Nevsun Increased Q2 Copper Output to 5.7m Pounds

Effective zinc and copper separation strategy yields 36% more copper concentrate production in Q2
After continuously working on strategies to better separate zinc and copper into their respective circuits, Nevsun has reported a 36% increase in copper concentrate production at its Bisha mine.


Base metals producer Nevsun Resources has reported a strong recovery of copper concentrate production, lifting second-quarter output to 5.7-million pounds.

It is a sharp recovery for the Eritrea-focused company, which resorted to producing a bulk zinc/copper concentrate late last year owing to plant issues at the Bisha mine.

The June-quarter performance reflected a 36% improvement over the first quarter this year.

Zinc-in-concentrate produced during the June-period fell 17% quarter-over-quarter to 43-million pounds.

This was mainly attributable to a 10% drop in head grades and zinc recoveries temporarily decreased as the company placed more effort on improving copper recoveries, which had some impact on downstream zinc flotation.

Nevsun advised that Bisha continues to work on strategies to better separate zinc and copper into their respective circuits.

Massawa copper concentrate export terminal
Copper and zinc concentrates are shipped from Bisha Mine to the Massawa Port in sealed containers carried by well-maintained trucks, then goods and supplies are transported to site on the return trip (whenever possible). There were 11,729 one way trips in 2016.

Bisha Operating Highlights During Q2 2017

• Produced 5.7 million pounds of copper in copper concentrate

• Produced 43.0 million pounds of zinc in zinc concentrate

• Sold 7.7 million payable pounds of copper in copper concentrate

• Sold 34.3 million payable pounds of zinc in zinc concentrate

• Improved copper recovery to 51.6% from 34.0% during Q1 2017

Bisha Q2 2017 Operating Details

Bisha produced approximately 43.0 million pounds of zinc during Q2 2017.  Zinc production decreased by 8.9 million pounds or 17% from the prior quarter as head grades decreased by 10% and zinc recoveries temporarily decreased as the Company placed additional effort on improved copper recoveries which had some impact on downstream zinc flotation.

Bisha continues to work on strategies to better separate zinc and copper into their respective circuits.

Bisha produced approximately 5.7 million pounds of copper during Q2 2017.  Copper production increased by 1.5 million pounds or 36% from the prior quarter as copper recoveries increased to 52%, despite a 10% decrease in head grade.

The Company amended its Q1 2017 production statistics to reclassify previously reported bulk concentrate production to copper concentrate.  This reclassification was the positive result of selling a good portion of the bulk concentrate on copper concentrate terms in the second quarter.  In addition, Q1 2017 production statistics were also amended to reflect book-to-physical adjustments from the first quarter production reconciliation.

“We have a strong team of world-class consultants supporting Bisha. Management remains focused on moving toward the original plant design by further enhancing recoveries and concentrate quality as quickly as possible,” stated Peter Kukielski.

A full strategic update, quarterly financial results, Bisha mineral reserve update and Timok project update will be reported Wednesday, August 9, 2017 per the news release dated June 27, 2017.

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    1. Thanks TesfaNews for your informative reporting on the Eritrean resources.

      We Eritreans know, It is gold, it is copper, it is zinc, it is silver, it potash, and now it is oil every where in Eritrea. Go West, there you have it, go East there you have it, go north, there you have it, go north, there you have it and if you go to the 320 islands and there you have it. Eritrea is blessed with natural resources.

      But and but, do not forget the hidden secrete of Eritrea is her hardworking, creative, peaceful, optimistic people. There lies the ERitrean resouces.

      Deki Halal Meriet, stay on course for the Promised Land is alieady here.

  1. The UN guy who just returned from a successful 3 day trip in Eritrea says… aid is needed to improve “access to clean drinking water and to improve sanitation.” And yet the article goes round and round to unsubstantiated claims. Just NOTICE the huge discrepancy between what John Ging says in quotes and what the article attempts to imply. This is just another proof the extent of anti Eritrea bias at at the UN news center

    1. It makes you wonder what their qualifications are when they can’t even know what population and/or what country they are talking about. I guess painting every African State with the same brush is a safe bet.

      1. It is the usual Rubbish UN report. What better would you expect when one’s report is totally “written” using Copy & Paste method.

    2. Ataklti/A hero from Amhara · Edit

      A UN representative on a fact finding mission to eritrea found the following:

      1. Malnourishnent and food shortage

      2. Safe drinking water and sanitation very low, previous aid money didnt achieve the goal. Another $380million needed for sanitation and food aid

      3. Over 39% kids under age 5 are severly malnourished and underweight!! >39%?! that is evry 4 kid out of 10?!?!?! OMG!!

      4.The country ranks very low on HDI arround 179 out of 188

      As we can see from the report, the country is in a very bad shape which needs urget donnation including the $380million. This respected representative is letting the whole world know what he saw in his own eyes. Why do shabia thugs want him to tell otherwise. These ppl (UN reps.) have morals and are doing thier job for the very poor and for the malnourished.
      Why would shabia try to hide this unspeakable reality from the world radar?? Why? One day will come when this isolation and real poverty ends.

  2. Here is one person, who is commenting for every article then he replays his own comment by changing his nick name (alias)!! He has many nick name so far those are his nick names, Sentiko/sheger addis/ Ethio/Balance/My thinking / Guest/dan/ Hero from Amhara . He is a TPLF agent with IQ 60!!! He is in TN website 24/7 more than the admin does. I ‘m very surprised, he didn’t comment today for this article yet. He did comment for all of article except for this one. I guess he couldn’t find anything from the google yet. Sentiko I’m waiting!!!

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