African Diplomatic Alignments in the Qatar Crisis

Where do Horn of Africa states stand on the Qatar-Gulf crisis?

Where do Horn of Africa states stand on the Gulf - Qatar Crisis?
Where do Horn of Africa states stand on the Gulf – Qatar Crisis? How is this crisis affecting regional alignments in the region and the continent at large? (Photo: AFP)


A number of African nations have begun taking sides in the dispute between Saudi Arabia and Qatar over the latter’s ties to Iran, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, and other groups that the Saudi government deems extremists or terrorists.

The Saudi Kingdom closed its land border with Qatar earlier this month, imposing an economic embargo and severing diplomatic relations. It also closed its airspace to Qatar Airways, dealing the commercial airliner a major blow by forcing it to reroute Europe-bound flights.

Yet Qatar’s active foreign policy and international investments mean that it is unlikely to be easily isolated. Already Turkey and Iran have come to the aid of the Gulf nation, helping mitigate the impact of the economic embargo.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia has been building its own coalition against the emirate, seeking to ramp up the diplomatic and economic pressure. Egypt, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates severed ties with Qatar while Jordan downgraded its diplomatic representation.

How is the crisis affecting regional alignments in the Horn of Africa and the continent at large? The Messenger explains:


Khartoum has maintained active contacts with Qatar since the outbreak of the crisis and offered support for a Kuwaiti initiative to defuse tensions. Sudan’s foreign ministry called the crisis an “unfortunate development between brotherly Arab states.”

President Omer al-Bashir on Tuesday received Qatar’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Sultan bin Saad Al-Muraikhi. The Gulf nation has been a significant lender of hard currency to Sudan’s central bank and also brokered a deal between Khartoum and Darfur rebel groups.

Sympathizers with Qatar both within the government and in the Islamist Popular Congress Party (PCP) can be expected to pressure Sudan’s government to come out more strongly behind Qatar. PCP’s secretary-general earlier this week denounced Saudi Arabia’s criteria for designating Qatar as a terrorist-supporting country, saying that Palestinian movement Hamas should not be considered a terror group.

Sudan has strong ties with Saudi Arabia as well, however, and has joined a military coalition against Shiite Houthi rebels in Yemen. Also, it cut diplomatic ties with Iran in solidarity with Riyadh after an attack on the Saudi embassy in Tehran in January 2016.


Djibouti has announced its ‘solidarity’ with the Saudi-led coalition boycotting Qatar, saying it officially downgraded its level of diplomatic representation in Qatar. A statement by the country’s foreign ministry implied that it supports the boycott on grounds that Qatar has backed “terrorism and violent extremism.” However, the final paragraph of the statement dated June 7th called for the “brotherly Arab countries” to resolve their differences through dialogue.

Djibouti is a member of the Arab League and as such its support for Saudi Arabia will add symbolically to the pressure on Qatar, albeit without necessarily adding practically to the strength of the economic embargo. Djibouti’s ties with Saudi Arabia have been strong, with plans underway for a pact that would allow the latter to build its own military base in Djibouti.

On the other hand, Djibouti benefitted from a Qatari mediation in 2010 with its neighbor Eritrea. About 450 Qatari troops were reportedly stationed at a mountainous border crossing between Eritrea and Djibouti in connection with the deal, according to an Eritrean armed group, although a UN monitoring group put the tally closer to 200.

Qatar said Wednesday it had pulled out all of these troops,  without saying why. One possible explanation is retaliation for Djibouti’s downgrading of diplomatic ties last week, another is that the troops may be wanted back home.


The Red Sea nation of Eritrea has taken a middle road, saying that the Saudi-led coalition embargoing Qatar has taken an initiative ‘in the right direction,’ while itself opting not to cut diplomatic ties with Qatar.

Asmara’s Ministry of Information announced June 12th, “The decision that Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain have taken is not confined to Qatar alone – as the potential of Qatar is very limited. It is one initiative among many in the right direction that envisages full realization of regional security and stability.”

The statement implies that Qatar alone is not to blame for terrorism, which emanates from multiple sources:

“The causes of the spiraling upheaval are numerous, complicated and long-standing. Deterrence of the scourge and its perpetrators so as to guarantee sustainable security and stability is not an easy task.”

Asmara says essentially also that it does not want too directly involved in the Gulf dispute: “it is not a matter that requires invitation of the Eritrean Government or solicitation of its vote.”

Eritrea hosts a military base belonging to Qatar’s Gulf rival UAE. But the country also has significant ties with Doha. In a podcast with The Messenger last Wednesday, Professor Harry Verhoeven explained that Eritrea is a country with few international allies and that Qatar is one friend that has proven itself “reliable.”


Both sides in the Gulf Crisis have influence in Somalia — the Emiratis and Qataris were allegedly involved in backing candidates in the recent Somali federal elections, and both sides have business interests. Somalia’s government has so far resisted Saudi pressures and inducements to cut ties with Qatar.

Professor Harry Verhoeven cautions of a possible ‘bidding war’ for loyalties, which could influence local politics and conflicts. Somali and Gulf press reports detail new Saudi and Emirati efforts to bring Somalia out of the Qatari orbit. UAE expelled a Somali competitor in the Dubai International Quran Competition, Radio Dalsan reported from Mogadishu, suggesting the move was retaliation for Somalia’s failure to cut ties with Qatar.

Meantime, Saudi officials invited Somali ministers to Riyadh for talks on development projects, while unconfirmed press reports say that Somalia’s president was offered $80 million if he would agree to sever ties with Qatar.

Another development in Saudi-Somali relations concerns the  number of Somali pilgrims allowed to go on Islamic pilgrimage this year. Jamal Mohamed Hassan, Somalia’s minister of planning announced that Saudi Arabia has increased the allowable number from 7,300 this year to 9,300 next year.

Qatari foreign minister Sultan Bin Saad al-Muraikhi arrived in Mogadishu on Sunday, where he met with President Farmaajo to discuss the crisis.


The government of Somaliland, which claims its own sovereignty and does not consider itself part of Somalia, announced June 10th that it fully supports Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates’ stance on Qatar. It further banned Qatar Airways from using its airspace. Since Qatar does not recognize Somaliland as sovereign, nor does Somaliland have an airforce, it is not immediately clear whether Qatar Airways will respect the ban.

Somaliland has close ties with the Emirates, owing to a deal whereby Dubai Ports World is refurbishing the Berbera port. UAE is also expected to establish a military base in Somaliland.

West Africa

Several West African nations have aligned themselves with Saudi Arabia. Chad recalled its ambassador from Qatar for consultations, explaining in a statement, “The Chadian government calls on all concerned states to privilege dialogue to solve this crisis and asks Qatar to respect its commitments by ceasing any attitude likely to harm cohesion of states in the region and peace in the world.”

Likewise, Senegal was among the first countries to join the Saudi coalition, announcing the recall of its ambassador from Doha starting June 7th. Senegal’s neighbour Mauritania, a member of the Arab League, also severed ties with Qatar, explaining via its state news agency, “The state of Qatar has linked its policies … in support of terrorist organizations and the propagation of extremist ideas.” OPEC member Gabon also condemned Qatar for “failing to respect international commitments and agreements on counter-terrorism.”


Ethiopia has opted for neutrality so far. “Though the Ethiopian foreign ministry has yet to comment, there is a strong feeling among officials in the ministry that they are caught in the middle of a bewildering regional dispute,” the Ethiopia Observer reports this week.

“Ethiopia is acting with great caution and it will come up with a statement urging for dialogue,” a senior diplomat told the local outlet.

Qatar’s Emir Tamim Al-Thani recently visited Addis Ababa as the highland nation seeks to benefit from Qatari investment.

On the other hand, Ethiopia has close ties with Israel, where Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn visited last week; although the Israelis have not taken a public stance on the crisis, they are wary of Qatar’s links to Hamas and Iran and their position therefore aligns more closely with Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

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  1. Israel is definitely not happy [don’t give a damn] Eritrea supporting the Saudi-led alliance in the current Gulf – Qatar crisis. Israel has been neutral (at least publicly) all this time to take sides against Eritrea. It looks like that is a thing in the past.

    Yesterday, the Israeli representative in Geneva invited, Shiela B. Keetharut, the special rapporteur, to visit Israel for the first time. By doing so, Israel tacitly supported the extension of her mandate by another year.

    1. I believe Israel was the country that originally influenced western countries against accepting Eritrean Independence after the British left, since the reason for federation was supposedly interests on the red Sea from being circled by all Muslim countries and world peace (John Foster Dulles). Israel did not want to see Eritrean Independence then and continue to be against Eritrean Independence today, by siding with Ethiopia on any issues concerning Eritrea. Those fake European Jews that run Israel are wicked and are imposters, they are not the original chosen people.

      1. Yes you are right it was when mengistu was abandoned by the USSR he called eritrea as an arabian country to get the support from israel but now i think they finally realised that eritrea is not an arabian state its just a country that independent from all foreign policies.

    2. The Apartheid/Zionist government in Israel have always been enemies of Eritrean independence. Israel over the years have supported Emperor Haile Slassie, Col. Mengistu and Chiwawa Zenawi, all to suppress Eritrean independence. The three Ethiopian leaders have lost miserably to the galant Eritrean ShaEbia. The Israel leadership must be clueless to expect anything good from supporting the crooked eyed Hailemariam Desalegn who is on his deathbed.

      1. Brother B.Adal, The Apartheid/Zionist GOV. in Israel always preaching through their infinite MEDIA starting HOLLYWOOD movies portray and brainwash the world for being victim of Nazi holocaust,but doing ALMOST the same atrocities against the Innocent Palestinians.Well if they want sympathy from Humanity let them show the World what they preach NEVER AGIAN.When the world watches a Palestinian Mother cries.when a Palestinian Child cries we all have tears in our eyes.No justice no peace.That is human nature.P.S B. Adal we Eritreans are lucky we are trained and armed to defend our self. Atleast we will go down fighting,who ever makes our mothers cry will get a bullet between his eyes before he meets his maker..

        1. Yes! in deed, brother … “We Eritreans are lucky we are trained and armed to defend our self.”
          — Thank God for EPLF/PFDJ.

      2. “…The three Ethiopian leaders have lost miserably to the galant Eritrean ShaEbia….” hahaha…. i can’t stop loughing……. is that what your high level IQ dream? It was not asmara we fought for, it was badme.

        1. Lol. Ignoramous. Your dream was all…then faluire….then Assab …..dropped like flies. What dream? But now it your …dream.

        2. Underage or Guest-63?
          You probably don’t even know your mama Ethiopia had Red Sea beach properties until 1991? Not knowing your past history is probably better your Ugumesh ego.

        3. Tell that to your ignoramus self , ask your pows what they were told and what happened to them . If your really want to know go and check that on YouTube . You will hear it from the Ethiopian POWs at the Badme war.

      3. Why do care about old diatribe? Aren’t you independent now? Don’t create too many enemies. Or else, you’ll shorten your fragile existence.

        1. Fragile existence is a term said many times in Eritrean Modern History, ab shadshay werar, in 2000 when declared we were about to die suffocated economically, etc..what then happen to Eritrea? Nothing, all contrary..ab re-esu zeamen Hezbi, menem kenek-nko ayke-elen. Teklay zahlay mahlay

    3. እስራኤል ጥራሕ መዓስ ኮይኖም ። ንኤርትራ ዝሕስዱ ሓይልታት ውሑዳት ኣይኮኑን ። ምስ ኣሜሪካ እንተ ተቓራሪብካ ዓረብ ይሕስዱኻ ፣ ምስ ዓረብ እንተ ተቓራሪብካ ያሁድ ይሕስዱኻ ፡ ጸዓዱ ይሕስዱኻ ፣ ምስ ኢራን እንተ ተቓራረብካ ያሁድን ዓረብን ጸዓዱን ጠጥቕሞም እንዳ ሓለዉ ይሕሱዱኻ ።

      ካብ እዚ ኩሉ ዘገርም ናይ እቶም ኣቃባበልቲ ኩኑልና ከይተባህሉ ባዕላቶም ንነብሶም ከም ኣቀባበልቲ ቆጺሮም ኣብ ናይ ዓረብ መራኸቢ-ብዙሓን ( ጋዜጣ ) ንእሸተ ዕድል ክትዋሃቦም እንከላ ጸረ-ኤርትራ ፕሮፖጋንዳ ዘታሓላልፉ መንነቶም ዝሃሰሰን ሰንከልከል ዝበለን ደቂ ሃገር ምህላዎም እዩ ።

      እዚ ብሓደ ሸንኽ ኮይኑ በቲ ካልእ ሸነኽ ድማ ዋላ ሃይለ-ማርያን ናብ እስራኤል እንተ በጽሐ ዋላ ጅቡቲ ፡ ንኩለን ምስ እስራኤል ዝተሓባበራ ምስፋሕፋሕቲ ሓይልታት ኣብ መሬታ ኣሰሪታ ፡ ንኣሕመዲ ነጃድ እንተ ኣጋየሸት ዝኾነ ብሒም ዝብል ዓረብ ይኹን ካልእ ባእታ የሎን ።

      ስለ’ዚ ንሕና ነዚ ዝበልክዎ ኣብ ግምት የእቲና ነቲ ሕስድና ብዙሕ ዋጋ ከይሃብናን ነዓና ዘዋጽእ ፐራግማቲካዊ ፖሊሲ ሓንጺጽና ጉዕዞና ክንቅጽል ኣሎና ። ኣነ ስጋዕ ሕጂ ተዓጻጻፊነትና ጽቡቕ እዩ ዘሎ እየ ዝብል ። ብተዳጋጋሚ ንኣብ ” ቦክስ ” ክእትዉና ዝደልዩ ማይ ዓሚኾም ከም ዝተርፉ ጌርናዮም ። ምስ ሻዕቢያ ኩሉ በብመድረኹ እዩ ።

    4. The general reaction to HRW bullsh*t and propaganda by teqamerti has been met by either silence or small statements that are nonchalant in nature from the GOE. The last time we treated this issue in this manner we got a U.S backed invasion of Eritrea by woyane. I don’t get it at all. How long will our name be dragged through the mud till the GOE decides to tackle this with some substance and vigor? Our media is basically non exsistant. While people get shot dead in the middle of the street in ethiopia and it gets favorable press from CGNTV or some other media network which has a global reach. I understand we have things in the works that are pioneering in nature. But we seriously need to have a BIGGER and more aggressive appearance that is goverment backed. How much can the diaspora do by itself. While the GOE behaves so nonchalantly we are getting a bad rap in the media. Ethiopianwoyane/sudanese/somali are all over the world stabbing and raping people saying they are Eritrean. I saw one vid on youtube of some saudi guy pretending to be Eritrean crossing the Canadian border i mean COME ON. Our name is being dragged through the mud and they can’t even stop this fat lady from proceeding with this propaganda that is at the root of ALL the bad press about our country that is form a pooling of 500 visa seekers of woyane origin like Kiros Asefaw the biggest woyane of them all. If this is not a failure i don’t know what is. I don’t care if it doesn’t hold up to scrutiny when the truth comes out we will be covered in mud cause we are fighting pig woyane.

      1. How dare you say that? You leader is doing good by you, he is answering all the lingering questions, he is proactive and Saudi soon will deliver much needed defense systems to protect his kingdom from TPLF, just be patient please.

        Sincerely yours.

        1. If that was the case You wouldn’t see my comment in the first place. Unlike your bend over goverment mines doesn’t do that.

      2. What do you expect or want the government to do?”…..small statements that are nonchalant in nature from the GOE.” what statements? Lets see you spell out clearly, what needs to be done. Also tell us what exactly are you doing on your part when it comes to the media?Nowadays anyone can open social media accounts and make a significant impact. Please i will be waiting for your answers thank you.

        1. Make an offical account on this forum and i’ll replay otherwise you can keep “waiting” till antarctica melts.

          1. Whether i have an official account or not it makes no diffrence whether i have a name of “aeitin” or “hawi55” its just a name, focus on whats being said rather than being backward minded. Do not flatter yourself I am very well aware of cynical individuals like yourself who love to complain a lot with out doing anything themselves to mitigate the very thing that their complaining about. The government has alot plate on its hands it does not have the luxury to invest heavily on big media like RT or Al-jazeera at the moment. Not when Eritreans are on the front line risking their lives for their country and not when their are other priorities. You can only make due with the limited budget that you have.
            You moan and whinge about Ethiopia getting “favorable press from CGNTV or some other media network which has a global reach.” Whats that got to do with the Eritrean government? What do you expect the Eritrean government to do? Tell the media outlets to report good news about Eritrea? Is the Eritrean government in control of the foreign media outlets that smear Eritrea name?

  2. Well, friends come and go, but enemies accumulate. Israel has never supported us in the past nor does it today. Historically Israel was against our struggle for independence. It won’t surprise me today if it sides with Ethiopia

    1. There are two things certain in life,DEATH and TAX and the third one is Israel will always side with Ethiopia and work for the distraction of Eritrea.Let’s not forget Israel have citizens from Ethiopia origin (FALASSHA) although they are treated like second class citizens.Like they said blood is thicker than water.So we Eritreans no matter where the tide….,our only salvation and survival is our unity,LOVE FOR THE MOTHER LAND.No body gives sh…t for Eritrea except ERITREANS.We did it before we are doing it today and we will do it to eternity.

        1. Indeed Bro. what goes up must come down,that is a theory of gravity.Roman,Ottoman,Persian Empire and some coming soon to Teatre near you.LOL.

    2. You are shivering!! Chill out no one in Ethiopia cares about you. We have much more bigger issues to think about. To Ethiopians & Tigrians you are nothing but useless pathetic people .

  3. ኤርትራ ኩሉ ጊዜ ኣብ ነጻ መስመር ክትጸንዕ ኣለዋ ! እዚ ማለት እተን ንሓንሳዕ ንየማን ንሓንሳእ ንጸጋም ከም ሕማም ዓሶ ዘውርድን ዝድይብን ረስነን ክንከውን ኣየዋጽኣናን ኢዩ ። እዚ ማለት ኤርትራውያን ኣብ ነብስና ተኣማሚና ከም ናይ ሓዋሩ መፍትሕ ኩሉ ሪኢና ዓቕምና ከነዕብን ጻዕርና ከነሐይል ቅልጡፍ ስጉምቲ ክንወስድ ይግባእ እብል።

  4. tesfa news please donot interpret things at will, eritrea has not taken the middel road but has sided with saudi-arabia and u.a.e

    1. at will, really? you so funny please admit English too hard to understand so use Eritrea tigrigna or best Tigray agmina!!!

      1. Wedinakfa Tigray Agamina is not a language,even if there is more advanced than Google translation would not do it.

  5. Qatar was friendly with the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and Iran. Israel is opposed to those three. So why would Israel be unhappy when Eritrea aligns itself with the Saudi Coalition instead of Qatar. It seems to me that Israel should be happy with Eritrea’s move. I don’t get it. Unless Israel just doesn’t want Eritrea to get close to the Arab powerhouses such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia and UAE. Or may be it’s because Ethiopia is against Eritrea’s move then Israel also has to be against it. I know Israel will always choose Ethiopia over Eritrea but what Eritrea did is stand against countries and organizations that create instability in the Middle East and Red Sea basin.

    1. I was with you until the last sentence. Qatar doesn’t create anymore instability than the Saudi coalition. Look at what they’re doing in Yemen. The Saudis are the primary funders of ISIS. The UAE opened a base in Somaliland without consent from the Somali government. They all fund extremists, but Qatar made the mistake of supporting Hamas (against Israel) and being friends with Iran. The House of Saud is a client of Israel and the US, both of whom hate Hamas and Iran, therefore Qatar must be brought to heel.

      Having said that, I agree that Eritrea basically chose the US-Israel side, so it doesn’t make sense for Israel to be mad about that. It must be due to closer ties with Ethiopia as usual. They keep making the same mistake over and over again.

      1. This is just like the sudan issue. Israel is not Fertile at all they will probably get sweet pennies on the dollar deals to seize indigenous Ethiopia lands. This is the way of ethiopia under woyane. Other wise why would Israel back them it makes no sense at all. We can expect to see Israel doing exploitative business in Ethiopia. Also Ethiopia probably agrees to take Ethiopians back from israel who are there with no visas. I don’t have to tell you how racist Israel is against people with brown skin.

      2. “Somali government” is an odd word choice.

        There is the (1)
        Republic of Somaliland government (ethnic Somalis)


        the (2) Somalia government (ethnic Somalis)

        Hence there is no “Somali” government but two “Somali” governments.

        Note. Djibouti’s president is also an ethnic Somali and its a majority Somali populated country so it could be argued Djibouti is also a “Somali” government.

        1. 1. Australia, New Zealand and Britain.

          Which one would you label the “Anglosaxon” government?

          2. Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia

          Which one would you label the “Arab” government?

          3. Republic of Somaliland, Somalia, Djibouti

          Which one would you label the “Somali” government

    2. Eritrea is like a buffer and in fact, the only country that can deter the Red Sea from slipping in to total Arab control. Except Eritrea, all the other countries on both sides of the Red Sea are Arabs or Arab League members. Israel do not want to sea that happen.

      Too bad ….. Eritrea is not here to protect Israel’s interest but its own ….. so it was decided to work with the Arab states so as to guarantee its security and economic interest along the Red Sea and beyond.

      1. Lol. “The only country that can deter the Red Sea from slipping into total Arab control”. Come on man, you are a creation of Jebeha for goodness sake. You are sitting as an observer but they never stood up for you since kissing their behind since those days. Dying to be full member at the cost of bringing unnecessary drama to the region when Somalia, Sudan trying to avoid them. Unbelievable.

    3. We will go crazy if we try to make sense on what/why/how/ countries (especially western countries and Israel) choose in regards to issued that affect us. Just last week, Trump was accusing Qatar of supporting Terrorists and being fried of Iran and Hamas. Yesterday, the same Trump is selling 12 Billion !!! worth of F-15 fighter jets to Qatar. Even worse, US and Qatar are performing joint navy exercises. Does it make sense, Hell NO.
      What should make sense to every Eritrean is that PFDJ chooses what is good for Eritrea and Eritreans, regardless the effects to others. Sadly, that is the world we live in.

  6. The news from the Arab world has been such a delight, it’s almost like our prayers reached the heavens. Who would have thought, Somalia out of all countries would stand firm? First since joining that evil league in 1974. Good for its leader as well as Africa. They will kiss and makeup but it’s good to see Saudi is willing to let go of Hamas, Hazbolla and Muslim devilhood, Isreal is smiling and the real Isrealites are celebrating with joy. Keep it coming.

    1. Eritrea will eventually join the Arab League as a full-member. Right now Eritrea is an OBSERVER at the Arab League. But it still has a seat as an Observer at the Arab Leauge Headquarters in Cairo. So when and if Eritrea upgrades to a full-member, [email protected] that make Eritrea evil too since you think Somalia joined the “evil league” as you put it in 1974

      1. Neger neger yeluka? Not saying Somalia or Eritrea is evil for being part of any league so long as you don’t play part time black, full time Arab like Somalia did then. Today, under his leadership in Somalia, as an Ethiopian we are proud of this man for standing firm under enormous pressure, kudos. Eritrea is a different beast, Wedi Afom had 98% support in 93, today we are inch away from seeing eye to eye with most Eritreans when it comes to our interests or his leadership. He might have 25% after this Arab prostitution we witnessed. Eritrea can do what it needs to but our people of that side, Afar, Bilen and Akele we would like them to have an option to come back.

        1. I assume you’re Ethiopian. I’ve always wanted to ask… how many times does Eritrea have to cripple your country before you stop dreaming of things that you’re not capable of achieving? Haile Selassie dead, Mengistu toppled, and now Woyane under State of Emergency. You people are either idiots or masochists.

          1. This very deficiency they are suffering from: dreaming to crush Eritrea, effect mayhem and chaos spells ” Coveting “

        2. I never met an insane person like you in this forum…time to time we see the usual dreamers…but you are in a different league. How old are you? You must be like 20 or 25..? You are fed the hate history and the usual mbo jumbo. What you dont realise is that we have moved on…forget Akele…or blen..etc forget Eritrea…move on please. I know like your previous governments this one also will pass but Eritrea will always be Eritrea and until such time people lilke you accept this fact of life and move on… will also will be your burial ground. Those who can not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

          PS. Stop consuming donkey meat.

        3. Let me take a wild guess on why Ugumesh hate Wedi Afom. Could be because he is the Architect that LandLocked Ugumesh from the Beautiful Red Sea?

          1. IQ, lanslocked country just became the regional powerhouse, economically and military. The ones who are holding the two ports don’t have any clout except to beg the Arabs for “command post”. You are a smart guy, what does that tell you? 20 years ago that bs workd, today 75% doesn’t even know Assab much less to matter much. Also, 19% share Berbera made Meles’s vision a reality. “When we have money, we have port”. Wedi Afom hate is cuz we still care for the people who we share our blood and culture with, not to mention he made slaves out of our once proud cousins. Unforgivable indeed.

      2. Eritrea join the Arab League? Are you drunk? We’re not Arabs or sellouts and most of us are not Muslim nor do we speak Arabic. Even the Muslims rarely speak Arabic unless they’re in the diaspora.

        1. TN

          I think you are confusing the Arab League with the OIC (Organisation of Islamic Countries). The Arab League is not a religion based grouping.

          African union, Arab League, Asean, EU, NAFTA.

      3. Brother
        Let this MLLT zombie with no spinal cord litter the site with his absurdity since it seems it is the only therapy he has. He is peeved that is why he is hanging around 24/7 typical Dedebit trained clown with IQ <63.

  7. I dont think israel is against eritrea nowadays especially now since they and even the US started to realize that eritrea will continue to exist as a country free from ethiopia plus eritrea is fighting the houthis backed by iran arch rivals of saudia arabia and israel.

    2nd because eritrea is more likely to be in saudi side than at qatar which by the way whether they try to hide it the saudies,uae,egypt, and israel are allies
    But they dont say it in publicly.

    3rd Israel might think to damage PFDJ image but to align with ethiopia EPRDF an unstable regime and be against eritrea it will be a huge blow to them and their poltics in the horn region since the only allies israel are ethiopia,kenya or maybe eritrea.

    While somalia,sudan,djibouti will most likely disagree with israel since they have radical islam ideology.

    So israel will most likely wait and stay neutral at least publicly speaking.

  8. The first israeli PM, Ben Gurion had an idea, he called “the periphery theory”.

    This theory says, since Israel is surrounded by enemy countries, it has to find friends in the periphery. Outside the, ‘arab circle’.

    It found Turkey, the shah’s Iran and Haile Selassie’s Ethiopia.

    The rest, as they say, is history!

  9. Israeli would like a coalition of Arab states and the U.S including itself work against Iran which is a nightmare for the Israel. Israel supports the GCC.

    As far as Eritrea is concerned Israel was, is and will be an enemy of Eritrea until the Ethiopian empire ceases to exist.

  10. Eritrean news/ Eritrea ERiTV;_ylt=A2KIo9X3fENZ6T4A63u3mWRH;_ylu=X3oDMTEyOWdobjhwBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDdmlkBHZ0aWQDVUkyRkJUMgRncG9zAzM-?p=eri-tv&vid=d157ce8be7a03ccb740d1cc06a0e1c20&

  11. This is what the weyane and Djibouti are saying already. Shouldn’t oyr govt respond, swiftly?

    Djibouti accuses Eritrea of occupying disputed territory after Qatar withdrew peacekeepers

    By Aaron Maasho | ADDIS ABABA

    Djibouti accused neighboring Eritrea on Friday of occupying disputed territory along their border after Qatar withdrew its peacekeepers.

    Foreign Minister Mahamoud Ali Youssouf said Djibouti’s military were “on alert” and that it has lodged complaints to the U.N. and the African Union.

    Qatar announced that it was pulling its contingent out on June 14, days after the two East African countries sided with Saudi Arabia and its allies in their standoff with Qatar.

    Doha’s foreign ministry did not give a reason for the move but it comes as Doha faces a diplomatic crisis with some of its Arab neighbors. They cut ties a week ago, accusing Qatar of backing Islamist militants and Iran, something Doha strongly denies.

    “Qatari peacekeepers withdrew on June 12 and 13. On the same day, there were Eritrean military movements on the mountain,” Ali Youssouf told Reuters.

    “They are now in full control of Dumeira Mountain and Dumeira Island. This is in breach of the UN Security Council resolution,” he added, referring to areas that the neighbors dispute.

    Authorities in Asmara were not immediately available for comment.

    Djibouti, a close Western ally, hosts French and U.S. military bases and is the main route to the sea for Eritrea’s arch foe and Washington’s top regional ally, Ethiopia.

    Eritrea has fractious ties with the West, which had previously accused it of backing Somali and other regional insurgents. Asmara denies the charges.

    1. AL SHABAAB is the real government in Somalia on the ground, whereas in theory an impostor who controls two neighborhoods in Mogadishu is the president(while also protected by foreign troops)

      Likewise in Djibouti the government is in power with the help of foreign troops. Shameful.

      Eritrea besides being unique in its resilience against drought program which made it the ONLY country in the region not facing famine conditons it also does not have a government which is in power because of foreign troops. Eritrea is ran by Eritreans. Africa needs more Eritrea’s not more servants(Djibouti) and impostor leaders(Somalia).

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