The European Democracy was Assassinated in the Netherlands

European Democracy and Dutch Court system Exposed.
Do you think they [Dutch Mayor and Court] would throw us [EU citizens of Eritrean heritage] out on the street if we were 600 people with white skin? Holland Democracy and Court system Exposed.

It was all staged. Having arrived in Holland, the 600 Eritreans from all over Europe, were met in Veldhoven’s NH Hotel by a mob of journalists, television broadcasters and photojournalist, to film and narrate a staged violent protest of about thirty or so pseudo-Eritrean hooligans, overseen by a very sympathetic police force presence.

To the Joy of Dutch media, this tiny group of faceless people shouted outrageously threatening to kill, one by one, all the participants attending the 13th YPFDJ Young Eritreans Conference.

How the media and thugs knew the exact location of the conference, when the organizers did not reveal it to participants, became a mystery. (However,) to disclose the conference venue location to the public, was none other than the Mayor of Veldhoven, Jack Mikkers himself, and did it with neither the organizers’ authorization, nor in consultation with NH Hotels management.

Normally, the conference venue location is never disclosed to the public until the arrival date, so as to prevent the Ethiopian regime from sending its Federation Flag- brandishing henchmen, to do damage. Eritreans have learned how to prevent this from happening from several past experiences stemming from Independence Day celebrations to Eritrean Festivals.

That this was a premeditated act, it immediately became apparent to all participants: someone had staged that less-than-welcoming reception, and was attempting to disrupt the conference.

Just few days earlier, one of the Eritrean hooligans named Kubrom Dafla, best known for his close ties to the ruling TPLF regime in Ethiopia, posted on his Facebook profile and appeal calling for all the anti-Eritrea residents living in Holland to join him in protest, by saying: “The local government and the Dutch central government are just waiting for our demonstration – in order to cancel the conference! Even journalists and media are already there waiting for (…); international opponents are financing and encouraging us, the government and Dutch media are with us.”

But to pull the strings of the Eritrean Puppet Dafla was the notorious anti-Eritrea ‘journalist’ Martin Plaut, a well-known major provider of fake news on Eritrea and, regime-change academic and activist, Mirjam Van Reisen, founder of EEPA, a Non-Governmental Organization indirectly funded by Soros.  These two elements appealed to the Dutch Government asking for the banning of the conference.  “Does anyone have an idea of how we can stop this?” asked the professor on her Facebook profile.

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To achieve their objectives, they incited hatred and instigated a group of destitute asylum claimants awaiting residency permits, to take part in the protest if really considered themselves to be genuinely against the Eritrean government – they said.  These readily available “Eritrean” henchmen left their refugee centers to take part in the violent protest that would soon ensue, without really understanding (knowing) that they would be used as “Black Block” to stop a gathering that was legally authorized a year prior, and peaceful in nature.

The riot-like violence triggered by these destitute refugees served to give an African face to an otherwise all-Dutch (all whites) organized protest; a technique already been used by the US while sanctioning Eritrea – crediting Gabon and Djibouti for that initiative. The violence that was triggered by these refugees was a necessary pretext for the disruption of the conference. Without their contribution, the Mayor had no other reason to hijack it. And so it went on.

As soon as the coaches carrying peaceful and unaware Eritreans (conference participants) arrived to the venue, the farce was led to start. In a clash, some conference participants fall victim to both verbal and physical harassment, as reported by a journalist’s Tweet: “someone wearing a blue jacket hit another in the head”.

As a direct consequence to that incident, in the late night hours of Friday the 14th of April, using the pretext of a threat to “public safety”, the Mayor of the City of Veldhoven ordered the evacuation of the NH Hotel. Members of the local police force that entered the premise kept saying to Hotel guests “We are doing it for your own safety!”.

Attendees (Eritreans) were forced to pack their bags as quickly as possible and disperse; some were made to transfer to another NH Hotel in Brussels, were they had found room for 200 people.  Meanwhile, the remaining 400 guests had to arrange for their own accommodation.  To their disadvantage, it was all taking place in the middle of the night and, in a host country many were not familiar with.

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This was the combined effort of the Mayor‘s ordinance backed by a judge who allowed him to proceed with it. This is how ‘public safety’ is being afforded to other European citizens, by the Dutch justice system. “It is for your own safety” was Mayor’s message. Nevertheless, guest were thrown out of a safe place like a four-star hotel and left stranded in the middle of the night – at the same time those violent hooligans that provoke the disruption of the conference, and later apprehended by the police for staging a violent and unlawful protest, were also being released from custody and onto the streets.

When the Hotel owner saw the manner in which his law-abiding guests accepted the Mayor’s ordinance and the final verdict of the judge, although visibly disappointed and in religious silence, boarding the coaches awaiting to take them away, he literally burst into tears.  He cried for the defeat of the Justice system of his country failing other European citizens. He cried seeing the dignified and orderly conduct shown by Eritreans under duress.

One of the participants of the YPFDJ conference admitted to me over the phone that he felt like a “modern-day Auschwitz deportee”, not just because all conference participants had unnecessarily paid their fees for a four-day stay in the hotel. “Do you think they would throw us out on the street if we were 600 people with white skin? I don’t think so”, he exclaimed very bitterly. I could not blame him because the apartheid in South Africa immediately came to mind. Clearly, the Dutch cannot tolerate 600 Africans gathered to confer.

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Amongst the very young, there were about 50 underage participants; Haben is a 16 years old who attended the conference for the first time. He was enthusiastic and full of expectations. I asked him what his impressions were. “For us young Eritreans it was a good opportunity to meet, because we, young people from Italy, Switzerland or Germany are culturally different and the only thing that binds us all is our Eritrean identity, our culture and our history. The YPFDJ conference would have helped us to strengthen that bond”, he stated.

However, that didn’t happen. How did you feel when you were told it was over?

“I felt so angry as we had waited for it a whole year, we wished to get together to meet each other. Instead, we were given 15 min to pack and leave. The organizers advised us, as we were the youngest and had no disposable money with us, that we were given priority to go to the hotel in Brussels while the older ones would have made other arrangements. It wasn’t fair either way.”

As a matter of fact, the Eritrean Community in Holland hosted the 400 stranded Eritreans in their home on that tragic (miserable) night.

By posting a photo of herself in the midst of the hooligans, Prof. Mirjam van Reisen made a tweet defining them as “Veldhoven’s day heroes” , disregardful of the fact that on April 14, 2017 in Veldhoven Holland, in the heart of democratic Europe, together with the mayor Mikkers and the Dutch media, they attacked and assassinated European Democracy and Article 11 on the right of “the Freedom of Assembly and Association” which reads:

“Freedom of assembly includes public or private meetings, courtesies, processions, demonstrations, and sit-ins. Their purpose may be political, religious or spiritual, social, or otherwise; there is no limit to the purpose, but every meeting must be peaceful. (…) Positive Obligations: The state has the duty to protect from the violence of the perpetrators the people exercising their right to peaceful assembly. Freedom of association is the right to associate with others to form organs intended to collectively pursue common goals.”

* Translated from the original title “La democrazia europea è stata assasinata in Olanda, RIP” by Yodit Tekeste

24 thoughts on “The European Democracy was Assassinated in the Netherlands

    1. The petition we are collecting for almost one month now may have a purpose to that as well, besides filing a formal complain at the EU Commission and use it to support the ongoing court proceedings against the Veldhoven City administration.

      BTW, deadline for collecting signatures will be on June 15, 2017. A small banner to link the petition page has been provided on TN front page. Any one who is left out from signing can log his protest by clicking the following link :

      1. I wonder how European protectes there on people from any enemy or terrorist.they working hard distroied there innocent young generation.

  1. Daniel, excellent summary. It’s this kind of intelligence, self-confidence and reliance that the muzungus don’t like about Eritrea. You said it well– notorious mercenaries like dumbasx AfriKKKaner Martin Plaut (whose equally notorious pro-Apartheid father probably hailed from same Veldhoven suburb!) and Mirjam Van Reisen (whose ugly deeds is only matched by her super ugly looks) give the thuggish operation a “black” face by enticing a rag-tag of refugees, dim-witted servants and TPLF ring-leaders into a melee to disrupt disciplined, focused, enlightened and exemplary citizens.

  2. Another hypocritical regime supporter speaking about human rights violations and democracy while supporting the thuggish dictatorship back in Eritrea. If Holland and other western countries are so terrible, why do these YPFDJ parasites continue living there? Meseret Bahlbi (one of the senior YPFDJ Holland members) talks tough about self-reliance but has been living on Dutch welfare for over a year now. YPFDJ is all but dead now in Holland and a few other countries they are struggling to get in new people as well. Actions like this will make young Eritreans think twice about joining this group of hypocrites. Daniel, best for you to pack your bags and live in Eritrea under the regime you support.

    1. Mikael, PFDJ/ YPFDJ never said they are champions of Democracy. The western countries (including Holland) are known to brag of their democracies beyond any other non-western country’s governance. We are all sure the actions of the Mayor would not have occurred had the participants been white westerners.
      You and your likes are the hypocrites, where on one hand, you act like fighters of democracy by denouncing PFDJ lack of democracy, and at the same time, you are supporting the abuses by Holland on your brothers and sisters just to score your hate on Eritrean government. –You are the hypocrite with no principle.

      1. Traitors Acting like oposition · Edit

        B.adal ????100% .
        This Wanne be Opposition & Weyane Slave & White Man’s asslicker Talk about Democracy at the Same Time Act like Hooligans to get Money & Asyl from their white Master

      2. Well said. This thug with screen name Mikael, unfortunately, may feel successful for intimidating and beating up young Dutch children of Eritrean descent… but he knows fully that the world now knows who/what these people truly are — dangerous thugs. The videos and the reports are clear on this (case in point this featured article). In a sense, though, this crime perpetrated by this thugs in Holland was a blessing in disguise for YPFDJ. Eritreans in general were so outraged by it, I hear the outpouring of support has been tremendous for the YPFDJ. I am not YPFDJ or PFDJ but after this incident I decided, like many Eritreans abroad, to be on standby ready to support YPFDJ in any away I can.

      3. First of all there have been many demonstrations/meetings that were banned by mayors with participants who were white in The Netherlands. The fact that you make such a claim shows you have no knowledge about the country, but that doesn’t surprise me of course. As for your other claim, (Y)PFDJ stands for (Youth) People’s Front for Democracy and Justice, but we all know the situation in Eritrea today. Newspapers banned, journalists imprisoned, politicians, generals and even cabinet ministers rotting in jail for over a decade and a half, constitution abolished, national assembly abolished, etc. The fact that you refuse to speak up against this shows you are indeed the hypocrite with no principle. Tell us B.Adal what your opinion is on the imprisonment of heroes like Petros Solomon and General Ogbe just to name a few.

        1. The topic is about Eritreans born in Europe or with European citizenship who happen to love the country of their brave parents, being harassed by people like yourself with the approval of their own country Holland, a country that brags of its democracy, rule of law, constitution, and human rights. The useless opposition, like yourself, are working Day and night to “improve” the governance of Eritrea, while abusing and not willing to use the existing “wonderful” laws of your adapted country.

          Why have chosen to be irrelevant opposition?

    2. ‘Mikael’ so you say YPFDJ is dead b/c your white masters and brain-dead
      robots like you collided to disrupt it in one town? You guys are a bunch of
      hopeless, delusional dreamers. No wonder Woyane likes you, b/c as the tigrNa saying
      goes: arKi sebar neQa’E.

      By the way, curious why you brain-dead so-called opposition
      always ask the same stupid question, i.e, “if..…why we don’t go and live back home
      then…”? It’s ironic that the only people who need to go back home is you morons, the

      so-called opposition, b/c if you are EVER GOING TO MAKE ANY SENSE OR DIFFERENCE

      you can’t do SHIT, NIL, ZERO from outside.

      As for YPFDJ, they don’t have to live in Eritrea to LOVE, CHERISH, DEVELOP,
      SUPPORT or NURTURE ERITREA? In fact, in many instances, it might make more
      sense to stay and support from outside if one is already outside.

    3. Hi
      Where do you live? in mars? I just wonder did you say PFDJ in Holland is dead …Hum. You must have been hibernating the last two or more decades. PFDJ can´t be dead for the simple reason: people never die.

    4. You ayte Mikael and the YPFDJ at the eyes of racists are negros simply, but with a substantial difference: you’re home negro, “barya/gila” while YPFDJ are anabs mesh kemaqa tsuqut, tuhut deninu zeqeyd, Jega nu kem Meseret Bahlebi seb tariq tsa-àdu aytebel, b ezenen wetitom iyom biet ferdi zewesedu, habo yedelli..kabaqa zeweledu kids mesakin..will be modern slaves as you..all the time suffer from identity crises, while kab Meseret Bahlebi zeweledu, will rise their heads up, deki jega nu slezeqonu..they know their rights..they know their history. gufuf zeymeleaelteqa aytetseweh..derbay

      1. Meseret rises his head lol. Meseret only rises his head up when he goes to the government office to get his welfare check. He has been on Dutch welfare for over a year now, just ask him. Talk about a house n*gro indeed. Eating from the welfare of the white man. Sad, but very typical for YPFDJ hypocrites.

        1. Mikael as house neger, you should be proud of him, did you watch Tarantino’s Django? Or Pulp Fiction of the same author? it might help to understand which part you’ll get for your self and which that to Meseret, I can assure you that of Meseret is the Hero’s part not a house puppet..Tariqu keman ab dutch court temezgibu iyu..wala ab media main stream tv. Natka Mikael abey teqewn tariqka tetsahaf?

  3. I have no reason to Think of the two crime laoded White who have absession full of hatred about Eritrea and the weired thing about them is that we know nothing about them if they exist.It is good to have information but that we are going to devote ourselves to them is not our nature and it will be the same as thinking of Weyane,about the Picture?it remind me of the 50s Shifta in Eritrea that comes from Shire Tigria with their “LiKay” Afro hair to Asmera and gets confused about Asmera.

  4. Traitors Acting like oposition · Edit

    For those who tought their Dual citizenship will help them When the Nazi come to fight them, this should be an Eye opener . With growing unemployment in Europa the nazi in Europa will be the majority and the First victim will be the Black People . So every One need’s to understand, we have only One Home = Eritrea ????????

  5. This is the western Democracy .They keep fooling themselves. The Holland Government cannot even protect Their own Citizens . The Government Hortatory in their country the people proclaims Opposition (enemy other countries ,they have the rule of the Jungles .The Government of Netherlands have to make a lot of clean up .

  6. Still about Holland? · Edit

    Small ppl still talking about small things.
    The event in Holland is long behind us and we don’t care about it any more. We are interested in big issues that are important to our people like the constitution and parliament. In the mean time, sandwich eaters waste their time talking about useless stuff.

    1. It seems we have something in common, LOL ???? useless and losers are way behind us, we are only interested in important people, like our dear YPFDJ. Got to go now to eat my hard earned sandwich, thank goddess, I never got in to food stamps.

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