Passionate Global Independence Day Celebrations

This Year’s Independence Day Celebration was like rewarding a Vote of Confidence to the Government of Eritrea

Every Eritrean citizen knows and understands how the country became a reality ... and that's why they celebrated it with zeal and passion

By Kidane Eyob,

Eritreans round the globe including those in remote villages deep inside Eritrea have been celebrating the anniversary of their independence with passion and excitement, somehow uniquely and surprisingly with more energy and vigour than that of 2011 when they celebrated Eritrea’s 20th year independence.

These celebrations have been passionate and genuine and it is evident that they want to convey a loud and clear message to the whole wide world that wherever they are, Eritreans support their people and theirgovernment. In other words, these celebrations are a vote of confidence on the Government of Eritrea.

From 1998 until 2008, it was an uphill struggle for Eritrea both politically and economically, but as always the truth and the rule of law prevailed, Eritrea proved them wrong and Eritreans around the globe got wiser. By 2011 as they celebrated Eritrea’s 20th year independence, Eritrea was steadily and stealthily approaching the hilltop and gradually reached a point of no return in spite of the declared and undeclared sanctions.

Eritrea managed to skilfully and successfully overcome these conspiracies and sanctions and in 2012, Eritrea is squarely on a plateau, has a full tank and well engaged into its 5th gear for a very long journey to its final destination, to realise the vision and aspiration of the People and Government of Eritrea.

During the armed struggle for independence, the vast majority of Eritreans supported the EPLF and they were not disappointed because the EPLF accomplished the mission and delivered independence on 24th May 1991. After independence, they trusted the judgement of the leadership of the Provisional Governmentof Eritrea and somehow, wisely, skilfully and diplomatically, two years later, Eritrea’s independence was legally and globally recognized following the referendum in 1993. This referendum was carried out peacefully and successfully in spite of conspiracies to sabotage the referendum and abort the birth of a new and promising nation in a volatile region.

Eritreans supported their government right from day one and in seven years of independence, Eritrea showed miraculous economic progress and development becoming the envy of many, others especially the minority Woyane regime in Ethiopia, got so jealous that they plotted to stab Eritrea from the back with the help of the US government,which by the way has its own selfish geological and economic agendas that do not whatsoever have any considerations for the wellbeing of the peoples of the region.

In 1998, under the pretext of a border dispute, Eritreans were forced to go to war to defend Eritrea’s sovereignty and after three rounds of waves of attacks; the conflict was legally settled in April 2002 by the Eritrea Ethiopia Boundary Commission (EEBC) at The Hague, in a Final and Binding Verdict. The minority Weyane regime, first accepted the verdict and celebrated, then rejected it and called the EEBC irresponsible and later accepted it in principle but insisted on dialogue taking the physical demarcation process hostage. In 2007, after five frustrating years, the EEBC demarcated the boundaries virtually in accordance with the Final and Binding Verdict bringing a permanent legal settlement to the conflict.

The legal experts, in their wisdom planned, opted for and authored the Final and Binding legal settlement and made the leaders of the two countries and the guarantors sign in advance. This choice was wisely made by the legal experts in order to prevent any legal loopholes and avoid any potential appeals, dialogue and diplomatic circus that could drag on indefinitely and fruitlessly as witnessed in the Middle East.

The US government tried to intimidate the Government of Eritrea by making threats such as sanctions and adding Eritrea to their list of “State Sponsors of Terrorism” unless it engages with the minority Weyane regime in a diplomatic circus called “dialogue” however, the Government of Eritrea vehemently and persistently rejected open-ended dialogue before physical demarcation is carried out.

The US government pushed for dialogue to deliberately make the EEBC Final and Binding Ruling “Null and Void”. However, the principled leadership of the Government of Eritrea is courageous, wise and firm not to fall for this trap. The US government did not expect and had never experienced such a challenge and courage from a Small, Young, Poor and Black African Government with this level of robust diplomatic maturityand persistence.

It’s high time that the US Government recognised Eritrea as unique in so many ways.

To begin with Eritreans had to fight for 30 bloody years for their independence against all odds and without the support of any of the superpowers and their allies. Every Eritrean family has paid a heavy price and nearly a hundred thousand Eritreans paid the ultimate price, their lives, for Eritrea’s independence and to safeguard its sovereignty. Eritreans and their friends are well informed that Eritrea’s success is perceived as a threat to the interests of the US, its allies and servant regimes as prophesised by an Australian author, Thomas Kennelly in his book titled, “Towards Asmara” which he published after visiting the EPLF liberated areas few years before independence.

“Do you know what the emergency really is? You want to hear about the really big emergency? The emergency is that if you guys [Eritreans] succeed [using your principle of self-reliance], you’ll be an embarrassment to Africa. Who wants a setup like yours? There aren’t many governments on this continent that do. There aren’t many governments in Europe. Coloured folk who can look after themselves? It isn’t viable. It upsets the world picture. Don’t you know the West has to believe famine’s an act of God? If they believe that, they only have to make a donation. But if they believe it’s an act of bloody politics, they have to really do something, and that’s too, too complicated. So what is the story? The story is you guys will fall on your own f—ing swords, because you’ve got this crazy idea that the world will allow you to be perfect!”

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The writer is a resident of London, UK 
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