President Isaias Receives Credentials of 11 Envoys

President Isaias Afwerki received credentials of 11 resident and non-resident ambassadors
Eleven resident and non-resident Ambassadors of Turkey, China, Pakistan, Netherlands, Rwanda, South Korea, India, Namibia, Norway and North Korea today submitted their credential to President Isaias Afwerki.


President Isaias Afwerki today received at the Denden Guest House the credentials of 11 Ambassadors.

The Ambassadors who submitted their credentials are: Mr. Aykut Kumbaroglu of Turkey, Mr.Yang Zigang of the People’s Republic of China, Mr. Joff Otieno Makowenga of the Republic of Kenya, Mr. Raza Bashir Tarar of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Dr. Karin Boven of the Netherlands, Mr. James Kimonyo of the Republic of Rwanda, Mr. Lee Kiseong of the Republic of Korea [South], Mr. Amrit Lugun of India, Mr. Japhet Isaack of Namibia, Mr. Bard Hopland of the Kingdom of Norway and Mr. Ma Yong Hui of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea [North].

In the meeting with the Chinese Ambassador, Mr. Yang Zigang, President Isaias pointed out that the bilateral relations between the two countries that has existed for over 50 years now, is being strengthened and expanded through solid cooperation in various sectors.

In his discussions with the Indian Ambassador, Mr. Amrit Lugun, President Isaias expressed Eritrea’s profound appreciation for India’s significant contribution in the country’s human resources development drive, and underlined the GOE’s desire for its continuity.

President Isaias intimated to Pakistan’s Ambassador, Mr. Raza Bashir Tarar, that Eritrea fondly recognizes Pakistan’s historical stance as one of the few countries that staunchly supported Eritrean independence in the 1940s.  The two countries can build on this historical bondage to further strengthen their bilateral ties of friendship and cooperation, President Isaias underlined.

Speaking with the Ambassadors of Kenya, Rwanda and Namibia, President Isaias pointed out that existing ties with those countries has not developed as expected. The President emphasized that frameworks of integration and mutual cooperation were imperative to secure regional peace and stability.

In the meeting with Ambassador Aykut Kumbaroglu of Turkey President Isaias expressed Eritrea’s readiness to reinforce the existing good relation with Turkey in the economic, political and diplomatic domains.

Similarly, President Isaias referred to shared values, prevailing opportunities for cooperation and the imperative to stand on the side of justice and legality as a basis for cultivating bilateral ties with all the other Ambassadors.

President Isaias Afwerki received credentials of 11 resident and non-resident ambassadors
Ambassadors of Turkey, China, Pakistan, Netherlands, Rwanda, South Korea, India, Namibia, Norway and North Korea submitted credential to President Isaias.

41 thoughts on “President Isaias Receives Credentials of 11 Envoys

    1. In Russia it was 4 days. Now in China its 6 days. In diplomacy that’s a huge amount of time. I really wonder how well encompassing this visit is going to be. It is not just this, but overall diplomatic engagement from the Eri. Gov. seems to have become more proficient. I hope more engagement with Latin America is next.

      1. Good observation. Given the timing of this visit by the FM at the Chinese invitation, it suggests something very important is about to happen. May be, and may be the Chinese wish to do the right thing this time at UNSC.

    1. Everyone is waking up its a beautiful thing to see. I ran into a south sudanese guy and he even knew whats going on in the horn. I think Isaias telling woyane GAME OVER was accurate., once you lose public opinion thats that!.

      1. Of course the junta leader would tell her that. As far as he is concerned, opposing his murderious regime is opposing Eritrea. Weridwa Ertra.

    1. ካብ እዞም ንዛረበሎም ዘሎና ሃገር ብዙሕ ክንጽበ የብልናን ። ምኽንያቱ ድማ እዚ እዩ ፥ 1) ቀንዲ ኩርኩር ናይ ኣሜሪካ እዮም ። ብኻልእ ኣዘራርባ ኣብ ውግእን ሰላምን ፖሊሲ ናይ ኣሜሪካ እዮም ዝኽተሉ ። ንኣፍጋኒስታን ወተሃደራትኩም ስደዱ እንተ በልዎም ይሰዱ ፡ ንዕራቕ ሰራዊትኩም ልኣኹ እንተ በልዎም ይልእኩ ። ነዝን ነትን ሃገር ብጎኒ ዓይንኹም ጌርኩም ረኣይዎ እንተ ተባህሉ ድማ ብዘይካ እሺ ሕራይ ካልእ ኣይትወጽኦምን እያ ። 2) ኤምባሲኦም ንናይ ምስላይን ሓበሬታ ምእካብን ( ንውልቀ-ሰባትን ሓፈሻዊ ውሽጣዊ ኩነታት ሃገርና ) ዕማም እዮም ዝጥቀምሉ ። መንግስትና ነዚ ኩሉ ነገራት ክፈልጦ ይግባእ፤ ክምዝፈልጦ ‘ውን ጥርጥር የብለይን ።

  1. LOL, “bilateral relations between the two countries that has existed for 50 years”

    We know the Eritrean people (through the liberation fronts) has had relations with the Chinse Gov dating back to the 1960s. Their bilateral relations only started after 1993. I do see a lot of silly mistakes likes this coming out from Shabait publications…. and hope they do something about this sooner. When it comes to official statements, details matter.

    Now, Question: Did Turkey downgrade its office in Asmara to nonresident? If so, why?

    1. Don’t underestimate the very important relationship EPLF had with many countries in Middle East, Africa, Europe, China, etc.

      Our relationship with Yemen and Somalia was more valuable before independence than after independence.

      1. As things are changing in the region and for both of our countries, I hope Somalia and Eritrea setting formal diplomatic relations soon. Maybe in next year presentation we will see a Somali ambassador at Denden and an embassy opened in Asmara. Same for Eritrea in Mogadishu. And from there we shall develop our relations closer. Lots of lies are being exposed in the region lately.

      2. BAdal, you’re right and rest assure I do not underestimate the relationship we had with China or Somalia during our struggle for liberation of independence. How could I. Nonetheless, I was only point out an error in this article… and please see my response to Nebelbal.

    2. u better LOL on ur ignorancy, because our dear actual President had a great relations and cooperation with the greatest leader Mao Tse Tung, whom awarded twice greater prizes to H.E. President of The Stete of Eritrea for being the most great person among tens of thousands students from all over the world, hence he is still the best.

      1. I too thought Turkey had a resident ambassador as recent as last year. And now a nonresident ambassador? I am not sure what’s going on there

        1. CORRECTION I checked their website and Turkey does have a resident ambassador in Asmara. Sorry, this article is confusing.

          1. Kaleb if you talking about the article above, there is no mention of non resident or otherwise, ignore the loose cannons from TPLF, they would like to paint bad picture to show ERITREA in a dark side, nothing new from hasadat, we have known them from time immemorial what they think of us.

      2. Thanks TN, I remain corrected. It is not my intention to create or spread mis-info. Not at all. I think, I think might have misread this confusedly and poorly written. cheers.

    3. ~
      “bilateral” ካ ትጥፋእ፣ – – – ብ”ባይላተርነቱ” ደኣ!
      ብትኽክል 50 ዓመት ዝገበረ ስእላዊ ጭብጢ እነሀልካ፣

      ሕጂ – – – ቀልጢፍካ ተመርቀፍ’ሞ፣ ናይተን ድሮ ተሓሪደን ዘለዋ 200 ኣእድግክኹም ጉበተ- ኩላሊት ከይተወደአ’ንከሎ፣ ምስ ሹመኛታትኩም ተኾዲጭካ እናመንጨትካ ውሓጥ።

      1. LOL, now I am a Woyane just for pointing out an obvious error. Come on bro, I know you are better than that. I will say it again, Eritrea and China diplomatic relations started in May 1993. Soon after the referendum, both countries began “bilateral” relations by signing a series of agreements, from opening embassies to trade agreements. Yeah, I know a lot about this… but don’t take my word for it, here is an official Chinese statement on this…

        “China established diplomatic relations with the State of Eritrea on May 24 1993 and afterwards the bilateral relations saw a favorable development with frequent friendly visits to each other.”

        Now, you need say sorry… LOL

        Full Link

        1. ~
          ብጌጋ ተርዲካ እንተሊየ’ንድዒ፧

          ስለ’ቲ ምስ 中国 “ጅጮንጕዋ” ንፍርቂ ዘመን ዝጽንሐ ዝምድና ጽምዶ፣ ዘቆናጽብካዮ ክትመስል ” I do see a lot of silly mistakes likes this coming out from Shabait publications…” ዝበልካዮ እንሃለወስ፣ ነቲ ድፕሎማቲካው ምሕዝነት ምስ ቱርኪ’ውን ከይስስን ትህንቀዎ ክትመስል፣ ዕባራ ሓበሬታ’ኳ ከይወሰኽካሉ፣ በጨቕታዊ ሕቶታት ልቅብ ኣበልካሉ።

          ብገርሀኛውያት ኣስማት ሳጓ፣ ውጥም ቅልቅሎም ኣዛይዶም፣ ሃለውለው ዝብሉ ምስ ዝበዝሑ፣ “ብሰንኪ ንቑጽ ጥሉል…” ገረካ’ተልየ፣ ኣይትሓዘለይ!

          1. LOL, I hear you bro … and I am guilty of it myself, at times. Hey I too live in the US. As you pointed out, labeling does stunt discussions quickly, especially political discussions … and have seen it enough to pick up one or two bad habits. Good thing now is I am conscious of it… and I usually catch myself before I do it.

            At any rate, I have seen avoidable mistakes in Shabait publications… and I hope they do something about it. I just don’t accept my own brother’s argument that this is not unusual for foreign publications. His is lame argument is that even famous papers like The Seattle Times and Los Angeles Times are often riddled with spelling and grammatical errors.

            I don’t by this argument for obvious reasons. Besides, I am not the first point out this issue. I hope my clarification helps.

  2. In the 90’s, when the seasoned G-15 were in power, there were somewhere between 30-40 foreign embassies and missions in Eritrea. Today, thanks to G-1, there are only a dozen or so.

      1. Kaleab B, let’s entertain this idiot, and using the idiots own numbers G15 had 30-40 which is at most 2.2 for the idiots seasoned and the G1 the idiot loves to hate is at 12 plus…can he do the math before spewing? Idiots don’t….

    1. Ayte Ugum

      Do you still have a nightmare when ever you see PIA, sorry we can´t help you with your inborn low self-esteem. It is terminal

  3. Btsot belu metsinakum allena kabti holland zeblewo enda azabeh, hallewti democracy “alla weyane style”..but we’ll see how is going to finish the all issue in the legal path, only way YPFDJ knows non kemtom “tequamelti”.

  4. Topic is about Eritrea and China et al. Please Eritreans talk or write about your country otherwise Ethiopia is for Ethiopians only stay out of our affairs. As one of old Eritrean businessman who said “We taught Ethiopians how to dine with forks”. Ethiopia hosts the highest number of refugees in Africa, a large number of whom are fleeing neighbouring Eritrea.

    1. Stay out of our land including Badme if you want us to stay out of your enjera affairs. Till that fulfill, we will keep interfere with your affairs. Simple as that.

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