WikiLeaks: U.S. ambassador to Eritrea Saying…

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As information begins to circulate and the war-time leaks make the international rounds, the State Department, Pentagon and White House will most likely have a lot of explaining to do- not something a battered Obama Administration looks forward to defending.

Among the leaked classified documents, one has been found regarding the U.S. ambassador to Eritrea saying last year “Eritrean officials are ignorant or lying” in denying that they were supporting the al-Shabaab, a militant-wing Islamist group in Somalia. Continue reading WikiLeaks: U.S. ambassador to Eritrea Saying…

VIDEO: SAWA 2010-President Dance with his Daughter

Unlike any other president, the president of the state of Eritrea H.E. Issaias Afeworki lives with in a neighborhood in an ordinary apartment, walks on the street of the capital with almost no protection and treat his kids just like any ordinary citizen by sending them to the national service and also teach them in the local colleges than the other African leaders way.

He is the president of the people, by the people, and to the people.

Watch it by sliding to 3:57 – 4:45 min

Drilling Resumes at World's Shallowest Potash Deposit in Eritrea

South Boulder begins drilling at Colluli potash deposit in Eritrea

South Boulder Mines Ltd – ASX Release, 22 November 2010

  • Drilling targeting extensions to high grade potash has re-commenced;
  • Previously announced hole Col-004 intersected a total thickness of 21.46m of potash including the high grade interval of 3.44m of sylvinitite @ 44% KCl from 28.68m;

Rwanda: How to match African cycling giant Eritrea?

Team Eritrea

The New Times – Rwanda’s First Daily, November 29, 2010

THE President of the National Cycling Federation (Ferwacy) Aimable Bayingana yesterday told Times Sport that the federation is looking at ways of increasing local cycling competitions to boost local riders.

Only two local cycling competitions – Tour of Kigali and Kwita Izina, were held this year and Bayingana reckons that the best way of matching African cycling giants Eritrea and South Africa is by engaging local cyclists in more competitions.

“The number of local competitions has to definitely be increased. We are going to look for sponsors so that we get a good number of competitions next year,” Bayingana said.

Continue reading Rwanda: How to match African cycling giant Eritrea?

VIDEO: Mai-Nefhi: Eritrean Institute of Technology

(Source: Wikipedia)

The Eritrea Institute of Technology is located on Mai Nefhi, about 20 km south west of Asmara, near the Mai Nefhi dam. It currently has three colleges: Science, Engineering and Technology, and Education. Other new colleges are also under construction elsewhere in the country in other fields of studies. The Institute began with about 5,500 students during the 2003-2004 academic year.

The main reason for the opening of the college was to distribute the concentration of educational institutions away from the capital city of Asmara. Similar colleges were opened through out the country in all regions. The number of enrollment has dramatically increased by a number of folds as a result of the opening of such institutions. Funding from out side organizations is available. However, the institutions is modeled after the principle of self reliance.

PART – 1

PART – 2

Eritrea: Chalice Gold Listed in Toronto Stock Exchange

Gold trades above $1,300 per oz

Matthew Hill – 26November 2010

Perth-based Chalice Gold, exploring for gold in Eritrea, listed on the TSX on Friday, and chairperson Tim Goyder predicted its Zara project would have a capital payback period of “slightly over two years” at a $1 200/oz gold price.

According to a feasibility study, the Koka deposit at Zara would produce an average 104 000 oz/y with low cash operating costs of $338/oz and an initial mine life of seven years.

“With these robust economics, Chalice has, in cooperation with the Eritrean government, commenced the permitting process for the Koka project to facilitate the grant of a mining licence to enable development to commence during 2011,” Goyder told shareholders on Thursday at Chalice’s annual general meeting in Perth.    Continue reading Eritrea: Chalice Gold Listed in Toronto Stock Exchange

Eritrean National Cycling Team Accorded Warm Welcome On Arrival Home

Eritrea: African Champions 2010

Asmara, 28 November 2010 – The Eritrean National Cycling Team, which scored outstanding victory in the African Championship and Rwanda Tour arrived Asmara in the morning hours today.

During the arrival of the National Team at the Asmara International Airport, the Commissioner of Eritrean Sports, Major Gen. Romodan Osman Awliay, Minister of Public Work, Mr. Abraha Asfaha and other officials handed them  flowers and accorded them warm welcome.

Garnering all the gold medals in the Rwanda Tour, the Eritrean National Cycling Team scored a unique history, and would participate cyclist Daniel Teklehaimanot in the London Olympic 2012.      Continue reading Eritrean National Cycling Team Accorded Warm Welcome On Arrival Home

Ethiopian Despot Warns Egypt off Nile war

"Look at this murderer", says Mubarak

ADDIS ABABA, Nov 23 (Reuters) – Egypt could not win a war with Ethiopia over the River Nile and is also supporting rebel groups in an attempt to destabilise the Horn of Africa nation, Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi
said in an interview.

Egypt, Ethiopia and seven other countries through which the river passes have been locked in more than a decade of contentious talks driven by anger over the perceived injustice of a previous Nile water treaty signed in 1929.    Continue reading Ethiopian Despot Warns Egypt off Nile war

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