Outer Asmara Ring Road Project

Outer Asmara ring road project
Construction of a new 12.5 Km, 20 meters wide outer Asmara ring road project extending from Bet Gergish – Beleza – Adi Nifas till Embaderho is underway. (Photo: Mela Ghebremedhin)

By Mela Ghebremedhin | Shabait,

Easing the burden of road traffic in major cities are critical elements in ensuring safety, environment and economic productivity. Indeed, most of major cities in the world suffer from traffic congestion and pollution while being time consuming for commuters. Nairobi, Lagos or Johannesburg are examples of such congestion in Africa.

The lack of infrastructure, well-maintained roads combined with mounting population in urban settings are all factors of road congestion. Eritrea isn’t immune of such situation and it is starting to show signs of road traffic issues in its capital city Asmara.

Without doubt, the increasing numbers of cars, taxis and buses taking over the streets of the city cannot be denied. However, with the new development and the booming mining sectors, trucks from the mining companies, heavy machineries and other means of transportation are circulating through the asphalted roads linking Massawa, Asmara – Keren as well as Tesseney.

However, “there have been long experiences learned and evaluation taken over the years, the issue isn’t the road but the type of vehicles using it” said, Lt. Col. Engineer Getachew Merhatzion, Head of Mapping and Cartography Center. In fact, the initial construction of these roads were not planned for such heavy circulation and type of vehicles.

In context, one of the key elements to development is transportation and infrastructure and with this in mind, in the early years of independence, the number of asphalted roads increased. In fact, in 1991, only about 4,000km roads were asphalted compared to 14,000km in today’s Eritrea.

The Asmara – Massawa road through Fil-Fil Selemuna, Massawa – Assab, Massawa – Gilbub, Barentu –  Tesseney, Afabet – Kubkub – Nakfa, Massawa – Erafaile, are some of the largest road construction witnessed over the years. However, over past few years, the circulation from and to Asmara has become quite critical and a challenge that it is of importance to tackle the obstacle at its early stage so as to avoid major road issues in the future.

Hiba Yassin ring road Asmara
Female heavy machine operator Hiba Yassin posses for a picture with her colleagues

Thus, with its long term mission, the Government of Eritrea is currently working in a new ring road project surrounding the city of Asmara. The idea is to ease the traffic burden coming into Asmara and especially of heavy vehicles damaging the asphalted roads.

In number, more than 30 trucks from the Bisha Mining Company are circulating each day back and forth between Bisha through Keren towards Massawa passing by Asmara. One can imagine the impediment to the current road while sharing it with commuters and public transport.

Accordingly, after completion of the feasibility studies, the construction of the ring road is under way as in three month ago. At present major parts of the project have been completed. For my development column, it was a must to witness the progress and the future impact it will leave on communities, the economy and the environment. Therefore, a few days ago, I embarked into a field trip to witness the project and also hear from those, whose lives will be impacted as well as those in charge of the project.

Asmara ring road project
Construction of the ring road project near completion

In the early morning hours, our guide, Lt. Col. Engineer Getachew, was awaiting at the door of the road by Bet Gergish area where bulldozers, loaders and workers were already actively working in enlarging the road and linking it to the path en-route to Durfo.

This newly built road starting from Bet Gergish takes commuters directly towards Adi Nifas and join the road directly towards Keren without crossing Asmara. A relieve for the capital city.

Thus, Eng. Getachew explained that heavy vehicles won’t pass by the capital any longer but instead join the other road through this ring road. He then showed me aerial view of the project and thanks to the aerial footage and updated data by the Office, the project was easily implemented while ensuring that communities in the surrounding won’t be affected negatively. The 12,5km long road is built at an embankment of 5m height to ensure that the road won’t be affected during the rainy seasons and its enlargement measures 20m. Already 9 converters have been installed within a period of one month. (… continue reading –>>)

80 thoughts on “Outer Asmara Ring Road Project

    1. This is indeed good news. Those heavy trucks don’t belong in Asmara. I do have to say though the GoE should give similar effort and dedication to the roads within the city of Asmara. Driving in certain parts of Asmara feels driving in intercity America. I do understand the cost would be a lot higher to repair the city roads and they surely do not yield immediate economic benefits compared to the need of the major development sectors of the country. But again it’s going to cost a lot more in the future if they continue to differ them.

      1. በቃ ሕጅስ ካብ ናይ ካሊፎርንያ ዝበልጽ ጽርግያታት ክንሰርሕ ኢና ክትብለና ኢኻ። እንቋዕ እዛ ኤርትራሲ ከምቲ ንስኹም ትፈልጥዋ ንፈልጣ ኾና እምበር ንስኻትኩምሲ ዓይንና ምደፈንኩምና ዓይንኹም ትደፈን። ብዝኾነ እቲ ወስላስ ሓሳዊ ግርማ ኣስመሮም ከም ዝተጠቐምካሉ ኮንዶም ዝተጓሕፈን ዘይረብሕ ስነ ስርዓት ቀብሪ ዝተገብረሉን ጃሱስ ውን ከምዚ ናትኩም ይሕሱ ኔሩዩ። መወዳእትኡ ግን ርኢኹሞ። ወዲ ኣፎም ንዓኹም ውን ከምኡ ከሪኤና ጥራሕ ኢና ንምነ።

        1. You have so much hate in, I feel sorry for those that are around you. I could have said I am glad your wife dumped you but I don’t know the reason, yet. Anyways, seek therapy what ever kind but most of all radiation therapy, that might cure you from such hate and bitterness. BTW, all roads, byways, bridges and so forth are manmade and will continue to improve as knowledge and technology grows. Our aim is to build the most purposeful one’s.

        2. Where did he say “ካብ ናይ ካሊፎርንያ ዝበልጽ ጽርግያታት ክንሰርሕ ኢና”?
          ” Driving in certain parts of Asmara feels driving in intercity America” That is what he said , which is absolutely correct. So, stop your unreasonable hatred and watch the garbage in garbage out you are talking about.

        3. ኣሌክ - Alec you · Edit

          ዘይረብሕ ስነ ስርዓት ቀብሪ”

          Really?!, well Ugumesh, He fought for his beloved country Eritrea till the end. And Tegadelti they don’t want their funeral to be expensive. Maybe u ppl/Agame believe expensive ቀብሪ ናብ መንግስተ ሰማይ የእትወና ኢልኩም ትሓስቡ ትኾኑ. But remember this Ugumesh “a beautiful funeral doesn’t guarantee heaven”.????

          Well, u are Qomal Agame, the true enemies of Eritrea!! So, nothing good can come from Agame. And to wait a good words about Eritrea from Agame is like to wait rain in the Sahara desert. Btw.. Agame boy, we’re coming for ur ሓመድ ድበ. Ur dying beloved Woyane-Tigrai is begging the Finish government to help them to fix relations with Shaebia. In ur case Shaewya.

          “TPLF leaders are pleading Finish government which is believed to have cultivated good relation with Eritrean government to help in Resolving the border standoff between Ethiopia and Eritrea.”

        4. You seem that u r scared that we will build the best Highways and Railways, which we will,BTW,after we achieved in getting the Resources.
          Have you been to Eritrea ?
          I toured it about few months ago.
          While I have reservations on lots of issues as to how the GoE is handling things(The Economy, the Governance,the Corruption,etc..related issues), I admire the Engineering and
          the hard work with no/or minimum compensation by the Young Warsays.
          After I saw the Asmera-Massaw(Seminawi Bari) miraculous Engineering Road work
          the Dams like
          Kerkebet ,the Gherset,the Gheregher,,the EIT College,the Bisha Mining,etc….well,I said”There is Hope and light at the end of the Tunnel”!
          With a background in Health, was not excited about Tertiary Care Medicine but the Public Health aspect of health Care is near Perfect.
          The Clinic in Bisha was Unique and looks like a USA based Clinic.after I saw the EKG,Portable Xray Machines and the AED/Defibrillators.-may be
          Nevsum is funding it. But it is in Eritrea.
          But I have to admit something has gone wrong and awl form Governance and Economic point of view…
          I have come across very frustrating things at administration level.
          To much sabotage,corruption,lack of responsibility and accountability;inefficiency and indifference…no incentives,,,….
          Asmera city has become a scary city now as it looks like the
          dirtiest and oldest ghost city…
          Not sure why the City Council puts in some investment and some volunteer work into before it is too late as it will be more expensive to renovate things if it is late9Kaleab ,I agree with you but do not be afraid to speak up the truth…they wont chase you unless you are a real threat to them).
          .The Public has no real and immediate access to Legal help about their properties, and homes- and personal and family related legal cases…not to mention about the whereabouts of their beloved ones…
          Demolishing well built Villas ???
          There is a big gap between the haves and the non haves and the PFDJ “Poor” Officers will do
          any thing evil under the
          against hose who try to show their wealth…and are victims of those irresponsible PFDJ Low Level Agents..
          No clue what the motivation is all about even though I was told that it was done due to city plan related issues…but you penalize people and get some money.rather than destroying an investment.
          We are talking about homes
          worth of Millions of $ being demolished in Senafe,Deki Mahre,Asmera,,keren,Adi Keih,etc..

          1. Really?? Are there issues in the country? Darn right there are, and many big ones at that. Contrary to your mischievous claims, I have yet to find a single Eritrean who does not think/admit about the many serious issues Eritrea faces today. Literally no one. Only goose chasing morons like you think everyone is like yourself – one dimensional crusaders, willing to do anything to gain one thing and sacrifice everything. Here is the point: 95% of what you said here is bogus. Ad absolutely bogus. I was in Asmara 15 weeks ago… and therefore I say your comments/examples are, as usual, blatant manipulation of facts. Moreover, my uncle just came last night from Asmara… and after seeing your post, he just asked me to advise you “to think before you spew your diatribes.” And I LOL b/c I have seen enough from you… but he hasn’t. FYI, I declined my uncle’s advice to refute your nonsensical arguments point-by-point b/c I didn’t want end up in rabbit-hole like those who have tried in the past. Besides, you didn’t take the advise I give you sometime ago: stick to the issue raised by the author.

          2. Plus:
            Just try to refute case by case what I have said-bad or good things.
            The point is that you are lost in translation albeit deliberately after you noticed my nick.
            You admitted that you were only in Asmera and I bet you that you just limited your trip to Campo Stato and had some Cappuccino.
            For sure you came across the frequent Electric outages and black outs every hour and with shortages of running water. And you are trying to hide these gross things ya kezab Wahid.
            It would make sense if you attempted to clarify things or justify things with some excuses but to act like more Catholic than the Pope ,insult people and to call names is beyond hypocrisy and insanity.
            Grow up kid and try to call a spade, a spade.

          3. ካን ንስኻሲ ኩሉ ሕውስውስ ኣቢልካዮ። ከምዝመስለኒ ካብ ውሽጥኻ ስርዓት ህግደፍ ክውገዝ ዝግብኦ ሓደ ረሳሕን ኣታላሊ ምዃኑ ጽቡቅ ጌርካ ትፈልጥ ኢኻ። እንተኾነ ሓደ ስሱዕ ንነብሱ ይጥዓመኒ በሃላይ ስለዝኾንካ ነዘን ስሚንቶ እንዳማትካ ወልዊልካ ወይውን ሚነዋለ ወይ ረፋዕ ሰሪሕካ ዝኣከብካየን ዘይረብሓ ገንዘብ ሒዝካ፣ ናብ ኣስመራ ኬድካ ምስ ትሕቲ ዕድመ ቆልዑ ንምብዕላግ መሪጽካ፣ ንህግደፍ ዘይኮኖ ጽቡቕ ምስሊ ክትቀብኦ ትፍትን ኣለኻ። ድርባይ ዕደ ሰነፍ ኢኻ ንስኻ።

          4. Is that what you do in Addis,Mr Agame?
            I heard that the US Embassy in Addis declared Addis as the Bangkok or Tijuana of Africa.

          5. ዝገርም’ዩ
            ናይ ኣእሙሮ ጸገም ዘሎካ ትመስል ኣሎኻ፡ ሓይልኻ ናብ ጸርፊ ስለዘጉንዐ። ንህግደፍ ምጽራፍካ ኣይገደሰንን፡ ምኽንያቱ ዝያዳ ሃገራዊ ውሕስና ዘበስር ወረ ኣብ ዝተሰምዓሉ ኣዋን ከም ሰይጣን ዝረኣየ ምብህራርካ ካብ ባህርያትካ ስለዘንበብክዎ። እቲ ከተስተብህለሉ ዘሎካ ነገር ግን ዓይነት ናይቲ ዝሰላሰል ዘሎ ጽርግያ ዘይኮነ፡ እቲ ብገዛእ ማእገርና፡ መበቆላዊ መሃንዲሳትና “ብዘለካ ዝከኣለካ ግበር ” ኣብ ትሕቲ ዝብል ክብርታት ህግደፍ ዝሰላሰል ዘሎ ምዃኑ ኣስተብህል። ዓይነታዊ ስራሕ ምናልባት እቶም ብሕጂ ተማሂሮም ዝዓብዩ ዘለዉ መንእሰያትና ከርክብሉ እዮም። ካብዚ ናይ ሕጂ ወለዶ ዝጥለብ ዘሎ ልኡላውነት ሃገር ምውሓስን መሰረት ምዕባሌ ምንጻፍን እዩ ። ጸርፍኻ ንኤርትራ ሓንቲ ኣፍራዛ ከልዕለላ ኣይክእልን እዩ።

            ሓንቲ ሓቂ ኣላ ክትፈልጣ ዘሎካ ” ንህግደፍ ክትጸርፎ ትኽእል ኢኻ፡ ክትስዕሮ ጥራሕ ኢኻ ዘይትኽእል“።

          6. TN,
            Your answer should have been:
            “Yes,we agree with you and it is our legitimate right and our obligation as well to do so constructively while we have the same OBLIGATION to contribute constructively for our nation”.!
            Remember that,for every word I utter/throw away, there is a reason and justification for it.

        5. Zgerem or who ever you are please do not have a twisted view Kaleab did not said we will build better roads than those i CA, but that does not mean Eritrea the land of the can do people can not build much better roads than CA or where ever else. You know the mind set is the crucial matter here not the immediate know how. You seem you are one of those cyber warriors of the Weyanista, who are so jealous and envy ever step mother Eritrea is taking. We in the can do people we do not build for public consumption or to please some western NGO s.
          Have you lately heard the MLLT gangs are boosting to send a space shuttle which is to be built i Mekel Institute of Technology MIT, mind you this is not a joke, while begging for alms to feed the lees fortunate poor Ethiopians.
          stay tuned mister Wander /Zegerem

        6. ጸርፍኻ ንኤርትራ ሓንቲ ኣፍራዛ ከልዕለላ ኣይክእልን እዩ። ሓንቲ ሓቂ ኣል ክትጎስማ ዘሎካ።
          ” ንህግደፍ ክትጸርፎ ትኽእል ኢኻ፡ ክትስዕሮ ግን ኣይትኽእልን ኢኻ”።

      2. It was a heavy truck that was driving through my neighborhood when I was visiting this summer, I was scared to death. My room has never shaked so much before, it felt & sounded like a earthquake.

  1. I just love it inshalla Eritrea gets better infrastructure rail-trian to be built soon to come to my land, be full of your youth!! The devil can take that! no more human trafficking no more illegal immigration only through the airplain!!

    1. Don’t forget also our Teleferica that was destroyed by the irresponsible British Administration. We will rebuilt it not only for freight, but for tourism as well.

  2. The next one should be to build a motorway, from Beleza through the back of Maitemenay crossing Asmara- Keren Road towards Weki-duba all the way to the west..

      1. Thank you guys! you are talking our language, our hope and dream we will do it ! of course we will do it! Awet N’ Hafash is what we have said in Barka, Sahl, East, West, North, South and in every part of the planet. We are better together.

  3. I hope the roads are modern and well designed. I like wide roads, shoulder lanes, and with rumble strips. Nothing is worse than having to expand the road lanes in the future at a higher cost. They should only build bridges, if it’s necessary. I don’t want super loops like they have in California and Texas.

    1. Generally speaking I would prefer to see Eritrea focus on public transportation systems like light-rail transit, since the increasing cost of fuel will eventually make driving cost prohibited in most countries. Not to mention the cost related to pollution, noise, congestion, accidents, parking and so on.

      1. Not yet. Good roads are necessary evil. They help with getting goods in and out, construction materials…etc. Plus Germany is in the process of perfecting the elevate light rail (where the train literal hovers above ground ). They could do both, but it will be too expensive to take on at the same time.

  4. Deiky Eritrea nesgom thry. Eritrean slogans Never kneel down. The dogs barks the Camels keeps marching.
    Hezbawe Genbar Nezelalem.

  5. TN, what’s interesting about the report? Should we be reading between the lines? There is no mention of any big or ground breaking projects. I.e expansion of air and sea ports….

          1. ~
            Excellent and beautiful!

            ኣተኣማምነቱ እናዓንበበ ብዘሎ ግስጋሴ ኤሬና ቀያሕ፣ ብዘይተጕላባ ክንሕበን ከምዝግባእ፣ – – – ብጽፈት ተሳኢለን ብውቃበ ዝዘቕበባ፣ ኣጕለሕሊሐን ብዘርእያ’ሞ “ማይ ዘይጠዓማ” ኣወንታዊ ቪድዮታት፣ “ጸባና” የስትየና ስለ ዝጽንሐ – – –

            ንበሊሕነትን ኒሕን በርቂ ክቡር (ክብርቲ) ሓርበኛ Massawa ብጻይና፣ አድነቕ።

      1. Why would you get irritated when asked a simple Q? What was discussed in the meeting is the daily challenges our country is facing right now. What was not discussed however is, when and how those challenges will be eradicate. We heard of a plan to develop our sea and air ports majorly. What happened to that? Wages of our service men and women? Etc etc.. I expected much more than that..

        1. Opps Erena,
          U r lucky that u r saved from the curse of the Aouras and the Menghises and the Observes….
          There are people,who think that they are doing great by being nasty and by acting as if they are doing a favor to the nation by blindly supporting things that should be challenged and questioned legitimately.
          That is right we need Solutions, not just lecturing us about our challenges and failures.
          We need to debate on as to why we have not achieved what we are supposed to achieve and to look for better ways of solving our problems rather than blaming others chronically and endlessly.
          Even if our challenges are due to others and foreigners, we have to develop better strategies and better ways to overcome those challenges.
          Pls,do not expect such a kind of approach from the TN and the Madotes.as they have No gut and courage to do so.as thei sole purpose is to come up with exaggerated news about Achievements of the GoE and about others hurting us.
          TN slapped me on my face telling me that it /he is not ready to challenge the GoE at this time until we Eritrea comes out from the challenges it is dealing with but forgetting that legitimately criticizing and challenging the GoE is part and parcel of the solutions of our problems while working along with the GoE to solve our problems.
          Following what the TN and Madote are doing will only keep us on the status quo.
          We need to be allowed to have a SAY on our Eritrean Business in all aspects.

          1. Justice/Truth/Hope, just to remind you Tesfanews and Madote are patriotic websites and not prone to spasmatic over the top never ending criticism of Shaebia/GOE.

            Nobody and absolutely nobody is stopping you from starting your OWN website to spew your nonsense 24/7 if you choose. Mr. so called Justice show it “bghibri” not “bzereba”.

          2. Mr /Ms TGY(Tigraway):
            Love those words like Justice/Truth/Hope.
            Am entitled to my opinion; and BTW,constructive criticism is component of Patriotism .
            FYI.The original EPLF taught me as such-to criticize and to be criticized.
            Patriotism in my dictionary might be different from yours.

          3. Justice, everyone has opinions. In fact if you have taken a 101 philosophy class in college you might have heard your professor say “opinions are worthless, because by definition, they are based on insufficient knowledge.” So why bother? Better yet, why clog the system with “worthless opinions”? If you have good claims, which I know you have, bring them up ONE by ONE and analyze them – what, why, when, where and how. Support each claim with facts and/or figures. Can’t you do that???

            BTW, I must tell you that most of criticisms of you here are true.

          4. Kaleab:
            Thank you for your feedback. But I did not understand your statement saying that ” BTW,I must tell you that most of criticisms of you are true”.
            Do you meant the criticism about me by others or my “constructive criticism ” on/about the others, the GoE included?
            But,please be so kind NOT to join the “Club” but stay Independent-minded and Fair.
            Your Professor of Philosophy might be correct but NOT right.
            On the same token, you might have also heard Intellectuals saying: “Every opinion of a Citizen matters”.
            The definition of “Opinion” is subjective or is broad. An “Opinion” is a thought process.
            Applicable Knowledge is preceded by Opinion and vice-versa.
            Back to the basics.:
            ‘Theorms,Calculas,Analytical and Nuclear/Space Physics,etc….are Metaphysical Sciences but when applied, guess what?
            I was scared after reading China’s latest ICBMs and Nuclear Warheads besides Putin’s latest and beyond scary WMD…Super-High Tech Military Technology, which left Mr Trump confused and scared as well.
            Opinions also include suggestions.
            Are you following the Fallacious Logic of your Master ,PIA?
            I read an Article about him saying to a French Journalist in 1970s:” I prefer a farmer with his basic utilities than an Intellectual full of empty opinions and suggestions.”
            I agree with PIA partially but we should integrate the job of both farmers and Intellectuals.
            If the “Opinion” of the Senior EPLFites and our Elders as well as that of our Religious Leaders were or had to be listened to, we would not be where we are now.
            But the One-Man Opinion/System rather destroyed this Beautiful Nation and the dream is shuttered …
            Please read Natnael Yebio’s Latest Article on Operation Fenkil at Madote.Com.
            Where is that Nih,Habbo,Heroism,Sacrifice and Stamina ….and what happened to all these noble causes/issues and WHY?
            Is coz of people like me et al/and my Cos? Maybe.
            Get it real. The Opinions of concerned Citizens matter,indeed.
            Should I do something?
            Well,if the ratified Constitution is implemented with all its provisions and if I am allowed to invest in Eritrea FREELY, as I attempted before, I will pack up tonight and move to Eritrea and build a well equipped Comprehensive Community Clinics in Keren,Hagaz,Tesenei Wo Akordat,Shambiko,Tio,Karora,Ghirmaika,Hebo and Adi Quala.as well as in the ruined Sen’afe.etc….NOW!
            Something has gone WRONG,besides the role of the CIA,the Mossad,the Weyannes.
            As a REMINDER, an Eritrean Mind/Brain and potential are beyond any one’s imagination and would do miracles if given opportunities to do so.
            Here is what the “over-Confident” and Brutal Colonel Menghistu Hailemariam said after the Nadew Command Destruction to his own WPE/ESSEPA Part/Parliament:
            ” Be’ahunu se’At,Shaebia atomic bomb Eyye serra new Be Sahil Terraoch”.
            “At this moment, the SHAEBIA/EPLF is building an Atomic Bomb in the Sahel Mountains”.
            This is the same Colonel,who used to label the Gallant Shaebia/THE EPLF
            ” Wonbediewoch/Bandits”.

          5. Sir, ሕውስውስ እዳበልካዮ. Have you re-read your response to my singular suggestion on how to make your case a lot clearer??

            You started with your view on opinion, then somehow got to the Chinese space and missile programs vis a vis Mr Putin of Russia and Mr. Trump of USA. Next you jumped to PIA, quickly turning to EPLF and ELF supporters, and ending on Megistu Hailemariam. If may frank with you, it did hurt my head reading it.

            I personally like clear argumentative claims (one at a time). I’ve always find it a lot easier to write, read, and get my thoughts across and hopefully persuade people.

            I’ve only suggested this in the past (just like the Observer did) b/c I felt you may have stuff to say I might want to read about. I am a simple man who likes to see simple/clear arguments.

            Anyhow, keep doing what you do. I will do the same. Cheers.

          6. Come on kaleab:
            Do not act like a Western spoiled boy.
            Act like an Eritrean.
            Back to our point of debate:
            -Opinions matter.
            -We have to respect the opinions of others.
            -The Sino-Russian issue/technology was brought as a side note to…..
            -The ELF-EPLF issue is well within the context of the “opinion of citizens” issue;hence,contrary to your assertion,I am within the scope of the topic .

          7. I am a man, a proud Eritrean at that, not a boy.

            Your or my opinion is one out of 6 million. Since you indicated that you are a math whiz, you would known then that your or my opinion, with all do respect, is a drop in a bucket — essentially worthless. On the other hand an analysis is valuable, important, educational etc. So I like an analysis. Any ways, no need to beat a dead horse here, so I am moving on to another topic. Cheers.

          8. Justice, some are happy with the progress of PFDJ in Eritrea. If you are unhappy, it is probably a good idea to go to Eritrea to contribute so you may be happy one day.

          9. B Adal:
            I am also happy with what the PFDJ Government has done(refer to the awate.com where I have defended the positive achievements of the GoE and the People of Eritrea has done) but I am criticizing or opinionating that we should have done better as we have plenty of opportunities to do so and my comments/criticisms are from that perspective.
            But it is the Modus Operand of the Eritrean Political Culture NOT to give us that kind of opportunity-to constructively criticize when needed and if u do so,you are labeled as an Agame and a Traitor….an old and obsolete modus operand to intimidate and character assassinate people we do not agree with.

          10. Justice,
            unfortunately, I have not come across your comments where you defend the achievement of PFDJ; it may be because I don’t visit awateDotCom. I am a supporter for any Eritrean who is supportive of PFDJ while criticizing constructively. So I fully support your criticism!!!
            And regarding your comments on the “Modus Operand of the Eritrean Political Culture”, Although I don’t agree with your statement, just you know We (including you) are part of that Eritrean Political Culture. An online discussion is what makes it difficult to know who is who when it comes to our Eritrean affairs.

          11. Thanks for you feedback.
            I urge you to visit and check that site called awate.com.
            Even though it does not tolerate any one, who might support the PFDJ Gov-a major Reason as to why I was blocked besides challenging them a I do here,it is good to read some good minds and good people there and to have also some idea about the mentality and attitude of some Eritreans, Pseudo-Eritreans, self-appointed Opposition Groups as well as some Ethiopians including some derghi-era left-overs.
            Never undermine the minds of Salih Younis,Gheteb,Vet Mohamud Salih. as well as Vet Semere Tesfay.
            When I say “Modus Operand of the Eritrean Culture”, I am talking about :
            -The lack of Tolerance
            -Lack of Rapprochement,Constructive Dialogue and Understanding(“We agreed to disagree-WeldeAb W Mariam?)
            -The nasty attitude of extreme “Judgementalism”, Intimidation and Character Assassination
            -Lack of ehim mihim
            Never forget the failure of “Simur Ghimbar” and its aftermath, not to mention the fight among brohers and sisters between the ELF and EPLF Factions,when I was directly involved in such a backward situation and incident in 1977-178 in Hagaz and Between Halibmentel and Keren by witnessing Young Brothers and Sisters pointing their AK-47 at each other for simple issues, including not allowing the ELF to pass through Keren.,which finally ended up in the massacre of the same brothers and sisters through a deadly Civil War to the extent of destroying the Largest and Strongest Liberation Movement in Africa/World,which has left us with the worst animosity and unhealed wound thus far;which in turn has become one of the major factors for our polarization/disunity, at least partially.
            We should have learned better and moved on for the best interest of Eritrea.

          12. Justice, Thank you much for your tolerance with me. As I said, “thanks” for people like Sentiko, the TN online discussion has become too difficult to know who criticizes PFDJ for the sake of Eritrea or not. Now I know, we may have a lot in common than I thought earlier. I will take your comments serious and hopefully enjoy them while criticizing you constructively (when needed).

            ==> Regarding Awate: I used to visit the site long time ago, and know Salih Younis and company even during the days of AsmarinoDomCOm. It is hard for me to try to contribute, let alone convince a site designed to undermine PFDJ. When I seldom visit the site, it is usually to know the state of their mind.
            ==> Regarding “Modus Operand of the Eritrean Culture”:We would have a lot “smoother” discussion had TN been live. I know I am much more flexible, if I am having discussion with any Eritrean in person and especially if I know that person is for the well-being of Eritrea. Believe me, I am capable of identifying PFDJ weakness more than the so called opposition groups. However, I am also more realistic than most of them, especially when one chooses to criticize from thousands of miles away from Eritrea. Finally, I understand your point fully on the (sad part) history of ELF/EPLF. That part of our history will always be painful. I hope the future generation will learn from it for the better of Eritrea.

      1. Very disappointing to hear this from you.!! You sound very ignorant..I take it you have not actually read what I said? No need for this level of ignorance coupled with hostility.. You might be contented with that, I am not.. Complacency is a recipe for disaster.
        What is lacking her is constructive criticism..

        1. AyfaLkan Haw’na, most of it has been by PIA on the recent interview, but as always and you too, PIA has said we can and we should be able to do more. In short, don’t get offended as this is not a personal attack. We shall do more and much more, that’s all.

          1. ንስካ ትሃይሽ ሃወይ:: you speak without belittling or patronizing. Ignorance and derogatory are not fanciful attributes to possess and no one should be proud of them.. I shall listen to PIA interview again if I missed any thing.

        2. “Very disappointing to hear this from you.!! You sound very ignorant..I take it you have not actually read what I said? No need for this level of ignorance coupled with hostility..”
          My response was to what you wrote. This is what you said:
          “TN, what’s interesting about the report? Should we be reading between the lines? There is no mention of any big or ground breaking projects. I.e expansion of air and sea ports…”
          Now …

          1) Do you still think I have not actually read what you wrote? Did you think my response was based on reading the 1st line from your 2 lines comment?
          2) You are asking bigger projects in Eritrea, what is wrong with asking you to go to Eritrea and contribute? Is this the thing you are disappointed to hear from me? and … Which part of my response was the reason you thought I sounded ignorant?
          3) Which part of my response was hostile to you? On the contrary, your response was more hostile than my response.
          Conclusion: You like to criticize the men & women working for Eritrea, but you seem to easily get irritated with my criticism. — Think about it.
          P.S. @Erena, I would appreciate a response why you thought I sounded ignorant & hostile.

          1. Brother, the last thing I want to do is, to display our dirty laundry for everyone to see. In short, I wish not to argue with you here, as its a family affair. All I said was, let’s not settle for a second best. No offense, but we all need to come out of our cocoons and critics and scrutinize.. i am not opposing my government, I am demanding more for our people.
            Anything wrong with that??

          2. Erena, I agree with you when you say “… let’s not settle for a second best.”
            However, you know fully well that my response was to your comment when you said “TN, what’s interesting about the report? Should we be reading between the lines? There is no mention of any big or ground breaking projects. I.e expansion of air and sea ports…” , which has nothing to do with “not settling for the second best”. BTW, it was not only me who responded to your comment, although you seem to get irritated only by my mild comment. I did not ask you to display any dirty laundry, as we don’t have one!. Although I am sure I was not, all I asked was to prove me how my response was Ignorant and Hostile.. I take no offence when people prove me wrong.

            P.S. Erena, my advice to you is, although you have written more than one comment in this page, it is important that you identify (& not mix them all) which of your comments was my response to.

          3. B.adal,
            I have always respected your pro government and positive comments. Also your comments towards anti Eritrean elements who are lingering around TN.
            However, in this instance I am afraid we can never be on the same frequency. You are deliberately choosing to seat on a different wave length..
            You damn know well, this whole argument started, when I asked what is the significance about this interview!!
            Personally, it is all about ‘ተፃቦታት:- counter ተፃቦታት’ and what was not done, what needs to be done and what should have been done etc etc..,unless you can tell me otherwise. No plans or time frame!

            By the way hostility and ignorance come in different forms.. The typical one I witness here is, passive aggression, dismissive and branding people as Anti-Ere.

            The sad fact is, if I was to display our dirty laundry, you would disown it.
            I am not sure if you did or not, but some of us did pack up and headed home, only to come back humiliated and start again where we left of in Europe..
            Let’s be slightly critical and recognize our failings. Shall we?!?!
            Unless we do that, we will always be ignoramuses and 3rd world country..

          4. Erena:
            Well said, and could not agree more.
            Some people did repeat the same thing you perfectly said above but was bombarded by the same ” Patriotic” people here with name callings, insults and intimidation.
            Of note, to save themselves, from their curse, they hinted them as to who they might be or what they might have attempted to do as TRUE Patriotic Eritreans as you mentioned it above.
            But still, they are Traitors and Agames…..coz they tried to ask questions and to challenge few legitimately challengeable things.
            Good luck Erena.
            I am going to annoy the TN,the B Adals and the KaleAbs,the Menghises,the Aouras….
            Twenty Five years and counting—-
            -Not only hat we have not started dealing with the more than 150,000 “Old” Refugees suffering in the Old Sudanese dirty Refugee Camps for over 50 years, but we could not also control the scary Youth Exodus of,including up to 300,000 people for the last 10-15 years.
            -The EPLF Charter of 1994 was thrown into a trash bin
            -No National Assembly or Independent Cabinet is to be allowed
            -WE dismantled one of the best National Security and Intelligence Organizations and National Defense Structure in the world–without any exaggeration..
            -The 1997 Ratified Constitution was dead on arrival, we were told, hence, NO Rule of Law so that the One-Man System will do any thing it wants including kidnapping ,killing and keeping people incommunicado and no where to be spotted….so that Corruption of all kinds under the Sun shall be the Rule of the Land/the Modus Operand of the Day–so that NO one shall be accountable and responsible.!.
            -The Baduma incident/ issue was mishandled in a deadly way, which put us in a trap we cannot get out from, which could have been prevented 99% in the words of the GoE Officials at least in the words of Haile Drue
            -Our Foreign Policy has remained MESSY and made us to be victims of our own making(Hint: The way we handled the Somali Issue and the way we kicked out the UNMEE)
            -The Private Sectors of our Economy, Education System and Investment have been banned
            and hence, every able Eri Business person or community had to leave as you and me did. And worse, to be victims of our enemies. The Education System has been structured to enroll only 15 % of High School Grads and the 75 % will—
            -The National service Program has remained mismanaged and disorganized
            -Our rich natural resources remained untapped and un-utilized for weirdo excuses(Hint: Fishing and Tourism Industries that could be handled exclusively by Eritreans in different forms and capacities).
            -Every thing is micro-managed by one MAN, we have been told; and we as a people, have been made to have NO say in our own business.
            -National Reconciliation has been kept as a Taboo/hostage and crime so that the divide and rule tactic will work for them.
            The Justifications for all the above:
            -The CIA,The TPLF,No War NO Peace Policies, the UN,etc…
            Well,a Second Grader Eritrean knows that we have been cursed to be victims of the same evil groups and enemies…since the inception of Eritrea..
            The question and the challenge here is/are:
            -Have we done anything better as a Nation and as a People, or have we created a conducive environment to counter-challenge and protect the nation and defend ourselves as a people and as a nation against those evil enemies?
            May be but not enough, at least in my opinion.
            We could have done better if we achieved what I mentioned above:
            1) Declaration of a Genuine National Reconciliation since 1991.
            But we did the exact Opposite of it and we have remained divided and polarized more than ever!
            2)Implementation of the 1994 EPLF Charter
            We trashed it!
            3)Implementation of the Ratified Constitution with all its provisions
            -We did the exact opposite…we killed it!
            4) Encouraging and Involving every Eritrean Citizen in a well coordinated, united and organized manner to build the Nation.
            We did the exact opposite. We banned the Private Education, Economic and Investment Sectors!
            5)Strengthening our National Security, Intelligence and Defense System and Structure.
            We dismantled them!
            6)Improving the National Service Program.
            We have made it to be a source of Youth Exodus..in one way or another.
            There should be a serious motive behind all these mess other than the role of the CIA,the UN,TPLF,etc….
            To take Eritrea and Eritreans down to the HELL and made them disappear from the face of the Earth, some told us???.
            God forbid!
            Good luck Eritrea and Eritreans!

          5. B Adal:
            I agree with you on this one and Erena already heeded to your advice and inadvertently, took note of your persuasive response.
            But,with all due respect, Big Bro,U r acting in a too much “Eritrean” way-short and abrupt.
            BTW,one need not have to contribute anything in order to wish or expect to have more things to be done for Eritrea considering all things.
            I advise you to knock off the old-styled PFDJ style of counter-attacking people.
            These are treacherous tactics that are used to intimidate innocent people.
            -Who is he/she?
            -Where was she?
            -What has he/she done so far?
            -Who is behind him/her?
            -Why don’t you go and contribute something?…Etc…
            Just try to persuade people in a persuasive way….Eritrea and the GoE have lots of reasonable excuses to be excused and to be supported irrespective of this and that:
            I said it before, NO Nation and/or people, that I know in the 20th-21st centuries have survived the Tsunami and challenges that Eritrea as a nation, Eritreans as a people and the GoE as a Government have survived.
            Everything is relative and NOTHING is perfect in this world with full of injustice, opportunism and corruption.
            But that does NOT mean that we cannot criticize or challenge the same Government for its mistakes and weaknesses simply coz it survived that tsunami as it might have contributed to that Tsunami one way or another….and to minimize or avoid that collateral damages and weaknesses, we as Citizens have a right and an obligation to criticize and challenge our Government while working side by side with it for the best interest of Eritrea.

          6. Brother Justice,
            I know I am sometimes guilty of acting no one who he/she is not willing to help PFDJ should criticize PFDJ. But believe me (although not 100% correct) I always try to figure out if that someone is pure PFDJ hater (e.g. Sentiko like) or someone like myself who appreciates their selfless hard work, but equally notices some of their weaknesses that could be easily fixed. I am a believer that we should have some fair expectations from PFDJ, otherwise we will never be satisfied with anything they provide for us. Furthermore, I am not sure if you will agree with me or not, I don’t believe in openly criticizing PFDJ in every possible of their weakness, as it will give ammunition to our haters or the so called opposition who are in bed with Woyane.
            In any case, I sincerely thank you for your advice.

          7. Thanks.
            I should agree with you on the point that I might have missed:
            You said :”Not openly criticizing the PFDJ”.
            You are right;and I will rather not do so in the future as you point makes sense.
            BTW,I was surprised to see asking tough questions during some of the PFDJ Internal Meetings that I attended in the past but I put myself in trouble by asking some Tough Security related questions as I was so naïve on some issues(Gherhinet nai Adey(ziwereda Mama) -lekimuni–even in the USA,I put myself in trouble by asking my white masters some legitimate but tough questions.

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