Local Media Interview with President Isaias

President Isaias Afwerki Jan 28, 2017 interview
President Isaias Afwerki conducted an extensive interview with local media on January 28, 2017 focusing on projected public development programmes and other issues.

By Shabait,

Eritrea’s local media conducted an extensive interview with President Isaias Afwerki yesterday mainly focusing on projected public development programmes for this year and other issues of importance to the domestic audience.

The two-hour long interview was broadcast live on Eri-Tv and Dimtsi Hafash radio station.

In the interview, President Isaias explained in detail projects near completion or that are in the pipeline in the prioritized infrastructural sectors of energy, water, transport and communications as well as in the social sectors of education and health.

President Isaias also elaborated on monetary measures taken and progress achieved to-date to ensure macro-economic stability, the salary increment that the GOE has partially introduced in Civil Service, and, urban housing challenges.

Provision of adequate and reliable power supply for domestic, industrial and agricultural consumptions constitutes GOE priority both in terms of its overall impact for investment and to ameliorate the quality of life, President Isaias explained.

The Hirgigho power plant that was built in the middle of the 1990s has been grappling with a variety of maintenance and functionality problems resulting in frequent power outages in recent years.

For 2017, concrete programmes that will be implemented in this sector include installation of 180 Mega Watt power generations plant that use fossil fuel (gas) and solar energy respectively.

In terms of water supply, President Isaias underlined that the GOE has been channeling substantial investment for the construction of dams in all three development zones in the country in the past two years. The Gahtelai dam in the Eastern Development Zone, is slated for completion in 2017.

The aggregate volume of water harvested in these dams so far reaches around 250 million cubic and will probably amount to around 300 million cubic meters towards the end of the year taking the infrastructural works underway into account.

In transport, government priorities for this year will be focused on addressing the challenges and paucity of air and sea transport facilities that the country is facing. Road transport maintenance and ensuring increased access to affordable transport to the public will remain areas of government priority, President Isaias stated.

Human capital development has always remained a crucial objective of government intervention in the past years. In this respect, the GOE will continue to funnel substantial investment in education and health to ensure equity, greater access and better services to the public.

President Isaias also explained the rationale behind the phased salary increments to the Civil Service. The overriding objective was to ensure priority in the first phase to those at the lowest rung in the army and the Civil Service (new entrants from the Institutions of Higher Education) while documentation that must take into account seniority, job complexity and other vital parameters are worked out for the subsequent phases.

In the second day of his interview with national media outlets on Saturday evening, President Isaias Afwerki dwelt mostly on important regional and global issues.

President Isaias also described in greater detail current urban housing problems and the GOE’s planned schemes that are aimed at addressing, incrementally, the prevailing acute shortages in the capital and other urban centers. President Isaias also described the broad contours of the constitution drafting process underway and associated efforts to strengthen the PFDJ.

In regard to international and regional realities, President Isaias explained in depth the various conflagrations that have erupted in the past 25 years in the Middle-Eastern, North Africa, the Horn of Africa and other flashpoints of war and conflict. Misguided policies anchored on domination and hegemony in a uni-polar global order were largely the causes of these costly upheavals, President Isaias underlined. Eritrea has also been ensnared in this whirlwind and compelled to face unwarranted border wars, sanctions and harassment under the spurious pretext of “human rights violations”.

In regard to the political crisis in Ethiopia, President Isaias stated that the spontaneous and extensive public protests were spurred by dangerous policies of institutionalized ethnicity and fragmentation pursued by the TPLF regime and its backers so as to monopolize power by fomenting division. The regime’s futile attempts to attribute the crisis to external scapegoats and blame Egypt and Eritrea was disingenuous and largely meant to deflect attention from the quagmire of its own making.

President Isaias also spoke about the elections in the US as well as emerging trends in Europe describing these events as a “phenomena” linked to imbalances and inherent flaws of a unipolar global order.

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  1. Courtesy of Yohanna Paulos ‏@YohannaPaulos:

    “Economic growth is dependable on infrastructure of reliable transportation & Massawa Int’l Airport must be fully functional”

    “Generating sustainable energy is a priority because it has been a longstanding hindrance to economic growth”

    “Moving towards incorporation of renewable energy in 2017 will be both sufficient and environmentally sustainable”

    “Concentration on efficient use of water reservoirs & modern farming to yield crop harvests twice a year”

    “Tangible fiscal growth is unattainable without the basics of food security, clean water, health & education”

    1. Courtesy of Gerahtu ‏@T_Gerahtu)

      “Eritrea’s foreign policy is anchored on complementarity and stable neighbourhood.”

      “National capacity is a vital factor in the effort to bring structural transformation in Eritrea’s development practice.”

      “Eritrea evaluated the experiences & situation of Housing sector and now embarking into affordable housing technology.”

      1. TN, why not bring that foreign policy message to the AU this week, let’s see how well he can be received by African heads of states? Also, do we have you vote to allow Morocca back in the AU or not? Just curious

        1. King of Morocco has visited your country last month to bribe your corrupt gov’t to the tune of $5 billion in the name of investment. It was meant to get Ethiopia’s vote during this week’s highly anticipated debate on its fate.

          I don’t think Eritrea will take a different stand than the collective African Union’s. There are few conditions Morroco has to fulfil before its re-admission. That’s what Eritrea to honor this week. If Morocco didn’t get it’s re-admission status, then you can kiss your investment agreement good bye. We shall see how it will transpire in few days.

      2. That sounds good and wish what you/Gerahtu say is the fact on the ground.
        – do we we have stable and complementary neighborhood? Which policy?Or full of chaos and confrontations…..
        -is the majority of national/Eritrean human resource the skilled and educated youth inside or going outside of the nation for various reasons? National capacity at ???
        -embarking into affordable housing sector? Check the facts from the PIA speech—
        It was all try and error with out tangible outcome so far/26 years!

    2. “Economic growth is dependable on infrastructure of reliable transportation & Massawa Int’l Airport must be fully functional”

      You forgot to add that Massawa International Airport has been open for several years now. Years have passed by and the airport has hardly been used. None of the major international airlines flying to Eritrea use Massawa airport. When Kubrom Dafla was CEO of Eritrean Airlines (until 2009) he recalled a meeting he had with the president. He asked for funding so that the nations flag carrier could acquire additional aircraft. The president finally was convinced by the board of the airlines. But just as they were about to leave, the president out of nothing demanded that Eritrean Airlines move its operations to Massawa Airport. The board members were stunned by this request and told him they would consider it, but that such decisions should be left to be made by the company and its board. This is a clear example of the presidents meddling into day to day affair of the airlines. Dafla who has held numerous meetings with PIA, called this man a sadist and said the airlines would be doomed as long as the president wants to micromanage every decision.

      In 2009 he defected (after serving EPLF/PFDJ/Eritrean Government for three decades) and since then he has given numerous interviews (available on yt) that gave us an insight into how Eritrean Airlines got to its abysmal state it is currently in. The aviation industry is just one example of where one man planning has gone wrong. The result is out there for everyone to see. Eritrean Airlines is barely functioning and Massawa International Airport is a white elephant project. Wouldn’t you consider it a task TN, to examine these subjects? You could start by doing an interview with the former Eri Airlines CEO Kubrom Dafla. Or perhaps with his predecessor who also defected the country in frustration (Captain Asres). Or with one of the heads of Eritrean Airlines after Kubrom (Teklemariam Tedla).

      1. Senior Official Exposes Washington’s Pressure to Undermine the Work Plans of Eritrean Airlines

        (Asmara, 27 June 2011) – A senior Eritrean Foreign Ministry official said that the US Administration has applied pressure prohibiting companies from leasing aircraft to Eritrea.

        He stated that Washington is resorting to such illegal acts as part of its hostile attempts of stiffening anti-Eritrea sanctions, at a time when the Eritrean government is engaged in programs of buying and leasing of passenger planes under a new Pakistani management.

        The official further pointed out that this hostile act is not something new, and that the US attempt to prohibit the buying and leasing of passenger planes for Eritrean Airlines under the guise of bizarre arguments that ‘the planes could be used for military purpose’ constitutes but sheer act of mockery.

        Noting that at a time when hostile quarters have failed to gather any valid evidence for ‘stiffening sanctions’ against Eritrea, the same forces are presently engaged in futile attempts to impede Eritrea’s development drive through blatantly trying to link the Bisha mining project, Eritrean Airlines and the purchase of machineries …with irrelevant issues.

        In this connection, the senior Foreign Ministry official underscored that the assortment of lies and baseless accusations that should be thrown into the dustbin of history are but to no avail. Such acts are also the outcome of disturbed minds, he added.


        1. Ahh dear TN editor. You do realize that Eritrean Airlines under Captain Asres started way back in 2003. That was years and years before there was even a hint of an SEMG and sanctions on Eritrea. Furthermore you forgot to mention that the Pakistani management that shabait article is referring to (Shakil Afab Kashmirwala) has long since left. You should interview Hagos Kisha about how they found this guy and how they view him now (hint: not very favorably).
          Instead of copy pasting a shabait article from 2011 where an undisclosed senior foreign ministry official is quoted, try to look critically at the sorry state our nations flag carrier is in. Eritrean Airlines’ difficulties started from the very beginning in the early 2000’s. Massawa International Airport was finished years before there was even anything resembling sanctions. Instead of hoping for better times by quoting the repeated mantra of the president for life, why are not be more critical? Our aviation industry is in a terrible shape and it would be worthwhile for you to explore why. My advice would be to interview the former chief of our flag carrier I previously mentioned. Not only was he head of the airlines for over 5 years, he was also the head of Himbol finance, senior official at the Ministry of Trade and Industry and senior official at the Red Sea Trading Corporation. He has extensive knowledge about the governments mismanagement of the economy and would provide relevant and critical information about the last two decades. That is, of course, if you are truly interested in giving a realistic picture of the state of Eritrea’s economy/aviation industry.

          1. Why don’t you come up, with the relevant evidence yourself, instead of trying to send TN on a wild- goose chase? That way you can debunk both TN and shabait. But you got, obviously: NOTHING!

          2. Why am I wasting my valuable time talking to some one who accidentally become the manager of Eritrean Airlines without any prior airline management work experience . To gain what?

            You must be one funny personality otherwise, you wouldn’t buy such a one-sided story told by an experienced salesman about Eritrean airlines management. Sales was what Dafla good at and that was exactly why all of his work assignments are related to buying and selling! Nothing else.

            Dafla knows nothing about the dynamics of Eritrean politics or international relations. He never held a Ministerial position nor were a Cabinet member. He never worked at any executive level of gov’t (foreign ministry or president office). So his knowledge of the ongoing political dynamics against Eritrea was limited. That’s why, after his defection, he never run his mouth on some government secrets other than his version of the tale on Eritrean airlines.

            Of course, he was a trusted veteran and he may be at the forefront (may be I’m exaggerating) on most of Gov’t purchases (non-military) including, of course, a passenger plane. He may undoubtedly have experience transacting millions $$ when he was working for the Red Sea Corporation or Himbol. Not a secret at all. So where is the big deal if the gov’t put some trust and assign him to “manage” an ailing national carrier based entirely on his “sales / purchasing” ability rather than his “collective know-how” of airline management (because he has NONE)?

            Dafla might have spoken from the position of knowledge about the problems within the Eritrean Airlines but he NEVER mentioned, not once, that he himself could be part of the problem or his ZERO airline management skill may have contributed to the problem that he is openly criticizing the gov’t for. Because he is the only one talking at the moment, he might felt safe to conveniently point his ugly finger at everyone for the failure except himself. That’s where I disagree and in fact TRASH his side of the story “altogether”. He may have succeeded to fool around some “wala Tinfer Tel’Eya” people like you but not a chance here.

            However, this is not by no means to say the government is not somehow responsible for any failures. It definitely does. But Dafla can not excuse himself by throwing his “utter failure” of managing an airline entirely over the government. May be that’s why he fled the country, to run away from being held responsible,… I wish I know.

            The fact of the matter is, establishing a national carrier can not be that simple, trust me. If it was so, Uganda and other relatively stable African countries would have their own national carrier by now.

            The reason why I brought the above gov’t accusation is to remind you that there were/are constant hostilities from the U.S. administration to undermine and frustrate any significant efforts made by the government to revive the economy, be it mining, airline or machinery. END.

          3. I would have considered your attack on Dafla legitimate. the problem is in your mind everyone that opposes Isaias is always a bad person, always traitor. Everyone! Even if your mom were to criticize him you would considre her bad, trailtor wrongful…..
            you say Dafla points his fingers at everyone but himself. But for over 50 years, isn’t that exactly what Isaias does? It is CIA, or Woyanes, or the UN or the G15. It is always someone elses fault, never his fault. Do you deny this?

          4. “It is CIA, or Woyanes, or the UN or the G15.”
            I don’t have to add anything else, you unknowingly said it all by stating some of the enemies of Eritrea – you monkey head. LOL

          5. You made my day.If you utter a different views here on this site expect name calling or worst.I have been part if this website for long now and at some time defended TN from defamation.But over the last 2 years he has changed.Maybe he is getting old.You have the same pfdj fanatics who live by name calling and offer 0 to the debate.T

          6. Selam TN:
            With all due respect,Sir:
            The US Hostility started when,now?
            When did the Pakistani Manager take over ,for God’s sake?
            I don not believe that you have a Moral Ground to accuse Veteran Eritreans, who have been on the business and in Armed Struggle as well for their entire lives.
            I think it is better for you to SHUT up your mouth and wait until Democracy is full declared in Eritrea so that you can say what you want, when during that “Waiting Time/Grace period”, things night even get worse.
            You blame people by saying that they have no clue about the Internal working of the System.
            Do you have any idea how the One-man System has been working?
            Please clarify.
            Ato Kibrom Dafla does not have to work in the Office of President or to be a Minster to tell us about how the Eritrean Airlines has been functioning, or malfunctioning, rather.
            Do you believe that Col Tesfalidet of the President’s Top Security Unit/Department Officer and/or Min Yemane Ghebremeskel would know how the One-man System in general and the Airlines business
            in particular have been fu8nctioning?
            What about the Top NOTCH experienced X-Ethiopian Airlines Experts of Eritrean Origin,who made the Ethiopian Airlines what and where it has been?
            You are entitled to your Opinion and to adore any one you want but you are NOT entitled to twisting facts and Truth under any circumstance, Sir!
            Let the concerned express their concerns, grievances and opinions..
            If you have the Gut and Courage, can you interview Ato Kibrom Dafla and Ato Asres and some defected Eritrean Pilots, who defected since 1997?
            Mind you that you are belittling Top Notch experts, who are working in Seattle, the very origin of the Top World Airlines Industry.

          7. But accusing people like President Isaias of everything under the sun, by the likes of you is ok? Isn’t he, the veterans’ veteran?

          8. Failure to have a successful Airline in Uganda would not be as excuse for Eritreans. Back in early 2000s a former prominent member of one the successful airline in the world made their way to Eritrea soil to use their skills, knowledge and experience which back prior 1998 their contribution to Ethiopian Airline were immense but the gov failed to capitalised their vision to have successful air industry. In general our economy alone is in mess.

            Why do we always have some entities to blame for every single things that goes against this govt wish?. It’s true all countries working towards their own interest and may brought you a problem if you don’t go their way but I’d say if anyone is to blame for our country’s problems, it’s the president and his co who denied the Eritrean people to exercise their God given right, to choose their own representative, to create jobs and open business in their own land. In no way the president could have justifications for denial of justice to his own citizen, the level of violence present in the country, torture, arbitrary arrest, indefinite service etc… has the authorities attempt to clean themselves from all the mess in the country? The answer is no. In contrary, as well as the external enemies of the country the president and his co pushing citizens towards the edge of deep trench.

            Yet again, from the latest interview he’s unable to give us a clear direction where the country is heading. We don’t even know the country budget, fiscal, and economic policy. His 25 years in power proven that something is wrong with him. We have seen the same pattern for a years and I am hoping the wind for a change may come soon.

          9. I am using this platform to challenge idea or comments which I think otherwise so please be civilised and excercise your freedom being outside Eritrea rather insulting someone you don’t even know in flesh.

          10. Look at Libya, Siria, Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan and Yemen these are the countries destablised by the west except siria thanks to Russia but for Eritrea not only we survive without any help we advanced our economy to the next level. Thank you for great leader ship of PIA

          11. “GOD given right, to choose their own representative, to create jobs and open business in their own land” Haha!

            That statement above all your other incoherent ramblings really made me laugh. Because we all know that it is clearly stated in one of the 10 commandments that “tho shalt haveth constitutional democracy and neoliberal economic policies”

            You are right in one aspect though, the winds of change have began, but they are not blowing in the direction in which you had hoped, in fact the exact opposite…get it?

            With much pomposity was it pronounced that the state of Eritrea would not be viable for very long, and that it was well on it’s way to becoming a failed state. All the well respected think tanks, policy wonks, and journals all sang the same siren song and that the winds of change would blow towards Eritrea…where are their in depth analysis now?

      2. are you seriously expecting this website to post something negative about z dictatorship????????
        you are naive. the man behind this site is regime supporter in north america. i know him and met him few times. he will blame cia or weyane for airport failing. you better be careful maybe he will blame you before also. dont be so naive man.

      3. When PIA initiated to build our Air force so many of the big brass opposed him claiming we can’t afford so much millions of dollars plus TPLF is our ally we don’t have enemy Ethiopian regime any more, that is going to attack us.He ignored their narrow minded and went on building Eritrean Air Force.The rest is history.Then when he initiated To build Sawa and every 18 years Eritrean Men and Women should be trained militarily mandatory so as a few people every Eritrean able bodied should know how to defend him/her will be able to defend himself and for those who can’t defend themselves (the elderly and infants and children) he got opposed again by the big brass claiming we only need regular Army.But he started it from scratch with hands on management till this day 27 rounds. So i believe in the saying “heroes are made but leaders are born.

      4. It is the usual empty promises from one man rule without zero accountability, it doesn’t require so much to notice that even Eri-TV journalists are scared of asking him questions. When one have president for life, nothing good will come out of it. May God save our country from this madness we are in. I remember in old times in Asmara where streets were empty when Issey as gave interview, now no one cares even to listen part of the interview let alone the the whole.

        1. “It is the usual empty promises from one man rule ‘without zero’ accountability,” and if it is indeed what you believe, why contradict yourself? The sad thing is the president has addressed not only the questions you may have even those that you have not thought of yet. The word accountability in your case does not make a valid sense. in the mean time waste away your precious time thinking you know better than anyone else.

  2. “ኤርትራ ምስ ስዑዲ ዓረብን ግብጽን ካልኦት ከም ኤሜረት ቀጠርን ዝኣመሰላ ሃገራት ኣብዘን ሰለስተ ዓመታት ብወተሃደራውን ቁጠባውን ዲፕሎማስያውን ዝሰረቱ ናይ ምትሕግጋዝ መስሪትና ኣለና፡ እዚ ከኣ ን25 ዓመታት ንደልዮ ዝነበርና እኳ እንተኾነ ምስቲ ኣብ ሱዕድን ግብጽን ዝነበሩ ስርዓታት ክሰርሓልና ኣይከኣለን ኔሩ፡ ምስ ምምጻእ ሓደሽቲ ስርዓታት ኣብዘን ሃገራትግና ድልዱል ኪዳን መስሪትና ኣለና::” – ፕረዚደንት ኢሰያስ ኣፍወርቂ

    1. TN,
      It would be nice to translate that which is not in English, videos or otherwise. That is one thing tesfanews lacks. Remember not all of us can read, write, or speak tigrinya, amharic, etc.
      Thank you

      1. Well, I’m not TN but I have a nice recommendation for you. Why don’t you first go back to your country that your so called represent “for life” and learn Tigrinya, Arabic if you choose or Amharic and we will save the video of the interview, promise it will always be here. I truly hate people like you, if you can’t speak it and barely understand the culture, why do you feel the need to stick your nose in the affairs of Africa? Just sit there and tell us about the state of mind of Trump or congress. The nerve of you calling people traitors for disagreeing. What exactly have you done to your Eritrea except writing illogical comments in all CAPS that’s been blinding my freaking eyes? Wey gud, this world might be coming to an end.

      2. “Within the past three years, Eritrea managed to establish strategic relation with Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar on the basis of military, diplomatic and economic cooperation.

        Although that was what we have been caling for the last 25 years, it couldn’t come to realization mainly due to the regimes in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. However, with the coming in to power of new governments in both countries, we manage to form a formidable alliance.” – President Isaias Afwerki

    1. Yeah, wise guy! The subjects under discussion, belie your claim. But PIA’s apparently still youthful look, makes it look like 1992.

  3. I swear, when he was at Addis university, he must have wanted to be a lecturer. Every year, it’s the same thing about what we can do but nothing to show for it. I like the fact he was willing to identify few failures but not good enough for 26 years in power. He reminds me of one of my uncle, every time I ask him for something, he goes in a tangent about how it used to be in his days growing up. How many years can the youth listen to this, electric yelen, water yelen and Airport yelen? He continued, growth only comes after food security but how in the hell can you achieve food security? By being proud as if the people are not hungry or can’t use any kind of they can get? Who made him God exactly? Iway Eritrea, what’s even sad to see in this whole “interview”? The three so called journalists can’t even bring up the topic of people in jail without due process or making peace with the neighbors, at least Djibouti. SMH

    1. Ethiopia received close to $1.6 Billions of AID every year from the USA and EU since the 1990’s. Whatever happened to the money? For sure, the Oromo people have nothing. Did the Woyane steal the money and deposit it in European and American banks? How many Ethiopian journalists ask Hailemariam about the whereabouts of this money?

  4. Daniel….I think it is a little misleading to suggest that the Eritrean government didn’t support the Eritrean airlines when the facts suggest otherwise. I happen to know one of the people who were in charge of the first phase of this airline and also meet the last CEO in his office and the fact is contrary to what you make us belive. At the early stage of the airline the main task was given mostly for xethiopian airline pilots and employees deported from ethiopia. This new employees didn’t advance the new airline to more competitive airline rather than decline due to their self centered ego and patronizing grouping attitude.
    They failed the new airline due to their personal rivalry and the high competitive nature of the business but not lack of support from the government. Massawa airport is a strategic asset not white elephant project as you have stated to Eritrea in terms of the proximity to major transportation hub and current and future business prospect. I visited the airport 2 years ago and saw first hand the modern concrete runway with potential for expansion depending on the business need.
    They have modern master plan to expand the terminal and can easily become modern airport with many runways at sea level. Being near a beautiful massawa and nearby islands and resorts the positive outweighed the negative compared to any place in eritrea. The future is positve and enormous in terms of service ,employment and source of revenue for the country.

      1. The future that doesn’t involve YOUR STICKY THINKING! As the wise words of Buddha once said, which I believe it relates to Eritrea in every way:

        “DO NOT DWELL IN THE PAST (30-year struggle but never forget the lessons)
        DO NOT DREAM OF THE FUTURE (fake double digit growth/ 2025 middle income BS pipe dream), CONCENTRATE THE MIND ON THE PRESENT MOMENT (thrive on the daily basis by building favorable conditions for TOMORROW.”

        Inch by inch it’s a cinch yard by yard it’s hard 🙂

        1. I love it.I consider my self spiritual (i hate organized religion) I read a lot about Buddhism i love it as a philosophy and a way of life..By the way our leaders Romadan Mehamednur Isaias Afewerki got their military and political training in China.I guess they have read some Buddhist books on their personal break time.

        2. Buddhism is awesome. I wish that could have enter Eritrea/Africa rather than the idiotic pathetic religion’s of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The three above religion are literally retarded. I am not talking about some of the universal principles contained within those religion, but the nonsense, such as Jesus being the son of God in flesh crap, walked on water, 70 virgins…, etc.

          1. You see what I mean about illogical? Here you are not even able to understand the interview but told people to shut up for not appreciating your king. Then, that wasn’t enough for you, you completely disrespected the entire Africa for not worshiping a midget with a huge belly and sitting like he had too much injera? Please sir, I will buy you ticket to visit so that nasty mouth can be washed by holy water or as our Muslim people call it Zemzem, komal.

          2. ኣሌክ - Alec you · Edit

            Indeed it is, but for the sake of respect and peace…mutual self-interest is the only way forward. Cuz if u force things, the outcome of it is undesirable. Cuz when it comes to beliefs, it’s personal.

            So, let’s just keep on build our country in peace!! And soon when ppl open their eyes they will choose the right enlightenment. That’s what freewill is all about after all. Find ur own way!! When it comes to beliefs it has to be on ur own terms, Cuz if u follow someone like all the religions have certain someone/leader u can get mislead. And round round u go. So say I believe in that force that gave me life – call is God or not whatever. It’s ur beliefs that matters. And don’t try to force ur believes on someone. But I got u,***through enlightenment is the only way forward***???????? just be carful with the agul bahili followers.

      2. Don’t be sarcastic Rome wasn’t built in a day. You have to have the basic infrastructure such as water, electricity, road, cold storage etc..before embarking on major projects. Considering the hostility and the sabotage Eritrea faced the achievements are worthy of a praise not demeaning. Investment in the red sea region isn’t possible without the security of water and electricity.
        The Hirgigo dam and others secured this void and major projects can start anytime. PIA stated in his interview the rehabilitation of the old and new roads, new housing around Asmara possibly all over major population centers,the completion of housing in Massawa and Asmara, new communication infrastructure by the Chinese, many farming related production not to mention undisclosed projects etc to mention a few. This is a year Eritrea will mobilize for a new chapter in terms of development not a bullet speed train or fancy skyscraper some day dreamers like to see. Can’t wait to be part of this new endeavor and the future started today.

        1. Selam Redsealove:
          I like your positive attitude and optimism but it is taking time.
          Please tell us as to why PIA shied away from talking about the killed Constitution, Fishing and Tourism Industry and Private Economy.
          Please have your say.
          We cannot even provide clean water and basic Electric Power for 15 years for the Capital City.
          I lived in Asmera during the Derghi Era but not sure we had such continuous Power and Clean water shortage.
          Something should be wrong here.

          1. Ata Agame you said “i lived in Asmera during Dergi Era” were you a solder or spy for the Dergi.Get the fuck out our Eritrean Website.Let me finish by the new NIC PIA gave you SHEKELTI .We just love the guy,he knows how to fuck Weyane’s brain.He said the SHEKELTI (servants weyane) are in intensive care,now the( employers,MASTERS USA<EU)ASHEKELTI are having sleepless nights to save their servants.

          2. Can u spare this guy for a nanosecond from your dirty and filthy mouth,please ?
            I think the Agames are doing their home work besides ruling and controlling a 100 million people but your own Leadership cannot even provide the Capital City with basic necessities of life!
            Get it real!
            I thought he/”Justice” made a disclaimer claiming that he was a Real Fedayeen in Keren embedded within the Derghi Army!


          4. ኣሌክ - Alec you · Edit

            Haha..”Derghi Era”

            Those who yearns for the “Derghi Era”.. either they’re bastards of the Derg or the erayat deqi komandis nay enda sirnay, and we all know why the deqi komandis hate hizbawi Gnbar, cuz Hizbawi Ginbar is the one that destroyed them, and of-cours like the say=>> the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Eritrea’s progress means a headache to u bastards.????

            So keep on yearning wedi komarit and soon ur beloved Tigray is also going to be hell on earth. ????

    1. Mr Insider:
      Can you elaborate to the Forum as to why the Massawa Airport is being” sabotaged” by the other International Airliners?
      (Lufthansa and Qatar Airways among others)
      Safety issue?
      Part of the usual sabotage or some technical issues?

      1. Justice Agame why is Eritrea sanctioned? For your information Massawa airport was certified by Lufthansa that it is world class airpoort. The rest is every airline works for profit,So i am not in the board of Lufthansa or Qatar airlines to give you why they stop service to Eritrea.But i know for sure when i am visiting Eritrea as long as i got the $ some airline will take me there while kissing my ASS.

      2. You are blabbering from a point of absolute ignorance. You don’t know what you are talking … and that is why you are full of WHY? WHY? WHY? When was the last time you were in Eritrea? A decade ago? Have you been in Massawa Airport yourself? Of course NOT. You sound and act like those who complained about the closure of Asmara University with out any knowledge of the University itslef, its capacity, location, etc… They never studied there but they can tell you about the quality of the education. What a bunch of hypocrites.

        Birds of the same feather fly together. That’s exactly what the loser Dafla was talking – from a position of total “ignorance”. He accepts a position of “Airport Managment” (he has never been a CEO by the way) for over four years with out an iota of prior knowledge or experience of an airlines industry….for God’s sake … and now when his ignorance yield a complete disaster, he fled the country and tell stories on how PIA killed the airlines. … guys, please get a decent life elsewhere. Enough with your nonsense. STOP with your complaining, blaming and whining. If you really care and want to know about Eritrea, just go and see it for yourself. Ask relevant people and learn something that you are not aware of before at the same time. No you can’t do that. Because you’re full of yourself.

        1. (Courtesy of Yared Tesfay)

          Gash Barka, January 2017 – I visited the sub-zones of Golij, Barentu, Shambuko, Gerset, Kerkebet, Alebu, Sawa, Forto Sawa and Molqui, during which I saw the 280-hectare cultivation of cotton, sugarcane, orange and palm within the Gerset farming project, 90 thousand hectares of crop cultivation in Golij sub-zone, and another 15,500 hectares of crop cultivation in Tessenai / AliGedir sub-zone. Gash Barka is just in a Magnificent Conditions – VIVA ERITREA!


          1. TN, You are super! Thank you for the eye witness development account in the motherland, Eritrea. ዝወዓለ ይንገርካ’ዩ። እንተ ናይ በዓል “እገለ”፣ ብዘበን ዉበ ዝዓወረስ ዉበ ክብል ነበር እዩ። ምስቶም ዝሰርሑ ዘለዉ ጥራሕ ደው ንበል። እቲ ዉጺኢት ስራሕ ባዕሉ ክዛረብ እዩ።

        2. Sir:
          You own PIA admitted that most Projects have failed.
          If you really care about Eritrea and Eritreans, let us walk the talk and debate as to why the projects failed so that the future projects will not fail.
          Again, Ato Dafla does NOT have to be a CEO or a Manager to express what he witnessed.
          Get it real and address the problems that made the Eri Flag Carrier to fail.
          Do NOT blame the CIA only.
          CIA might be one factor but the CIA never interfered in the Eri Lines Business until 2006 or 2009.
          Plus, PIA admitted that many projects failed, and could that Eri Lines Project be one of them?

    2. Let me add in your comment about for those who say Massawa Airport is Elephant project like all the Eritrean haters say so.Any sane Eritrean knows the airport of Asmara is located in 2300 meters wich from my own experience i took a trip october wich the sky was covered with dark smog the pilot can’t land the plain and took us back to Jidda. So one of the befit of Massawa airport is located in the sea level totally sky and earth .So from now on if Asmara airprt is too cloudy to land all they have to do is land in Massawa Airport.AMONG ALL THE OTHER GOOD REASONS THAT IS BEING BUILT.But REDSEALOVE it is hard to make a person who is blinded by hatred to see.But we will never give up from educating each other and enlightening our naive BRO/SIS.keep fighting the good fight.

  5. The absence of parliament, press freedom, closure of private newspapers, the status of the G15 and journalists, the indefinite nature of the national service….
    Year after year, interview after interview, why is he never asked about these pertinent issues? Why is it taboo to ask him these questions? I am not blaming the hostages (the interviewers). A leader that lacks the courage to face and answer questions is not a leader at all. Ato Isaias himself is a hostage of his own misdeeds. He knows well there is an end to everything, as there is the biginning.

  6. Every government should be criticised constructively. Healthy criticism helps us grow as individuals. Healthy criticism helps governments to pay attention to their shortcomings. Eritrean government should be held accountable by its citizens. Eritrean government has many shortcomings and lots more room to grow. The shortcomings of the government should be seen as an apportunty to grow and to do a better job, but not as hindrance.

    Now saying that. Let’s put the Eritrean citizens on spot light. The Eritreans in Eritrea could say that the government policies in Eritrea is not business friendly. Therefore, Eritrean private sector is unable to grow to its fullest potential inside Eritrea. The GOE private business policies inside Eritrea could be up for discussion, but…..

    How about the Eritreans in diaspora? How come we do not have a cooperative business ventures. For instance look at the Jewish people in diaspora. Eritreans have been living in diaspora for the past 50 years. There are some Eritrean individuals that are very successful. However, as Eritreans we lack the the cooperative business activities/ventures that the modern world requires for any measurable success in this globalized world. Let’s examine ourselves before we cast the first stone. So, what is our excuses in the diaspora?

    1. You may not know this buy many diaspora Eritreans did try to invest in Eritrea, and many did move back but the government anti-business polices forced most of them to give up and return to their host countries. One simple question is that because of open ended national service (many of us support up to 18 months NS) it hard to find labour force. In the current business environment in Eritrea it is impossible to have a business’s unless you are wellconnected individual. We Eritreans are very nationalist and would love to invest in our country but with the current government it is impossible task.

      1. There are many selfish bastards in the diaspora like you. Why would the government be anti-business? I am sure they have good reason why they choose to take this path. People have died and bleed for that country and your bitching about defending and building your nation. Even if it means free labor for life, you at least owe your sweat and time. You want to go back or leave to a host country, then do so, but STOP whining

      2. What do you mean by government is anti business? Do you mean those small scale Mom and Pop traders or the big scale mining/commercial companies. If you have the real$$$ to invest on the real business with real proposal you can visit the investment office in Asmara. They will give you the investment booklet on what kind of business open for investment and the government support based on the size the proposed busines. Visit the office talk to the people and you might get a chance to discuss with the people on top. I know this because I visited the office to get the facts and you should visit to straighten your fact.

        1. Thank you RedSeaLove. That’s what I am trying to tell these good-for-nothing complainers. Let them dare to visit the country in person, access the potential and learn more by asking relevant persons, not by repeating a make-believe story told by a run-away salesman-turned-airlines-CEO, like a broken record.

          1. The best way to educate the public is by example. Is there any Eritrean (diaspora Eritrean) that became a success story in Eritrea? If there is, then TN could share his/her experience doing business in Eritrea with the Eritrean public that might notbknow how to take advantage of the opportunities in Eritrea.

          2. Over 90% of small businesss are owned and operated by Eritreans. Unlike other developing countries in economic hardship Eritreans are resilant and flexible with the up and down of running business. Most of the business are full of consumers from the restaurant, hotels, taxi,the marketplace, nightclubs,etc…. Construction and high-end tourism excluded for a time being and should open soon.. The successful drinking water business can’t satisfy the demand so does the dairy industry to mention few. You don’t see business closing for lack of consumers and they open in a few days if closed for tax and other reasons. That’s why people will find it difficult to open new busines by their own without partnership with the current owners. Good luck if you expect to buy existing business if you do most likely paid sky high price ! That’s why I say go and visit.

        2. weyguuuddd. from my understanding you want the eritrean individuals to come up with $100 -300 million dollars inorder to invest in their own country. what is the matter with you pal?

          1. okay he said if you can invest in projects similar to mining industry , hence in my understanding that requires big capital.

          2. My bad!, I missed that part of his statement… you are right.
            In any case, what I understood from him was investment that is good for the general public, that creates jobs for many, as opposed opening a small convenience store or furniture store.

          3. I understand that hence why big capital investors are invited but at the same time if the people of one country look after them selves by opening convenient shops , or any legal small business I would be glad. At the end of the day it is hard for any government to create a job for each citizens. any how I understand the priority of our government is national security .

          4. Mikejones:
            Here my naive suggestion:
            If each able ERITREAN donates a one time gift of $100-300,that will take care of 2-3 major infrastructures just as a STARTER:


            3)Basic Solar Energy distribution

          5. Btw, they also happen to be the ones hypocritically sanctioning Eritrea, knowing full well what their founding fathers, that they idolize till this day, have done to millions within there nation for hundreds of years so that they could permanently establish themselves in the positions of power and wealth that they hold currently.

          6. Dude,we are not talking about Aid Money abuse like the TPLF Junta way.
            The whole notion of the 2% Rehab Tax was for developing our nation’s Infrastructure.But since th2 % Tax failed,we are suggesting a better way of helpingthe needy Nation.
            But to answer your question directly,the Philippine Economy is almost dependent on its Diaspora : “Donation” or Contribution, to be fair.
            The initially Euphoric Eri Diaspora was funneling more than $400 Million per annum to Eritrea in the very words of the Eri Gov Officials.

        3. Redsealove:
          a)Are you a newborn to ERITREAN Politics?

          b)If the Private Economy is banned or not encouraged,how do you expect Citizens to be involved in Investment?

          c)dAre you telling us that the Diaspora ERITREANS have not tried to invest in Eritrea before?

          d)If there are NO:

          1)Governing Constitution and Guiding Laws and Concrete Judicial System

          2)Strong Instituitions

          3)Dedicated and set up rules and regulations for checks and balances
          How in the world would you expect for people to confedntly run businesses and Investments?

          -Have you ever personally tried investing in Eritra other than visiting the Investment Office?

          Have you ever heard some weirdo stories about the fate of the Omo Factory Owner and the Sembel Mall Owner?

          Thre is a LONG LONG WAY to go bro/sis!

          1. Are you talking about those shady characters and so called 100 nakfa business men tax evaders or the current successful small business and multinational companies happily doing busines in eritrea now.

          2. resealove just for my knowledge are you able to mention a successful small or large scale businesses owned by Eritreans in Eritrea.

          3. Admittedly, farming is not very lucrative nonethless is it not considered a bussiness. Aside from that there are many hotels, restaurants, driving schools etc

          4. Indeed, the list is endless, my guess is Mr.Jones, and unless compared to McDonald’s, might not accept bar Solomon in enda Mariam or meley and workawit at edga hamus or the corner pocket lataria at enda slassie bus terminal, owned and operated by Eritrean as successful. Let’s take him to keren and show him sarina, coastina bana, nghisti ghliay and Cecilia along hotel yohannes and many other. Go further to hagaz alags beit shahie wedi kahssay, ketsil nab haicota bYeman tsegab ab ZmerTs’kayo enda temegebka, arrive in barentu family united k’kbeleka kbrom’s nWoghah tBel leytee awonzuFka, merhaba merhaba mehderee hotelka, kab bar and beit blE shigey bus terminal teAzeba….downtown barentu bar Algeria alatlka. Kidd Tesenei kTrekBo Coastina, shuk sheAb sheia favorite enda harun aleka. Selam selam gual Eyob…..eNafkekee mara! Anyways it’s too many to list but agro, industry, small business all are almost owned by individuals-citizens!

  7. I normally don’t trust Indian Ocean Newsletter (ION) as a credible news source but here is what it reports today about a possible re-shuffle of cabinets in Asmara, and in a way, it sounds plausible to me, so I share it here with you:

    President Isaias Afwerki, having made changes at the top of the army in August [not sure if this is correct] is now preparing to reshuffle his cabinet.

    According to our sources, the Justice Minister Fawzia Hashim, who has held his post for 25 years, will be appointed Eritrea’s representative to the Arab League.

    Moussa Hassan Naib, the current director general of the Ministry of Education, is a likely replacement.

    This veteran of the liberation war, from a family of Tigray/Balaw chiefs from Massawa-Herguigo, is a lawyer by training. After Eritrea gained independence from Ethiopia in 1993, Naib served as Attorney General and sat, with his sister Amna Hassan Naib – of the commission that drafted the new country’s constitution.

    Another important player is the current Minister of Information and Government Spokesman Yemane Gebremeskel. He will take the lead in Eritrea’s mission to the United Nations, which has been vacant since the death of Girma Asmerom in October.

    1. TN:
      Does it mean that now you trust it?
      If so,it is good news that:
      – Attorney Mussa Naib will be the Justice Minister
      -That Eritrea shall be represented at the Arab League by an ERITREAN Veteran Woman
      -Yemane Ghereab shall replace Osman Salih as a Foreign Minister
      That is a good move in my opinion!

      1. As I said, the news (not yet confirmed by my side yet) has some probable fits and coincides with the urgent need of filing our UN post ASAP.

        Musa Naib as Minister of Justice is also another probable fit.

        Escalating our observer status to a Permanent Representative within the Arab League also sounds another very probable scenario specially after we heard from PIA interview that “Eritrea, in the past 3 years, established strategic relation with Arab and Gulf countries on the basis of Military, economic and diplomatic alliance.”

    2. Indian Ocean Newsletter: Peddling False News on Eritrea

      Fake News is the daily staple, the bread and butter so to speak, of the Indian Ocean Newsletter in its periodic “news stories” on Eritrea and the region as a whole.

      The Newspaper has also the habit of packaging its fabricated stories as “factual events” emanating from “knowledgeable” intelligence sources.

      This is a simple ploy to imbue credibility to its false stories that are mostly based on innuendos and/or deliberately floated at times for the purposes of pure disinformation.

      In keeping with this pattern, the Newspaper alleges in its edition of 27 January 2017 last week (No 1443) that the Director of Sudan’s Intelligence and Security Services, Gen. Mohamed Abbas, “conducted a secret lightening visit to Asmara”, on 10 January this month, to meet with his Eritrean counterpart in “Khartoum’s efforts to persuade Eritrea, at the bidding of Saudi Arabia, to break with Iran and the Houthis”.

      This story is glaringly at odds with the actual facts, current realities, and the political dynamics of the region. But the Indian Ocean Newsletter is not in the business of publishing validated and verifiable stories and will continue, as ever, to churn out patently false news.

      Ministry of Information


      1. Hahah
        That is a typo TPLF made up cheap story.
        Not sure how they came up with it.
        BTW,there was a news piece claiming that the Saudi F-16 bombed Bisha Mining, not the TPLF to “persuade” Eritrea to back off form Iran and the Houthi Support.
        The same goes with the news about Iranian and Israeli Bases side by side in Dahlak.

  8. To achieve a Prosperous Eritrea, “kullena ejamna neberket kemta nay qedem, nay bahli kekem aqmena”..dahar critics kengeber neqe el.

  9. we are the sole wittiness of what has been going on through out the region and the country. look how finally emerged as role player in regional peace and security. we still have left more challenges and provocation acts from our historical enemies. So who has matured and experienced leadership to thwart the coming any possible dangers than the President ?.

  10. Why was he not questioned about the constitution? We believe in jigna issias but I don’t like him promising stuff and then says nothing about it.

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