Italy Police Investigating Father Mussie Zerai

Priest accused of facilitating illegal immigration

Father Mussie Zerai investigation by Italian police
A guardian angel of migrants or an evil clergyman? The Trapani public Prosecutor now investigating the Eritrean priest for reporting the arrival of migrant’s boats and landings in “secret chat” to humanitarian NGO rescue ships.


Don Mussie Zerai, an Eritrean priest who for years lives in Italy and become a reference point for thousands of migrants in distress who are facing the journey to Europe, is among those under investigation by the Trapani Prosecutor’s Office as part of the investigation for aiding and abetting illegal immigration.

For almost 15 years, his was the only telephone number many migrants had to call for emergency assistance.

The investigation lead to the seizure last week of a boat run by German NGO Jugend Rettet, which is accused of having had direct contact with traffickers off the coast of Libya.

According to reports from two witnesses, the priest who received communications from migrants boarded on the traffickers’ rafts, reports the day, time and location of the boats to be rescued with members of NGO rescue ships.

Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2015, founder and President of Habeshia Information Agency, called it “migrant rescue”, a blog where he provides last-minute and life-saving information to any migrant trying to cross the Mediterranean to Europe, have been served with a notice from Trapani prosecutor team.

“I received a letter from the Trapani public prosecutor’s office on Monday informing me of the investigation,” Mussie Zerai said, insisting that he was innocent.

On a statement he released on his blog, the priest also said,  “I can confirm with all conscience that I have nothing to hide and that I have always acted in full legality. Apart from the Trapani initiative…, I have not been called to any other venue to justify or in any way respond to my work in favor of refugees and migrants.”

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“I received a lot of phone calls every day. I don’t know why, but my intervention has always been for humanitarian purposes,” he also adds.

The investigation, according to judicial environment, refers to alleged pressure carried out by the competent bodies responsible for rescue at sea.

“Before we even inform NGOs,” says the priest, “I always alerted the Italian and Maltese Coast Guard operational centers. However, I have never had direct contact with the Jugend Rettet ship involved in the Trapani Prosecution investigation, nor have I ever been part of the alleged “secret chat” of which some newspapers have alluded to: my communications have always been forwarded through a normal cell phone. All the reports are the result of requests for assistance that I have been directed not from boats leaving Libya, or at the time of sailing, but from offshore vessels off the coast of Africa, outside Libyan territorial waters.” 

According to German daily news site, staff of the German NGO Jugend Rettet could face three years in prison for twice having “overstepped legal boundaries” during rescue missions in 2016 and 2017.


Father Mussie Zerai, an Eritrean Catholic priest from the Vatican’s Ethiopian College living in Rome, who has been implicated in facilitating and abetting trans-Mediterranean human smuggling following 2012 investigations by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).

According to PACE’s report, Lives Lost in the Mediterranean: Who is Responsible?, Mussie allegedly served as a smuggling intermediary between the ‘captains’ of Italy-bound vessels and the Italian Coast Guard. Without his call, the migrants rescue was unlikely:

The “captain” had the phone, but nobody knew where he had got it from or who had added Father Zerai’s number to it. In a short conversation Father Zerai was informed that they were having problems…The Priest informed them that he would contact the Italian authorities to request assistance. Father Zerai subsequently contacted the Italian Coast Guard…

… However, in the meantime, the “captain” had thrown the compass and the satellite phone overboard when he thought the helicopter was going to rescue them. He explained that he did not want to be arrested for possession of the telephone and the compass. He feared that these items would be used as evidence of his involvement in a smuggling network….

If the captain is afraid of being implicated in smuggling, then how about Mussie Zerai, the man on the other side of the phone? What makes the coast guard willing to pick up the call from Mussie but not the captains themselves? Why does Mussie have this special monopoly? (SOURCE: The Traffic Racket: The Eritrean “Activists” (Part 1))

* Palermo Repubblica, AFP and The Local contributed to the story. (Last updated on Thursday 10 Aug 2017)

71 thoughts on “Italy Police Investigating Father Mussie Zerai

  1. Sophia Tesfamariam‏ @stesfamariam : About time … When will the UN investigation on the trafficking of Eritreans and his questionable dealings with regime in Ethiopia begin?

    1. Good points Sofi.
      Few Obs:
      Look at the Ethiopian Ermias Ghirmay,who invested more than $100 million .
      Do u believe that this guy has done it by his own?
      Definitiey the TPLF Junta is to be suspected.
      -Eye witness accounts from the filthy Tigray Camps confirmed that most of the ” Refugees” receiving Aid and being relocated to N America ,Canada and Oceania are said to be Original Tegaru.
      It is also confirmed that the Tigray Regional Gov issues fake Eri IDs to the same ” Refugees”!
      -There is a serious Human Trafficking Ring from those Filthy Tigray Camps by Tigrians and top TPLF Officials.
      I know 10 Eritreans ,who crossed to the Sudan through Humera-Ghedarif last month by paying $1700 each with the help of the same Ring.
      -There are stories of selling some Eritreans to the highest bidder from the Filthy Camps ….besides the report of Organ Harvesting.
      -This is not to mention the cost of bribery to get out from the camp and to go to Addis (went up from 10k birr to $2000).
      -The EU confirmed that more than 40% of the Refugees claimed to be Eritreans,in fact,are Ethiopians,mostly Tigreyans .
      Last year, I made a serious argument at Awate.Com,that Fr Musie,Elsa Chyrum and Meron could have been implicated in the deadly Human Trafficking including in the Sinai Desert saga of Organ Harvesting….based on plenty of circumstantial evidence including the open and direct communication of these Pseudo-Activists with the Smuggling Ring Leaders.
      I was chased out and banned from that web since then!
      Ms Elsa Chyrum accidentally or incidentally,confirmed that the Top Ring Leader from Tripoli ,was her best confidante/ friend,now in jail in Europe,who might haved disclosed the ” Classified” info on those three self-appointed Activists.
      I know for sure that some Top Eritrean Officials were equally involved in this dirty business but there was a reason as to why the GoE has been targeted by the so called COIE,including by the same culprits as a cover up of their crimes against Humanity.
      It is so shameful for Eritreans to be victims of such an Insanity.
      The GoE has not done the best job for exposing this crime and has been blamed for being silent until accused by the COIE.
      It a sham and shame to have lost almost 10,000 Eritreans in the Seas and in the deserts….
      I would expect a well organized Task Force to expose those criminals and to save those 10 K Innocent Eritreans but have not heard any such a kind of Activism.
      Case in point,to mention few:
      -The Innocent Eritrean victims of the EU Missile in the Mediterranean Sea(fully known to Fr Mussie)
      -The torture of innocent Eritreans by the Racist Tsionist Regime in Israel.

    2. TN:
      Would you mind explaining to me for deleting my ” Fact-based” comment?
      If it has to do with mentioning the GoE Officials being involved in Human Trafficking,well,it is Public and Official!
      Let me you ask these as you are a de facto Rep of the PFDJ Gov:’-
      -Why was the GoE silent for years until we lost thousands in the Sea and in the Deserts?
      -Why was the GoE involved in helping the Eritreans,who were victims of Human and Sex Trafficking and Organ Harvesting but able to target some,who might have tried to save lives?

      1. Why don’t you stop making false accusations against gov officials? You should know that this was part of building up a larger narratives against the state of Eritrea – larger than your tiny brain can handle. If you’ve any evidence, I mean very, very specific evidence against a specific individual, including against an official or two, get it out there — video, audio, etc. If you ain’t got any, just Stop perpetuating false narratives. Stop being an idiot TPLF agent.

        1. Mr One Observer(no observer or a blind observer rather):
          You rather Stop being an idiot blind PFDJ Supporter.
          Blaming the GoE Officials does not mean blaming the GoE…
          Check with the TN about those officials and he will tell you that those officials are languishing in the prison.
          We have to clean our house first as well…..and do our home work.
          Did we do our home work to minimize the Youth Exodus so as to avoid their untimely and horrific deaths IN/on the high seas and low deserts?
          Blaming others and finger-pointing at others rather than taking responsibility and NOT doing your job is but a sign of weakness and failure.
          So keeping silent about the organ harvesting and rape as well as other horrific tortures and killings until they get to Israel and then asking them for 2% is, what now?

        1. Thanks for that letter.
          Lots of us protested as to why the GoE was that late when it released this letter at that time.
          Moreover,those of us ,who became x-PFDJites,in fact pushed hard for such kind of a Letter…..before 2013.

          1. Ayte Mike:
            If criticizing legitimately the GoE for not being serious about the sad fate of its citizens is nonsense,let it be !
            The nonsense ones are the ones like you,who do not care about the wellbeing of their people Ya Kezab Wahid!

        1. Hataf Awan Agame Ebba Nisikhi/kha.
          Am fully aware of u and TN are talking about.
          My concern is as to why the GoE has remained silent for over ten years and until the COIE showed up and after we lost thousands of our Youth.
          I am talking facts,not emotions !
          Chasing a Priest or few Self-Appointed Activists belatedly after the damage was done is but futile and a serious sign of weakness and failure!
          Leave aside the poor GoE but as Citizens,we have failed our Youth for not giving /stretching a single helping hand ;rather,most us have been involved directly and indirectly by encouraging our brothers and sisters to be victims of rapists,traffickers and organ harvesters .
          Yes,indeed,we have encouraged them to leave the poor nation by sending $$$ and paying ransom( by Eritreans)never seen in the World History….,,worth of more than $600 million over the last 10years by a minimum estimate considering the $300 million per annum income from Human Trafficking business only and from the Sudan-Libya-Italy smuggling route only.
          Mind U that a single Ethiopian Smuggler,Ermias Ghirmay alone made more than $100 million per the EU Records!
          Am sur

          1. Hope, your problem is you keep hopping from one website to another, and in the end you get confused as to what the real issue is at any given time. For example, you started accusing officials with BS claim, then you quickly changed the argument why wasn’t anything done by GoE, only to change it again to the question of timing by GoE. I just thought I would try to point out this, hopping you do something about it. Good luck

          2. Hahahah Ato KaleAb:
            Where have u been hiding Kaleab?
            There is no hopping or jumping Bro!
            I am within the realm of the topic dealing with the bad fate of our Youth coz we failed it and made it to be a victim of rapists,predators,traffickers and organ harvesters!
            Granted,the fact of the matter is:
            A)The GoE has been silent until the COIE awakened it from its hibernation(listen to PIA’s Inrerviews saying …..lots of bad stuff about the desperado Youth )!
            B)Yes,the timing is and was,essential so as to act on time and do something before it was too late
            C)Yes the GoE Officials were involved with the full knowledge of the GoE itself.
            And I do not see any confusion or contradiction or inconsistency regarding blaming the GoE Officials and the timing of the GoE’s belated letter /crocodile tears.
            In the event,you cannot blame the enemy as it is doing its job as a sworn enemy of Eritrea and Eritreans -weakening Eritrea directly or by proxy through its Mercenaries and Agents/be it Priests or Self-appointed Activists.
            R we accusing the enemy for doing its homework ?
            We should blame,at least equally,our selves for not doing our job or homework!
            You know that and no one would buy your weak and meek comment belittling Hope for hopping or jumping here and there!
            Am glad u got my message.
            Plus,who told U that Hope should not jump from a web to another?
            Is that the PFDJ advice given to u to advise Hope?
            Meshkinay KaleAb.
            Wake up dude and open your eyes and your mind.
            We are in the 21st Century!

          3. Desperate not hope,your Mamma weyannit is on palliative care.go rescue her.This home it is not belong to you.EPLF(PFDJ) Because of Eritrea people neglected our right and freedom, that is why they still now we are at war .I have bud news for you !!!We Eritreans won for all odds.Victory oh Victory.We are PFDJ and We are the winner ,because our agenda is peace prosperity, Equality,

  2. This Schweine Priester can’t hide behind his Priest robe anymore. He is evil. Hope they will lock this vampire for a very long time.

        1. ~
          best of the best ! “ቅድሚ” ወናማት ዝተዛረብኩላ ጭብጢ !

          ካብ ኣልፋ ክሳብ ኦሜግኣ፣ መመሊስና ክንዅልዓ ንግደድ ብሩራዊት መዘክር።

          ንምስዳዕ ዕንባባታት ኣጓብዝ ቀያሕ ኤርትራና፣ ማለት ብዋርሳይ ጀሚርካ ብጎበዛይ ኣቢልካ ክሳብ ሕድሪ፣ ጥኑሳትና ሓረስትጥኑሳትን እናለኻኸምካ፣ ተካኢን ተተካኻኢን ወለዶ፣ ሓቢልካ ሰባቢኽካን ኣደናጊርካን ብምሕንጋድ፣ ንኣደራዕን ሞትን እንዳኣቃላዕካ፣ ሃገርን መንግስታን ብምድኻም፣ ዕልዋ ንምጥ ̂ጣሕ፣ ዝተጠጀአ ሓሸውየ፣ ብመንግስቲ ልዕለ- ሓያላን ሃገርት ንሳ ብንሳ ሕቡራት መንግስታት ኣመርካ = USA፣ ከምዝእለይ ዝጽንሐን ዘሎን ተረጋግጸልና ቭድዮኣዊት መዝገብ ወይ ዶኩሜንት። – – – ዘርጠብ !!!

          ዓት ዓት ዓት!!!
          ተወድአ ወይን ኣርባዕተ ነጥቢ – – – ኣኸተመ።

          ክብርቲ ወዓሮ SEphrem መሊስኪ ስለ ዘዘኻኸርክና ብልቢ አመስግነኪ።

        2. Selam Seble:
          Not sure what u were trying to relay here about Obama’s obviously biased speech.
          Are u supporting him or criticizing him?
          Whatever he said ,in general terms about what is going in the world,is full of truth EXCEPT singling out and targeting Eritrea as if Eritrea as a Nation is involved in Human Trafficking and in Modern Slavery….and singling out himself as the Leader of the Super Power and the role of his own country as if he and his Country are the Angels of the world,when the fact of the mater is the other way round.
          I think we debated on his speech a lot.
          -China counter-reported factually about the Crimes committed by the USA against its own people.
          -Obama knows there are more 50k young girls being trafficked (Human and Sex Trafficking)to the USA annually….. and the ” Beneficiries” are said to the rich and government Officials.
          -Obama knows about what the US Amb to Eritrean has been doing and why..,,
          -Obama also knows about the motivation of his own Diplomats and the state Department’s Report against Eritrea.
          -Obama also knows that more than 44% of the USA women in Uniform are victims of sexual harassment and sexual assault including Rape.
          -The same goes for the EU about Human Trafficking specially Sex Trafficking and the beneficiaries are the rich and the top European Gov Officials.
          Obama cannot and should not have compared Eritrea with. N Korea,Darfur,Congo,Mexico and other Central and S Ametican Countries,Thailand,Vietnam,etc..
          …where underage sex Trafficking /Rape and related Modern Slavery are a NORM!
          He just had a sinister message about Eritrea….,and we all know that.
          That does not mean that we are clean and perfect and we should do our homework not to be victims of such Defamatory Campaign.

  3. Up to 50 migrants ‘deliberately drowned’ off Yemen, UN says

    By Associated Press
    August 9, 2017 at 3:28 PM

    JOHANNESBURG — Up to 50 migrants from Somalia and Ethiopia were “deliberately drowned” when a smuggler forced them into the sea off Yemen’s coast, the U.N. migration agency said Wednesday, calling the drownings “shocking and inhumane.”

    International Organization for Migration staffers found the shallow graves of 29 of the migrants on a beach in Shabwa during a routine patrol, the agency’s statement said. The dead were buried by those who survived.

    At least 22 migrants remained missing, the IOM said. The passengers’ average age was around 16, the agency said.

    The narrow waters between the Horn of Africa and Yemen have been a popular migration route despite Yemen’s ongoing conflict. Migrants try to make their way to the oil-rich Gulf countries.

    The smuggler forced more than 120 migrants into the sea Wednesday morning as they approached Yemen’s coast, the IOM statement said.

    “The survivors told our colleagues on the beach that the smuggler pushed them to the sea when he saw some ‘authority types’ near the coast,” said Laurent de Boeck, the IOM’s chief of mission in Yemen. “They also told us that the smuggler has already returned to Somalia to continue his business and pick up more migrants to bring to Yemen on the same route.”

    IOM staffers provided aid for 27 surviving migrants who remained on the beach, while other migrants left.

    De Boeck called the suffering of migrants on the route enormous, especially during the current windy season on the Indian Ocean. “Too many young people pay smugglers with the false hope of a better future,” he said.

    The IOM says about 55,000 migrants have left Horn of Africa nations for Yemen since January, with most from Somalia and Ethiopia. A third of them are estimated to be women.

    Despite the fighting in Yemen, African migrants continue to arrive in the war-torn country where there is no central authority to prevent them from traveling onward. The migrants are vulnerable to abuse by armed trafficking rings, many of them believed to be connected to the armed groups involved in the war.

    The conflict itself is a deadly risk. In March, Somalia’s government blamed the Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen for an attack on a boat that killed at least 42 Somali refugees off Yemen’s coast.

    Some Somalis are desperate to avoid years of chaos at home with attacks by homegrown extremist group al-Shabab and deadly drought. Some Ethiopians have left home after months of deadly anti-government protests and a 10-month state of emergency.

    More than 111,500 migrants landed on Yemen’s shores last year, up from around 100,000 the year before, according to the Regional Mixed Migration Secretariat, a grouping of international agencies that monitors migration in the area.

    Copyright 2017 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

  4. Guilty as charged!

    ሰይጣን ንኣመሉ
    ሙሴ ዘርኣይ ብተንኮሉ
    መጽሓፍ ቅዱስ ይኹልኮሉ

    መስቀል ዝዓተረ ተመን ተወርዋራይ
    ልኡኽ ሰይጣን ናይ ጥፍኣት ኣላማይ
    ካብ ሰብ እከይ ሓደ ሙሴ ዘርኣይ

    ብሓሶት ብቕጥፈት ዝሃብተመ
    ብስም ስደተኛታት እንዳቖዘመ
    ንኣሻሓት ንሞት ስቓይ ዝሸመመ

    ሕፍረት-ኣልቦ ዑሱብ ዝሓከለ
    ብሬሳ ግዳያት ዝተደረ
    ንቡር ከይረኽቡ ዝኸልከለ

    ሓመድ ኣዳም ኣብ ዓዶም ከይለብሱ
    ዝወለደ ሓዘኑ ከይዓጹ
    ሙሴ ዘርኣይ ሞጊቱ ከይከድዱ

    ርኹስ ፍጥረት ናይ እምነት ኳዂቶ
    ስራሕ ሰይጣን ኩሉ ዝበሓቶ
    ገበነኛ ሓደ ካብ ነጋዶ
    የርእየና ተግባሩ ክፈርዶ

  5. Ditto!! and what does this say about Nobel Prize, CPJ, amnesty international and all other NGO’s and their prizes to Diablos Zerai, amhareyti Meron, gaul torserawit Selam, Chirum good for nothing, Makonene wanna be Eritrean, wedi torserawit at the behest of neo-cons the likes of Ex-President Obama and Co are all in cahoot to destabilise, traffic human beings and create mayhem to the peace loving nation of Eritrea no matter what, the truth will never be kept in the dark!

  6. Mighty God you exist, Rejoice eritrea the devil has been defeated, we need this guy to be sent to asmara, so we can hung him

    1. Eritrea Ne Ertrawian · Edit

      ከም ንፈልጦ ፖለቲካን ቅድስናን ብሓደ አይከይድን እዮ። ግን እዚ ቀሺ-ሰይጣን ፖለቲካን ቅድስናን ሓዋዊሱ ክንቀሳቀስ ዝጸንሔ ሰብ እዮ።

  7. After all well and done the penalty should be, to put 20 kilos of brick shoes on each foot and throwing him in the Ocean.

  8. Proving accessory (such as telephone number etc.) when the migrants were still in Africa (Ethiopia) and leading the migrants (Eritreans etc.) to believe that he (this priest) will bring them to safety after they contact him (from
    Libya or in the middle of the sea etc.), is not an act of humanity. He could be found guilty for accessory to
    human trafficking.

    If this Wholly Devil was Holy Priest he would have been the crusader for the West to change their way and help the helpless people of Africa (Ethiopians, Eritreans etc.) find meaningful life in their respective homelands
    through the provisions of education and employment, in order to stem the fatally dangerous journey to Europe. Europe with its history of colony and neo-colony is the cause of the influx of migrants to Europe; and this priest is
    simply extorting the unspeakable suffering of Eritreans, Ethiopians etc. by portraying himself as the “saver of migrants”.

      1. Indeed aiding and abetting unlawful act can make the doer an accomplice of such unlawful act. If justice truly stands for the victims in this matter, then the so-called priest should get what he deserves to the full extent of the law.The trouble with it is “the ruling class protects ONLY themselves”; the West only protects the interests of the West. Unless the West see benefit for the West in punishing this Devil/Priest, it will not a surprise if he gets off scot free. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

      1. Ghenzebkha Lalmba,
        Isn’t is amazing how these criminals are always around each other? I have no doubt these criminals will all be exposed.

    1. B Adal:
      R u implicating that the Vatican has been involved in this business…?
      The Vatican /catholic Church was in the meeting with Meron,Fr Mussie.Elsa,Martin Plaut and Sheila et al?
      I think u have to be cautious from generalizing and assumptions.

      1. You said, “The Vatican /catholic Church was in the meeting with Meron,Fr Mussie.Elsa,Martin Plaut and Sheila et al?” Why are you asking this question? Are you connecting your own dots? Did I show a picture of their meeting? What I know so far is, one member of the Vatican (“Father Mussie Zerai), who uses his priest position to “help” migrants, is meeting with many enemies of Eritrea. The Vatican is responsible that her employees don’t engage in criminal activities, regardless of where the criminal activities are being committed.

        You seem to have a question only on the Vatican? How come you do not have the same question on United Nation? To answer your question if the Vatican is involved or not. The Vatican, although run by “religious” people, it is another organization, just like the United Nations, who claim to be operating to help humanity. And just like any other powerful organizations, the Vatican has enough criminals in it that anyone should worry when they claim they are for helping people. I totally believe “Father” Mussie Zerai is criminal with his dealing of smugglers and I have reasonable suspicion to suspect the Vatican knows the activity of Mussie Zerai, especially if the relationship of the Vatican with PFDJ is not good.

        1. Selamat B Adal:
          First of,U R the one trying to connect dots that cannot and should not be connected so as to implicate the Vatican in particular and the Catholic Church in general, into this serious Crime Against Humanity,which (your allegation)could be a serous Public Offense by any standard.
          Second,the Vatican or the Catholic Church is NOT responsible for the
          “bad” relationship with the GoE.
          I can confidently tell U though as to who is responsible!
          The Vatican,by any means possible,would not,could not have and cannot and will not retaliate negatively against the Nation of Eritrea and the people of Eritrea.
          For the record and for FYI:
          Even though few the Catholic Church Leadership members and some of its members might have made mistakes as Human Beings,here are the few of the facts about the Catholic Church:
          -The Leader and the TOP VOICE for/in Social Justice in the world in general and in Eritrea in particular.
          Read the Famous Declaration by the Conference of the Catholic Bishops of Eritrea!
          -The Leader in Education and Health Care in the world in general and in Eritrea in particular.
          The BEST Education System from Kindergarten to the Asmera University(The Santa Familigia,The Comboni,the St Josephs of Asmera and Keren;the San Giorgio of Mendefera…..,) belong to but to the Catholic Church.
          The Catholic Caritas was the savior of Eritreans and Ethiopians during the 1984-85 Famine.
          -Currently,the Catholic Church is second to the GoE in serving the needy Eritreans (socioeconomically and educationally)from Asmera all the way to the Sahel and Ghirmaika irrespective of the origin creed,region and ethnicity of the beneficiaries!
          It will be too much to continue but check this out:
          In 1990s,the Catholic Church led by the De LaSalle Christian Brothrers asked the GoE(PIA) to build the largest and the BEST Catholic Univ in Africa to serve all Eritreans of all walks of like irrespective of their origin,creed,region and ethnicity.
          But guess what?
          PIA and Ato Osman Salih rejected this Noble Cause and it was moved to Ethiopia and the Catholic Church has built two major Universities there-one in Southern Ethiopia and the second one and the best one in Africa,in Addis Abeba-St Thomas Aquinas Univ-with Western Standard and Quality.
          U better retract your above ” allegation”!

          1. Hope, Salaam to you too.
            I wish I have all the evidence to connect the dots of UN and the Vatican to the selected enemies of Eritrea that I have depicted in my diagram.
            Funny you said “U better retract your above ” allegation”!”
            No!, I will not retract what I put on TN. I have enough hissuspicion not to trust the 2 organization, that is The Vatican and The United Nations.

            P.S. Is truth == Hope?

          2. Selam back to U B Adal :
            FYI :
            The UN and the Vatican are two different entities with different Agenda.
            Am not here to scare people but to express my opinion,and at times,to challenge ideas and opinions as needed.
            Yes indeed,here in the USA,gross assumptions and accusations and character assasination without evidence are considered as Public Offenses besides being a Defamatory Act,which in itself is libel.

          3. “The UN and the Vatican are two different entities with different Agenda.” –> So?

            ” …gross assumptions and accusations and character assasination without evidence ..”
            Where is my gross assumptions? Where is my accusation? where is my character assassination without evidence? — Be specific.

            ** The names of people I listed in the picture (besides the prosecutor) are all known enemies of Eritrea. Is this what you are calling assumption/accusation/character assassination? Hope/truth, what kind of evidence are you looking to know the individuals with the names I listed are enemies of Eritrea? The only group of people who think this individuals are freedom fighters are the hooligans in Holland who are probably members of “democratic opposition”

            ** “Father” Mussie Zerai is a priest of the Roman Catholic Church, which is headed by the Bishop of Rome who resides in the Vatican City, which is the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church. There is police investigation on Father Zerai; if he is found guilty, we Eritreans want to know, with no-cover-ups, if his good office had any knowledge of his crime.

            ** Thousands of children from all over the world were abused by Catholic priests, with many cover-ups!. Do you think this is also gross assumption/accusation/character assassination without evidence?

            ** The United Nations is the number # enemy of Eritrea. — I hope you have enough proof.

            Finally, whether we are pro PFDJ or against, we should expose anyone who is colluding with human traffickers for political or financial purpose.

          4. Ahlen B Adal:
            A short response:
            -You included the pic of His Holiness Pope Frances with the alleged criminals —and this is NOT the first time you tried to play around with the Catholic Church.
            -You just proved to me again by your quote implying or that could imply (could be understood )that since Fr Mussie
            lives in Rome and since he is a Catholic Priest and is under the Jurisdiction of the Vatican,the Vatican and the Catholic Church should be blamed for the alleged crimes against Humanity,…..and also, since the *Catholic Priests committed child abuses,you concluded that ,one way or another,the Vatican and the Catholic Church,by default ,should be responsible for the alleged Human Trafficking of Eritreans as well,God forbid,if that was your intention!
            This is beyond a Fallacious Logic,to say the least…way ….beyond assumption and defamatory comment.
            I could have hit you hard with factual evidence about the role of your PFDJ Gov but….

            -The fact that the UN is the enemy of Eritrea has nothing to do with the Catholic Church business and the UN is not my issue here as I might know as much as U know ,if not more than what u know,about the abuses and crimes by the fake UN and its Masters as well as its Mercenaries against Eritrea and Eritreans in particular and the poor third world nations in general(Trump threatening to hit Venezuela militarily!!)!
            *I think I already advised you that the scandal by few Catholic Church members is part and parcel of the Wicked Human Nature that is being addressed to the extent of making the Catholic Church financially bankrupt;and it is way less than 1/1000 incidence rate vs more than 1/100 in the General Community.
            Those Priests are not Angels either.
            Let us clean our yard first and do our home work as well rather than crying crocodile tears and blaming and finger pointing at others,which will never solve our problems,at least in my opinion!

          5. Hope/truth, You seem to intentionally miss what I am saying. Do you have a problem understanding what I wrote?
            Here is what I wrote,
            ” ** “Father” Mussie Zerai is a priest of the Roman Catholic Church, which is headed by the Bishop of Rome who resides in the Vatican City, which is the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church. There is police investigation on Father Zerai; if he is found guilty, we Eritreans want to know, with no-cover-ups, if his good office had any knowledge of his crime.”
            And here is your response to me about it ..
            “-You just proved to me again by your quote implying or that could imply (could be understood )that since Fr Mussie lives in Rome and since he is a Catholic Priest and is under the Jurisdiction of the Vatican,the Vatican and the Catholic Church should be blamed for the alleged crimes against Humanity,…..and also”

            If you still have a problem understanding what I wrote, ask someone else as I am done with you on this topic.

            Regarding your Bottom-line statement of “Let us clean up” — I agree you should.

          6. Surprised!, TN actually voted for your initial response to my initial pictorial comment. Why would TN block truth when it actually voted for your comment?

          7. Dude:
            TN has blocked me a million times whenever I try to criticize the GoE.
            I can tell u that all the IPs I use at work are blocked.
            The fact that TN up voted on my comment is a kind of once upon a lifetime thing and exception when it does not involve criticizing the GoE.

          8. B Adal Teawet,Teawet,Teawet thank you.and pleas ignore ignore them ,They don’t have any truth and they don’t have any hope.No hear Evil ,No see Evil ,and No speak Evil .Weyanny wahid.

          9. Salaam Merhaba,
            Thank you for the advice; I need it sometimes as I get carried on as if I am discussing issues with someone who is patriotic.

  9. He sold his ass to the White catholic priest when he was a chils and it is nevertheless possibale that they will use him later as they do to the Bitewed Asfaha W.Michial in the 2os.He is a donkay that everyone can ride him and a hole that everyone can pee over him.

    1. LT:
      What the hell has the Catholic thing to do with his Trafficking business?’
      Please try to avoid the Catholic Church or the Vatican from this stupid business…. as he has no relationship with the Vatican or the Catholic Church on this Human Trafficking.

      1. Well he is a catholic priest? and it is amazing to learn why is catholic harboring peados and Human Trafficekras like Diablo Zerai!! Hope come on, come clean you can not hide behide excuses!!!

        1. Dude:
          Pedophilia and Hmosexuality are part and parcel of a Universal Wicked Human Nature not exclusive to Catholic Priests and they represent way less than the community percentage–1/1000 compared to 1 percent in the general community.
          The Catholic Clergy is NOT the only Christian Clergy Group involved in this sad business but the Top Evangelical and Anglican Clergy Leaderships are also involved, which is not an excuse but just an FYI.
          The Anti-Catholic Church groups deliberately targeted the Roman Catholic Church for obvious reasons, besides money. issues.

          1. Hey Chap:
            I am justvresponding to an unfair comment ,not about priorities.
            You people are the ones talking nonsense about few individuals,who tried to help the helpless Youth.
            Irrespective of any crime what the Priest in question might have committed,he is not and was not the main culprit that has led to the Exodus of the Youth with its devastating fate and outcome.
            Talk about the main root causes of this sad outcome and possible solutions that could have minimized that sad fate.
            Kemish adey hanquiluni kind of excuses and blaming others and finger-pointing at others won’t work.
            Dihri mai nab bea’ati ajewjew after we lost more than 10,000 innocent Youth.

          2. Surprised that you seem to be a devout Catholic protecting them from this heinous crimes and yet you are able to accuse Eritrea of gross Human rights violations, hmmmmm you guys are funny when convenient without manka when not convenient with manka!!! but never mind Eritreans has convincingly defeated your ill wishes now where you heading to ….?

          3. Wedi Nacfa:
            I thought we are debating seriously about serious business.
            I am protecting who now?
            I am defending the Catholic Church,not the self-appointed Activists,whom I declared them as fake Activists and questioned their motive and role way before they are being questioned now.
            You cannot talk about things U have no clue about regarding the Catholic Church.
            Read my responses to B Adal.

          4. Come on man, Catholic has a bad history in Eritrea if you care investigate and speak to the elders they will tell you their experiences with Catholic!!

          5. So the Anti -Catholic groups are deliberately targeting Roman Catholic church would you say with the same breath that the Roman Catholic is targeting Eritrea as well, brother!!!!

          6. Dude:
            Please,let us have some basic civility and common sense logic here.
            Why and how can the Catholic Church,the Champion of Social Justice,target Eritrea?
            The Anti-Catholic entities have an agenda and evil motive to act as such but the Catholic Church does not,and cannot have such an evil Agenda and Motive against such an innocent and Poor Nation.
            There is ONE fact we have to know:
            The Catholic Church have challenged the GoE about “Poor Social Justice System and Poor Human Rights situation” in Eritrea.
            And the only reason few ill-informed/uninformed Eritreans act and talk the way they are doing against the Catholic Church is simply coz of that challenge made by the same Catholic Church.
            Truth hurts ….huh?
            Deal with it!

  10. መብራህቱ ተወልደ · Edit

    ቅድሚ ሓሙሽተ ዓመታት ማለት ኣብ 2012 ሓንቲ ተባሂላ ትጽዋዕ ዝነበረት መረበብ ሓበሬታ፣ ብዛዕባ ገበናትን ምትእስሳር ምስ ኣሰጋገርትን “ቀሺ” ሙሴ ዘርኣይ ኣብ ዓንቀጻታ ኣስፊራ ናይራ ኢያ። ሽዑ እቲ ቀሺ “ካብ ተሓታትነት ዘምልጥ ዘሎ ገጂፍ ከለላ ስለ ዘለዎ ኢዩ” ክትብል ደምዲማ ኢያ። እታ መርበብ ሓበሬታ “እዚ ቐሺ’ዚ፣ ኣብ ውሽጢ ሒደት ኣዋርሕ ጥራይ 188 ግዜ ናብ ናይ ጥልያን ሓለዋ ባሕሪ Guardia Costiera Italiana ናይ ‘ሰብ ርድኡ’ ጻውዒት ገይሩ” ኢላ ድሕሪ ምግላጽ “ፖሊስ ጥልያን ነዚ ካብ ሓንቲ ቴለፎን ጥራይ ክንድዚ ጻውዒት ዝገብር ሰብ ስለምንታይ ከይሓተተ ከም ዝተረፈ ምስጢሩ ግሉጽ ኣይኾነን” ክብል ተንቲኑ። ብኸመይ ኣገባብከ እቶም ሰምሰርቲ ይኹኑ ደለልትን ስደተኛታትን ናይ’ዚ ሰብ’ዚ ቁጽሪ ስልኪ ክሕዙ ክኢሎም ዝብል ጉዳይ’ውን ምጽራይ ከም ዘድልዮ ተንቲና። ሎሚ ድሕሪ ናብ በዓቲ ክሓቱዎ ምዋስኖም ይገርም’ዩ። ምናልባት ብዘለዎ ከለላ ነጻ ይወጽእ ይኸውን ኢዩ፣ ደም ናይ’ቶም ኣብ ባሕሪ ዝሃለቑ ዜጋታትን እህህታ ወልድን ግን ዝገድፎ ኣይኮነን።

  11. (courtesy of Sirak Bahlbi….)

    ሓደ ካብቲ ዘይርስዓኒ ኣብቲ እዋን ህልቂት ላምፓዱዛ፡ እዚ ቀሺ ሙሴ ዝብሃል ሰብኣይ ነቲ ኣዝዩ ዘሕዝን ኩነታት ናብ ናይ ግሊ ጥቕሙ ዘውዕሎ ከምዝነበረ እዩ። ልክዕ ካልኦት `ውን ኔሮም እዮም ነቲ ኩነታት ንውልቂ ረብሓኦም ዝጥቀሙሉ ዝነበሩ፡ ቀሺ ሙሴ ግን ከም ሓደ ዓቢ ስራሕ ዝሰርሐ ካብ ሓደ ሜድያ ናብ ሓደ ሜድያ እንዳኸደ የውደኽድኽ ኔሩ። ሓቂ ግን ንኹሎም ብሓሶትን ብብድዐን ንህዝቢ ኤርትራ ዝበደሉ ሓደ ብሓደ ተርክበሎም ኣላ።

    I can never forget how this so called priest milked the Lampadusa Tragedy to his maximum benefit. This is a picture I took during the official service for those who died during that tragedy. He was moving around the media as if he has achieved something major at the time. The time for truth is now catching up all those who lied and manipulated the people of Eritrea one by one.

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