New Italian PM Orders Mass Deportations of Migrants

Paolo Gentiloni order mass deportation of migrants
Prime minister of Italy Paolo Gentiloni is calling for massive changes in the immigration policy starting this year while ordering immigration officers to increase efforts and deport as many migrants as possible.

By Justin Holcomb,

The newly appointed prime minister of Italy is calling for massive changes in the country’s immigration policy for 2017. Paolo Gentiloni is expected to call for a full reversal on his predecessor’s policies which allowed hundreds of thousands of migrants enter Europe through Italy.

A two-page instructional document has been sent to police stations throughout Italy ordering officers to increase efforts to deport migrants. The document says the change is important to battle “a growing migratory pressure and an international context marked by instability and threats”.

And according to the report, Italy will open 16 detention centers for migrants while they are being arranged for return.

The Italian navy seized an overcrowded refugee boat last year as it overturned carrying at least 500 African migrants. The number of migrants arriving by boat increased by almost one fifth in 2016.

Since 2013, more than half-a-million migrants have arrived in Italy which is almost the entire population of Florence.

Anis Amri, the migrant man who drove a car into a Christmas market in Berlin last year, arrived in Europe via Italy.

Beppe Grillo, leader of the Five Star Movement party, has also called for drastic changes. “Until now, it has been time for sorrow, sympathy, solidarity,” he says. But now, “it is time to act and protect.”

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  1. Italy sees RECORD number of migrants as almost 200,000 arrive in 2016 alone

    Officials said there were a staggering 181,436 arrivals by sea in 2016 – an 18 per cent increase on the 154,000 who made the crossing the year before.

    The Institute for the Analysis of Multiethnicity (Ismu) said October saw the highest number of landings recorded since the beginning of the year with more than 27,000 arrivals.

    In the first 10 months of 2016, more than 98,000 applications for asylum were presented in Italy.

    Data showed 85 per cent of asylum requests came from men and 4 per cent from unaccompanied minors.

    UNHCR data shows Nigerians make up nearly a fifth of the arrivals in Italy, followed by the nationals of Eritrea at 13 per cent and then Sudan, Gambia, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Somalia, Mali, Senegal and Bangladesh.

    The migrant crisis has caused huge social upheaval across Italy and led to growing support for nationalist, anti-immigration parties.

    It has also become a major headache for the EU as it struggles to cope with the huge influx of people into Europe and the impact it has had on member states.


  2. ‘Time to act’ Italy calls for mass migrant deportations as half a million refugees arrive

    TERROR attacks across Europe have sparked a new push to see illegal immigrants sent home from Italy as the police are told to toughen up on refugees in 2017.

    Paolo Gentiloni will take a much harder stance on the problem than his party colleague Matteo Renzi, under whose leadership hundreds of thousands of migrants entered the EU through Italy.

    A two-page directive has reportedly been sent out to police stations across Italy ordering officers to increase efforts to deport economic migrants.

    The document was drafted by chief of police Franco Gabrielli and part-published in Italian newspaper Courier della Sera.

    Indicating fear of terror in Europe, the notice says the change is important to battle “a growing migratory pressure and an international context marked by instability and threats”.

    Italy will open 16 detention centres for migrants under new rules where those detained will stay until deportation can be arranged.

    Europhile Matteo Renzi said he could manage integration in Italy and refused investment in detention centres.

    But wanes of migrants landed on Italian islands and scenes of chaos were broadcast over international news channels.

    Last year the number of migrants arriving by boat increased by almost one fifth.

    More than half-a-million have now arrived in Italy over a three year period – more than the entire population of Tuscan capital Florence.

    Officials have said the death toll in the Mediterranean has now passed 4,400 for people travelling the perilous route from Libya to Italy.

    The route is now the most used, taking over the Aegean Sea crossing to become the choice route for smugglers in Africa.

    United Nations High Commission released figures last week showing 180,000 used the route in 2016.

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  3. This new policy of “Forced Deportation” is the complete opposite of Eritrea’s long held stance of “voluntary repatriation” of migrants. Do you believe this new policy by the new Italian government complicates the existing “dormant” relation between Italy and Eritrea further?

    1. It might but what has Eritrea to lose? Eritrea’s policy has been clear from the beginning but their evil intentions towards our country, has finally come up to bite them. They can only bite the bullet now and come up with some new solution. I say, repatriate those who want to, but those who don’t, give them asylum in Italy.

    2. What Italy can do is close their border to anyone entering their country. Aside from that, they may be able to return all refugees to where they last originated when entering Italy. They may also bribe African leaders to accept refugees from Italy. However, they may not be able to force Eritreans to return home, unless PFDJ allows it. The Zionist Israel is the only “Country” that have been able to get away by deporting Palestinians from their home in Palestine to other countries, like air lifting them by illegally entering Lebanon or Syria, I do not believe the Italians would be that bad. I think the Italian government are likely to positively work with the Eritrean government for a win win solution.

    3. Italy’s local and foreign policy was one of the weakest nation in the union, so no hard dear TN. we know them, they can’t do nothing except using this tool to gain some more fund from the union..They are known to be back-bone less country.

  4. Let this be exhibit A, there are in fact 4-5 thousand Eritreans leaving their home every month. The report does indicate, 13% of the the migrants that arrived in Italy just this year happens to be from Eritrea. There are 50 countries in Europe, let just assume you can find Eritreans in 30 of those states. If Italy has 13% just in one year out of the 200,000 which is about 1600, doesn’t it prove the numbers everyone has been concerned about? That’s not even counting the ones Ethiopia is taking care of or USA or the Arabs. Is there anything left in Asmara except our beloved King? Wow

    1. Mr Santek Dumber ,You have to be thankful ,that TN allowed you to express you weyanite frustration here .I bite you, The 200.000 of them they are Ethiopians get in to Italy or to Europe, on-purpose by Ethiopian regime as Eritreans .Since you are Dumbest ,I will sit back and enjoying you.

    2. Mr IQ 63…. “Derho si b amu’ut deka tixawet”….Don’t you have an a molecule of shame when you propagate that? How is that the majority of immigrants in Sudan, Egypt, Libya are Ethiopians and not a single one of them in the European statistics? Are all Ethiopians as dump as you are, who cross the deadly Sahara only to be destined in the ever unstable transit countries? Is that what they aim for? Or are they not resistant enough to survive the peril of the Mediterranean Sea?

      I wonder which of the 6 hearts ( lbitat) you use when you write this! I am sure the natural one that God endowed you as anyone of us won’t allow you to think that way. Only those hearts from your ghosts would do so!

      1. ~
        “How is that the majority of immigrants in Sudan, Egypt, Libya are Ethiopians and not a single one of them in the European statistics?”

        ብሓቂ – – – መስገርም።

    3. you are funny Sentek ”ናትካ ዘይገብርካ ናይ ካልእካ ኣይትዛረብ” we all Know that the number the unhcr give about Eritreans leave Eritrea is exaggerated ,they say that about 5000 people live they country that means 60000 in a year , and we see at this new report say Eritreans are about 13% of 182000 that means, about 23000 people=2000 per month, to my point like you see in the list of top 10 countries of migrants ,Ethiopia is even in it the question comes where are the Ethiopians are they invisible people doing some kind of magic on us or are they disguised as Eritreans ,now you cannot tell me that no Ethiopians plans to live or migrate to Europe ,they are even going to the war torn Yemen, so think twice before talking like i said ”ናትካ ዘይገብርካ ናይ ካልእካ ኣይትዛረብ” WE ALL NOW A LARGE NUMBER OF THE ”ERITREANS” ARE IN FACT ETHIOPIANS.

      1. That doesn’t hold water but for your argument sake, let’s say they are. So why would you fight to stop “force deportation” let them come home. If they are Ethiopians, they will be glad to confess the truth before they are sent to sawa, I promise you. May God help you open your eyes.

    4. Since your brain function the level of 4 year old, let me show you the maths:
      5000 x 12 = 60 000/year
      13% of 200 000 = 26 000/ year
      Check the discrepancy and i don’t know how the hell you got 1600, komal

        1. I know brother. I was trying to show him the right calculation, even though i disagree with the whole politics and numbers regarding this issue. These are the only human being that I know proud of stupidity and lies

  5. If thousands of Eritrean youth return, pfdj’s days would be numbered as it would be toppled. So no, pfdj is going to fight tooth and nail to prevent that from happening. That’s where the fake pfdj’s no “involuntary return” policy comes from.

    1. LOL … Real men who want to topple PFDJ would return voluntarily … Are you willing to return? Or would you rather do it via TN 🙂

  6. ኣሌክ - Alec you · Edit

    Well.. Okay, but we will see the masqueraders/Tigrayans-Agame complain. Over 75% are Ethiopians disguised as Eritreans. And if they get deported to Eritrea, they will be charged with criminal impersonation, and of-course charges on destroying Eritrean government image.

    In Eritrea it is a criminal offence to impersonate someone. The Criminal Code identifies impersonation of another as identity fraud and identity theft as criminal offences.

    So send them.????

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