Ethiopia: Ogaden and Oromo Communities Staged Worldwide Protest against Government Killings

Protests and hunger strikes continue in Oslo, Toronto, Edmonton, Minnesota, Minneapolis, Portland and Melbourne to mourn those killed during the recent Oromo students peaceful demonstration by the Ethiopian Security forces.

Protest in Minnesota, U.S.A The Killings of 47 innocent students from Oromia outrage Minnesota’s Oromo community
Protest in Minnesota, U.S.A.  The Killings of 47 innocent students from Oromia outrages Minnesota’s Oromo community

By Ahmed Abdi,

CHANTING with anti-Ethiopian regime slogans, carrying signs and waving flags that represent the Independence of Oromia and Ogadenia states, a joint protests by the Oromo and Ogaden communities has been underway in Australia.

The Ogaden Communities that joined with the Oromo Communities in their protests against the Ethiopian government’s killing of dozens of Oromo students spent several-hours of marching in front of the Parliament of Victoria up to federation square, the very center of Melbourne down-town, Ogaden News Agency reports. 

The protesters submitted petitions requesting for the Australian government to stop giving assistance to Ethiopian government that uses it as a political weapon to suppress the free press and  human rights of  its civilians.

The anti-Ethiopian regime protesters managed to draw attention to the recent killings and the arrest of several journalists, activists and political part members under tramped up charges.

Australia government representative, Mr. Adam Pant including another representative whose name was not mentioned in the report condemned the Ethiopian army brutality, the ONA report adds.

Despite warning from the head of the Liyu Police, Ato Abdirahman Labago’le, students of Jigjiga University are going ahead with their plan to defy the ban on protest.

Ethiopian government accuses the ‘media within and outside the country’ promoting the protest and said it has a backing of powers that have ‘evil intent’ on the regime.

Oromo – Ogaden Communities Protes in Melbourn, Australia
Oromo – Ogaden Communities Protes in Edmenton, Canada
Oromo – Ogaden Communities Protes in Oslo, Sweden

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