ኣብ ብርሃን ኮይኑ: ጸልማት ፈጢሩ ዝሕባእ ተጻባኢ: ካብ ዓይኒ ንስሪ ከምልጥ ተኽእሎ የብሉን! (2ይ ክፋል)

Kibrom Dafla and YPFDJ conference in Holland
“ምክትል ሚኒስተር ክብሮም ዳፍላ ??” ሕጋዊ ተሓታትነትን፥ ምምንዛዕ መንበሪ ወረቐት ስደተኛነትን

ዘርኣይ ሰሎሞን

ጻብኦታት ኣብ ልዕሊ ኤርትራዊ ሃገራዊ ክውንንውትን፡ ሃገራዊ ሓርበኛዊ ሉኡላዊ መንነትን፡ ቀጻሊ ኢዩ ዘሎ። ሰንሰለታት ናይ`ቲ ውሽጣውን ግዳማውን ተጻብኦታት ግን፡ ንህዝብን ሃገርን ኤርትራ፡ ካብ`ቲ ክበጽሖ ዝደሊ ሽቶን ዕላማን ክዓግት ዝኽእል፡ ግዙፍ ይኹን ደቂቕ በሕየ ዝብል ረቂቕ ሓይሊ ግን፡ ተሰኒፉ ክርኽሞሽ እንተዘይኮይኑ፡ ስድሪ`ውን ትኹን ነቲ ኤርትራዊ ሃገራዊ ሓርበኛነት ከዳኽምሲ ይትረፍ፡ ካብ ምረሻ ጉዕዞኡ ከሰናኽል ዝኽእል፡ ናይ ቀረባ ይኹን ናይ ርሑቕ ሓይሊ፡ ነቲ ዛጊት ኪኖ ምብርካኽ ከጋጥሞ ዝኽእል ዘይተርፍ ዕድል፡ ተደቢሩ ስዩም ጥራይ ኢዩ።

ኣብ 2ይ ክፋል ጽሑፈይ: በዞም ዝስዕቡ ዛዕባታት የራኽበና ኢለ ነይረ:-  [To read Part-1, click <<HERE>>]

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15 thoughts on “ኣብ ብርሃን ኮይኑ: ጸልማት ፈጢሩ ዝሕባእ ተጻባኢ: ካብ ዓይኒ ንስሪ ከምልጥ ተኽእሎ የብሉን! (2ይ ክፋል)

    1. Our enemies’ aim is to turn brother against brother. Lets not be hasty and lets take time to think it through. Lets not emotions dictate our resolve. Woyane is not the only enemy we have. We have enemies with deep pockets and with many PhDs from many different evil universities. We Eritreans should create an environment where every Eritrean is welcome. Sinners and saints alike. We need Eritrean statesmen to bring all Eritreans together. Stop pointing fingers. We need to grow up. Our nation Eritrea is what matters, not politics. We need to learn how to agree to disagree. An Eritrean that disagrees with you is not your enemy. This mentality that says “you either are with us or against us” should stop already. For our peoples’ sake grow up please. This message is to all Eritreans with all political persuasions. Thanks. God save us all. May God bless our nation Eritrea.

    2. It’s funny! Thank you TN for the good laugh.

      ዝብኢ ኣብ ዘይዓዱ ከይዱ
      ቆርበት ኣንጹፉለይ እዩ ነገሩ። ሳላ ቃልሲ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ መን ንመን እሞ ዘይፈልጦ። ብህዝቢ ኤርትራን ህዝባዊ
      ግንባርን ከይተፈለጥኩ ኣብ ልዕሊ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ዝኾነ በደል ፈጺመ ተሰዊረ ክነብር ይኽእል እየ ዝብል ወይጦ
      እንተልዩ ዓሻ፣ ዝበልዓ’ምበር ኣብ ክሳዱ ዘሎ ዱላ ዘይርኢ ጥራሕ እዩ። ታሪኽ ህዝባዊ ግምባር ዘይምፍላጥን
      ዘይምምሃርን ድማ ንዕርበቶም መጥፊእኦም እዩ። If not they will learn the hard way.

  1. `መላገቦ 3 ወልዶ ህዝባዊ ግንባር ኣብ ኤውሮጳ` ቀዳማይ’ ክፋል – ሓባራዊ ዘተ

    1st – Part “Chains of Three Generation in Europe”


    It takes as long as three generations of hard work, three generations of sacrifice – Happy Independence!

    During the early period of the armed struggle, Eritrean communities in the Middle East, Europe, North America and as far away as Australia had integrated into Eritrea’s quest for self-determination and national viability, as source of moral and material support. At first such communities were mainly comprised of students sent abroad on scholarships to the Middle East in the 1950s and to North America and Europe in the 1960s and 1970s. War and instability fed a steady exodus of others from this period onward-punctuated by large outflows when political repression was particularly intense in the urban centres-giving these communities a more complex, multi-layered character. Students, workers and women organized themselves into popular associations to support the liberation struggle. Community centres developed to give people a…

  2. zerai solomon, “tetsenatsenti gbre ekey”, “gdusat ertrawyan”…
    this kind of character-assasination are written by one person hiding and using different pen names. just so you know, we know.

    1. Take of the tin foil hat · Edit

      take of the tin foil hat loser. what has that got to do with the brilliant article written with the evidence to back it up?

      1. There is no evidence. It is all lies.
        It is a matter of time before these sickos turn on Yemane himself and start writing “Yemane GebreAb menyu”. lol. That’s how the Isaias defamation machine works.

        1. What a hypocrite!!! You accused the author of “character-assasination” and four hours later your returned back to spread your own character-assassination. Shame on you!

          1. LOLLLL…. great catch, this “sham” returns in just “four hours” to do the same thing he previously denounced about. Indeed, hypocrite is the right word.

  3. Many Methods, Strategies, and Plans had been attempted and failed to show a lasting results by those who are directed and controlled by the White Women or Men, Hired Journalists, Missionaries and other Anti-Eritrean so called “activists” ( mostly under the pay-roll of Malelit). Their opinions, consciousness and intelligence is manipulated by unseen mechanism and invisible governance of their masters. It is she who (in this case the white lord/mistress) pulled the wire that controls their mind. She provided her slaves blueprint to follow through without their knowing about to do.

    1. እዚ ነገር ናይ ብሓቂ ትአፋፊ እንዳኮነ ይከይድ ስለ ዘሎ .በጃኩም ከምዚ ዓይነት ሓበሬታ አብ እዋኑ ዘርጉሑልና. ስለምንታይ ውዲት ወያነን ኮራኩሩን ክንነቅሓሉን ክንምክቶን እንተኮይና እዋናዊ ሓበሬታ ከድልየና ኢዩ .

      የቀንየልና TN ስለቲ ጽፉፍ ሓበሬታ

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