A Joyful Day Out at Gahtelai Dam with NUEW


As part of International Women’s Day celebrations, the National Union of Eritrean Women (NUEW) invited 1000 people to visit the Gahtelai Dam, which is presently under construction.

Neither words nor amateur photos can do justice to the amazing work that is underway to build the first fully concrete 54 million cu.mt. capacity dam that will quench the area from Massawa and all the way to Ghinda and Embatkalla.

The 450 meter across concrete wall will be 42 meters high (now seen at 9 meters height) and will collect rain waters and rivers that flow down from the highlands.

The 3km wide dam may not be the biggest of some of the other dams in Eritrea, but it will be the deepest.

More than 1500 National Service men and women met, welcomed, mingled and danced together with the visitors.

The dream of greening the Northern Red Sea Zoba is becoming a reality!

These photos are only a taster of the potential of the land and people who will, in years and generations to come, enjoy the full benefits of economic, social and cultural ownership.

29 thoughts on “A Joyful Day Out at Gahtelai Dam with NUEW

  1. It’s not hard to imagine the supply of water this dam will bring for the region and other construction
    projects in Massawa area. This dam is consuming a lot of cement unlike other construction projects and after completion the surplus of cement will be enormous and hopefully Jumpstart housing construction. Water and electricity is the priority so let’s fast track this and jump to the next phase.

    1. The cement quality in Eritrea is high grade (portland cement) a cement that is manufactured from limestone and clay and that hardens under water.

      It will perfect for the construction of the dams because they are built to last generations.

  2. A fantastic job you have been doing for our beloved country Eritrea…Your hard work & dedication has really helped Eritrean people out during a difficult time in our country…We just wanted to make sure you know how much you are valued & appreciated…long live EPLF…long live President Isaias…long long live True Eritreans…

    1. The sons and daughters of those that brought the independence of Eritrea through heavy sacrifice are today proudly laying the foundations for the bright future of Eritrea, the nation that came about by her people alone.

  3. Congratulation Eritreans.My blessed land and people.Thanks for great management . This is Eritrean government loves own people and dedicated for his people.No word only work.Let the deed speak loud the word.This is the witnesses the deed.

  4. Great ! I have to say … Damn! what a dam ! How many Mega watts of Watermelons should we be expecting ? We gonna have a competition in the hood.

    1. A pile of melons is more desirable than a pile of Garbage!! wouldn’t you agree Sunche? If double digit growth and Mega watts of electricity was eatable, the poor Ethiopian people would look forward to having at lease one meal a day once the Dam is completed.

      One Brit comedian was asked what is on the menu of an Ethiopian Restaurant ? He said, “An empty plate waiting for aid drop”. You see Sunche, when some one hears the name “Eritrea”, they always associate it with Red sea, Dahlak, zula, hardworking and Giant killers. However, when Ethiopia is mentioned, people would automatically link it to hunger, Aid, Save the world concert, none-utilised Giant rivers etc etc… why don’t you aim to change some of that?

  5. Here are the Eritreans, the “can do” people, building a nation brick by brick. Just take a look. YIKEALO is still there WARSAI is still out there defending and building a nation. Here is Eritrea my country and my people.

    Eritrea, I may be out for a short while bu I am coming home “mama”. Mame I am coming to the HIDMO, I am coming to the AGDO, and I am coming to that AGNET. MAMA,stay there for I coming home

    Here is song of the day and

  6. Eti txaeretat ketxali muquanu iyu zereda àna, but sure Awetna Chubut muquanu aytaratern iye.
    Still Victory To The Masses
    Eternal Memory To Martyrs

  7. ~
    ‘ናዓንበበ’ንከሉ ዘጽግበካ ጥዑም ዜና!

    ክብርቲ SEBLE EPHREM ግርም ሓበሬትኺ ምሕጻራ ከይሓኽላስ፣ ኣብ ዝየናኺ ጌጋ ይዕዘብዶ ኣለኹ ሓቀይ፧ – – – ኣብ ኤርትራና ኣስማት ወሓይዝ፣ ኣኽራን ይኹኑ ቁሸታት በሊ ዓድታት፣ ተጸውዖታቶም ተወራሪሱ ከም ዝደጋገም ንቡር ምዃኑ እፈልጥ’የ፤ ፈለግ ብፈለጉ “መረብ” [ካብ ማእኸል ኤርትራ ተበጋጊሱ ንደቡብ ገጹ እናፈሰሰ ንምዕራብ ማለት ሱዳን ገጹ ዝውሕዝ ምዃኑ ይስተውዓል።]፣ ኣብ ምብራቓዊ ገማግምና መኵሰ ከምዘለዎ ክሳብ ሎሚ ኣይፈልጥን’የ፣ ምናልባሽ ተረባት ጋሕተላይሲ ንማይ (ማይ= perennial stream) “ወቒረ” እንተተኻዕወ ደኣ (? ፧ ፧ ፧) – – – ዝፈልጥ’ንተሎ ሃየ!

    ከም መመሃሃሪ ደኣ እብለኺ ኣለኹ’ምበር፣ ሓበሬታኺ ከንኣእስ ድፍርቱ’ውን ከም ዘይብለይ እመንኒ’ውን።

    1. ክብረት ይሃብካ ነበልባል _ እቲ ገጋ ሕትመት ተኣሪሙ ኣሎ እዚ ግድብ ጋሕተላይ ንኩሉ ማያት (ማለት ዝናብ ይኹን ርባታት) ካብ ከበሳታት እናወሓዘ ናብ ቀይሕ ባሕሪ ክሕወስ ዘንቆልቁል ዝነበረ ሕጂ ኣብዚ ኣብ ጋሕተላይ ተዓጊቱ ንባጽዕን ነቲ ሙሉእ ከባቢን ከሕዊ እዩ ተወጢኑ ዘሎ ብሓቂ መስተንክራዊ ምህዞን ስራሕን እዩ:: ዕድመን ጥዕናን ሞሳን ዓወትን ንኹሉ ብግብሪ ንብሩህ መጻኢ ኤርትራ ነዓይ ከይበለ ከይሰልከዮ ዝጽዕረላ ዘሎ::

  8. ኣሌክ - Alec you · Edit

    Well hello gorgeous????????✊????
    Good job people and government of Eritrea.????????????????

    It’s been said… God helps to those who help themselves… and when u work hard u bear ur fruit. Now look at us, while the countries that are living on aid-handouts are hungry, Eritrea is feeding its own ppl. Because it worked hard while the West and their minions said it can’t be done. Well Now, ERITREA???????? is saying look at me now b**chs.????????????

    And this is why they can’t control us, cuz we feed ourselves without waiting for aid-handouts like u know who. ????

    And Eritrea???????? sings– “I’m free. There are no strings on me…???? I’m free. There are no strings on me…????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    Proud to be ERITREAN????????✊????????????

  9. I can’t find a word to admire these hard working people,i can say only be strong and united.God bless Eritrea and Eritrean people

  10. This Dam will have tremendous effect to the people in and arround Massawa all the way to Foro.When there is good I say so and when they screw up i say so.

  11. Supporting the government of Eritrea through taxation or any other sources will always brigs us a bundle of joy.

  12. Here she is the Eritrean mother, sister, and daughter still making wanders. You bet, she is my mother, my sister and my my daughter. Here she is at Gahtelai Dam to see what YIKEALO and Warssai are doing

    Eritrean mother, sister, and daughter; do not worry for is YIKEALO and WARSAI shall be there dendeing and builiing your home.

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