Orotta Post-Graduate Medical School Graduates Five Surgeons

Graduate Specialists

Asmara, 28 November 2010 – Five (5) Eritrean specialist surgeons who have been attending their studies at the Orotta Medical School graduated yesterday.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony, the Minster of Health, Ms. Amna Nurhussein, congratulated the graduates and parents, and pointed out the paramount contribution of the number of medical schools and colleges opened in nurturing skilled professionals. She went on to say that such undertaking is registering encouraging outcome in providing efficient health services.    

The Medical Director of the Orotta Post-Graduate Medical School,   Dr. Haile Mezghebe noted that the Eritrean government and people’s vigorous endeavors to develop the health sector are registering impressive achievements. He expressed conviction that in the future, Eritrean health services would be progressive and up to the highest standards.

Indicating that the number of health professionals in the country is increasing double fold, Dr. Haile stated that post-graduate programmes are being provided to physicians currently working in various areas of the country.

The graduates on their part reiterated readiness to dedicatedly discharge their duty.

Orotta Medical School, which was opened in 2004, has graduated a total of 44 physicians out of whom 8 are pediatricians, 5 surgeon specialists as well as 31 general doctors. The school has currently enrolled 300 students.