President Calls for UN Investigation in to Trafficking of Eritreans

“We call on UN to launch an independent investigation so as to bring to justice the culpable parties,” PIA


The President of the State of Eritrea, Isaias Afwerki, today called for the United Nations to launch an independent and transparent investigation on Human Trafficking against Eritreans which he described it as something that goes from ‘bad to worse.’

In his letter addressed to UN Chief Ban Ki-Moon, he vowed that, in collaboration with the world body,  his country will do all it can to stem and eliminate the perpetrators who commit such a  hideous crime against its citizens. [Read the letter below:]

Asmara, 5 February 2013

H.E. Mr. Ban Ki-Moon
Secretary General
The United Nations
New York

Dear Mr. Secretary General,

For the past ten years or so, Eritrea has remained to be a target of malicious and concerted practices of “human trafficking“. This despicable ploy was unleashed in tandem with the decision to block the implementation of the “final and binding” arbitration decision of the border dispute, and, is part and parcel of the war declared against the country. This crime, which is unparalleled in its magnitude, complex organization as well as immense suffering that it inculcates on its victims, continues to increase from bad to worse.

The architects of this scourge have further resorted to various schemes, under suitable labels  to conceal and disguise the crime as well as their real identity. Indeed, the latter machinations are not less – in intensity and impact – than the original crime.

As Your Excellency will agree with me, the Government of Eritrea has statutory obligations, as well as universal moral and humanitarian responsibilities, to stem and eliminate the perpetration of the hideous “slavery” and flagrant violation of human rights meted on its citizens. In the event, the Government of Eritrea emphatically requests the UN to launch an independent and transparent investigation of this abominable affair so as to bring to justice the culpable parties.


Isaias Afwerki

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29 thoughts on “President Calls for UN Investigation in to Trafficking of Eritreans

  1. ayte Debessai sheytan ydebiska dea enber kurub hifer eski donkoro suk elka hateftef aytibel weyto niska hamema eka ajoka wedi afom mearey neaka hizna entay keytkewun Eritrea zelealemawi zkiri nisematatina awet nihafashhhhhhhhhhhhh god bless erinaaaaaaaaaaaa

    1. @gual eri kkkkkkkkkk moyte kirr kirrrrrrrrrr ewaye gual eri shkor 'ayte Debessai sheytan ydebiska dea enber' elkiyo beqa viva deqi eri vivaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. Well migration start well before us also its not just in Eritrea. Anyway what deferent does it make if PIA said it now or before?

    Also what's got to do with freedom of worship got to do with his. Eritreans free to worship the exessting religion what more religion you would like to bring and why? Debesay

  3. eri-for ever are u sure that u r not dreaming now or this hole time. aytreyin dika zeleka wedi afom UN kem zeysgogom niau reayu baelikum eilu tegemtilu kilimin atom sebat gize halafay sreat tekyayerti eiyom ente nihna kab zitegagey mieramin tsubuk zelo dima agoka mibal aynihmek

      1. Reason behind this is the same article in is dated 2013 i must admit that on east afro after a closer look looks at the number 5 and the numbers 2013 it seems that the numbers are modfied on but i can be wrong maybe tesfanews can explain check it out

    1. An excellent observation, something is fishy here. The letter is a copy of the original and is signed by the president. My take is, this is absurd PR game.

  4. I hope UN will consider the evidence supplied by wikileaks and also the speech delivered by President Obama as well.

    Additionally the fact that UN and other world powers had failed to implement the final and binding international court decision makes UN also responsible to contribute the organised human trafficking. It is time to face for UN its responsibility!

    1. Before blaming and accusing foreign conspiracy for human trafficking in Eritrea, let us be frank and ask the local corruption and money laundering. How many Eritreans have left Eritrea after 2000? Who was making money by helping Eritrean youth cross the borders? How much were they charging them? Are and were the EDF military trucks involved? If so how and by who? Do you think Isayas and the Generals doesn't know this? Let us clean our home and have an accountable government and then blame the enemy. The government should have been serious and loud since the first day the first person left Eritrea, no turtle policy is good here! Our first enemy are the insiders.

  5. Emba Denden, I agree with house cleaning, but do you think PIA would ask the UN for independent investigation if the main source is in Eritrea. I'm not saying the generals and some corrupted officials are clean from human trafficking, but the big human trafficking is from outside. As PIA said in his interiew, he indicated the refugee camps are designed purposely on the boarders. I see your concern but the issue is very deep.

    1. Thank you Dahlak, it is obvious it is not one sided and UNHCR and NGO s have evils and mercenaries, no doubt at all. The other main point for me is, imagine if our government have considered the issue as a national security priority from day one instead of ignoring and denying it for some period of time, at that real time the current human catastrophe would have beenbf converted and averted for good. In other words both are equally important, local and global but acting fast on time before the crisis was smart move. Time is and was precious than gold in decision making and saving our young dynamo nationals.

      1. How did you come to the conclusion that our government has ignored previously. The off positions may have made a louder noise previously as if they are excited about giving them the tool fro the end of GOE.

        The truths is our government has been doing the necessary different actions at different time in different ways.

        1. What about when PIA said they are gone PASAJO meaning picknick/ field trip entertainment
          a couple of years ago? People don't forget!

          1. when he said pasajo what he meant is they will be back nothing like home, at the same time you are answering your question yourself that the government even was fighting against human trafficking at that time too when he said they are gone pasajo GOE doestn allow people to live the country period.
            emba denden nebsi

          2. Are you serious hmmm or hmam? Do you think pasajo is a Tgrigna word or Italian? What an interpretation are you trying to put here, Can the dead come back home alive? Or the stolen kidneys will be replaced from pasajo?What about the Eritrean value and respect which have been abused will it be back as before. Was that a right word to use for expressing our brothers and sisters who are suffering a lot? Please try to be human and responsible. That is not serious or a deserved commitment approach but a silly joke. Of course they will be back to home sweet home, if they are alive and well only and not soon. Let the current flow of our youngsters stop before others who left come back home.
            and deserting of our brothers and sisters be controlled first.

          3. (1/2)
            Do not twist facts. PIA said that for the footballers who went missing in Tanzania and it has nothing to do with the suffering of your sisters and brothers. As far as we know we Eritreans are always think back home whichever way we left our country and that's exactly what PIA meant. Secondly, don't forget PIA introduced a-shoot-to-kill police not because he hates his ppl but he wants toscare off them and stop the illegal flow of the youth. Those found not heeding the call either arrested or shot. Imagine when the youth scared and stopeped flowing by the first killings but thanks to someone like you, you send money to bribe military officers and government officials (its money man and money can buy anything even in Eritrea) to continue the illegal crossing. Once crossed, the next option is to pay more to try the desert or the sea. You know the rest part. You lost your money and the brothers and sisters at the hands of the traffickers. Of course frustrated, now you want PIA to be responsible for sending the youth across the border? Are you insane buddy?

          4. (2/2)
            By the way, those found crossing and left in prison should thank their God first and PIA second. If he fail to arrest them, they would have broken or lost some of theri valuable body parts or dies altogether at the hands of the Boduines. So do not talk about the ones in prison as they are safe and sound from the tortures of the traffickers and they are there because the made a crime. Thanks PIA for saving my brothers and sisters. Now thin twice before you talk once.

          5. I'm not talking about you or any personalities, I'm taking about issues their cause and effect. You don't know me to bribe an Eritrean military officer, that is your wrong thoughts and assumptions. Is that how you left Eritrea and deserted from National service be clean and reveal the truth. Secondly who said PIA ordered shoot and kill to scare as a policy? Are you with your right mind that is all in your mind set. This is told no where by no one in authority!
            My point is clear as crystal our government should have been serious from day one to control the immigration crisis before it has reached the current alarming stage.
            Do you think shoot to kill and prison will answer and calm the situation. I'll let you think as much time you would consume to understand it. No police policy is worth to the children of Eritrea, The word pasajo was not appropriate either twisted or straightened for a case in such high calamity.

          6. Did you say it is the SUFFERING of YOUR brothers and sisters, Oh do you mean they are not your brothers and sisters? This is not healthy thinking at all in what so ever way. You are standing against the people HAFASH HZBI , you sound like a naked enemy! Go and repeat your own words inside Eritrea and the reaction will bury your head to your feet if you have a real head. Eritrea is for Eritreans only and you are only party affiliated with no sympathy to any soul and the young Eritrean who is struggling to survive. Do you own a heart go bellow your neck and feel it! Another point to correct the pasajo was said to all asylum seekers and not to soccer players in-particular PIA actually said he does not know about the abandonment of the players, read the articles carefully. Twist if you dance oldies
            and chew your tongue if you don't know the truth. But above all be pure Eritrean and a human being. If you are a mother show love to your children softness to any soul carrying human life live alone to an Eritrean!.

  6. Too many of you will never be happy no matter what the GOE does or say. You only criticize continually no matter what. So the GOE wants to get to the bottom of this and some of you are still not happy.

    For a long time PIA was saying American secret service + NGOs were involved. IIRC in the last new year interview PIA said the GOE has proof of outsider involvement.

    It takes time to investigate and put all your ducks in order. Probably now the GOE has all the information it needs and that's why this letter to the UN.

  7. Here are the agames and their puppets running the HUMANTRAFFICING business plus meron estifanos had interviewed the victims and 90%+ were kidnapped from mai ayni refugee camp in you duhulat agame in this site wait you will pay for it,and you morons eusubat should know who is ur enemy and who is ur friends,agames had convinced you through pilot that ur tegadelti sisters and mothers were sex toys and there was no objection from ur side and now they convinced you that the traffickers are hgdef and still you are clapping your hands to their tunes,but thanks god there are real eritreans amongst the group who exposed their ill deeds.and you will be held responsible for these crimes too.awanat

  8. According to international news reports and the Eritrean opposition groups, almost all of the Eritrean victims of human trafficking were kidnapped by weyane agents from the refugee camps in Tigray, Ethiopia. It is widely known that the Eritrean refugees who had refused weyane’s call to bear arms and join a rebel group to fight against their own country and people are subjected to human trafficking and organ harvesting at the Sinai desert. If the UN conducts an honest investigation into the human trafficking activities, the money trail will definitely lead them to some high ranking officials inside the Ethiopian regime.

  9. Halenga Sewra abey keyda antum sebat?

    Shaebia was good in taking down any nuisance in the community anywhere in the world to warn them first and take measure later. It was the most successful Halenga of those times. I believe it's time to activate it Now. Reason, some sell outs are asking for it.

  10. Here is a clue Mr. President, The UN ,USA ,EU ,Isreal and Saudi Arabia are all involved in this old phenomena. This is nothing new to the history of humans as it first started by the European pirates that smuggled humans all over the World for Ransom, but it was mainly focused on African people. So now they are doing the same thing in the 21st century because basically Europe and Arabs are broke once again. P.S. MR. Eritrean President please focus on how you can patrol your borders. Because even our neighbours are all involved in this human Slavery old disease.

  11. this letter make me lough where was he all this years
    his regime should be investigated as they are the prime suspect
    no more confusion and misleading enogh higdef and their waytot
    now it is crystal clear for many eritreans DIA and his pupets are resposible for our misery

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