Meb Kiflezghi Visits the Permanent Mission of Eritrea to the UN

In highlighting the importance of sports for youth refugees it is especially exciting to be joined today by Mr. Meb Keflezighi, who is himself a refugee from Eritrea and who, just last Monday, won the Boston Marathon.  Mr. Keflezighi, last week’s race was a moving day for all involved. You moved everyone by moving the fastest! Congratulations on your victory!” – Ban Ki-Moon, UN Secretary General

Meb Kiflezghi together with Ambassador Girma Asmerom and staff of the Eritrean Permanent Mission at the UN
Meb Kiflezghi welcomed by Ambassador Girma Asmerom and staff at the Eritrean Permanent Mission in New York

By Eritrean Mission to the UN,

ON MONDAY 28 April 2014, Meb Kiflezghi, an Eritrean-American winner of the New York and Boston Marathons and an Olympic Silver Medalist, visited the Permanent Mission of Eritrea to the United Nation in New York.

Meb was congratulated on his tremendous accomplishments by Ambassador Girma Asmerom, the Permanent Representative of Eritrea to the UN, as well as the staff at the Eritrean Mission. 

During his visit, Meb Kiflezghi said,

“My message to the youth of the world in general and the Eritrean youth in particular is that every human being has to remember and reflect where they came from, where they are, and where they are going, that is why I’m proud to be an American of Eritrean origin”.

Meb also said “If you are focused, dedicated, disciplined and humble you will definitely achieve whatever you do and want to do in life”.

He wished President Isaias Afewerki good health and prosperity to the people of Eritrea.

He thanked Ambassador Girma and the Mission staff for the warm Eritrean reception and greetings they accorded to him and his brother and manager Mr. Merhawi Kiflezghi.

Ambassador Girma on his part thanked Meb Kiflezghi for visiting the mission and wished him luck in his future endeavors.

Meb Kifleghi accompanied by his brother and Manager Merhawi Kiflezgi paid visit o the Eritrean mission to the UN
Meb Kiflezghi accompanied by his brother and Manager Merhawi at the Eritrean Permanent mission in New York
Staff member of the Eritrean Permanent representative welcoming Meb Kiflezghi to the Mission
One of staff members at the Eritrean permanent mission welcoming Meb Kiflezghi

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18 thoughts on “Meb Kiflezghi Visits the Permanent Mission of Eritrea to the UN

  1. It is our deep rooted heritage to never miss or misguided our commitment to our beloved country Ere. no matter where we stand .
    First to start, I ask Meb to champion the proclamation process of the Eritrea Community in San Diego to be recognized and acknowledged by the city hall permanently .

  2. Aside from his gifted talent and hard work, another important reason Meb has become successful in what he does is because he does not forget his roots. You have, Im sure, heard the saying that " in order to have a clear vision of where you'd want to go you have to know where you come from". Meb is a classic example of citizens who use his Eritrean roots, the challenges he and his family faced and endured in the early years, as a "jump start" to aim high and reach his lifetime dream. and that he did. And we should all be proud of his achievement and congratulate him for the exceptional performance he'd shown at the Boston marathon. Go Meb Go!!

  3. He is a conquering hero and a portrait of discipline and perseverance.

    Definitely a hero not just for young Eritreans but to all people who aspire to excel in their chosen field.

    If you want to rise to the top, you have to do the hard work and put in the hours required and keep going no matter what. This is true whether you are a musician, mathematician, a plumber or an athlete.

    No pain, no gain, you will remain the same.

  4. I am so glad That Meb can inspire Eritrean people to be fit and healthy. If he can help Eritrea's relationship with the USA and the world, it is even better. We are proud of you bro! Keep up the good work.

    1. One more thing meb, please think on how you can bring attention to the forgotten border demarcation issue. That would really help Eritrea end the war and the migration of our youth.

  5. You better didn't go there to shake the hands of the dictator supporters who have blood in their hands. You should not expose yourself at all to thie kind of cheap propoganda. Use your brain MEB. Our people are dying under this regime and the man who invited you is the corner stone of the regime.

    1. Simerrr2012 <<>>Hating the nation State of Eritrea makes you a non Eritrea and explicitly an Enemy of the State. Meb knows his roots and that's borne out from the guiding principles of the Eritrean Community – Love, Perseverance,dedication and all the other priceless qualities the Eritrean Statehood is enriched by. So go away with your ''cheap propaganda'' portraying blind eye and heart tinted by evil; Meb knows well what he is doing and whats happening in his community and he knows well Eritrea is dedicated to eradicating poverty and that's where he exactly would strive to achieve meaningful change for the greater society instead of for a few want be elites of political competition games, wake up and stop being bamboozled and treated like a bewildered sheep by the effects of current globalization . By the way Meb also passed ''his greetings to PIA'' and gave good advice to everyone to be ''humble'' but you clearly didn't get Meb's msg rather you showed your arrogance to suggest Meb to '' use your[his] brain''; how arrogant could you be to tell him that; what success have you achieved by using your brain except to being disrespectful to the Eritrean martyrs trust.

      O' to the one who tries to instill envy,hatred and jealousy in the Eritrean community.

      Wetru Zibawian ene; zibawi ginabar ka eyu mester Eritrawenet; tariku zee resaae kem>> Simerrr2012 <<tray eyu.

  6. Berhane Ghebremeskel · Edit

    ንሱዩ ኩሉ ግዜ ዘረባና ኤርትራዊ ኣብ ዝኸደ ከይዱ መቦቆሉን ኤርትራዊ መንነቱን ከም ኡውን መንግስቱን ህዝቡን ኣይረስዕን እዩ ስለዚ መብ ክፍልዝጊ ብራቮ ናይ በሓቂ ኣንበሳ ኢኻ

  7. Meb you are pride of the Eritrean American community and Eritreans all over the world. Deki Ere lets follow the foot steps of Meb and shine on wherever you are and whatever you do… that is the Eritrean moto keep your sholders straight up and be the best at what you do… that is what my daddy taught me any ways…

  8. The good president Isayas A said in on if his interviews to the youth leaving for greener grass, now that you have achieved your first goal of getting there, what matters is what you do with your life now. His advice was give it over 100% so as to be successful at whatever you do and do not forget your history.

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