? Too bad. Don’t Geez me anymore, we are not fools. We could play the game as well. You should know better.

      3. Eat your twisted heart out!your X general recent statement about the red sea comes to mind. Hirrir dea bela ata Adgi.

  10. Very sad decision! The brothers ( Arab) disagreement will be resolved very soon or later. Shame shame our to government.although Qatar took advantage on Eritrea and Djibouti, Our government should see for long term.

      1. Besides, Qatar ain’t going anywhere anyway. We will always have some kind of relationship with them. It was a mistake for them to stop Qatar Air flights from Doha to Asmara. I don’t know if they were trying to pressure Eritrea or not. I don’t know what went down on that one.

      2. Lol. The blind leading the blind. Please go and inform yourself what UAE got the port of Berbera for? Better yet, your leader can’t even say out loud if it’s even leased. I wouldn’t even be surprised if they are using it for free in exchange for joining the Arab league. Wey gud. Forget all of it, just show us a year budget

        1. You are so concerned about Eritrea. Do you want Eritrean citizenship? Why do you care about Assab port? It is Eritrean port; get that through your thick head. Take care of your Ethiopia that is on a verge of ethnic violence. You should more concerned about Oromo and Amhara coming to get your head.

          1. Tegaru should also worry about the construction of Woldeya-Humera, and then to port Sudan, railway. Because that will be Tigrai’s outlet to the world for a long time to come!!

            Now, Eritrea should request the Qatary forces to leave the Eritrea-Djibouti boarder. It should either be replaced by forces form third neutral country or Eritrea should take care of the border, ala the Eri-Ethio boarder. I’m always tempted to calculate how much money Eritrea has saved the UN by kicking out UNMEE! For sure in 100s of millions if not in billions dollars!

        2. The matter of the fact is we are keeping you under the state of emergency for long time now but we never said it out loud; And if you want to know about yearly budget ask your unfitted general tsadkan he will tell how big the gulp is. How is your starved kilil tigray is doing this summer?

  11. ኣሌክ - Alec you · Edit

    Well done Eritrea????????????????, enough is enough.. we’re not going to take a punch for friendship sake.. It’s politics after all — no permanent friends/enemies, only permanent interests — and Eritrea stance is its interest… and now Eritrea just make its enemies toothless in this matter. Cuz in the past we bypass our interest to help a friend, it turned out the friend is not a friend after all. This time we learn from our mistakes and that is why we have UAE in our soil. And soon replacing the Qatari peacekeeping force that stationed along Eritrea and Djibouti border, by Egyptian or UAE peacekeeping force. ???? Somebody is sh*ting blood???????????????? especially the Ugumeshss that are crying and repeating the word ‘backstabbing’ in this site.????????????????????

    Well done PFDJ✊????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  12. I am not surprised by this move because as I said yesterday Eritrea will face immense pressure to cut ties. Nations sometimes take tough decisions depending on their national interest. To me Eritrea tried to be neutral but due to the nature of the current conflict it could not have stayed neutral. If neutrality causes you damage then you change cause. I am sure Eritrea’s leadership has taken best decision for its people.

    Somalia too is facing immerse pressure because all flights of Qatar to Africa has been diverted through Somalia airspace. Saudis and Emirates will love to ground Qatari flights as they can only pass through Oman and Somalia. All ready Somalia is facing the first damage when yesterday UAE expelled a Somali contestant of a Quran recitation competition. Before that they did expelled the Qatari contestant. Yesterday Qatari state minister of foreign affairs was in Mogadishu. Today, a Saudi minister is expected to arrive to exert more pressure. Somali government is being pressured even from internal forces like business communities and politicians to protect our national interest and cut ties with Qatar. This is understandable because the biggest commercial link with the Gulf for Somalia is Saudia and UAE. If these two countries embargo our products and expel Somali people in their country then Somalia cannot handle it. So I will not be surprised if Somalia changes position in the next few days for Somalia is not able to bleed for Qatar. This does not mean it agrees with Saudi position.

    Emotions aside this is real politics guys.

    1. Very well said and I can’t agree more.

      “Somalia (Eritrea) is not able to bleed for Qatar. This does not mean it agrees with Saudi position.”

      Bless your heart.

    2. Somalia will not sell out Qatar and Turkey to Saudia warmongering idiot leadership and most importantly the stinking Saudis can not buy or threaten Somalia.

      The people of Somalia and the diaspora support president Farmaajo on this issue 100%. This was best move.

      1. Qatar and Saudi are both terrorists so do not make Qatar the innocent one. Somalia should stick with its national interest wherever that maybe. Looking at the effects of staying neutral I think we shall break our neutrality as it will cost us dearly. Have you calculated the commercial interests, Somali workers in those countries, projects these countries do in Somalia for example troop training and budget support compared to the Qatar? What is Qatar doing in Somalia In the past for 4 years Qatar have not even appoint an ambassador let alone doing projects. There is only a charge de affairs in their embassy in Mogadishu. Real politics is not about empty bravado but taking tough decision based on national interest.

  13. This GCC action on Qatar is not the main game by itself. It is a preparation for what is to come in the region. Qatar is being requested or pressured to take corrective action. Once that is done there will be more to come. Hold on to your hats…There is a major power restructuring going around the region.

  14. After reading the comments all the way down I haven’t found anybody raising the issue of our citizens living on those countries.I believe the number is by far greater in Saudi Arabia and this is one aspect to look.

  15. Some of you supporters were praising the regime for staying neutral. Now, you are praising it for taking side. You really are pissing me off.

    1. What you don’t get is the situation has changed. At the beginning Somalia and Eritrea choose neutrality but the Saudi coalition put a choose of us or Qatar before these two countries. So yesterday’s decision was correct and today’s decision which came upon weighting the new situation of economic threat is also correct. Politics especially geopolitical games are always on grey shades so cool down.

      1. Why do you keep bringing Somalia to your side? We are not with Eritrea on this issue.

        Somalia took a position as neutral country.and we will.stick to.that position. No amounts of saudi money.and threats can.make us change our position. We piss on the saudi riyal. We stand with our Turkey Qatar brothers if we are forced to choose but for now we are neutral.

        1. Upsetting Turkey by giving in to Saudi-led pressure would be like a suicide to the Farmajo government in Somalia. So the question is not about supporting Qatar but lining up behind Turkey’s position. I respect that and there is nothing wrong in that as every country is looking after its national interest. Somalia’s national interest currently relies heavily on Turkey.


        2. Reread my comment, Eritrea took same position as Somalia at the beginning. But reality made Eritrea change its position as it plays real politic. Man its not only riyal but the commercial and workers from Somalia in the Gulf need to be considered and also Saudi/UAE interference in our politics and projects they are doing in Somalia. Tell me one project Qatar is doing in Somalia? Why shall we bleed for Qatar? If Farmajo sticks with this position I tell you he will go very soon, parliament impeachment.

          Empty bravado will not save your ass when push comes to the shove. I think we shall reassess the situation and follow Somali national interest as we are very fragile. By the way, I am not Eritrean but Somali.

    2. As Mahamed said, I think it was because the Saudis have put alot more pressure on Eritrea to actually choose a side. During these moments you can’t just ignore it, but through which nation you’ll gain the most out of.

  16. What did the Press Statement of Eritrean MOI said and what can we conclude from it’s statement?
    Here is the main part of the statement …
    “The decision that Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain have taken is not confined to Qatar alone – as the potential of Qatar is very limited.

    It is one initiative among many in the right direction that envisages full realization of regional security and stability. As such, it is not a matter that requires invitation of the Eritrean Government or solicitation of its vote. For the GOE, this is a timely issue that warrants its active support. Beyond its timely relevance, the issue is of paramount importance and will require formulation and refinement of a viable road map for the period ahead.

    Below is my (2c) take based on what the Press Statement from Eritrea’s MOI.

    1. Yes Qatar supports, however, there are other terrorist with higher potentials, like USA, Israel, Iran, & (Saudi Arabia, Egypt, USA, Sudan … wink wink),
    2. Dah!! Who would not support the stopping of Terrorist? We just don’t need an invitation from those who are the main source of the problem.
    3. We will actively support against terrorism, however, it requires a clear road map.

    What I would like to know is, did the Press Statement came as a result of the Fake News regarding Eritrea taking the side of ESU (Egypt, Saudi Arabia and UAE) or was Eritrea officially asked by ESU to take a decision of ESU versus Qatar? In either case, Eritrea’s statement does not clearly (“It is one initiative among many in the right direction …”) state they are taking sides, except acknowledging that Qatar is not the only bad actor in the neighborhood.

    Summary: Eritrea’s Press Statement is much different than those who chose to severe ties with Qatar immediately. It might be, but for the time being, Eritrea seems cautiously, wanting to have a clear road may not just regarding Qatar, but all other bad actors in the region.

  17. The #1 concern for Eritrea is territorial integrity and the Red Sea. This was an easy decision to make. There is no need to read between the lines into this issue. The fact is that one of the terrorist that Qatar is harboring in its territories was involved in either the concert bombing in London or that truck incident on the bridge. I forget which one offhand. Just one of MANY cases of the issues with Qatar. We wish to see Qatar navigate its way back into the good graces of its neighbors. Most of the demands by the GCC countries and Egypt are very easy to meet. Besides the destruction of aljazeera and basically being made to apologize and kneel. I don’t see why Qatar doesn’t comply. But its doubling down so this won’t bode well for the future of Qatar.

  18. Perfect statement ….reflects the new reality and better not to put all our eggs in one basket.

    Where was the Saudi and their allies when one injustice after another was the daily occurance for my beloved country.

    In the other hand other than an unaccomplished projects for years here and there what meaningfull thing have done the Qataries to us? Truth to be told their filthy mouth piece Aljazira was there blackmailing day and night our beloved Eritrea.

  19. The question we should ask us is: From whom will we gain most from? Political, financial, educational and enviromental success.

  20. If it’s really true that Eritrea sides against Qatar, than will be that an strategically mistake. In fact, the Saudis are the main supporter’s of islmaic extremists. The act against Qatar by the Saudis and their allies is mainly based on the regional conflict between the Shia Iran, see that in Syria and Yemen war and the Sunni Saudis. There has not do with terrorism. Strategically have Eritrea to stay neutral on this regional conflict. In fact, this hostility have to do with the D. Trump travel to KSA. The Saudis are the puppets of the global acting capitalism’s-terrorism. Its an myth why Eritrea side’s with the Saudis and their master’s. Again, if it’s true.

  21. I love how there are many weyane lovers who loves to hate on Eritrea.

    Let’s not forget how weyane chose JP Morgan & Deutsche Bank to manage the sale of its eurobonds, which was then used to finance its railway..

    But Deutsche Bank recently chose to cease operation in Ethiopia. Was that because your government sucked? Or was that due to the foreign currency crisis? I mean how the hell is this country even surviving? How is it possible for a country to have such a huge trade deficit and still survive? To have an external debt that is growing with around 2-3 billion a year? A country who has a lower amount of foreign currency this year then last year?

    How does this country even survive? It’s doomed by all standards..


    After receiving a cold shoulder from Djibouti and Eritrea in its crisis with Saudi Arabia and its allies, Qatar reportedly pulled its peacekeeping force from the common borders of Eritrea and Djibouti.

    It also froze its mediation role between Eritrea and Djibouti, with immediate effect.

    1. Expected!!
      What we don’t know is, the reasons behind it. Is due to Djibouti, Eritrea or Both.
      I’m still not sure if the GOE Press Statement was in response to a request (we have not seen) from Egypt, Saudi and UAE (ESA) or in response to the Fake News that was circulating indicating Eritrea took the side of ESA. In any case,
      Although it seems we were bound to lose (small/big) by choosing side of with Qatar/SaudiCoalition, we might in fact gain more by siding with the Bigger and powerful neighbors. We hope the people of Qatar will understand that is a tough choice, even for bigger and powerful countries to go against The Powerful Saudi “Royals”. As to the Ja-Booty case, it doesn’t really matter, since USA will try to keep the sanctions regardless of what Qatar concludes. Let’s be honest, how in the hell would anyone expect Eritrea to go against the Egypt, Saudi and UAE … it would be a Political Suicide. If The Bully USA is harassing and is the reason for the current Qatar problems, to a country that is hosting over 12,000 US soldiers including over 100 of military aircrafts, you want PFDJ to against all the Bullies? — Get Real.

      Understandably, The GOE using its Press Statement was as vague as anyone could write.
      Like others, They didn’t explicitly said Eritrea is Severing its ties with Qatar. They didn’t say Eritrea is not allowing it’s airspace to Qatar.
      Basically, what the press statement said was:
      1. Qatar is not the only bad actor in the neighborhood. Qatar’s ability is actually limited compared to others (we can read between the lines on which other countries they mean).
      2. Eritrea does not need an invititation to make a decision if it should support the “Plan to stopping Terrorism”, provided there is a clear road map.

      At the end of the day, I have full confidence the decision taken by PFDJ will be good. Remember, what is good for Eritrea may not necessarily be morally good.

      1. ” What we don’t know is, the reasons behind it. Is due to Djibouti, Eritrea or Both. ” is reporting that Djibouti received an official letter from the ministry of foreign affairs of Qatar with the content that Qatar was ending the mediation efforts and referring the case to the United Nations ( António Guterres ) .

        1. Thanks, the reason I asked that question was because I haven’t seen anything negative from Qatar. I’m sure we will find out soon.

          1. Thanks TN, but have you read any news from Qatar (or from non Eritrean source) regarding Eritrea’s recent Press State?

    2. This engineered boarder conflict is not a basis for the sanctions rather a pretext.
      Qatar thought it can hold Eritrea hostage based on this mediation and drag it with her for decades. I doubt the sincerity of the mediation effort by Qatar as it has lingered for a while and Djibouti always deny its merit at the UN and insist on maintaining the sanctions on Eritrea while Qatar does or say anything. They wished to make Eritrea their tool. Eritrea is better positioned now if it can convince UAE and KSA to assist with the sanctions and pressure Ethiopia diplomatically to end illegal occupation. It all depends on the US’s position and GCC has the potential if they can muster the will to do it.

  23. The statement or the decision taken by GoE regarding the Gulf crisis came too late for many reasons, especially in light of the events that unfolded in Eritrea and the region as early as five years ago.

    1. Prior to the January 21, 2013 events, according wikileaks sources which were published in ‘Hadas Eritrea” Newspaper, Abdella Jabir visited the Saudi Embassy in Eritrea and told the Ambassador that PIA hates Islam so much that he wants to see stronger Israel in the region so that it can counter any Islamic influence. Therefore, PIA personally allowed the Israelis to have military bases in Eritrean islands and mainland (from this we can understand that all the “Israeli military bases in Eritrea” narratives were originated from Abdella.)

    However, when the Saudi Ambassador informed about this to the Foreign Ministry of his country, the government decided to stay focused and work with the Eritrean government to bring security and stability in the region. Abdella’s tactic was to gain Saudi support in the attempted coup of 2013. But the Saudis snubbed him.

    2. I was told by my well-informed friend that during the January 2013 events, Qatar tried to organize and host Eritrean Youth Conference of the off-position. After participating in the Eritrean Festival of Riyadh and Jeddah as the senior government delegation, without the knowledge of Eritrean government Abdella Jabir visited Qatar and allegedly met with some high-level people in the opposition, like Ahmed Qeysi.

    3. As we all know, Aljazeera English has been one of the pain in the ass for us. We remember that how they tried to fuel the doomed ‘coup d’état’ of January 2013. They have produced and hosted a myriad of articles and even documentaries about Eritrea, which negatively portray the country and the government.

    4. However, as Qatar is one of the core members of the GCC and mediating between Eritrea and Djibouti, in my opinion, our government knowing that the GCC is intact and united, decided not to antagonize Qatar as it can trigger a united anger and collective wrath from the GCC. So, patience was the pragmatic approach to the situation. I really appreciate this approach, because it is wise to know when you can punch strongly and devastatingly and waiting for that moment.

    5. Qatar was given a free reign to invest and participate in the Eritrean economy for so long. But for reasons I don’t understand, they decided to invest heavily in Sudan and Ethiopia. Look what happened to the resort they started in Dahlak Island. Over ten years passed and not finished. They started their Airline only when the regional conditions start to change and Saudi Arabia and UAE begun to invest in Eritrea. Then after a while, they stopped it without adequate justification. I might say the government of Eritrea could not be happy about it..

    6. Right now, it is Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt which are actively cooperating with Eritrea both economically and security wise. The presence of UAE and Saudi forces in Assab and its environs has really unsettled Ethiopia and turned the tide in favor of Eritrea. Therefore, given all the points I mentioned in the above, we should be realistic about the policy that we should pursue.

    We should remember that, it is not to make the Saudi – UAE led camp happy, we have our own reasons: we have suffered under the Qatari policy on this region. So it is time for payback. We are not dancing to the music played by Saudi-UAE led camp.

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