People’s Alliance for Freedom and Democracy (PAFD): The Long Anticipated Alliance

PAFD for Freedom and Democracy Alliance
PAFD is a united political alliance for freedom and democracy formed to free the most oppressed peoples in Ethiopia. The five political organizations representing PAFD are: the Benishangul People’s Liberation Movement (BPLM), the Gambela People’s Liberation Movement (GPLM), the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF), the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), the Sidama National Liberation Front (SNLF).

By Ali Yare,

The creation of the People’s Alliance for Freedom and Democracy is remarkably going to change the Horn of Africa’s politic prospective. The PAFD which represents 70% of the Ethiopian’s population has done what was needed to be done long time ago, and that was the formation of this heavy weight organization.

The agreement reached by the PAFD members to unite their efforts and energy against the barbaric Woyane regime in Addis Ababa was and is, in my opinion, the most important thing that the people of Ogaden, the Oromo, the Sidamo, the Benshigul and the Gambella have done so far. I believe that the establishment of this alliance has been long overdue, having said that though the alliance missed an opportunity for not forming a united front alliance long time ago, but no time is more important than today. It is never too late to execute an important task and I am glad that this is what the PADF organization is doing now.

It is true that the people that this group represents have been isolated from the world for so long. Even among them, the Woyane regime created artificial barriers so that they cannot communicate to each other even though they are living side by side in the same country. Woyane kept them apart because they feared that people would talk to one other and get to know their problems. However, as we entered in an information age where the world has become like one village, many barriers have been broken by the free information flow. With the help of social media and many other communication methods, the Ogaden, the Oromo, the Beninshigul, the Sidamo and the Gambella people have become well informed about their surroundings. The restrictions that were imposed upon them by the deceitful Woyane regime has been removed by today’s technology such as news, newspapers, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and many other sources.

Finally, the people from these groups came to know that they have not been enemies to each other, but they were made to think that they are enemies to one and other. Now these groups have found out about the reality that the seed of hatred was sown between them by the same enemy that is brutalizing them. Today, most of the Ethiopian people recognize their problem. They have good understanding of whom their enemy is and what it takes to deal with it. They are also certain that the solution of their problem depends on themselves. It is clear for them, without doubt, that unless they do something about their situation, the hardship that they have been going through for so many years would never be changed.

The enemy can only win when it creates hatred among its victims and the victimized ones fail to understand that. Ethiopia has been ruled by minority groups for so long and not because they have had supernatural power or have been more educated than the rest of the people, but because they took advantage of the weakness of their victims. Disunity of the oppressed people serves the regime well giving them more time to survive, and this is the main reason why this minority enjoyed the power without challenge. From now on, the good old days of being on the top of the food chain is going to be over for Woyane regime. The abused people will stand up for rights and for their destiny and abusers will be thrown out of the power.

All that the PADF needs now is to finish the work they started. They should spread their message not only to the outside of the country but also to the inside of the country. Their action should be beyond the rhetoric and sweet talks in conferences. They should be committed to waging a real war against this ugly regime in order to eliminate their power and influences by any means necessary. The PADF represents the majority of the population and there is no way they should allow the minority group to rule them. It happened before because of lack of unity among the oppressed people, but today there is no excuse for not showing the woyane regime (the minority in power) the exit and where they belong.

All eyes are on the leaders of the People’s Alliance for Freedom and Democracy. They looked at by not only the people that they represent but also the international community especially the western world. There are a lot of anxieties over the establishment of this organization. Some countries take it as a threat to Ethiopian security and for those who are concerned about the Ethiopian security are the friends of this regime. They don’t care about the Ethiopian people in general; however, they are afraid to lose their interest. Nevertheless, the majority of the western world knows Ethiopian situation better than anybody else and most of them believe that Ethiopia as it is today is unsustainable but they don’t know what to do. They have also had mixed feeling reaction to the PAFD as an organization because it is too early for them to understand its agenda. In a way, their perception is to see and wait because even though they know it represents 2/3 of the Ethiopian population, they have to make sure this organization means business. No one wants to come on board right away whether they are western countries or horn of Africa countries, but the support of this organization internally and externally will be determined by its goals. When PADF is seen as a serious organization with clear vision and mission, everybody will align with it. The PAFD will be judged by its achievement and how it conducts its task.

The PADF’s first job is to get rid of this brutal regime in Addis Ababa. Secondly, after when they clean the mess and dismantle the Woyane’s apparatus, they should ask the people of that country what they want to do and how they will decide their future. Thirdly, any ethnic group or community that decides to secede from Ethiopia should be allowed to do so without objection. Fourthly, the leadership of the PAFD should start building bridges between the people’s alliances for freedom and democracy and international community ensuring them that they are serious about restoring democracy and rule of law in that land (Ethiopia).

PAFD Public seminar, Frankfurt

32 thoughts on “People’s Alliance for Freedom and Democracy (PAFD): The Long Anticipated Alliance

    1. Amharas are Ethiopia nationalist so they dnt want to sit anywhere which incudes OLF and ONLF since both of these two rebels are separatists but Amharas should kno their fake Ethiopia has finished when mengistu was overthrow and Eritrea declared it’s independence.

      1. I think the problem is not as simple as that. The problem started after the 2nd world war when the British was charting the world to suit its interests. The British changed the name of the country from Abyssinia (Habesha=diverse, in Geez) to Ethiopia (black in Greek) to counterweight Sudan (black in Arabic) . King Haileslasie obliged to whatever the British want because he was just a tool for the western powers.

        1. No I believe this problem started way back probably in the 1500 century with the Abyssinian–Adal wars but the Britist made things much worse when they set foot in the horn of African because they brought with them guns and the habesha got hold of these guns and used it to expand into Oromo, Ogaden, Afar and Southern Ethiopia etc.

          Ethiopia was created through oppression and the exploitation of the none habesha Ethiopians and the Oromia region is the mostly fertile soils, the bread basket of Ethiopia, producing more than 95% of the nation’s agricultural but the Oromos have never ruled Ethiopia in fact Oromos language and their culture was banned in favour of the Amharic language and culture. Amhara and Tigray who are both minority habesha have be ruling Ethiopia for the last four hundreds years.

          Ethiopia is a fake country and the sooner we destroy it the better for all of us here in the horn.

          1. You are partially right. First, there is no ethnic group that is called Habesha. The word Habesha just means diverse (the horn of Africa was named Habesha because of its diverse ethnic groups) and it covers the whole horn of Africa. Habesha does not mean Amhara or Tigray.

            The Adal were just a tool of the Ottoman empire to expand to the horn of Africa. Just like king Hailsilassie was a tool of the west. So, the horn of Africa has been a victim of the Ottoman and later of the western empires for the past 500 years.

      2. Mr Jelbia, where do you think the Americans get “we dont nego with terrorist” from? The “fake” Ethiopia is a go to country on the East. Egypy in the north, South Africa and Nigeria. The rest is out playing field. Ask the Somali gov, they can explain it a little better. Somaliland is asking everyday about being accepted by us. How about it? Thats your Eritrea, oh wait puntland wants to be shabo as well. Jokers

        1. It ‘s about time the Real Ethiopians are coming to take back what they lost if you don’t give them their country they are going to cut you in pieces and feed those hungry hyenas like you never see it before

        2. Lol you funny when you get cornered you alway bring up Somaliland and Puntland hahah a haha.

          First of all I meself from Puntland aka North Eastern Somalia which had been in peace since the overthrow of the regime of siad barre and we Puntlanders are not seeking independence or have any desire to join your TPLF tribal enclaves, in fact it was Puntland who established the first Transitional Federal Government (TFG) back in 2004 in Kenya led by the first Somali president Abdulahi Yusuf (AUN) who was from Puntland.

          Puntland main goals are
          *a decentralized Somalia
          *The Somali capital moved
          *The government in Mogadishu should shares its powers, resources and foreign aid with Puntland and the rest of the federal states like Jubaland, Galmudug, South western Somali state etc.

          And regards to Somaliland well Somaliland cannot break away from Somalia and the reasons are first
          * The ex British somaliland that joined then ex Italian Somaliland to create Somalia of today which was btw through a popular referendum conducted freely and fair by the Somali people and ratified and signed by the parliaments of ex British and ex Italian Somaliland has long ceased to exist in 1961.
          * British Somaliland was composed of 5 major clans ie the Isaaq, Dhulbahante,Issa,Warsangeli and Gadabuursi, The Isaaq are the separatists while the other four tribes clans Dhulbahante,Issa,Warsangeli and Gadabuursi are unionist group whose goal is to stay with Somalia.

          *The Dhulbahante tribe have already established their own tribal state called Khatumo state.

          *The Gadabuursi tribe has also established Awdal state.

          *The Issa tribe which is also the majority tribe in Djibouti, (Ismaïl Omar Guelleh himself is from the Issa tribe) said if Somaliland recognized they will declare war and join Djibouti.

          *The Warange have long reunited with Puntland.

          So where is this Somaliland? Somaliland is nothing other then one big tribal Isaaq state, Somaliland only functions in three cities namely Hargeisa, Berbera and Burco which are predominantly inhabited by the Isaaq tribes.

          The SNM the dogs of Mengistu which created Somaliland in 1991 after the over Mohamed siad barre was itself from the Isaaq tribe.

          Look the most important the government in Mogadishu has is the ex British Somaliland was a Britist protectorate and it was only used to transfer camel, cow and goats meat to to Britist controlled Aden (Yemen) was never a united country but bunch tribal enclaves since the British colonists signed treaties with all the 5 tribes of tye ex British Somaliland in the 1880s giving every tribe the means to control its tribal regions.

          So Somaliland is a big joke a delusional state, even the British embassy here in Mogadishu calls them bunch of idiots.

          So mr Tigrayan I hope this answers to your stupid questions but if I were I would fled from Addis Ababa because the Oromos are coming for your dirty agame soul.

      3. The bold terrorist and the coward terrorists are going to dust bin in no time. You can create all these hopless front, unity, bla bla. Nothing works. These fools don’t even understand why they are gathering. They are there just for free lunch. Your prisoner leader Essayas & his moron followers are just a laughing stock

  1. And where are the Oromo young men and women who are ready to pay the ultimate price for the good of the majority?
    The greedy Weyane are ruling through the barrel of the gun and the only language they will listen is to is VIOLENCE.
    They should be forced out by any means necessary. And the Oromo and the Amhara people in the Diaspora can make this happen by financing this effort.

  2. PAFD are the answer to end the suffering of the poor Ethiopia by the minority Tigrayans and to bring peace and prosperity.

    All Ethiopians should support PAFD.

    1. What happens to the innocent people who live in amahra region and Tigray region. The two ethnic groups historically the most dominant in Ethiopia? Do you really think they will support this?

      They will never support this. The solution for Ethiopia is a united party which represents everyone. Not some woyane part 2.

      Or you are planning to exterminate the habesha from Ethiopia or just make them dominated by this “party”. Ethiopia would break into an all-out civil war which can and will leak to Eritrea. We need united Ethiopia and the one you are proposing won’t achieve that.

      1. Amahra and Tigray are not innocent people they have been killing Ethiopians in the last hundred years now they need to test their own medicine

      2. Tigrayans and Amharas have been ruling Ethiopia for last four hundreds years and they haven’t brought any peace but destruction, genocide, famine, mass displacement and none stop wars.

        Dnt you think its only fair now to transport power to the Oromos and other Ethiopians from south?

        Rem you cant have your cake all the time and eat it.

  3. Cant find any bad news in Ethiopia so recycling old news wouldnt take away shabos pain. If I were shabo supporter, i would be following the 32nd UN sessions. Ethiopia is killing shabo without firing a single shot. Major powers are voting to put Ethiopia in a UN seat. The article is misleading people by saying, these groups represent 70% of Ethiopian population. Just cuz someone claim to be Oromo, Amhara or Gambella it doesnt mean they speak on our behalf. Just like shabo doesnt speak for all Eritreans, there are still more Zeri Deres from Ethiopia. As you are creating these no good diaspora power hungry wanna be leaders to unite, EPRDF has reached the finishing line. Telba benchaha, be ande mukecha.

  4. Why ESAT ignored the formation of these new Ethiopian alliance?

    ESAT, a leading Ethiopian media in exile, has ignored the major news of the formation of alliance of major Ethiopian rebel forces composed of: OLF, GAMBELA LIBERATION FRONT, BYSHANGUL LIBERATION FRONT..

    These forces have armed wings and are now willing to talk with all Ethiopian opposition forces and Berhanu Nega’s led G7 should embrace such gesture from OLF instead of instructing Esat not to air or give it the coverage it deserves!

    Whether we like it or not those alliances forces are reflection of real ethiopia and the alliance between G7 and TPDM should learn to deal with those forces because Ethiopian political landscape is changing forever!

    If Berhanu Nega is not willing to embrace such alliance and encourage ESAT to broadcast such major event, then all his preaching of forming an inclusive alliance is nothing but lip service.

    This is real test for G7 and the major fighting force TPDM stationed in Eritrea to either work with new alliance or follow the path of all previous alliances that ended up in the history recycling bin.

    1. It is crucial a united Ethiopia and discussions between factions as a precedence is important be it initiated by this group or another for a coherent force, against the regime in Ethiopia, though it ought to deliver what is peace and democracy to the masses and oppressed people in Ethiopia, It is crucial that talks begin as a healing process of what has been deliberately done, divide and rule tactic, even policy by the TPLF-Thugs weyane regime. The G-7 should take form at the forefront politically, partly because it seems ready for every eventuality, including military solution and as displayed so far, seems what to expect out of this situation and predicament.

  5. Ethiopia is indeed a Mosaic of diverse people, starting from the historical North to the colorful South, and from West to East. Ethiopia has some of the most magnificent topography in the world filled with great people and also rich culture, history, religion and legendary civilization. Ethiopia is the Mother of not just Africa but all of humanity. God and the Holy Bible affirms It and states it plainly that it is part of the very “Garden of Eden” that God Himself created. The Holy Bible says: ‘The second river is called Ghion and it flows throughout the land of Ethiopia” (Genesis 2:13). Thus, before any of the 180 nations of the world were formed, Ethiopia’s national boundaries were firmly established by God Himself without bloodshed. The “Historic Routes” namely: Axum, Lalibela and Gonder are the very source and the oldest and famed cities and sites of the Ethiopian civilization and the political and spiritual nerve centers where legendary kings become not just Great National Heroes but even Saints. They made a dialogue not just with their Ethiopian subjects and people but even with God Himself and built lasting magnificent cities and great churches to honor that eternal connection of the earthly with the heavenly. Queen Sheba, Queen Candace, St. Lalibela and Emperor Fasilides, Emperor Tewodros II and Emperor Menelik I are among many others are indeed a Living Testaments to that Legendary Truth even to these days. But, so are the many great others before them and after them. Ethiopia is also the ROOF of AFRICA because Ethiopia’s Semien Mountains (Amhara regions) has both the Blue Nile (the very source of the Longest river in the world) and of these more than 3000 Majestic mountains whose peaks ranges in the 4000m+. May God bless Ethiopia forever!

  6. This is bullshit. Shaebia needs to stop supporting these idiots. No difference between them and the stupid weyanes. It’s as stupid as when the weyanes support the jebhas inside Ethiopia!

    We need to see where the tide is turning. If a strong group emerges inside Ethiopia, then give them our support. Until that time, we should put money on developing our own country.

    These so called opposition (both Ethiopian and eritrean) are stupid groups who just wants to play warlord games! They don’t want to have power, they want the money and a title!

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