Open Letter to Africa News ‘Digital Journalist’ Shaban Abdur Rahman Alfa

“Those who compare Eritrea with North Korea have not been to North Korea and certainly do not know Eritrea”

Media misrepresentation of Eritrea - Africa news
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Dear Mr. Rahman

I have read your article conspicuously posted on African News with keen interest as it comes from a fellow African and expecting journalistic objectivity. I have no qualms over your interest in Eritrea as you are perfectly entitled to do so. However, I must tell you that my response to your article is not to give credence but to show its banality.

It seems to me that your deficiency in intellectual grounding and specialism for objective, impartial and unbiased healthy journalism has betrayed you spectacularly.

To begin with, the very title of your article (Eritrea: The African North Korea’s border spats with Djibouti and Ethiopia) is disrespectful, insensitive and demeaning to put it in a civilized language. Your usage of the derogatory phrase ‘Eritrea: the African North Korea’ brusquely typifies the mind set of gullible and mental midget journalists who jump over the wagon.

You have shamelessly borrowed and recycled disparaging words to show the country in bad light. I do not know whether you have been to Eritrea, but I assure you for a person who would had been there, the words ‘closed nation, secretive nation’ would not be his/her choice.

It really is mind boggling when someone bearing the name ‘journalist’ nonchalantly comes with such unprofessional report based on hear says, innuendos. Either by design or ignorance, in the timeline events you listed vis-à-vis the conflict between Eritrea and Ethiopia, you glossed over the most critical factor for the current impasse on the border demarcation.

The denegation of Ethiopia to abide by the “final and binding” verdict of the agreement lies at the heart of this problem. Of all things, this should have been central to your report as the logjam that must be broken for the peace process to become a reality.

In addition, as a reporter you should have asked yourself, why do these border issue pop up? What causes them? And why after Eritrea became a sovereign state? Only then would your contribution be informative and

You also mentioned Ethiopia’s accusation of Eritrea for supporting the widespread disturbance, while completely ignoring Ethiopia’s glaring intervention through its futile regime change agenda. Where is then your sense of fairness and balanced reporting?

Mr. Abdul Rahman, you state that Eritrea gets less news coverage than the neighbouring countries. Do I say wow! This is good news and sadly who would like to live in those chaotic countries [such as the Republic of Congo of yours] where people not only live in constant fear and trepidation but are gunned down in broad day light.

Lastly brother Abdul, if you want to really know Eritrea, I advise you to visit the country and see-first-hand how peaceful it is and what difficulties and challenges it faces and how these are managed.

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    1. Brother
      Yes indeed he has to liberate his mind to know and understand our unique situation.He has a lot of home work to do, than the copy and paste journalism.

        1. Wow objective reality according to whom, did you agree that he simply compares Eritrea with North Korea, in that case what are the norms?. I blamed the pseudo journalist or quasi- journalist if you want, because he did not do his home work, he was regurgitating the once buzz words and cliches famously circulating among some murky quarters- Eritrean hater, he was literally copying and pasting worn out innuendos nothing more.

          1. What will he gain by falsely insulting Eritrea? What is he going to benefit by insulting a small and fledgling nation struggling to keep its head above water? Let me know. Let us be prudent, realistic and frank. He tried to express his candid opinion about the existing objective reality on the ground.

          2. Hi
            You did not answer my previous question but does not matter, I beg to differ however, vigorously about your comments how candid his opinion about Eritrea was. This very quasi journalist if he ever had been qualified to be called has every thing to gain in the era of social media who would other wise do pay attention to mediocre yellow journalism, which does not make sense and especially are not true, the acclaimed media outlets are having hard time to sell their story.
            You and I could not know if he really is gaining by writing gibberish which is far from the reality, or even having remote similarity to the facts on the ground. I could however, infer by the texture and style he writes, I have no doubt he is every thing but uninformed soul who probably has sold the little profession ha had guess to whom – The yellow devil

          3. Criticizing the regime doesn’t mean insulting Eritrea, the regime which is consisted by few gangs is an entity that is ruling Eritrea via a middle age system.

          4. Did you say” what he gain by falsely insulting Eritrea”?my answer is financial gain from his benefactors (i believe 100% you are too Weyane operative) he is KEDAMI (servant of the WHITE MAN) like you.

          5. Grateful Eritrean · Edit

            Brother Alem this person by the nic.YOHANES is a certified Weyane.But keep educating,and fight the good fight.Eritrea is blessed to have articulate citizens like you.As much as i believe in freedom of speech,our honorable web master TN should not give this kind weyane paid propagandists a plat form,where they distract us from the main topic purposely.

          6. Brother
            I could hardly missed it, it was too apparent he tried by carefully crafted sentence to win the confidence, he played the game but not too long, he choose to disappear from our discussion forum. That is his choice but it is perplexing why should they get masked just to through a not too smart comment on how bad Eritrea is governed what is the point ultimately what do they gain. Do they missed the point that the government enjoys a robust support both at home and in the diaspora no matter how many mercenary journalists the be able to hire to write outlandish reports based on heresy about Eritrea it makes us even stronger and stronger to our cause. defending our Sovereignty

      1. ኣይተ ኣለም ሓሶት ጽቡቅ ኣይኮነን ግድኣቱ እዩ ዘመዝን ኣምላክ ትፈርሕ እንተኮይንካ ሓሶት ሳዕበኑ ድሕሪ ሞት ውን የቅጽዕ እዩ. .ንደቅኻ ውን ኣብነት ክትኽውን ይግባእ ክሓስበካ ከለኩ ኣረጊት ሰብኣይ ኢካ ይመስለኒ ኣብ 60 ወይ 70 ኣንዳዲዕኻ ዝረገጽካ. .ዝኮነ ኮይኑ ናብዚ ጉዳይ ክምለስ ብወገነይ ብመግዛእቲ ዝኮርዕ ሃገርን ህዝብን ሪአ ኣይፈልጥን ብጀካ ሃገርካ
        ንሕና ኣቦታትና ብዝሃነጹልና ቅርሲ ኣብ ዩኔስኮ ነመዝግብ ንስካ ጥልያን ሰሪሑ ዝሃበካ ህንጻ ኣብ ኣሰመራ መዝግቡለይ እናበልካ ከርተት ትብል ኣለኻ….ጥልያን ሓሙሽተ ዓመት ዝጸንሓለን ኣብ ኢ/ያ ኣብ ኣዲስ ኣበባ ፒያሳን ለግሃርን ጎንደር ን ጅማን ቡዙሕ ህንጻታት ሃኒጹ እዩ. .ይትረፍ ናብ ዩነስኮ ሽሙ ውን ኣይፍለጥን. .ሓቂ ንምዝራብ ግን ፈትን ።ኣያ

        1. Ayte MLLT
          It is none of your business to comment issues which matters ONLY Eritreans. I don´t engage in fruitless discourse with folk who did not show respect for Eritrea and who harbor animosity, filled with envy and opted to serve any one. That is what I called Dedebit mindset like you and your antiquated cousins KEDEMTI. Feed your siblings at least one meal a day in your tiny kili – wow your forefathers had “built” for you . Yedaka

          1. ናይ እቲ ዴንቆሮ ኢስይስ አእምሮን ሳዓብቱን ሜቼስ አብዚዓ ዓለምና ብድንቁርና ሜዌዳደርቲ ዬብልኩምን።እዋይ ሕፍሬት፡እዋያ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ዜይሬኽቦ ዜይብሉ።አዬናይ ስሉስ ሃጌር (3rd world )አላ አብዚአ ዓሌም ብጨፍሌቅታን፡ብዓሜጽታን ዝቴሃንጼ ህንጻ ፡ሕጂ እምብአር ናተይ ውርሻ እዩ እሞ አብቲ ናይ UNESCO WOLRLD HERITAGE ይታዓቀቤለይ ዝቤለት?ብጭራሽ የለን፡ተሰሚዑ ውን አይፌልትን፡ ዜሐፍር እዩ እውን።ኬምቲ አእምሮ ዶርሆ ኢሳያስ አፌጬርቂ ዝቤሎ”ጣልያን አብ ኤርትራ ክሳብ 120000 ኤርትራውያን ዓስኬር ስሌዝኔቤራ፡ጣላያን ጌዛኢት(colonizer)ክትኬውን አይትኽእልን እያ”።ኢሳያስ አፌጬርቂ አእምርኡ ካብእቲሴናበቶ(እትገድፎ)ኔዊሕ እዩ ኮይኑ።እሞ ሕሙም አእምሮ ክውጌድን ክፍዌስን ድአ ይግብኦ እምቤር፡ጥዑይ አእምሮ እንዳለኸፌ ዶ ስቅ ኢልካ ይጥመት እዩ?እስኻ ኽአ ቤቲ ሕማም ናይ ኢሳያስ ዝተሌኼፍካ ኢኻ ትሜስል እሞ፡ምሕሬት ዬውርደልካ።ብግዜ ውቤ ዝጼሜሜ ውቤ ክብል ሞተ።

          2. Still uninvited Weyane stooge like your criminal coterie who has no value or relevance when it comes to Eritrea. Period or you understand better the magic word: Yereaka

          3. Eritrea Ne Ertrawian · Edit

            agazia or bagger ወይ አተይ ትግራዋይ ጠላም ፣ ሓሳድ ፣ ለማኒ ፣ ሐሳዊ ፣ 9 ልቡኩም ፡ ተጋሩ እንታይ ትገብሩ ጭንን ትብሉ አብ ፍቆዶ ናይ ኤርትራውያን ማዕከናት መራኸቢታት? ትልምኑ ከም አመልኩም አብ ዝኸድክሞ ፡ ሕጅስ ከአ ሕሉፍ ሓሊፉኩም ልመና ብኢንተርነት ጀሚርኩም ዝገርም እዩ ተሕዝኑ።

          4. Grateful Eritrean · Edit

            Listen you stupid AGAME Asmara and all our major cities are built by Eritrean man power and 90% Eritrean material.Our fathers and grandfathers gave their blood and sweat to make it happen.So it is our history,and we are proud of it.So go to hell better yet go kill your self.Hasad wedi Hasad.

          5. Mr. Alem:

            He/she is telling you in a polite and civil manner. Please avoid vulgar words in a civil discourse. e.g. Animosity, Dedebit mindset antiquated, Kedemti, tiny kill, etc etc. We Eritreans are fellow humans like others. We have a good culture of humility, civility, dignity and respect to other ideas. Please Ato Alem if you are talking as Eritrean, you need to take care. You are also an old man and don’t degrade yourself. There are many good words to help you to express your argumentation in a civilized way.

          6. Mr yohannes
            You may have missed the point I am paying with the very same mint to this sold soul. The issue of civility it is mutual. Period brother

          7. Yohannes,
            Here is how @agazia started his response to Alem Mehari …
            “ናይ እቲ ዴንቆሮ ኢስይስ አእምሮን ሳዓብቱን ሜቼስ አብዚዓ ዓለምና ብድንቁርና ሜዌዳደርቲ ዬብልኩምን። …” the rest of his response is as ugly as his initial statement.
            Is this what you call “…polite and civil manner…”?
            I guess every Agame visiting TN is in your definition Polite and Civil.

          8. Brother Adaley
            You got it right i just opted not to engage Yohannes since I could not disagree more with his statements. Belittling our own being, our nation and ultimately our leaders is may be polite and a sigh of civility in his vocabulary, he is entitled to his opinion, but derogatory sentences and phrases are just that whether they are expressed with plain english or with the convoluted version of Tigringa.

          9. Grateful Eritrean · Edit

            Yohans it is not Alem’s falt. The sad thing is this savage Weyane’s are dragging us to their low level.We Eritreans never invaded them never wanted an inch of their land.We can’t clap with one hand.He and all weyane’s are un invited guests,as such they should be treated like flies.I wholeheartedly believe they enjoy it.If not any self respecting human will not go to a place were he is not welcome,to be abused.

          10. Grateful Eritrean · Edit

            Go ahead my brother ALEM i am proud of you.Let me add on your comment THIS WEYANE STOOGES why are they in our house (websites) 24/7? Me and 98% Eritreans never visit their websites and their music on YouTube or other social media.This is what Eritreans call INFERIORITY COMPLEX.un curable sickness.But while they are spending their time, material and human (WASTE) resources to destroy Eritrea,the whole 80-90 million Ethiopians are coming to eat them alive.As shameless as they are they will come on their knees to beg Eritreans to save and shelter them,BUT THEY HAVE BURNED THE BRIDGE ON BOTH SIDES.Game over.

        2. Eritrea Ne Ertrawian · Edit

          Ethio-tigray or Ayte Hassawi ትሕሱ ዘሎኻ ንስኻ። ጥልያን አይ ሃነጽዎን ፡ ብጉልበት ኤርትራውያን እዩ ተሃኒጹ።

    2. A hero from Amhara/ Ataklti · Edit

      It is true nothing is worse, but brother, why do you think thousands of eRitreans are going out of the country every month? When it comes to your own self, you are blind. I think the article is fair and correct assesment of reality in the country. You know one thing the North Korean’s do? ….. they have this thing called tourism, where they will take u all the fancy place the country got. But they wont show you how the ordinary ppl really lives. The same thing to aSSmaria. So my advice to the journalist, do not go there, u wont see anything. Just waste of money.

      eRitrea = The African North Korea! FACT

      1. You need water to grow up · Edit

        Why 15 million people starving? Tell me first!!!When you mention Eritrea I can tell you the truth ok!!! You were talking about freedom .For your information 0% freedom in Ethiopian!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ask the Amhara’s, Oromo’s Gambelas they got killed almost every day !!!…etc. Don’t even mention here TPLF /Ethiopia!! I know about TPLF/Ethiopia maybe more than you do!!!

        1. A hero from Amhara · Edit

          That is exactly what I am sayin, u and ur friends have difficulty understanding what is written. This news/guesstimate was from 2015 and we all know how well the country responded to the drought for year 2016. Instead of 15 million, it was about 7 million and Not a single person died of food shortage. Our enemies were waiting part II of 1984 famine to happen. But that time is long gone. So what you attached is actually a testament for the Ethiopian govt. All the pridictions were wrong and Ethiopia proved to the world that the country is closer than ever to food security.

          1. Amhara wannabe, there’s no one single amhara or oromo (Ethiopians) commenting on this site except the filthy tegaru who are posting under amhara or oromo identity. You are a pathological liers with inferiority complex. At this time the 94% of Ethiopians are after the filthy tegaru so cut your b.s.

          2. A hero from Amhara/Ataklti · Edit

            “At this time the 94% of Ethiopians are after the (filthy) tigaru so cut your b.s.”

            You know why I took that line from u?
            b/c that is the only thing u got right.
            & I couldnt care less if u think ‘m Tigaru or Amhara.

            U begging ” let us alone” lol

          3. Hey, the village idiot, make me a favour, go and feed your own people, you’re wasting your time here, you should be begging your master sites 🙂 Hallaw ajaw!

          4. No he can´t he opted to beg his masters day and night, guess what he boasts then middle income country blah blah while a third of his cousin survive with the benevolence of the West. That was is and will be the prime mind set of the junta ” Atakiltis” cousins in Arat Kilo.

          5. Mengis
            They know they are feeling the heat that is why they are so desperate. Sit back and relax the real Ethiopians are up to that they will soon reclaim what is legitimately theirs.

          6. A hero from Amhara/Ataklti · Edit

            Kikikik, ” the real Ethiopians”, u think they are a friend of urs?! No war no peace meanse we will let u exist until we feel it is time to get rid of u.

          7. A hero from Amhara/Ataklti · Edit

            Ata doma,

            Next time when u write something useful, think of those ppl who cant speak of ur language. For real. But I kind of feel that u tried to do some damage. Anyway, brother darkness, I dont have any doubt that u live same way that u write. If u dont want to read the reality, go to the jungle where u come out from.

          8. Ayte Atakiliti
            Wrong you have difficulty to discern how events are unfolding in our region. The real Ethiopians, by the way, are those who don´t ashamed being an Ethiopian with all what it means: the misery the way of living, the tradition, and of course the potential to grow and start afresh. You and your antiquated junta are at one time Agames from the tiny kilil and when you feel insecure you turn out to be more Ethiopian than those real Ethiopians. The no peace no more MLLT policy will se who will be the party who begs to rescind but wanted a concession. Ayte Ugmay try to choose some smart alias and texture next time, being a ” peace missionary” “Mitiku Mellese, and all the other nasty alias won´t take you any longer.

          9. You need Water to grow up · Edit

            Ayte koshe/ sentiko kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!! you said it was about 7 million people??Listen first the interview what the lady said about her son !!! really?? the world said something diffrent tho !! Who are those people? Why 15 million people starving? Tell me first!! You said it was 7 million people only how many people are the range for you? Anyways I can smell you from far what you are trying to say. HD one time said it was hunger in California too hahhahha !!! Ask the Amhara’s, Oromo’s Gambelas they would say different thing and they know they were killed almost every day by TPLF !!!…

            Don’t forget when you open your mouth I can see your small brain!!!


      2. Ugumey
        What do you say to the tiny rocky Kilil known for its notorious beggars combined with the lethal complex born out of envy and low self esteem. You don´t need to hide by such silly alias no Amhara would ever write as you do, please don´t advertise your ignorance.

        1. A hero from Amhara/Ataklti · Edit

          Alemitu mehari,

          Do u realy think that everybody who comments on this site is ugumey?!
          It is way better to live with the reality than living in ur fancy dream.

          1. AYTE UGMEY
            Not really but I could se the Agame style is full of garbage and prominently you choose muddy alias like yours because you are not proud by your very identity.

  1. Sadly, these lazy “Journalists” have chosen the silly path of ‘cut and paste’ over hard earned factual reporting. As to referring Eritrea as “North Korea”, I wonder how many of their countries are worse than any other countries leave alone the brave nation of North Korea. Is North Korea really a bad country for them to parade it as the devil? I’d rather be North Korea than many of the African countries.

  2. Practical observation can construct the knowledge .
    It seems Mr. Shaban Abdur Rahman Alfa’s lock of information (drought stricken mind) has forced him to be feed by handouts (spoon-fed) from the western interest groups, Middle Eastern or become Wegane’s one time mercenary .
    Your Article’s intention is to create distortions, falsehoods and justify the narrative of your masters (Western & Middle Eastern) or follow instruction from your African sub-servants employers (Malilit) who pay you few Congolese Franc or Qatari Riyal to transmit negative and unreliable news to the mainstream media.
    Instead of becoming a functional tool of your owners, Be a Man of Principle with objective, neutral and realistic observation.

  3. Mr. Abdul Rahman is not a Journalist because .He is under cover Journalist who is working for the Ethiopian Government .He keep using a copy .and paste .Haired by the West and the Eritrean haters Like Ethiopia Weyanne.The fake News and the Fake Journalist.I have no respect for them.

    1. I don’t get it why everyone is assuming this merchant of fake news is a journalist? Please don’t mention his name, this is how they make a name for themselves…

  4. They could LIE and say Eritrea is 100% responsible for global warming from it’s Danakil Desert over and over repeated overtime and your going to have uninformed motivated idiots who actually start to believe it.

    The camel still marches.

  5. My dear Eritrean Brothers I understand your patriotic feeling but the realty is exactly as stated by this author and many others.
    Few questions:
    Q1. You guys think that Eritrea is the most peaceful place on the planet! Well , all your brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers are fleding to nieghbouring countries , including Ethiopia! And if you think the streets of Asmara is quite, may be there is no one left ….!
    Q2. Is it not true that you guys send food to your families from all corners of the world because there is chronic food shortages ?
    Q3. How many times you guys imprisoned for reason that are not really criminal offense by any standards and your rights have been neglected by the same government you are pretending to protect?

    At last I would like to express my appreciation for the Author of this article for showing the world what is happening in that dark continent Africa in general and Eritrean in Particular.


    1. Well you don’t have to flout your dim brain and making yourself an A55, you are entitled to believe whatever you wanted perhaps here your inferiority complex is killing you before anything else !!!!have we not be dismissed during our liberation war and still we came out against all odds and and now rabid dogs ;like you’re trying to be smart donkey wedi quenty but don’t forget the camel is mesmerising you :)) by it strident movements so much so you have forgotten your own politics.!!!

    2. Hi “James”
      It is apparent that you borrowed that alias,
      Where do you live, certainly not in mother earth in such case you should be victim of the so called mainstream media. How could you jump to infer that the pseudo journalist who had never set his foot in Eritrea, who have merely copied and paste those worn out innuendos, if you hadn’t an axe to grind. ” James” are you our new friend by that very borrowed name and then you are welcome we can in fact entertain you as you wish.

      1. Selam Alem, I don’t pay attention to these TPLFites who come out of the woodwork to say nothing but BS. It is clearly a sign of desperation. Just as you and I, they know “it’s over”.

  6. The comment hereunder was posted on Facebook of Africanews some 10 hours ago but it has since been deleted. It has been posted on Tesfanews and reposted on Facebook of Africanews.

    You cannot be honestly proud African (and provide African news) by promoting the Wests’ continued neo-colonization of Africa. The helpless naming of the resilient nation of Eritrea as “the N.K. of Africa” emanated from the
    West (the Masters of your slave fathers and forefathers) in retaliation to the resistance by the brave people of Eritrea who said NO to neo-colony (or the formation of puppet government for the interests of the West at the expense of
    Eritrean People).

    Ever heard some Authorities/Politicians etc. in the West saying “we don’t halve influence on Eritrea because they don’t even receive our ’Food Aid’ ”. That’s part of what it means to be FREE from the West’s control in any shape or form.

    If the West is in developing nations, it’s to protect and promote their own INTEREST at the expense of poor people. The only they care is their interests; including by acting dubious by condemning corruption ostensibly and by
    promoting it insidiously there using corruption as one of tools to advance their interest.

    Just wonder if you (the writer of this Article “Eritrea: The African North Korea’s border spats with Djibouti
    and Ethiopia”) are part of the immoral corrupted body of African sons and daughters?

  7. I wish if there more media inside eritrea for all the foreigners living and visiting eritrea to post daily and show the world that eritrea is the opposite of north korea.
    Why foriegners since if they were eritrean and say good things they will be called as related to Isayas afwerki or @loyalists of the regime”

    1. Supporters have all kinds of excuses when the truth being told. The article states exactly what real Eritreans are saying, not these Europe born Eritreans. Can anyone with half a brain even understand why visitors can’t go to places without a visa/permits? Can you explain why no constitution has been implemented? Does being in state of emergency for 20 years stop Ethiopia from marching towards Asmera? You aren’t even allowed to complain, how in the hell would you know what people feel? How hard is it to file a charge for all those brave people who allegedly committed a crime? Does family visitation rights too much to ask for people who fought for independence? Just excuses to keep him in power. Sad

      1. Written Trump style! Your usual blah, blah and made-up stories! Can you ever write something constructive? Not in your nature, sad! (Trump style) Who are you to say who is real Eritrean or not? Your “real Eritreans” are your country men and women who pose as Eritrean. Your time spent here would have been worth your while if you spent it on a serious look at your country and its conditions!

        The “him” you are talking about is the nightmare that keeps you awake every time you go to bed. We will keep him up in power as long as he lives. You think without him you would sleep better? What do you think the millions of Eritreans behind him are there for? He, along with the Eritrean people, is preventing you and your leaders from forming the “Great Tigray Empire” your tyrants Alula and Yohannes never thought about! So, you hate him, understandable. Just get out of our territories; all the rest is a waste of time!.

        1. Are you kidding me?? Are you expecting any answer from sentiko ?? Sentiko/sheger addis/ Ethio/Balance/My thinking / He is a TPLF Agent with IQ 60!!! He is pathological liar. He lives in a fantasy world where everything said felt false or exaggerated.
          Instead tell him to google the right google ok!!! He has IQ 60 bro!!!Sentiko/sheger addis/ Ethio/Balance/My thinking / is one person. You don’t have to waste your time to respond for this dam. Those nick name belongs to one person!

          1. Brother
            Like father like son, what else do you think he emulates. Poor agent a messenger of death the only thing he knows is those habits he inherited by his forefathers.

      2. Lol you sound3d like an empty barrel or talking sh$t…i don’t know which conutry you are talking about. Your istopia with thousands of political prisoners and thos tgousands of youth killed and prisoned in the name of “terrorism” you must be insane and blinded by hate to fabricate such comments about Eritrea and keep on regurgitating fake news that fits your hate and twisted agenda. Good luck to you amd to your fellow cadre wanna bees.

        1. Again, you miss key facts and differences. We have prisoners “charged” with crimes like any other country. Prisoners being visited by family members, can hire their own lawyers. In your case as the article states, not charged, not seen and you are comparing yourself to us. Btw, that’s what NK does. There is also no denying of permission needed to travel one place to another, haqi.

          1. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk really ?? Hello Miss Sentiko/sheger addis/ Ethio/Balance/My thinking / dan TPLF Agent !!! I don’t know what kind of nick name you’ll get tomorrow .Anyways!!! Why are you here??????????? what is the issue??/ The funny thing you responding on your comment .Do you really think you going to hoax Eritreans, stupid dam!!! This is for you! “የብዙዎቹ ምናልባትም የሁሉም በሽታዎቻችን መሠረቱ ድህነትና ማጣት ናቸው፡፡ የገንዘብ ድህነትን በማግኘት ይላቀቁታል፤ የአስተሳሰብን ድህነት ግን በምን ይገላገሉታል? ችግር ነው፡፡

            did you say what???”We have prisoners “charged” with crimes like any other country. Prisoners being visited by family members, can hire their own lawyers.”hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i never knew TPLF/ Ethiopia is in U.S or EU


          2. This guy says they have prisoners like any other country? Wow! Ethiopia arrests people by the truckloads, like which other country? In Ethiopia, so called investigators stand female and male prisoners naked in front of them just to humiliate them, as per former prisoners. What was they changed with? How bad is the crime they allegedly committed?

      3. Hoho! Sentiko is loosing his mind 🙂 🙂 7 maychelot inda shire amne aregawi will make you feel good! Don’t hesitate, follow my advice, believe me you need i`t! Ciao from Asmara the Gem of Africa! Don’t get mad of jealousy 🙂

      4. All things that you said i have heard but still lies told by the peoples like kiros asfaha

        We dont have to keep him in power unlike haliemariam he is already in power

        We dont have state of emergency or food shortages

        And dumb ass let me lecture you a state of emeregency is made when a govt is dying or isnt in control of its enviroment

        So dummy how can you march into asmara that is surrounded by the highly trained and lethal army in all black africa an army that was the death bed of ethio leaders with thier armies
        While you couldnt even control your surroundings???!!!

        TPLF DILEMA 101
        I cant control my country but i can invade your country????????????????

  8. Why does this Haile Habtegaber waste his time? Those who mattered to Eritrea and Eritreans in the past and the present know EXACTLY what Eritrea is about. The others can go to….I mean can remain ignorant about Eritrea because Eritrea could care less.

      1. Hello Sentiko,
        It seems you are not helping your relatives back in ugumesh land.
        They need you more with sending $$ than your dedebit comments in TN.

    1. The major problem of the clique of the TPLF Regime is kleptocracy, ethnocracy, savage suppression of protests in particular by the Oromos and Amharas, the insanity of land grab including by annexing land from the Amhara
      Region, and the making of delusional wanton decisions just to stay in power. Guess what? It’s firing back on same CLIQUE of the TPLF great deal. The Oromos, the Amharas and others are sending clear message to tyranny TPLF to step down from power “DOWN DOWN TPLF” “DOWN DOWN WOYANE”

    2. Eritrea Ne Ertrawian · Edit

      እዚ ቃላት በቶም ሐቀኛታት ኢትዮፕያውያን ዝተባህለ ቃላት እዮ ክጠቅስ እየ “ናይ ወያነ ዓብይ ሽግር ሕጊ ጫካ ናብ ከተማ ከእቱ ምፍታኑ እዩ””ወያነ-ትግራይ እዩ ወጺኡ ካብ በረኻ እምበር ፡ እቲ በረኻ ካብ ወያነ-ትግራይ አይወጸን” ወያነ-ተጋሩ ዘይትሰርቅዎ ነገር የብልክሙን ሕጂ ከአ ሓሊፉኩም ቃላት ክትሰርቁ ጀሚርኩም።

    1. ዘይበሊ ሕማም
      ዘይበሊ ሕማም መድሓኒት ‘ተሳእኖ
      ዘይናትካ ምጥማት ኣምላኽ ዝኾነኖ
      ዓመጺቲ ጎረቤት ከም ባህሊ ሒዞሞ

      ቅድሞም ድሕሮም ኣብ ሓይሊ ዝኣምኑ
      ኣብ ሕግን ስርዓትን ምርዓም ዝጽገሙ
      ንሰላም ነጺጎም ኲናት ይዝሙሩ

      ብኣፍደገ ባሕሪ ወርትግ ክቑዝሙ
      ወገሐ ጸበሐ ጥሓርናኩም ክብሉ
      ምዕባሌ ስልጣኔ ራሕሪሕዎም ከይዱ

      ኣብ ጥምየት መከራ ሃገሮም ሸሚሞም
      ኣብ ኲናት ወረራ የውዕልዎ ዓቕሞም
      ሓግዙና ይብሉ ንመግቢ ዕለቶም

      ፍጹም ዘይርድኦም ምምባር ተሳኒኻ
      ኣብ ሓባር ስምምዕ ኣብ ጥቕመይ ጥቕምኻ
      ወጽዓ ዘየብሉ ዘርብሕ ክልቴኻ

    2. Eritrea Ne Ertrawian · Edit

      “ወያነ-ትግራይ እዩ ወጺኡ ካብ በረኻ እምበር ፡ እቲ በረኻ ካብ ወያነ-ትግራይ አይወጸን” “ናይ ወያነ ዓብይ ሽግር ሕጊ ጫካ ናብ ከተማ ከእቱ ምፍታኑ እዩ” እዚ ቃላት በቶም ሐቀኛታት ኢትዮፕያውያን ዝተባህለ ቃላት እዮ ስርቂን ሓሶትን ናትና ኢልኩም ሒዝኩሞ ወያነ-ተጋሩ

  9. You have written a good brother and I will not add more than you wrote but that he would visit our Saints Eritrea no never in Life.He studies at the Zoinist college and he lives for hus Daily bread and he is a slave than Weyane dog so,they can buy people any time but people now are questionable than Before and let them throw their Money to unnecessary.

    1. One thing is for sure, the America first agenda of President Trump is saving US tax payers a lot of money. He did not fire them he simply ‘forgot’ to hire them, LOL as a result America wins. BRAVO PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!

  10. As far as the super-impostion of western Narrative and the experiment is concerned Eritrea has won, if this is not news just ignore, if it isn’t welcome to the reality Eritrea is all about, and check what the news has been,a wind of change in terms of foreign policy that will be infavour of the Eritrean narrative, despite the last half centurys abandoning the Eritrean people. which by the way, not only did it take lengthy time for Eritreas self gained independece to come by, (by 1990-1992 by referendum- against all odds but also to have to shake off the super impositioned western narrative based solely on western/ US neo colonailistic interest in the horn of Africa, of seeing Ethiopian successive regimes win over to the point of over seeing Eritreans perish, for their cause.tides are changing, this ming of a jouranlist is lost some where between Hailemariams media campaign and alost war, to ensalve eritreans mind, which from the outset was a wishful thinking, neverthless costly.

  11. Eritrea Ne Ertrawian · Edit

    ወያነ-ተጋሩ ዘይትሰርቅዎ ነገር የብልክሙን ሕጂ ከአ ሓሊፉኩም ቃላት ክትሰርቁ ጀሚርኩም። እዚ ቃላት በቶም ሐቀኛታት ኢትዮፕያውያን ዝተባህለ ቃላት እዮ ክጠቅስ እየ “ናይ ወያነ ዓብይ ሽግር ሕጊ ጫካ ናብ ከተማ ከእቱ ምፍታኑ እዩ””ወያነ-ትግራይ እዩ ወጺኡ ካብ በረኻ እምበር ፡ እቲ በረኻ ካብ ወያነ-ትግራይ አይወጸን”

  12. There is a day and night difference between Eritrea and North Korea.We Eritreans pride in our self that we have our own unique history,culture ETC. we never aspire to be compared to any nation or their history.But this is my own opinion IF THERE IS ONE THING I WANT TO EMULATE NORTH KOREA I WANT ERITREA TO HAVE THE KNOW HOW TO BUILD A NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY.So nobody will dare to mess with us.To be clear we Eritreans are civilized and we acquire it,we will only need it for DETERENCE.(SELF DEFENCE) And we have every right to defend our self BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

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