Joshua Hammer of the New York Times – Another ‘Fake News’ on Eritrea

Joshua Hammer, a prominent purveyor of fake news on Eritrea.
The New York Times has been long criticized for being the biggest peddler of Fake News, courtesy of some dishonest journalists such as Joshua Hammer – a prominent purveyor of fake news on Eritrea.

By Sophia Tesfamariam,

The term “fake news” is not new, but it was Donald Trump, during his first press conference that the term “fake news” broke out of media discussions and into the mainstream. “You are fake news!” he pointed at CNN’s Jim Acosta. The President has been calling out major media outlets several times a week for being ‘FAKE NEWS’ through his Twitter feed – and seems to single out CNN and the New York Times. He once wrote:

“…They [the New York Times] got me wrong right from the beginning and still have not changed course, and never will. DISHONEST…”

Eritreans could say the same about The New York Times and other establishment media in Europe and the United States, in what seems to be an obsessive campaign to cement a negative narrative on Eritrea through articles, books, scholarly journals and even movies and video games. They have gotten Eritrea wrong from the beginning and still have not changed course and probably never will. I don’t know that they are being dishonest, but certainly it is a disservice to their readers and it is stories like that of Joshua Hammer’s latest piece on Eritrea that contribute to the fake news that abounds today and the distrust of the mainstream media.

Like many of his predecessors, a visit to Eritrea, has come to mean an excuse to repeat debunked narratives, and should not be confused with a visit that half way attempts to verify or provide context or concrete facts or give a better understanding of Eritrea’s challenges and opportunities.

His article on Eritrea is a rehash of unsubstantiated allegations against the country made by parachuting journalists and a well-orchestrated and well-oiled vilification campaign by Ethiopia, its handlers and surrogates, the mainstream media, Guardian and New York Times in the lead, who partnered with a network of non-descript “human rights” and “democracy” groups funded by the National Endowment for Democracy and the George Soros Open Society who mushroomed in cyberspace in the after math of the 1998-2000 Eritrea Ethiopia border conflict.

This author will try once again to educate readers on the issues raised by Joshua Hammer in his New York Times piece on Eritrea. Hammer writes:

“…This impoverished nation in the Horn of Africa — bordered by Ethiopia, Djibouti, Sudan and the Red Sea — was once considered among the continent’s brightest hopes…”

This line is almost always used by the perpetrators of fake news about Eritrea. What does it actually mean? Who are the folks that “considered Eritrea to be amongst the continents brightest hopes”? Truth be told, are they not the same folks who have contributed to the negative narratives on Eritrea? Are they not the same individuals/states and groups that have burned the midnight oil trying to isolate Eritrea and dash the peoples’ hopes?

As for being “impoverished”, that too does not jive with the reality on the ground and does not account for the hostile environment that Eritrea has been forced into for the last 15 years. It does not account for the economic and political pressure through illegally imposed US-Ethiopia engineered sanctions and the 15 year long Ethiopian occupation of sovereign Eritrean territories in violation of the final and binding Eritrea Ethiopia Boundary Commission’s delimitation and demarcation decisions.

Unlike some of its neighbors that rely almost entirely on humanitarian and development aid to support their national budgets and mitigate any crop shortfall, Eritrea relies mainly on its own human and natural resources.

In spite of a fragile ecological environment and recurrent droughts, Eritrea manages to feed its own people and having worked in earnest to develop its water security infrastructure, it has been able to dodge the effects of climate change and has not had to deal with drought conditions found in the region. Eritrea is also one of a handful of nations in sub-Saharan Africa that has achieved 6 of the 8 Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Despite the negative speculations about Eritrea’s lucrative mining sector, today, it is growing and has attracted investors from around the world. No doubt it will provide the added impetus needed to jump start Eritrea’s economy. Eritrea is also blessed with comparative advantages in various sectors and in conducive conditions of regional peace, its potential for rapid and sustainable economic growth is considerable indeed.

Joshua Hammer, like his predecessors, writes about the National Service Program (NSP) in Eritrea, but instead of speaking to those who can provide him with insight on the program, he like his predecessors, bases his account on a few disgruntled voices (3 people in this story) that he just happens to run into during his voyage.

There are thousands who are participating in the NSP and serving in various capacities throughout the country as teachers, engineers, surveyors, small and big machine operators etc. etc. and thousands working at Eritrea’s nascent institutions, yet, these visiting journalists seem to find just the persons that can provide the soundbites to fit the desired narratives. Hammer’s insertion of the views of a visiting Eritrean from Norway is calculated, and meant to drive in the notion that the feelings of Eritreans is universal, not limited to those “stuck” in the country.

Hammer does not bother to write about the asylum policies that have contributed to the luring of Eritrea’s youth with false promises of greener pastures in Europe and the United States. Hammer says the youth want to flee, but does not tell the horrific stories of what they encounter once they leave Eritrea. He does not write about the horrors of life in the various UNHCR funded camps found in Ethiopia and neighboring states. He does not tell about the organized trafficking rings that operate in these countries and beyond. He does not write about the dire fate of those who arrive on Europe’s doorsteps, desperate and destitute, only to be rejected and placed in detention centers and camps for years on end. No, that would not fit the desired narrative.

By the way, if by accident or by some freak chance, these fake news journalists run into someone that does not agree with them, the usual label is that they are a “government spy”, “close to the leadership”, or “member of the ruling party”…

As has been the norm with purveyors of fake news on Eritrea, Hammer confuses the Commission of Inquiry and the Special Rapporteur who produced the now rejected report on Eritrea, with the United Nations. It was this group that accused Eritrea of committing “crimes against humanity”, NOT the United Nations. Neither the COI, nor Sheila Keetharuth, the Special Rapporteur, produced any evidence to support the outrageous allegations found in the report, which relied heavily on manufactured information provided by the minority regime in Ethiopia and sub-standard “research” provided by its surrogates in the Eritrean Quislings League (EQL). Hammer also neglects to mention the fact that the Commission of Inquiry was disbanded in July 2016, its findings rejected by the UN Human Rights Council, and also the fact that whilst the mandate of Sheila Keetharuth, the Special Rapporteur, was extended for a year, her credibility and reputation, and of the intuitions that she has been associated with, have suffered a devastating blow. Her report to the UN Third Committee in October 2016 was rejected.

Hammer also wrote:

“…Its leaders have been sanctioned by the United Nations for providing aid to Al Shabaab, the Islamic terrorist group in Somalia. (The United Nations Monitoring Group on Somalia and Eritrea reported in 2012 that the government, under international pressure, had ended its direct support of the group.)…”

This is yet another example of lazy journalism. The US-engineered sanctions, a continuation of a very hostile policy of appeasement and legal attrition of the EEBC’s decisions, were transparent in their motives. They were orchestrated to give the regime in Ethiopia a win that it could not get in its US-backed bloody war of aggression and expansion, or through legal arbitration. The illegal, unfair and unjust sanctions should be seen in this context. The desperate agenda led to equally desperate means and as the record below will show, the usage of manufactured facts, outright lies, and deliberate deceptions that mark the ugly US-Ethiopia saga that used Somalia as a pretext.

Ever since the US-backed Ethiopian invasion and occupation of Somalia, Eritrea has been placed in the position of being presumed guilty and was asked to disprove the SEMG’s allegations. Eritrea was asked to prove that it did not support terrorism, that it did not arm groups-specifically Al Shabbab in Somalia, that it did not have Eritrean forces “fighting alongside the ICU” etc. etc. Here are facts that could help put the sanctions into context:

  • The Monitoring Group said, in its first submissions, that there were “2000 Eritrean forces” fighting alongside the Union of Islamic Courts in 2006. This turned out to be a lie fabricated by the Ethiopian regime.
  • The Monitoring Group again said, in November 2011 prior to UNSC Sanctions Resolution 2023, that Eritrea was the owner of a plane that made several trips to Mogadishu to deliver arms to insurgents there. The false information provided to the SEMG came from “Ethiopian intelligence”… the list is long.

Fortunately, time has exposed the many outrageous lies and fabrications. (SEMG reports these days acknowledge the fallacy of the Al-Shebaab dimension). Wikileak cables have also shed light on the underhanded shenanigans that took place in the Horn and the extraordinary efforts of various US officials in the Obama and Bush Administrations who worked in tandem with the Monitoring Group, the US Mission at the United Nations and with surrogate regimes in the Horn, to use the African Union (AU) and the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD).

The WikiLeaks cables also expose an ugly record of arms twisting, lying and extraordinary coordination by US Ambassadors in the region and members of the Ethiopian government including its Prime Minister to get “stand alone sanctions” against the State of Eritrea using Somalia as a pretext. Fake news contributed to the illegal sanctions against the State of Eritrea and its people.

Omission of facts is what contributes to distortions found in fake news. For instance, Hammer claims in his report that “According to the government guides” he spoke to, “the country received fewer than 1,000 tourists in 2015”.

Hammer could have gotten the exact numbers had he consulted those who have the information, but by telling his readers his sources were “government guides”, he figures he can get away with it.

The fact is that thousands of Eritreans who reside in Africa, Europe and the United States visit Eritrea annually. Immigration figures show that there were 29,518 foreigners and 112,882 nationals residing abroad who visited the country last year (2016); the year Eritrea celebrated its 25th Independence Anniversary.

Hammer deliberately omitted that fact because it could not jive with the narrative that he was trying to advance. As Donald Trump would say, this is DISHONEST!

The era of journalists as purveyors of the truth has long ended and it behooves all to be weary of fake news as it can cause great harm…

87 thoughts on “Joshua Hammer of the New York Times – Another ‘Fake News’ on Eritrea

  1. We have seen many joshuwa’s and many cnn and Fake News, but Eritrea is still Standing Tall and will stand against all odds.

    1. Yes sir. Eritrea is standing tall. However, I won’t be surprised if the TPLF regime had bribed the author of the NY times article or the NY times itself to generate crafty fake news of the Eritrea.

      1. Why surprised though as that is the Modus Operandi and the way they make money!?!!!??
        Our job is to counter-attack them immediately and embarass them or at least to challenge them objectively thereby expose them how corrupted they are.
        We did this to Martin Plaut and even Dan Connell….to their face!
        Mrs Sofia Tesfamariam deserves a unique award and appreciation in doing such a Superb Job and we need more Patriots like her to defend Eritrea as a Nation.

        1. We are not ‘surprised’. We’re simply outraged!

          As you said it right, Sophi did her level best and she deserves much appreciation. At this time of age, you don’t have to be a journalist or have a website to write stuff. Open a Facebook and Twitter account and reach out thousands of people on the social network to deliver your message. Mainstream media no longer have the monopoly on news anymore.

        2. Yes, I agree. It is interesting about the timing. Why is the NY times publishing this fake narrative about Eritrea at this moment.

          1. Selam Hizbawi:
            I Think TN edited my comment.
            The DDX of/for the motive are :
            -The usual continuation of defamatory campaign by the TPLF and its Masters/sponsors as its Modus Operandi against Eritrea–to scare the International Investors.
            -The astonishing and beyond one’s imagination potential of the Culluli Potash Mining-declared NOW OFFICIALLY to be, not just one of the BEST and Largest,but the BEST and the LARGEST Potential of Potash in the world with more than 200 yrs of Mine Life(remember that there are plenty of other unclassified Cullulis in Denkalia–per my private conversation with one of the Min of Energy Staff).
            -The O & E Exploration in our Red Sea and its short and Long Term implications
            -The fast-changing Red Sea and Horn of Africa Geo-Politics(the Role of the GCC and Cairo and is Geo-political implications to the Horn in general and to Ethio-Eritrean related issues and the implications about the Somalia issue(heading towards a United and Stronger Somalia through PM Formagio.backed fully by the GCC and Cairo/Eritrea?)
            -The unpredictable outcome about the Ethiopian Opposition in the current Ethiopian Affairs vis-à-vis the paranoia and panic attacks of the TPLF Gov(.along with the implications of the GCC’s and Cairo’s move and the related Current Red Sea Affairs).
            This is a quote form a Western Political Analyst saying” …with Eritrea’s new favorable defensive and offensive Position vis-avis-Ethiopia panic attack”).
            Listen to the TPLF Govt’s new ” rhetoric” through its nominal PM,PMHD, from the VoA)based on his Speech in Humera..
            Hope all the above wil lead to a peaceful Horn by balancing the Power.

    2. Jdb well done Sophia . Those people need some one like you to expose them. He also might have been haird by Ethiopia to say thing that Ethiopia wants .. Do you know that Ethiopia is paing tolobyist to lobyand journalists to lie in behalf of woyane

      1. አየ ሶፊ ገና ኣብ ክሕደት ዓለም ኣለኺ። ኣማኒኤል ብደማርያም ከማን ገዲፍኩምሲ ገና ኣይቀበጽክን። ናይ ህግደፍ መንደፍ ድራማ ድኣ ቀደም ዝተደምሰሰ። እስኪ በጃኺ ኢልናኪ ተሰተሪ።

  2. The New York Times was the paper which, most fiercely, propagated that Iraq had WMD’s and consequently, led the US and the world in a terrible and devastating war, where a million+ people died and the effects of which, we see today in grps like isis appearing on the scene. Their lies on Eritrea, are not surprising at all. This guy, should never be allowed back to Eritrea again!

    1. The habit of lying is deep rooted among those who are insecure about their roll as jouralists- yellow jounalism. The New York Times has taken the lead together with its peer, The Guardian in spreading unsubstantiated reports on Eritrea. The days of main stream media has come to an end, primarily effected by its very bossy and condescending position to those who have different view than the Establishment. The main stream media is on retreat and seems cornered by its own actions, struggling for its survival. Citizen journalism is the order of the day.

    1. Lazy? read the article again, he visited Eriterea and he wrote what he observed. I just finished reading the article, you may not like the article, like Donald Trump you may say WRONG or Fake news whenever you hear something you don’t like. But the article is 100 % based on facts and his own observation.

      1. What facts? He conveniently cherry picks facts to create and paint a distorted picture of Eritrea. He is just been crafty to create fake news.

        1. Moreover, the author did not bother to fact check those 3 people in history. This is not new anyways. Lazy is an understatement.

      2. hey hey

        BTW,that is my invke’s name-a Classic one!
        You sound unkerenite with a Kerenite name.
        Here is what you and him missed:
        The other side of the coin or the real facts on the ground:
        -The root causes of he picked up
        -The over all challenges Eritrea as a Nation has gone through -against all ODDs.
        The fact that he conveniently omitted those hard core facts speaks volumes .
        The whole message of his Article is to scare Investors considering the BEST EVER NEWS coming from none else but Culluli ,now declared to be ” The Best and the Largest Potash Deposit under the Sun”!

        That is the crook of the matter!
        And you,to endorse him fully knowing the facts,indicates that you are equally a TPLF Agent and/or Sympathizer.

        No Nation under the Sun ,to my best knowledge,has gone through what Eritrea as a Nation has gone through irrespective of the origins and the source of the challenges both internal and external ones!
        I think Joshua should have admired that TINY Nation called Eritrea andvtestifyvtobyhe world that this same Nation deserves Peace and Freedom and no external Intereference by telling the TRUTH but the TRUTH that this same TIMY Nation has foiled and survived all kinds of the evil stuff under the Sun against all ODDs including but notinited to:
        -Limitless threats,intimidation isolation,containment and sabotages of all kinds..
        -Unfailr and even illegal sanctions
        -All kinds of wars

        And yet,not just has survived them but has stood firm. STRONGER and TALLER!
        But caution here.

        That does not need mean that we are perfect and not to blame ourselves!

        Of course,the PFDJ equally “messed up” as well as the silent majority,for being silent and indifferent in many aspects.
        While fighting our external enemies,we have an obligation to challenge our own government to do the right thing for the best interest of Eritrea and ERITREANS.
        That does not mean that the PFDJ Gov is working agains the interest of Eritrea and ERITREANS but only meant that it has had a potential to have done and to do much better .

        Yes,indeed,we have lost opportunities that should not have been lost, and as such,we have to lean from the past to do better today and tomorrow so as to avoid being the victims of our own making and that of our enemies !

  3. The deep sea beauty will not be marred by @Joshuahammer shallow comments heavily tinged with #msm distortions in line with US political agenda on Eritrea. Who said the State Department’s travel website on travel and security is a reliable guide? It cannot be. Most travellers, contrary to the massive negative information they are fed prior to coming to Eritrea, find a land and people of easy access and movement, beauty, diversity, safe, stable, peaceful. A land and people busy in the long process of nation building without the help of fake journalists and their corporate masters.

  4. I am willing to bet, the North Korean leader can come up with many reasons to justify his actions by going after every report as unsubstantiated facts but the entire world can no be wrong as the same time. In Eritrea, there is no one denying national service is being used like Mengistu to train youth right after high school on rifles instead of books. The argument should be, doesn’t a government has any right to takes kids away from their parents into forced labor? Turn a beautiful soul into a monster? No. The second part is also denying ICU was supported by the Asmera leader and till this day, even after witnessing Somali election success, he can’t bring himself to say, we made a mistake. Instead, he chose to come up with conspiracy theories about election is some CIA tool to control people. The Eritrean people deserve better if you ask me. End of April is approaching fast, get a grip please.

    1. Ayte Sentiko
      Care about dying Kilil your midget leader by know six feet under has created. It is falling apart Ayte Ugmish wait and see while the oppressed Oromos and marginalized Amharas overrun your crumbling entity some time soon. We care less about labels you and your masters minted. Stay tuned change is coming to mamma Ethiopia.

      1. Somewhere in the culture you borrowed from us, there is some respect must be given to the dead but you might have learned the wrong lesson from Italy. In any case, between the shabo supporters and our own extreme opposition, we have heard about this change for 20 years but nowhere to be found. Don’t you know by now, Amharu or Oromo has been with us all those years even with some differences at times. The question should be, what kind is change should we except from Wedi Afom? Will the people come running to us or his son will have the loyalty of the military? We have time, no peace no war in place, we wait.

        1. I hate qondafat agames · Edit

          what do you qondafat agames know about respecting the dead? When you dug out the graves of Eritrean martyrs, duting the 1998-2000 “border war”. When you dug out the grave of those that armed and trained your puppet governent and put them in power. You agames are the cum of the earth. No peace no war, is harming ethiopia more than anyone. Is there any uprising in Eritrea? no. Is there uprising all over Ethiopia against the fragile tplf regime? YES. Declaring a state of emergency will not stop the inevitable. Quit daydreaming.

          1. “I hate qondafat agames ” Me too”! Why don’t they mind their sorry state of affairs instead commenting on a country they know nothing? ጋዕጋዓት ዓጋመ!

          2. i hate qondafat agames · Edit

            exactly my bro/sis. especially this ‘sentek’ qondaf agame is here 24/7 writing nonsense and lies with no shame. they all have no shame in lying. from their leaders to their street beggars. ጋዕጋዓት ዓጋመ ewe1

        2. Poor you, you think Eritrea is all about president Issais Afewerki. Eritrean people made Issais Afewerki, Issais Afewerki did not make Eritrea. Keep on dreaming. Don’t forget that you have to deal with Eritrean people. Slowly but surely, you will be history like Mengistu and Hailslasie. Like your predecessors, fascism is leading to oblivion. Your evil ways will end up destroying you eventually. I won’t even be surprised if TPLF regime bribed to write fake news of Eritrea on NY times

        3. These days things are not good for Shabo’s wish on ETH, Formajo is with us and Kiir is coming to visit us and Sisi is becoming civil on Nile, so do not get surprised if Shabo is barking ooooowwwwww

          1. You have to worry about Amhara and Oromo. They will be eating you alive. Why do you outsource your problems. Your TPLF regime is an enemy of the Ethiopian people.

          2. “Sisi is becoming civil on Nile”


            Hehe…is that so!! Than why.. there is a deal going between Kiir and El-Sisi? After that deal Egypt just bombed the base of the rebels of S.Sudan

            “The military command of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army-In Opposition (SPLA-IO) has accused Egyptian air force of carrying out air attacks on its bases in Kaka town, saying Cairo dropped at least nine bombs and explosions.”

            And yes don’t forget again– Egypt just sealed a deal with South Sudan and Uganda to be her regional allies. Wink wink in-order Egypt can advance its covert sabotage campaign against the Ethiopian Dam. ????

            And also so, I think some birds are saying.. Egypt is going to deploy troops in S.Sudan, of-course disguised as peacekeepers.

            Indeed, “Sisi is becoming civil on Nile” not!! ????????????

        4. “respect must be given to the dead”

          Really?! Aren’t u the ppl that dug out Eritrean martyrs grave?! That’s how low u ppl are. U dug, the heroes that freed u from the shackles of the Derg. Derg that considered u Tigrawot/Agame less than an animal. U ungrateful ppl that bite the hand that fed and nurtured u. And u ‘Wedzom Kahdamat’ talking about respect?! Funny “The pot calling the kettle black”… don’t worry tho ur suffering is just getting started.

          And bribing someone to fabricate fake news about Eritrea is not going to save u. Maybe it will give ur so called leaders time to plunder Ethiopian ppl’s money. But the worst is coming to u Tigrawot. It’s understandable that u act like nothing is happening in Ethiopia, but man, deep down u know it’s over for ur Tigrawot/Agame dominated power in Ethiopia. If u didn’t, u wouldn’t be here — worried– in ERI????????-site. But u have to keep ur cool tho… Wink wink.. ????

          1. Haha..yes origin -(Adi kuala).. born and raised in Asmera/n’eshtey Gejeret (Gaji)…Alec is my name… Samuel is my fathers name. And Lingo or Leengo is my nickname. But the ‘Amlesom part I’ve no idea who that is. So nebsi I’ve nothing to hide. ????

            And ya, about the ‘aydrer’ part. Well let me tell u qomal Agame Wedzom 9hearts.. When ur beloved Woyane-Tigray first bombed Dieda-laelay in Eritrea.. ppl died mostly children — and that ‘ayder’ was an eye for an eye move from our-side. What do u think it’s going to happen when u sucker punch someone? So pls, don’t even talk about it.. because that part is totally ur fault. And we also don’t want u to forget ur idiotic move ever. Bear that scar, shameful “bitch move” of yours forever!! Don’t forget it. It’s the reminder of, how–>> The World Isn’t All Puppy Dogs and Rainbows. It’s an Eye for an Eye Ugumesh.????

          2. These obnoxious agents are hovering in very Eritrean sites since they lack a vibrant discussion forum the closed Aiga and TOL are not much to ours. They are here to spry their venom and resentfulness. They are witnessing the crumbling of their making the Kilils the whole concept is not working as designed. Let us enjoy their frustration instead. Ugumish with varied names are visting our forums – we know that

          3. Indeed, they are frustrated, because እቲ ናባና ዝሓሰብዎ ዕረ ናብኦም ተገልቢጡ!! And now Tigrawot are the most hated and isolated creatures in Ethiopia. So it understandable. ????

        5. Ayte Ugumish
          You are not in a position to speak about culture or tradition. We did not borrow even a word from the land, south of our borders let a lone a culture. We are so proud of our culture and traditions, we never bother to even see south of Mereb river. Ayte IQ63 you are gloating too much with your cultural and economic achievements but reality is so brutal and naked you still are unable to feed your unfortunate inhabitants even one meal a day. You know Sentiko in Eritrean forums we do not bring lies and empty bravados decency is of the essence, since you as a paid agent is 24/7 in our different sits with ugly pseudonyms I anticipate you have learnt one or two things.
          We are waiting to show us the interview with the two ghost pilots. Ayte Gurra

          1. ን ካድረ አለም /ንሱ ንሕና ንሕና ንሱ/

            Eritrea is certainly a police state similar to North Korea in many ways, it’s largely kept out of the headlines because Africa in general doesn’t feature highly on the agenda of policymakers here in the United States.”
            እንዲያውም ስለ ኤርትራ ቡዙሕ ነገር ኣይተዘረበን
            The Eritrean government refused to allow the United Nations access to the country to investigate, so the U.N. team interviewed witnesses in third countries and accepted written submissions. Many approached by the United Nations declined to give testimony, even anonymously, citing a justifiable fear of reprisal.
            ቡዙሕ ጉድ ምወፀ ነይሩ :: ካድረ ስለዝኮንካ ንስሚዕትካ ትግዛእ ኣለካ

    2. Shaleqa Senteq
      I remember when the army of the derg called Sentek a total of 25-30 thousand, within 3 days lost
      their lives, the same of the weyane called kirbit of 50 thousand army demolished in 3 days time when
      they try to invade Eritrea in 1998. Joshwa Hammer, he should Hammer his head, before he try to write
      the fake news and make his news paper cheap.Why he forget the looters- weyane, stole Ethiopia
      in billions, money that come as AID from the corrupted western NGO. Mr Hammer Head, Why are you
      interested in writing fake news, is it for money?. Your Weyane is dying slowly.

    3. Brother Ugumesh, what is the status of the $948 Million Woyane begged few weeks ago from the international community (USA and EUROPE)?

      1. That is exactly what is meant by the dubble digit growth. That is the Weyanomics a hybrid of cooked statistics and arbitrary hunch, calculated of course by none other Dedebit laureates.

  5. Yes Sophie, as usual, you once again hit the nail schmuck on the head! The problem with the main stream media, as I see it, is many but primarily, they have become a bunch of spoiled brat dick-heads that they feel they can get away with whatever narrative they feel like using for any occasion. Just take a look how immaturely irresponsible they have been behaving with the so called Trump connection with Putin. I don’t know if there was any connection outside the diplomatic norm with Russia. But to keep on harping with bombastic war mongering attitude ala the disgraceful Obama/Clinton regimes, the fake and irresponsible Western media like the The New York times, have been calling for war against Russia as if they would be in the front line should such war starts! Thanks to the wisdom of the Kremlin, they have been basically downplaying the ferocity and hawkish climate the media and the Democratic Party sour grapes have been screaming “teach Russia a lesson”, little do they know or care the consequence of such a war!
    So when they can do this to Russia, which could wipe out the living hell of any living thing, it is a child’s play to pick up on smaller forces like Eritrea with no impunity. ደቂ ኤረ, let us not forget even for a minute how the Italians, the British and the Americans have been abusing and continue to abuse us to various degrees in broad day light. The good thing is we will never succumb to such illegal and unjust bullying no matter how big they may be. That is simply not acceptable to Eritreans.
    Eritrea is our dream, vision, hope, love, pride, honor, dignity, preparedness, endurance, survival, strength, integrity and life!
    ኤርትራ ሕልምና፡ ራእዪና፡ ተስፋና፡ ፍቕርና፡ ሓበንና፡ ውዕለትና፡ ክብረትና፡ ድሉውነትና፡ ተጸዋርነትና፡ ጽንዓትና፡ ሓይልና፡ ብቕዓትናን ህይወትናን እያ።

    1. I don’t know the die hard pfdj fanatics ,truth hating,dictator loving see what the majority Eritreans don’t see of the unfortunate situation of our country.Why you lash at every one who happen to have a different opinions than yours? I wonder how you handle different opinions in your household.Everything is not rousy in Eritrea.It is unfortunate tesfa news has changed to self praising pfdj fanatics ground and every one who deeply care about our country and contribute constructive debate is fleeing the site.Because either you get name calling or/and worn out mantra.By the you call me what you want I have 4 brothers who are serving in the Eritrean army from 2nd,and 4th national service.

      1. I pity you, your brothers are standing tall with their country men compatriots and here you are licking some white A*** and still reading TN, I don’t see you fleeing TN, why? but you are revelling on TN to spew your venomous trash opinion???

      2. We are taking about impunity ,I don’t think you understand you are IQ63.By the way Viva Wedi Afom the Lon of Nacfa .^ feet down to Eritrean Enemy

      3. It’s just we’re fade up about the lies they told us when they say, that saddam has MDW (mass distraction weapons), though i had my doubts then, sadly we learn was a total fabrications just for INTEREST. shame, don’t you think we become vigilant when “afafat like mr. joshuy” say something about my country i react? Do you think he has any interest “nay Hezbena” except to sell out his lies? “yellen, aynefeqeden ina” they say something about Our Country.

    2. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????❤️????????

    3. Lalemba Tnx
      “ኤርትራ ሕልምና፡ ራእዪና፡ ተስፋና፡ ፍቕርና፡ ሓበንና፡ ውዕለትና፡ ክብረትና፡ ድሉውነትና፡ ተጸዋርነትና፡ ጽንዓትና፡ ሓይልና፡ ብቕዓትናን ህይወትናን እያ።”

        1. and please let’s discuses on the above link too, it might help us to start thinking about our people instead of talking about those sigir mereb or agame….

      1. We all need our country and our heroes. What really surprised me is who is the Eritrean hero?
        Some say The hero, Our president with its cabinets including Yemane monekey , Yemane ghebremeskel, Hagos kasha and others are agames and on the others side you hear people saying all the opposition group including Jebha Abay members are agames. Most of our artistis including yemane Baria, wedi tequabo …… Others claim The great father aboy weldeable Wedemariam is also agame.
        please I really need to know Do we have any Eritrean heroes ? Who are they?

  6. MSNBC Anchor: “Our Job” Is To “Control Exactly What People Think”

    During a lively discussion centered on fears that President Trump is “trying to undermine the media,” MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski let slip the awesome unspoken truth that the media’s “job” is to “actually control exactly what people think.”


      You said, that Amharas and Oromos are with you. Now, are you deceiving Eritreans, Ethiopians or youself the Agame Nazi = Agazi ? Really you are absorbed in Agazi halucination, while gradually you are being swallowed by simmering quicksand.

    2. Yes, the media is in the business of controlling people’s mind. But, why is the new York times spreading a lie at this time about Eritrea. What is it motive?

  7. There’s no doubt that, the dying Woyane of Tigrai are involved in this like always. It’s the same strategy with another client like “Martin Plaut, the notorious anti-Eritrean fake news peddler and certified liar” we saw before.

    And yes.. When they say… “Ethiopian Babies Starve, Regime Feeds Lobby Firm $150,000 Per Month” it also means bribing this so called journalist like LAZY–> Joshua Hammer to fabricate fake news about Eritrea.

  8. So if the regime supporting sophia doesn’t like the article, it must be fake. He described what he saw. A nation that has the best beaches in the world, but no tourism (fewer than 200.000 a year). A nation where the youth dream of fleeing. If sophia wants to praise the endless service that the youth is sick and tired of, then she can tell her children to leave the US and go to Eritrea. Due to the numerous defections, there is plenty of need for young people willing to serve. Instead of wondering how our tourism sector has remained at this abysmal state, she attacks the author of this article. Regime supporters deep down inside realize that a lot is wrong in the country. Denying the terrible state of our tourism sector will not improve matters.

    1. Yes if Sophie doesn’t like it it must be as fake as you. Now. go suck a lemon. No messing with Eritrea regardless who you may be!

  9. m
    Thank you My Sophy have done a great Job but it is only for TN or some Eritreans for all Eritreans responsibility as well.Those dishonest journalists have to face (confront ) them.They are nonsense they are sickening I can’t stand them.

  10. FakeNews Don't Work on Eritrea · Edit

    At this point, it’s like a bad directed movie… they tried every trick under the sun and failed miserably. 3 years from now, no sane person would ever believe what the main stream media shows/writes.

    Citizens will resist following the political agenda of others and make their own mind.

  11. The dude was expecting the price of everything to remain the same 20 years later. If he said often times the country is very safe, why is he advising readers to check state department travel updates before travel. What a jerk. Since his intention was to misrepresent the country, the outcome is obvious. But, whatever this lazy jerk wrote, he can not change the beauty of our underwater and our unique scuba diving cites a bit. Never.

    You see where govt need to invest most at times like this? On his diaspora!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let the govt made all the existing restriction or bottlenecks on diaspora citizens relaxed so that hundreds of thousands would keep flying back to the country every year. Those are our assets. Let’s make the most use out of our diaspora. Let the govt or anyone in charge encourage Diaspora Eritreans to visit their country more often, as they did last year for the 25th anniversary of our independence.

    As for the fake news peddlers and lazy, armchair, bone head journalists, well, they have done a deservice to their readers and ruined their own reputation one way or another.

  12. Sentek is not only Weyane but he is a Tigraway,he reflects their wish.I see him here as positive that is,he is them those who are not there anymore with us.
    Their headachs is that Eritrea is a successful country while their Weyane Tigria land is a disability but they can not do anything about it.
    Senetk I like him ,if you read him if he sees somthing plently of Ertra he dies and I like to see him here …to die every minte.He is here full time and get paid for it.Senet is like his grandfather…cowards,,,,idiots and rubbish. like bad pre-forming runing boy.

  13. Eritrea is certainly a police state similar to North Korea in many ways, it’s largely kept out of the headlines because Africa in general doesn’t feature highly on the agenda of policymakers here in the United States.”

    እንዲያውም ስለ ኤርትራ ቡዙሕ ነገር ኣይተዘረበን

    The Eritrean government refused to allow the United Nations access to the country to investigate, so the U.N. team interviewed witnesses in third countries and accepted written submissions. Many approached by the United Nations declined to give testimony, even anonymously, citing a justifiable fear of reprisal.
    ቡዙሕ ጉድ ምወፀ ነይሩ :

  14. Excellent analysis that exposed the deceptive narrative peddled by the so-
    called mainstream media in collaboration with the ethnic apartheid regime in Ethiopia. And a crush course that is certain to clarify any confusion created by fake news, and must be read and reread by all! Once again thanks Sophia!

  15. brother we have many problems like you say but lets stay focused and not to have forget that still we nor war no peace like this moment. exuze for my english but your saying that gurgusum is not open is not true. i go there 6 monts and it does not close before that.

    1. Please don’t bring facts and statistics here.Pfdj fanatics don’t believe in that it is weyane created problem.Just say Hulu neger wede tor gembar or Esu or mot as they call it.They don’t know they are the enablers for the regime.

    2. Amen to that. We have problems. The biggest problems however is not sim cards or lack of hotels. It’s lack of unity. Especially in our diaspora. To Sami I would say, lets make sure that our diaspora unifies again. Lets make sure that we invest in our motherland. Instead all I see is selfishness and greed in our people abroad. Eritrean government is not perfect, but there are not many thieves and criminals in charge there. I know several ministers personally. Let me just say, that I would not envy them or their position. They have little material wealth and are people of modesty. I hope you would recognize that. Our main problems is with our spoiled and separated diaspora people (especially our youth), not with our government.

    3. Haile; Are you with your right mind?
      PIA never mentioned tose excuses-any more.
      It is a made up and well orchestrated tactic…
      “Kid aytibello kemzikheid ghin ghibero!
      Meaning:”Do not ask him to leave but make him to leave one way or another”.
      “Mistae’ bello ghin kemzeimetse’ ghiberro”
      That is to say:
      “Tell him to come but make him not come one way or another …”

  16. TN: I have a question TN readers.

    Recently, I have been getting an unusually high number of LinkedIn and FB friendship invitations from Ethiopians working/studying inside Ethiopia. I don’t know any of these people. In just the last two weeks I have received about a dozen of them. Most of them seemed to just have opened new FB accounts with no or few existing friends. I have not accepted any yet, as I am still contemplating with how and why such a rush from people I don’t know. I have two hypotheses (scenarios) that I am running right now:
    1. These are Weyane agents freshly trained for a social media campaign/fraudulence or
    2. Poor Weyane victims trying to reach out to the outside world.

    My question:

    Has anyone experienced the same, lately?
    What do you think is driving this? Mere coincidence or ‘eza burkuta emni alata’?

    1. It could be all of the above u mentioned as the weyenti have run out of propaganda–and seem to be very desperate for a final gasp of air…

      Expect new and more Hoax and fake news from martin plaut and Patrick Gilks,Sudan Tribune,Mideast Monitor,Al Arabiya,BBC,Washington Post and from the same NY Times.

      The flip-flopping Dan Connell might come up with some surprise news…

      The 1.8 million Lobbying $ is part and parcel of that old new failed propaganda.

      The TPLF controlled Ethiopian Parliament might surprise us with a new old “Rhetoric and Threat”…and might try to “mobilize’ the confused Ethiopian Public as a new diversionary tactic and might declare ” Hulum Negher wede Tor Ghinbar” as the TPLF have run out of all types of efforts to weaken Eritrea and Eritreans including draining the Eri Youth with the help of its Masters – the UN,USA and the EU.

      Apparently the PFDJ Gov turned down the TP:LF’s request to negotiate and rumors tell us that PIA openly told the EU/Finland that the TPLF Junta should be wiped out if it does not negotiate with the Ethiopian Opposition Groups and peacefully give power to the Ethiopian people.

      That might have a collateral damages due to the unknown…and Eritrea and Eritreans should be vigilant and get united more than ever for any eventuality.

      We have two options:

      a)Dialogue while we are in a stronger position to let the TPLF to get out of Baduma and develop a constructive relationship with the new Ethiopian Gov with a precondition that the major Ethiopian Opposition groups should be represented in the peaceful transition

      B)And/or,DO whatever is POSSIBLE at our disposal to help the Ethiopian Majority-the Oromos and the Amharas to get rid of the TPLF before “it gets rid of us”..(.(“By all Means Possible-to borrow it form the same TPLF,who has tried everything possible under the Sun to wipe us from the world map)

      We should NOT trust the Ethiopian people in general and the Ethiopian Opposition in particular.

      The new developments of the Red Sea Geo-Politics is completely changing the events at the Horn,not to mention the fate of Somalia–moving most likely towards a new,United and Strong Somalia.

  17. This is not just a “Fake News” by NYT, it is a sold-news.This is part and parcel of the entire Woyane’s budget on lobbyists and propaganda. NYT’s stock price has been losing over 75% of its value the last 25 years. Now, they are basically earning by selling a fake news.This is one of them. Isn’t it time for Eritrea to hire a well known PR firm in US to combat these types of grossly distorted and bought news ?

  18. This is not just a “Fake News” by NYT, it is a sold-news.This is part and parcel of the entire Woyane’s budget on lobbyists and propaganda. NYT’s stock price has been losing over 75% of its value the last 15 years. Now, they are basically earning by selling a fake news.This is one of them. Isn’t it time for Eritrea to hire a well known PR firm in US to combat these types of grossly distorted and bought news ?

  19. This is not just a “Fake News” by NYT, it is a sold-news.This is part and parcel of the entire Woyane’s budget on lobbyists and propaganda. NYT’s stock price has been losing over 75% of its value the last 15 years. Now, they are basically earning by selling a “fake news”.This is one of them. Isn’t it time for Eritrea to hire a well known PR firm in US to combat these types of grossly distorted and bought news ?

    1. But this guy actually visited Eritrea several times. And everything he said about the ministry of tourism (inefficient, slow, bureaucratic), Dahlak hotel (rundown), and the trip to the islands (expensive and with very little infrastructure) is true.
      Don’t you think that articles like these are valuable, because they show us where we must improve in our tourism industry. Instead of spending our meager resources on PR firms like you advise, we should spend that money on improving our outdated tourist infrastructure.

      1. Don’t you think Woyane should have spent their millions of dollars on preventing the starvation of their 20M people instead of PR and hiring media like NYT? Besides, don’t you think this NYT guy should have spent more time on finding the solution about the occupied land of Eritrea with endless threat from Ethiopia and US ? Which comes first , Tourism or a country as a whole ? Why are we not spending our time and resources on defeating Woyane instead of criticizing our country at this time ? That is how our fathers lost Eritrea to Haileselassie back in a days and we were colonized by an African nation shamefully. We need to learn how to keep a country.

        1. What evidence do you have that NYT wrote this article on behalf of the Ethiopian regime? We know the Ethiopian regime is actively lobbying in DC and spending its meager resources, but what evidence do you have that the NYT is one of the recipients and has come to an agreement with them resulting in this article? Furthermore, most countries realize the potential of Tourism in generating a substantial amount of income that would benefit the ‘country as a whole’. As for defeating the Ethiopian regime, our community here has been active in demonstrations against the regime, petitioning the EU, UN and many other institutions to pressure the regime to abide by the final and binding agreement. Why do you believe we can’t both criticize the violation of the EEBC ruling by the Ethiopian regime and the mismanagement of the tourism industry by our own government? Or the indefinite imprisonments of many heroes (Petros Solomon, General Ogbe Abraha etc.), or the closing down of newspapers. Many government decisions have been made that have resulted in numerous people choosing to withdraw their support for the government. We’ve seen it here in our community. Churches, community centers, and even families are split in people that support the governments actions and people that don’t. Don’t you believe that people criticizing the indefinite imprisonments have a right to do so? Plenty of people that oppose the Ethiopian regime’s refusal to abide by the EEBC ruling do so.

          As for our fathers losing Eritrea due to their refusal to blindly follow one man, that makes no sense. The former Ethiopian dictators are responsible for lives lost during Independence struggle. The international community is responsible for the lives lost during the independence struggle (John Foster Dulles). Our forefathers have nothing to be ashamed of. They fought heroically against anyone that wanted to hurt us. And finally I hope you’re not suggesting that being colonized by an African nation is more shameful than being colonized by a European one. We need to learn to keep a country indeed. But blindly ignoring the mistakes the government makes is not the way.

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