The Lessons Gained and Impact of State Sponsored Hostile Action on YPFDJ Conference

The attempt to shatter the 13th YPFDJ youth gathering in the Netherlands offers great opportunity
Like all the unrelenting hostile challenges that are waged against Eritrea, the attempt to shatter the 13th YPFDJ youth gathering in the Netherlands offers great opportunity in the form of gaining experience and cementing solidarity and cohesion amongst the youth.


Like all the unrelenting hostile challenges that are waged against Eritrea, the attempt to shatter the 13th YPFDJ youth gathering in the Netherlands offers great lessons for all. The changing tactics and strategies employed, the revelation of the clearer pictures of the main drivers behind the scene, and how the laws and the much preached values of “sacrosanct European values of freedom of assembly” are practiced.

The inconveniences caused to the youth gathering was perceived as a significant success and a cause for big celebration by the deployed foot soldiers. These group of people are dumb enough to view bankruptcy and failure as great achievement, however, the same can not be said about the handlers and their lords, who had wanted much more. The latest report – the summoning of the Eritrean ambassador to the Netherlands to appear before Dutch Ministers- demonstrates a great level frustration due to the utter failure of their plan.

Despite the inconveniences, the hostile challenge has provided great opportunity in the form of gaining experience and cementing a great solidarity and cohesion amongst the youth. It has also awaken the wider masses, and provided a nudge for the PFDJ members and for the organization to intensify the current efforts of consolidation of the organization.

The first tell-tale signs of the seriousness of the adventure emerged, when the Dutch government released statement, expressing “concern over a visit by an Eritrean Presidential Advisory”. Why was Dutch government releasing such a statement? It was not as though Mr Yemane Gebreab was visiting the country for the first time, nor was it his first time to hold a public engagement with Eritreans in the Netherlands.

Let us now look at the drama that was staged to justify the actions of the central and local government of the Netherlands . The first stage was for “the peace loving victims” of Eritrean government to report to the police that the YPFDJ conference was putting their lives in danger prior to the conference.

When a strange looking group of people released a strange and puzzling video message claiming that their lives were endangered by the 13th YPFDJ Conference, it was wildly treated as much of a joke in the social media. This was, in fact, a very sinister first move that was orchestrated by the handlers.

This would be followed by another stage, in which the same “peace loving victims” would use force not only to disrupt the conference, but also cause maximum physical damage to the youth and Eritrean leadership.

It is at this stage of the drama, the main actors, were to emerge into the scene, and conclude the deal- namely banning of the 13th YPFDJ Conference.

It did not take long for the staged drama to fall apart, and for the truth to emerge that the hostile action that was taken on the YPFDJ Conference, was a state sponsored move. It had not much to do with the Eritreans, who were used as the front face or justification for the action.

The drama failed for many reasons. The Dutch authorities could no longer play their role from behind the scene. The Mayor of the city released the address of the venue publicly, so as to allow the protesters to make their way to play the role assigned to them.

The protesters, however, failed miserable. The Dutch media turned up at the place before the protesters. Such a big presence of the national media by itself raises many questions. To make matters worst the leader of the protesters , Mr Kibrom Dafla, let the cat out of the bag in a big way. In his call to his followers to make their way to the city, where the conference was being held, he directly put it what the Dutch authorities have asked of them in order to ban the conference in Eritrean language. Here is a translation of his message.

“Our protest is a precondition required for the closure of the conference. The administration of the city and the central government of Holland are waiting for our protest to close the conference. In order to stop the conference our protest is the only thing required. The newspapers and media are already flocking there. We must not miss this historic opportunity.”

What followed was, hard to believe and a disgrace to the Netherlands as a nation. Without any regard to the basic needs of the hundreds conference attendants, the Mayor of the city, followed by the politically motivated court ruling, not only did they ban the conference, they ordered the 650 people to leave the city by certain time- giving them only few hours to pack up and leave.

Do the Dutch authorities ban peaceful meetings only because a group of people illegally hold demonstration and make threats? This has demonstrated the sophistication and ruthlessness of the political system of the very advanced country that has 101 ways in applying the preached values.

The state supported hostile action on the 13th YPFDJ conference, is an integral part of the long and the ongoing hostilities that have been waged against Eritrea. As it was revealed in the WikiLeaks’ cables, the weakening and the regime change strategies in Eritrea, were drawn by Ethiopian regime, the Weyane and the American officials.

When the direct hostile challenges including armed military invasions failed, the UN was the preferred method to achieve their goals. The USA used its power and influence to impose hostile actions including sanctions targeting Eritrea’s defence capability, the economy, the PFDJ, the Eritrean leadership and isolating Eritrea internationally.

While the above strategy is still at play at the UN level, the strategy that was witnessed last weekend, uses other friendly states such as the Netherlands to carry out hostile actions on Eritrea. One of the prime targets of the Weyane regime has been dismantling the Eritrean organization abroad.

The Weyane regime with the support of the USA attempted to ban PFDJ organizational activities outside Eritrea at the UN. In the name of UN monitoring group a fabricated report was produced, claiming the PFDJ organizational fund raising activities in Diaspora were directly funding the Somalian terrorist group Alshebab.

As our history testifies, Eritreans perform miracles in times of challenges. The banning of the YPFDJ youth gathering by the Netherlands Authorities, brought back memories for many of the PFDJ members, when Saudi Arabia authorities banned the EPLF organized masses as it preferred the ELF. The aim of the ban was to eliminate or weaken the organization, however, the creativity and the solidarity that was required to run activities underground with great risks, contributed in building a strong foundation that is still serving the PFDJ. Similarly the hostile action on the YPFDJ youth gathering will strengthen the YPFDJ and PFDJ at large.

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      1. I wonder & also don’t understand, that we in Eritrea have not any Laws, we don’t even knows about Law, because Eritrea isn’t ruled by Laws. But we in Diaspora, especially supporters of PFDJ asking the “Laws to respect” How on heaven or on earth is this logic can any body understand? As any body in and out of Eritrea knows, the Eritrea State is under this actual situation ruled without any “Laws and rules”. The reason for this is, as the President & PFDJ said “Weyane or Ethiopia”, but for how long can this situation can last? As we all know, now the situation in Eritrea is very bad, only here in diaspora are simply supporting the PFDJ.
        But we should think about the whole Eritrea & the situation the country. As my opinion PFDJ is part of the country not the whole country.
        Just let us think about the country not only PFDJ, anyway PFDJ is playing their games & they are using the diaspora as tool for their power. PFDJ doesn’t want the diaspora in Eritrea.
        Peace & Prosperity for the Eritrean People in Eritrea!!

        1. Nobody is talking about your country (Ethiopia). Don’t think you can fool us. Your are the troll “abi”, I also read some comments from you at the MADOTE Homepage.

          1. Weather u believe or not am a real Eritrean, not like y a mixed (Agame) one. I can give my comments any where I want, this is not Eritrea, even also on madote, so what? Y call me an Ethiopia, I wish I could be, but unfortunately am not. Don’t be gooooohu, if some one gives some different comment, u call him Agame, Ethiopia and so on…. this is a PFDJ agames tactics. Y like a mixed ones with agames makes Eritrea the worst place.
            I hope, soon will rid of u all of those like people.

        2. Just repeat your statement out loud and listen to yourself “…we in Eritrea have not any Laws, we don’t even knows about Law,..”. Who do you think would believe you? Not even Eritrea’s arch enemy would believe such a stupid statement. Next time say you don’t know anything about the laws of Eritrea, but spare yourself the embarrassment of saying there are no laws. Eritrea’s history with laws goes back 800++ years – have you ever heard of Higi inda’ba? Today independent Eritrea has her own Civil and Penal Codes along with their respective Procedures, while the Commercial and Maritime Codes are in progress. In the meantime there are hundreds of Proclamations which govern legal procedures. Many professionals who attend proceedings at the various courts, including the Community, High and Appeal courts, come away impressed by their applications. I have personally witnessed some of such visits by law professionals. The economic situation in Eritrea, just like the global situation, may not be desireable, but in matters of law, the evidence lies in the law abiding citizens in Eritrea. How can you have law respecting people in a country with no laws? Your words are sounding hollow and asylum receiving countries and their immigration officers have now understood the lies and fabricated stories parroted and repeated for the purpose of gaining asylum at the cost of false representations of Eritrea. Stop the lies.

          1. Higi inda’ba? this is not working since PFDJ is in power. What y said is also all false, I have some connections about Laws in Eritrea & we know it all, how it works, y can’t fool me, y can lies to some others. The reality totally different. Look how many civilian and Political prisoners are in jail & no body knows, who to , to where of courts to bring them. We have families, relatives in Eritrea & know how every thing works in Eritrea. For your Info. am not knew in Diaspora, was also one of fool supporters of EPLF. I have already my Asylum and I know I don’t have no chance to go back to Eritrea & live there. We don’t any how, way no chance to go back live, as y know even those young Eritreans who r get born since EPLF/ PFDJ r in Power, while they don’t see chance, future in Eritrea, they fleeing the country, did y think, that those we left the country since long so many years have the chance in Eritrea? NO, Hell!
            Even the President said in one Conference meeting for the diaspora, when they ask him about them, the chance to get back to Eritrea & live, ” He said, that y stay we need your money, your support so stay where y r” this means to me, we don’t need y in Eritrea and stay where u r, just pay, chant, support us. Even for so many years in Asmara, in one meeting when, they ask him “So many diaspora came here built houses, but we have here so many Housing problems, what did u think about?, he said,” Don’t worry let them built, any way they come here live in this houses, they just come dead bodies” this and so many his answers can u see & hear in YouTube. How can y believe then such kind of President, while we don’t have no free court & laws, he is just like what he wants.

            We have to think for the future of the people not only, while I or some body some thing different.
            I have families in Eritrea & knows very well, how live very rough is, very tough, I don’t know if y have families or relatives there? am not saying some thing with out any reason, how my families r doing, for your info. also am right now discussing with my Brother very hard, cause he wants to flee but am against him & still calling to & my mother discussing every thing. So all this a big problem. I don’t even know, what to do? I know in Eritrea he is doing very bad, but we r still hoping so changes, but I told my am not supporting with money. Can u understand all this frustrations???
            I hope some day, we see our free, prosper Eritrea!!

    1. The white women put her reputation again on line where she can’t defend her action. Lying is in her blood.
      Her action have a reverse effect on YPFDJ and the people of Eritrea. This builds long-term loyalty, trust, credibility, commitment, and morale to Eritrea and it gives the people a confidence boost.

    2. Let’s put this in perspective. Netherland became independent state in 1648. In 1848 the Netherlands became a parliamentary democracy. It took the Netherlands 200 years to become a parliamentary democracy. Why do some inpatient people in Holland want Eritrea to become a democratic society within 25 years of its Independence? The hypocrisy of some people is amazing to say the least.

  1. As said “as our history testifies…… ..strong foundation…the hostility action on the YPFDJ youth gathering will strengthen the YPFDJ and PFDJ at large. It is true. One is obliged to question when such kind of things happen. Whatever differences are on the ground our antagonists had make us think deeply. We have to strengthen our relationship tight as usual (“shete meanta”). Our fathers, brothers, sisters and our youth had not fought for nothing. Now my grand children are singing and participating with whole heart understanding Eritrianism. Those of you who tries to make the old story back pls put yr hands off! It is only wasting time to create unnecessary misunderstandings and also contradicting your policies. The ground is firm. The homework is already done. “egame awekenale gudegode mesenale”. Peace is the most effective phenomenon of mankind. We r a good example to others too.

    1. To win any case, you have to respect Law first and PFDJ failed to do this. What about our people in Eritrea you don’t think they desrve freedom of assemply ?hypocrat at it’s best.

      1. What? You’re either an idiot or fraud. Young men and women got violently attacked in a broad daylight. I can’t of any country would perpetrators of such crime would get away. Anywhere. Name me a country if you have any sense at all. Of course, unless you are one of those scumbags.

    2. Very true, sis!

      I mean, we all heard these idiots/bastards, threaten murder! We must not only be alert, but with evidence like that, we should Persue these People in court.

  2. A lawyer friend of mine in Germany told me last week that the Dutch media came out to cover the event because they were told in advance that there will be a fight b/n pro-and-against. Now the evidence is clear: not only the Dutch media but also the police had advance knowledge of a planned violence against the conference participants. The two women who got injured… should file a lawsuit against the police, the mayor, media, as well as the perpetrators.

    1. I’m sure she is sitting down with law firm discussing the event, having buna and watching YPFDJ success videos.

      The evidence is out in the public. These cowards were labeled as Heros while they wished death, physical harm and making empty threats.

      It was all planned out. There was even one video I watch where the protesters were being pushed to stand at the front and to raise their voices so they could record it on video. It’s like a group of sheeps who still think they are in high school..

      Anyways the truth is on her side. She should definitely sue every level of government starting with the Mayor.

    2. “that there will be a fight b/n pro-and-against. ” Who creates this misunderstanding in the first place? It is people who are at the back playing double roles. It is on the principle one has to focus. To get out of poverty. Basta! Our struggle should focus on that those who are fooled have to go back and learn the history of Eritreans. Our honesty make us good people.

  3. Just look at them.The whole west is against us but we immortalize them of ure silence and we just paralyzed them on our one voice and our voice is Eeritrea.They can kill me but they can not kill my strong love of my Eritrea.

  4. The camel goes his way while the dog barks. so my eritreans don’t waste the time just go a head, we have much to be done .we know them where they come from ,the battle of the ground isn’t Netherland even though we have had the truth they tried to burry it, the action that we do is always transparent ,legal and democratic ,nothing is hidden.The YPFDJ will more stronger than ever, for those traitors let the time judge them.let us unite as we have united in our historic , heroic and unbelievable struggle of freedom, deki erey God bless you all again and again .

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