President Isaias Sent Message to UN Security Council

President Isaias Afwerki sent messages to several Heads of State and Governments on UN Security Council
President Isaias Afwerki sent messages to several Heads of State and Governments on UN Security Council injustices against Eritrea.


President Isaias Afwerki has sent messages to several Heads of State and Government urging them to use their influences in the UN Security Council to redress the injustices perpetrated against Eritrea.

In his message, President Isaias stressed that the UN Security Council has the obligation, primary responsibility and legal mandate to ensure and promote the security and peace of sovereign countries and thereby guarantee the maintenance of international peace and security.

The President referred to the border war between Eritrea and Ethiopia that raged for two years from May 1998 until June 2000 entailing a huge loss of life and enormous destruction of property.

The “border dispute” was a simple ruse as the boundary between the two countries was defined and determined without any ambiguity in colonial times. But Washington feverishly worked at the time, through the State Department, to drive a wedge between the two peoples who have deep historical and strategic ties in order to foment a crisis and micromanage the affairs of the Horn of Africa.

President Isaias went on to highlight that even though the “border conflict” was legally adjudicated on the basis of the Algiers agreement, the US Administration used its clout in the UN Security Council to further exacerbate the crisis and to block the enforcement of the final and binding arbitral decision.

The final and binding legal Award was not, however, amendable to alterations through diplomatic maneuvering, President Isaias noted.  In the event, the US and its allies concocted a fictitious case accusing Eritrea of supporting “Al-Shabaab” to impose unwarranted sanctions against the country in December 2009 in the name of the UN Security Council.

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Demonization campaigns that have been underway under the bogus pretext of “violations of human rights”; periodic military attacks launched against the country; and organized criminal networks of human trafficking set up to precipitate and incite illicit migration of Eritrean youth are part and parcel of these schemes of harassment,  President Isaias added.

President Isaias finally stressed that it is high time that the flouting of the rule of law; the violation of international law; and, the prevalence of the rule of jungle are terminated once and for all.

He further reiterated that the UN Security Council is bestowed with the legal obligations and responsibility, above any other body, to remove occupation from our sovereign territories; rescind the unwarranted sanctions imposed against Eritrea without factual substantiation; and, bring to an end the incessant attacks perpetrated against the country through various forms.

49 thoughts on “President Isaias Sent Message to UN Security Council

      1. Yes, only for diplomatic purposes. It’s good politics. In the mean time, we will enjoy and admire the work of PG7 and others armed groups.

      2. Ugumesh, I don’t know how it works in your woyane mind but every dead body is accorded a rite of passage by its ‘Abat Nebs’, we are simply asking the UN to give you a proper burial…ask your papa if you don’t believe me.

      3. That is called Diplomacy.
        This is begging :
        That is all from 2017., do you understand the difference?? You woyane throw stones at a house made of bricks from your house that is made of lies. I would say house made of glass but i don’t think you can afford glass cause you would be buying your people food if you could.

      4. Eritrea Hadelibi ☝♥ · Edit

        He is demanding not begging like the puppet regime in Ethiopia. These are two different things!

      5. Lol. Excellent question. He knows if this last round of talks to hand over badme doesn’t work, Ethiopia has only one option left. Maybe he knows, we were never admitted to a hospital in the first place, just a scary chest infection.

      6. It seems to me you don’t understand English language clearly, there is a huge difference between urging and begging. Urging means asking to do something about it, if PIA would have been begging he would not be critical of The US government, international community and UN. He is reminding them not only as wetness of Algiers peace agreement, he is also asking them to carry-out their responsibility they took at the time to enforce the rule of law, with out more bloodshed. That makes him a wise man and the bigger man. In the other hand begging is, when your minority government, inviting international media and showing skinny malnourished children asking for food (asking to be spoon fed) from year to year, You support a government who made begging as profession. Did you know Ethiopia is the only country in the world that have Ministerial level just only for AID. Why don’t you, supporters and your minority government ask yourselves. How come Eritrea as independent country only born 25 years ago, small economy, can be able to be self-sufficient, fed itself, take care of its people and each others, despite the economic sanctions. Why is the minority government can’t with bigger economy. Where is that so called double digits growth? Why are the minority government and its supporters very jealous and spiteful Eritrea’s economic development and progress, especially on health, child mortality, malaria prevention, most of all self-sufficiency and food security. If the minority government of Ethiopia thinks they are better than Eritrea, why do they always compare or competitive with smaller younger neighbour Eritrea, unless the minority government and its supporters are envy Eritrea, its way of life, the love they have to their country and to each other their, regardless their religious difference, their close tight community, their hard work and self-sufficiency. These is the kind of cultures minority government and its supporters wanted to emulate or copy

        1. “Did you know Ethiopia is the only country in the world that have Ministerial level just only for AID.” … LOL. Great point.

      7. Papa,

        The thing is, one leg of the death bed is on Eritrean soil, so asking UN to take their corpse is proper. In short, dead or living woyanie is squatting on Eritrean sovereign territory and we want it our. See, we don’t discriminate

    1. Why you expect everything from others if you really belive ethiopia occupied urban land just fight and take back otherwise don,t cried all the yearshegers

      1. I just read the article and his words were indeed prophetic — “if TPLF compromises, it could … save itself and Tigrayan ascendancy over the Ethiopian state; if it does not, sooner or later Eritrea is likely once more to act as a catalyst of great upheavals within its giant neighbour.”

        TN, I guess you could have Sentek send the article to Gen Tsadkan to remind him of his bloody failures …. and moreover the “great upheavals” has arrived and is in full swing by PG7 and other Ethiopian armed groups.

        1. Yeah, David Hirst was just writing the obvious. TPLF true to its nature thought it could manipulate its way out. However, Ethiopian people are no fools. slowly but surely the Ethiopian people would eradicate TPLF.
          Sometimes, I feel like creating United States of Africa in our region and make Asmara its capital. Who is to say peace would prevail after TPLF is gone? If past performance is good indicator of future performance, then Ethiopia is just going to be pawn for the highest bidder as it has been for the past 70 years. Sad.

        2. Do you recall when we went to Yemen and grabbed Andy the great? How we crippled their entire operations after he gave us a notice of few months to “free” Addis? The entire crew is in the US fundraising from diaspora, asking for foot soldiers cuz apparently, it’s only 200 men with less than sophisticated weapons. How many diaspora people you know will go to Asmera to fight? How many people even under the age of 30 were in those meetings listening to Birru Nega? All we really want to hear from your leaders, if G7 can launch an attack using Eritrean soil then we can discuss this “great upheaval”. Wedi Afom can’t even acknowledge few idiots he sent our way much less direct blatant disrespect. He can keep his hospital metaphors but2017 is not 98, advice to our cousins.

          1. True 2017 is not 98. The Ethiopian people have awoken and the Ethiopian people are not going to be fooled by conniving TPLF.

    1. General Cry Baby, you’re a living proof of Woyane’s IQ63. Have you discussed your Abay Tigray idea with the family members of your 1998-2000 Ethiopia/Eritrea war Fenji Tegachoch (Oromo, Amhara and Tigray Donkeys)? Do you think (if there is such thing called thinking in Woyane’s leadership) the people of Oromo and Amhara that are getting tortured under your State of Emergency and the remaining of your Tigray donkeys that haven’t been butchered, will help this time around?

      Your coward words will never be forgotten.

      1. This ultimate Weyane crab is learned in Dedebit so no wonder even if he dreamt to oust PIA it could not materialized thanks to the gallant EDF with its superior tactics for taking care the war unleashed by the dying regime some years back.. Typical MLLT they know little about their limits and much less the strength of their master Shabia. The failed war lord is a multimillionaire by now through of course the Weyane way of doing business, he is an epitome of the decadency of the junta.

      2. These idiots might be up to something. As things are getting tough in and around them, they’ve realized they don’t have any options left. True or not, a bombastic Woyanista told me this morning that PM Hailermariam met with Israeli Def Minister and signed an agreement to upgrade 300 tanks with High Precision Systems.

        1. Woyane as usual will bring/Beg all expensive war toys. The big question is, which ethnic group of Ethiopia will be doing the fighting this time around? You can’t force your army to fight and expect a positive outcome. No Oromo, No Amhara will be willing to fight for Woyane. On the contrary, the Oromos and Amharas are desperate to put Woyane to death. Will you give anyone who is desperate to kill you any advanced weapon? Hell’No!! What other Ethnic group are willing to risk for a dying woyane regime? Furthermore, will Woyane carry on risking only their ethnic group fighting Eritrea? No way!, the cowards would rather live in little Tigray that Abay Tigray.

    2. ጻድቃን consider this:

      ቆራይ ኣይሰድር
      ዓባስ ኣይመድር
      ፈራሕ ኣይፈክር
      ዱዉይ ኣየዕገርግር
      ለማኒ ኣይዓንትር …

      …ግዜ ከየባኽን

    3. ኣሌክ - Alec you · Edit

      This is what Eritrea waiting for.. for the chifra to fire the first bullet of invasion. First we’re going to send all the anti-Ugumesh/woyane straight to Tigray, we’re going to level Meqele in a weak.. just with PG-7, Oromo etc. and then the real deal — after that.. Woyane-Tigray and it’s chifra to the dustbin. This time, tiny-Tigray without its cannon-fodders, well its gonna be a piece of cake. ????
      We are waiting for u to fire the first bullet, or is just going to be a scream of the drums of war.. Just like before.???????????????? Ala Ugumesh tigebra.. different year same sh*t!! LOL????????????

      We are going to make u cry???????????? again. Sahsah qomal.

      1. How did that work for you with tplf? And why did you expect something new out of it?

        Why even do you think to level Mekele? Where did this evilness come from?
        Is it jealousy`? Hating tplf ok, but leveling Mekele is hating not only all tigrians but Ethiopans too. Why do you have to be so evil?

        Why dont you come up with a positive idea like making many mekeles all over Ethiopia and Eritrea with out blackmailing or war?

        Dont you see that the PG-7 and Olf’s solutions could make civil war in Ethiopia? Are not you afraid it drags Eri also into the civil war?

        Ethiopians understood that tplf one ethnic first policy is dangerous before or after 1995 (quarrel between tplf, eplf)?

      2. Alec you brother
        please do not bother by the new Weyane agent with the convoluted alias ” Mitiku Melesse” among us. He lives by inciting ” discussion” ignore him and he will give up like his predecessors.

      3. Bro
        The woyin will arrest Tsadqan and vacate Eritrean land to avert the inevitable, but it Will be too little too late, I’m afraid. Because the Ethiopians, Somalis, Kenyans, Sudanese, Eritreans and others are demanding the removal of the Cancer of Africa, nothing short will do.

      4. Are you on a video game. War is nothing but destruction and I have never wished war against Eritrea and it is not going to change. We had enough of it. We have to give peace a chance and we people have the obligation to push our governments towards that path.

  1. The longer it takes to fully implement the Final and Binding Agreement between Eritrea and Ethiopia, the tighter the screw gets over the minority regime in Ethiopia ….

    Ethiopia: Anti-government forces freed political prisoners

    (ESAT News – June 6, 2017) – At least 60 political prisoners were freed after anti-regime forces opened fire at a prison in north Gondar in town called Chinfaz Silara. One prison officer was killed and three others were injured.

    ESAT’s sources say armed men belonging to Patriotic Ginbot 7, a group fighting the Ethiopian regime freed the political prisoners in Silara town after five hours of shootout with prison police.

    A freed prisoner who spoke to ESAT on the phone from Gondar said the overwhelming majority of prisoners were jailed for allegedly being members of Patriotic Ginbot 7. He said the shootout began at about 10 p.m. on Monday and lasted till 3 a.m. One person was injured on the PG7 side and the police officers were forced to retreat.

    PG7 claimed that its forces have in recent weeks escalated their attack targeting regime’s army and prisons where political prisoners were held.

    On Sunday, Chairman of PG7, Prof. Berhanu Nega disclosed that regime forces have been dealt with a serious blow in a two-day fight in Gondar last week. Nega said that last week’s attack was one of the serious blows to the regime since the start of the armed struggle. He said the regime deployed thousands of its forces to crush freedom fighters led by his group, but instead sustained a major defeat in localities called Ajere and Janora in North Gondar as well as well as in Kemkem and Belesa in the south.

    He said the fight against the tyrannical regime will continue till the Ethiopian people reclaim their freedom.
    There has been no confirmation or denial of the incident by the regime so far.

  2. ኣሌክ - Alec you · Edit

    This is what Eritrea waiting for.. for the chifra to fire the first bullet of invasion. First we’re going to send all the anti-Ugumesh/woyane straight to Tigray, we’re going to level Meqele in a weak.. just with PG-7, Oromo etc. and then the real deal — after that.. Woyane-Tigray and it’s chifra to the dustbin. This time, tiny-Tigray without its cannon-fodders, well its gonna be a piece of cake. ????
    We are waiting for u to fire the first bullet, or is just going to be a scream of the drums of war.. Just like before.???????????????? Ala Ugumesh tigebra.. different year same sh*t!! LOL????????????

  3. This happens when ONE people is divided into two by force/war. This happens when one chooses far away neighbor over his close family for MONEY and POWER. This happens when one flies a flag up in the sky, burns it down and up again based on profit. This happens when the enemy knows the family has some cracks. We have seen this in Vietnam, Korea, India-Pakistan, etc. We have seen this how our leaders fight for serving US leaders (woyane and shabia), this happens when our leaders compete to give the best service for US defense secretary.

    And if we are part of it in dividing people then we must accept the consequences for short or long time. No need for crying fault-play.

    But I strongly advise woyanes and shabians and their followers that peace relive you from this constant mischievous way of earning money or power for century. Learn from the past. And try the usual. Work hard and earn your living based on mutual benefit.

    Peace is the solution. No more war between in Ethiopia and Eritrea. Peace for all of us!!

    1. Eritrea and Ethiopia are two separate countries. Have you been asleep for the past 40+ years? Are you that young? Respect Eritreans sovereignty​ and peace would prevail otherwise stop mocking. People’s lives are at stake literally.

      1. People or families travel crossing border has nothing to do with sovereignty. Having more than 200 thousand soldiers ready to wipe one another, bombing Mekele or Badme, propagate hatred, agitating for war, arming each others opposition is not how people respect sovereignty. It is the exact opposite. And you know exactly why people mess with sovereignty. It is the ‘long historical bond which is spoiling for millions. Otherwise Eritrea was an independent land since 1991. What the heck was we witnessed between 1991-1995?

        Any way have you ever witnessed any sovereign respect between the two lands since 1991 till now?

        I try to teach also how you communicate without insulting. This forum needs my help a lot.

        1. Traitors Acting like oposition · Edit

          Weyane Boy Tell this to your warlover tplf Cousine’s . It’s weyane who terrorize the Horn of Afrika

        2. Sir…With all do respect, try to understand this. Eritreans would never be part of Ethiopia. Eritreans would like to be good neighbors like Canada and the USA. If Ethiopians do not want to be good neighbors, then there is nothing that we could do except protect ourselves. If I were you, then I would think about how Eritrea and Ethiopia could work together as independent countries for the common good of both countries and the entire Africa. So, the chapter of Eritrea been part of Ethiopia is closed. So, lets think about next chapter. again, Eritreans are not Ethiopians. Eritrea is for Eritreans. If you do not respect Eritrean sovereignty, then we can’t be friends. You could rationalize it all you want, but Eritreans are going to fight tooth and nail to protect their sovereignty. The choice is yours.

          1. Thanks for the positive answer. And i have no doubt that the majority of Eritreans and Ethiopians want to live as good neighbors as Norway and Sweden (their history resembles ours) as you have clearly put it. There is no ambiguity there. And the mass had proved it in 1991-1998 while eplf and tplf undermining the sovereignty of Ethiopia militarily, politically, economically, only none tigrnya Ethiopian know very well.

            As you have mentioned it If Eritreans do not want to be good neighbors, it goes the same here as you have mentioned it. But it must not only war is the solution. And portraying only tplf as the spoiler is being part of the problem. Eplf is equally to be blamed.

            Forget to be part of Ethiopia even we couldnt stop the enmity. What has been done for the last 22 years is to wipe one another. I am not even sure tha whether eplf wants to destroy tplf or Ethiopia wants to destroy Eritrea or vsv. I dont know really. But unity doesnt mean to part of, but working as two nations which reflect their historical relation. (This specially the two tigrnyia people must resolve their issue with great emphasize that Eritrea and Ethiopia do not belong to only tigrinya people and our relation good or bad must not be the reflection of one ethnic gourp). Instead of Eplf messing in Ethiopian affair it must have done its homework and here is Eritrea and Ethiopia. The boarder is here, and lets demarket the border. And already in 1991-3 boarder marked and strait for business.

            The mess created not now. It was done between 1991-1998 (i dont know much the history of tplf and eplf prior to 1991). If the majority mean the cause doesnt matter and what matter is now, then people must stop using the argument from that period. Let us say what ever is done is done and lets move forward.

            And to go forward doenst mean tplf to create civil war in Eritrea and eplf in Ethiopia. If Tesfanews and tigrai online were a physical place then the war, the civil war, the massacre, the leveling of cities,etc could have been our reality like 1993 Rwanda, but thanks to God, they are not real world. This is my point in short. And i dont know how come people here and tigray online do not see it.

            So let’s stop hatred, lets communicate normal. Eritrea and Ethiopia are more than their ruling parties eplf and tplf respectively. Let’s stop from stopping people to express what they witnessed just because it doents fit our ideology. Let’s not call who ever oppose us is tplf or eplf to demonize them. How come an eritrean opposition become a tplf or an Ethiopian opposition an eplf. Let us stop degrading one another.

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