The Taylor Report with Thomas C. Mountain

By TesfaNews,

This week, The Taylor Report, a weekly radio talk show from Toronto, has an in-depth conversation with independent journalist Thomas C. Mountain. They discuss, among other things, about the current situation in Eritrea, the Commission of Inquiry report, the June 12 Ethiopia border attack, and climate change, grounding the discussion in a historical framework that informs an understanding of the regional political dynamics that comes with it.

Mountain also examine the coordinated media attack by the so called human right mobs against Eritrea,  as well as the internal political situation of Ethiopia.

Mountain provides his analysis as someone living in Eritrea and who is familiar not only with the politics of the country, but the daily lives of its citizens.

3 thoughts on “The Taylor Report with Thomas C. Mountain

  1. Thomas C. Mountain , I found it very hard to find the right word to express my appreciation to your highly truethfullness and your integrity on your journalistic professionalism.
    You are the one and only out of a hundred exceptional person on the field of journalism to represent the meaningfull and truethfull journalism . You’re a person of integrity and the ecco of your truethfull voice will,definitely,make a difference. As opposed to the most other journalists whome ignorantly covered their moral and ethical pledge of journalism under sand to simply enrich themselves with nothing but flawed story

  2. Thomas mountain is the a great man ! I never seen him as a foreigner based on his authentic,deep insight analysis about Eritrea and the region. GOD BLESS!!!

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