Houthi Rebels Fire Missiles at US Warship in Red Sea: Navy

US Warship red sea
Iranian-backed Houthi rebels fired two missiles at a U.S. Navy destroyer operating off the coast of Yemen in the Red Sea on Sunday — though neither missile hit the ship, the Pentagon said in a statement.


Two missiles fired from rebel-held territory in Yemen fell short of a US warship patrolling the Red Sea off the coast of the war-torn country, the US navy said Monday.

The USS Mason “detected two inbound missiles” within an hour of each other from around 7:00 pm (1600 GMT) on Sunday, said US Naval Forces Central Command spokeswoman Paula Dunn.

The destroyer had been “conducting routine operations in international waters at the time,” she said in a statement.

“Both missiles impacted the water before reaching the ship,” said Dunn, adding that “there were no injuries to our sailors and no damage to the ship”.

“We assess these missiles were launched from Huthi-controlled territory in Yemen,” she said, referring to the Iran-backed rebels fighting Yemen’s internationally recognized government.

The Huthis described as “unfounded” reports they fired missiles at the US destroyer.

Rebel forces “did not target any warships,” said a spokesman quoted by the insurgents’ sabanews.net website.

US ally Saudi Arabia later Monday “forcefully condemned the attack” which it said was carried out by Houthis and their allies.

Also on Monday, the Riyadh-led coalition fighting the Houthis accused the rebels of firing a ballistic missile towards the southwestern Saudi city of Taif, hundreds of kilometres (miles) from the Yemeni border.

The missile was one of two which the Saudi-led coalition intercepted on Sunday, the coalition said, adding the other was launched toward Marib, east of Yemen’s rebel-held capital Sanaa.

The incidents come after the United Arab Emirates said last Wednesday that Yemeni rebels struck a “civilian” vessel in the strategic Bab al-Mandab waterway, wounding crewmen.

That attack, which was carried out on October 1, was claimed by the Shiite rebels.

The UAE is a key member of a Saudi-led coalition that has been fighting the Yemeni rebels since March last year.

Coalition warships have imposed a naval blockade on rebel-held ports along Yemen’s Red Sea coast allowing in only UN-approved aid shipments.

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In its statement on Monday, the US navy said the United States remains “committed to ensuring freedom of navigation everywhere in the world”.

“We will continue to take all necessary steps to ensure the safety of our ships and our service members,” its spokeswoman was quoted as saying.

The missile fire comes after the Iran-backed rebels blamed the coalition for an air raid that killed more than 140 people and wounded at least 525 on Saturday at a funeral in Sanaa.

Yemen’s rebel-allied former president Ali Abdullah Saleh on Sunday called for mobilization along the border with Saudi Arabia to avenge that attack.

The Houthis swept into Sanaa in September 2014 and advanced across much of Yemen, forcing the government of President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi to flee.

The conflict has killed more than 6,700 people — almost two-thirds of them civilians — and displaced at least three million since the coalition launched military operations, according to the United Nations.


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    1. There was a freedom of navigation long before the Somali thugs created piracy across the Bab-Al Mandab; and there was a freedom of navigation long before Al-Qaeda controls Southern Yemen and start threatening international shipping on the Red Sea. In a nut shell, there was a freedom of navigation long before the Houthis overthrow the Ali Abdela Saleh regime and the Hadi government simultaneously. Now, Al Qaeda, which is known as AQAP or Ansar al-Sharia in Yemen, is in control of the Arabian Peninsula.

      The security of the Red Sea is now threatened not by the Somali pirates but the AQAP group in Yemen and this group is considered to be the most active of all Al-Qaeda branches in the world and that is exactly why coalition forces are formed to try bringing legitimacy in Yemen before the country is overwhelmingly controlled by these Qaeda offshoots, although their heavy handed approach is causing a lot of damage and loss of innocent lives in Yemen.

      Make no mistake, the Red Sea security and safety is at a greater risk now than five years ago and that is why we see these days many powerful nations establishing military and naval bases along the Bab- Am-Manda. For example, China, Saudi Arabia, U.S., France, Germany, Japan, etc… in Djibouti while the UAE in Assab – Eritrea.

        1. This should be under the UAE tab or sponsor. i’m not sure if it violates the stupid embargo but they should order and equip the Eritrean Navy to patrol off our coast and to stay extra vigilant. We can also serve the eyes and ears for UAE (as long is within our jurisdiction and compensation is handsome). We will not place our blood at risk for any partner only until it threatens our national security.

        2. We shall know more, if any, in the upcoming monitoring group report. If it says nothing, means there are none. You know how these monitors are taking care of our shopping lists …

  2. ….if not a propaganda video ….

    Houthi rebels rock Saudi airbase with ballistic missile

    By Zen Adra,

    A string of explosions ripped through King Fahd Airbase in the Saudi city of Ta’if as a ballistic missile fired by Yemen’s Houthi rebels hit the Saudi base.

    The attack, which is by far the deepest into the Saudi Kingdom, came two days after Saudi airstrikes killed and wounded more than 650 people in an attack on a funeral held in the Yemeni capital.

    Dubbed Burkan-1, the 12.5 meter long ballistic missile is developed locally by Yemini experts with a range up to 800 km.

    In the same context, two missiles fired from rebel-controlled territories in Yemen landed near an a US destroyer in the Red Sea, wounding two sailors but without causing material damage, according to US Navy.

    1. When Houthis arrived at the helm,their leader specified that all his country interested was peace with his neighbors and that he has forgiven all those against during the days of the armed struggle.The saudis they deserve all and more for the atrocity they are committing upon the people of Yemen and the infrastructure of the country.

  3. The news is all lies created by the Takfirs and Jihadi al Sauds as a pretext to destroy the heroic Yemeni people. Soon more bombs will rain on ethe poor Hoothi people. Issaias should avoid Yemen; he must do his best to arm and train the Hoothis, let the Saudis get mired in Yemen.

    1. How is that possible when Eritrea is part of the Saudi-led coalition? The Iran relationship is in our last to-do list. Right now we have Sudan, Egypt, Saudi and other neighbors who are on-board to get rid of these hoothis groups. Are we happy with the results, absolutely not. Just the other day, i learned a Saudi bomb hit a wedding of over 100 people. Can you imagine if that happen in Eritrea on a constant basis. That’s why our gov. have to make strategic decision in the utmost interest to protect the Eritrean People and State.

  4. The importance of our 2nd lung stratigic port city ASAAB is increased day by day we wish and hope our government focuse more on this area around Baby AL Mandab tighten security over there get help from whomever concerned with the latest well equipped technology weapons to help and protect our interests in southern Red Sea and Gulf Of Aden.

  5. Sorry we have a request please don’t disclose any Military information or secret or knowledge concerning our country in this time because we are involved in this colliation against terrorism in our area and this might effect or be harmful for our interests

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