La Tropicale: Meron Abraham Wins Stage #7, Tesfom Okubamariam 2nd in GC

The 7th and final stage of the Tropical Amissa Bongo ended with the victory of Meron Abraham.
Stage #7 sprint winner Meron Abraham and overall winner of the Tropicale Yohann Gene of Direct Energie from France.

By TesfaNews,

The 7th and final stage of the Tropical Amissa Bongo has just ended. Run between Owendo and Libreville for a distance of 137.5 km, this stage saw the victory of Eritrean rider Meron Abraham.

French rider Yohann Gene (Direct Energie) becomes the overall winner of the Tropicale ahead of another Eritrean Tesfom Okubamariam (Interpro) and Nikodemus Holler (Bike Aid).

Yohann Gene won the African race for the second time in his career finishing the race in 19 hours 41 minutes and 21 seconds.

The traditional morning break, made up of seven riders, could do nothing: this last day of racing was to end with a massive sprint. In this game, the Eritrean Meron Abraham was the fastest.

Three weeks after his African continental title in the team time trial, the young 21-year-old confirms his progress with a first individual victory in the pros.

Tesfom Okubamariam confirmed his status as Best African rider of the Year by finishing second overall. He also received his trophy for the Best African Cyclist for 2016 from the president of the jury Bernard Hinault.

Gabonese cyclists boycotted their Tropicale from the start last Monday in Franceville, protesting unpaid bonuses and lack of physical preparation since the departure of their coach, the former Spanish glory Abraham Olano.

“We took very strong measures: the technical management was sacked, the president of the Federation was summoned to resign and the six riders were struck out,” sports minister Nicole Asselé told the press on the line of arrival.

27 thoughts on “La Tropicale: Meron Abraham Wins Stage #7, Tesfom Okubamariam 2nd in GC

    1. Here are the Eritrean sons and daughters taking their country people to fame glory. Here they are and thanks to God.Allah the Eritreans are mine

      1. This reminds of the late monkey’s Speach to the people of Adi’Maay’telamat..
        “እንቋዕ ኡዚ ህዝቢ ላይእማትና አይኮነ!”

  1. There are just so many young ones coming up. It’s no longer just Daniel, Natnael, Merhawi, Mekseb. There is Meron Teshome. Now there is Meron Abraham. Wow! All I can say is wow! It won’t be long before an Eritrean wins the Tour de France. Too much talent in the pipeline.

  2. Congratulations & Kudos to our cyclists.
    It seems we are learning a new Eritrean cyclist’s name every time a competition is held. The hard work of PFDJ has showered our country with best cyclists, year round. I have full confidence on Eritrean cycling federation to perform well, even if they take the third division to African competition.
    Viva Eritrean Cyclist
    Viva Eritrean Cycling Federation,
    Viva PFDJ.

  3. ኣሌክ - Alec you · Edit

    Nay b’haqi Tesfom!! Tesfana????????????????????????????????
    We’re so proud of u Deqi Erey????????????????????????
    Proud to be ERITREAN????????????????????????????????????????

  4. Congrats to our Jeganu…!!Tranquility at last!! No Sentiko, Sunche, Asmerom etc etc.. Enjoying our success in the privacy of our home..

  5. እሰይ ታሀጉሰ ክህነቅዶ!
    እሰይ ታሀጉሰ ክህነቅዶ!
    እሰይ ታሀጉሰ ክህነቅዶ!

  6. Congrats to Eritreans. But if i may give suggestion here Eritrea should diversify their sporting activities like long and middle range distance running b/c East Africa blessed with high altitude topography that is crucial for training and to become the best athlete.
    Another point is the benefits that is gained from winning and the good publicity coverage from around the world by far is much better than cycling. To give you an example Ethiopia elite athletes dominated Dubai Marathon in both sexes for the last decade and the price tag for winning the race is wapping $250,000 and that is definitely give the athlete the states of investor and most athletes invested the hard won money in the country and creat a job opportunity for fellow Ethiopians and most importantly they create i can do spirt in the youth. And all i want to say is learn from your brothers as we learn from your good achievement in cycling.

    1. Honour was right. The Zombies have woken up in earnest!
      Mind your own!
      የ ጉድ አገር ገንፎ እያደር ይሞቃል.
      The only area that you can give suggestions on is begging. Begging is not considered as sport any where, and definitely not in the land of Red Sea, Dahlak, Nakura and Zula heroes and heroines..

      1. Erena
        You just put the sharp nail on his paper head. The alias Ethio is one of those Zombies who change identity Ethio in the morning and then Tigraway in the afternoon. It is a twisted world, men, he tried hard to just sound reasonable with a good level of civility and of course playing the morning card , that is an Ethiopian. I sill have to encounter a real Ethiopian who unconditionally loves the minority juntas rule.

    2. Ethio, you are sounding like IQ63 Sentiko 🙂
      Although the performance and winning of athletes is exciting to watch and might even make you feel you are on top of the world, especially for the majority of poor people since that is the only thing they have in life to be happy for the day the athletes win a race, the other 364 days of the year, the poor people are in complete misery as they have nothing to eat, especially in Woyane’s Ethiopia. None of our Cyclists nor your runners will ever be able to feed the poor of our people. So!, forget the sport of Cycling or Running where a winner takes it all, what is more important in meaningful life is for your Woyane leaders to learn from your neighbors in the north how to feed your people on your own! and stay away! from the addiction of Begging The White World — that’s when all Africans win.

      1. Why are you changing every topic into government politics? lets put the politics for another day. As individual we can build genuine discussion other than politics don’t you think so?

        1. Discussion! What discussion? Discussion with you people should only be through legal means..not that you understand that either.. At least through that you would be forced to use one out of your nine hearts, as it has to be declare, bookmarked and tagged first..

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