Hooligans Attack Eritrean Embassy in London

The self proclaimed Ethiopian turned Eritrean Human Right 'Activist' - Selam Kidane - was one of the leading faceless & nameless hooligans
The self proclaimed Ethiopian turned Eritrean Human Right ‘Activist’ – Selam Kidane – was one of the leading faceless & nameless hooligans

By Eritrea Embassy Media,

Yesterday, 24th of January, in the early morning hours, a 16-man mob, led by ring leaders, Amanuel Eyasu, Selam Kidane and Bereket Kahsay, stormed into the Eritrean Embassy.

Like every society, Eritrean society is not immune from hooligans organised by known AntiEritrean elements doing such a blatant criminal deeds. Most of these 16 member mob looks more confused with little or no Eritrean value whatsoever. Some are jobless while others are criminals known in London itself. Two of them are already confirmed to be of Tigrayan origin.

Unlike other embassies with high-tech securities, Eritrean Embassy has always been known to be relatively open to the public and these traitors exploited this opportunity to push their way through the door to deliberately enter to cause havoc and mayhem.

It’s now an open secret that such enemies of Eritrea have been undergoing a series of meeting organized by the Weyane regime in many towns and villages of Ethiopia. They have been touring Ethiopia beginning in Mekele, then Gondar, Addis Ababa, Awassa, DebreZeit and recently in Nazreth.

Ethiopian public enemy #1, Mebrahtom Gebrehiwet (AKA Bereket Simon) has been coordinating and organizing their meetings in Ethiopia. It is obvious that they had been instructed to cause disruption in all Eritrean communities of their respective residence in Europe and the USA.

This can only be one of the many criminal activities that they are instructed to perform. It’s also a well-known fact that Eritrea’s enemies are nothing but frustrated groups, swayed by the global special interest groups, themselves using opportunistic individuals with narrow sub-national sentiments, hell bent on enslaving the people.

These opportunistic hooligans will no doubt answer for their crime, one way or another. Pretending that they are concerned about the politics of Eritrea, they forgot the very meaning
of politics in the Eritrean society which is well articulated and practiced in our culture.

‘‘Politics is the Art of Association not the art of distraction” and havoc that we see being practiced by the enemies of Eritrea. Whatever their motive is, they should have known that by creating havoc and making it viral over the web only destroys their reputation.

These hooligans who entered the Eritrean Embassy in London should have waited for a little bit longer.  By the time the YPFDJ members got there, they have already abandoned the place after taking a quick little video which they think that will sway. They already lost their Eritreanism and forgot that the people will not be dogged by a little video clip that will be posted in the two anti websites; Asmarino.com and Assena.com.

If we look close to the video of these Riffraffs, they were so erratic in their behaviors. Unlike a handful of these mobsters, Eritreans are more civilized and cultured and because of
dramas here and there, nothing can sway us from our independent thought. The frustration of these hooligans can easily be predicted after seeing their hoax coup d’état evaporating in thin air.

These hooligans and it will be clear exactly what has transpired on Monday to all Eritreans who care about Eritrea. The real bonus of this week is the reassuring feeling of confirmation
what you already know.

They cannot get away with extending the havoc to Eritrea. The fact of the matter is that Eritrean people inside or outside would never allow these puppets whip hysteria in order to
create chaotic environment to hand in on a platter to the western intervention. Because their tools couldn’t work on Eritrea and with no prospect of ever working in a million years, they chose to cover up their frustration by calling all sorts of names, Isolated, opaque, closed, hermit etc.etc.

Eritrea will leave them bark indefinitely and won’t be interested in joining them as well as barking back at them.

Some of the Nameless and Faceless Hooligans that draw the line to instigate violence, aggression, vandalism and terrorism against Eritreans and the UK itself
Some of the Nameless and Faceless Hooligans that draw the line of violence, aggression, vandalism and terrorism against Eritreans and the UK government should face reality and justice.


38 thoughts on “Hooligans Attack Eritrean Embassy in London

  1. Selam Kidane:

    By now everybody must have known who Selam Kidane is. Stop doubting. She is an Ethiopian and never been in Eritrea (by her own admission with BBC). She was a daughter of a Derg officer with Eritrean blood on his hands and left Ethiopia at the age of 16 to the UK with her sister following the downfall of of Mengistu.

    After suffering from sever Identity crisi trauma, she baptised herself “Eritrean” and start acting the self proclaimed “Activist” for Eritreans.

    If any one doubt her Ethiopiannes or her agenda for the interest of Ethiopia, please follow the following interview she had made with Press TV reporter following the death of Meles Chenawi.

    Through out the interview, she proved to herself more Ethiopian than her Ethiopian counterpart by defending Meles and his Legacy as the same time by defending for Ethiopian interest.

    Be the judge!

    [youtube arUEdTjXu68& https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=arUEdTjXu68& youtube]

    1. She´s no doubt from south of our border. Be that as it may, what the embassy must and should do now is- to bring these hooligans to the court of law in England. Hooliganism is a crime there as far as I know. Take them there and make them pay dearly!

    2. Of course she might be working by money to seperate the unity of eritreans, We just have to stay togather as usuall to defend those who work hard to seperate us . Stay togather Eritreans just like before. We will go thorugh this , God will help us.

  2. please check out this link by copy it and paste it . thats the very reason Emama Ethiopia " Selam kidane" is in business and what we true Eritreans living in abroad, didn't hear it. About the G-15 and they should be locked for life. they don't deserve any legal process.

    1. No one should be denied legal process. No Eritrean wishes that for another Eritrean, You are definitely not Eritrean brother… Go and comment somewhere place!

      1. Abraham Agame, don't act like you are eritrean, me and you we know each other, after you watch the vedeo underneath this comment, any true Eritrean would love to shoot them all for the very reason they sold all Eritrean secrets to weyane and weyane used that secret to attack eritrea at the the 3rd round war at bademe . weyane lost about 140,000 soldiers and they were trying act we were the one loosing the war while all eritreans were doing what they can do best. which means they were on the top of their game. those 15 idiots, they had their own agenda but they got caught. so abraham agame, don't try to say anything here. go to walta or ethiopian review. you may get respect there, not here.

        1. Ok, if that is the truth, let them get their penalties! I don't know what they did and how they betrayed Eritra, and that is the core issue here. The GOE using its propaganda machine Eri-TV has accused these guys of many things and has "proof". But no one has had the chance to hear their defence, have you heard their defence? I for one would like to know what they have to say in their defence before jailin/hanging them…. After all they are our heroes, so if you truly are wladEritra you would want justice for your people. This case is a prime example of " accuser and judge being the same person". Again, keep your focus on the subject, your agame/weyane insults are just a sign of your frustration or maybe ignorance…I hope not the latter

  3. Without any shadow of doubt, the now infamous scene that was witnessed at the Eritrean Emabssy London, marks the beginning of the End for the the devils own child Selam Kidane. How hilarious she and her foot soliders, chest puffed out marshed into the building thinking they will hold siege and make a name for themselves. They certainly have done that alright, except not in the way they anticipated….COWERDS!

    Now, If Selam and her cronies have an iota of brain cell left, they would accept they have made the most spectacular faux pas and disappear from the face of Eritrea and Eritrean people for good. They are marked individuals with no hope in hell of redemption. Kiss Eritrea forever and end. Not even their coffin shall see the sun of our beloved Eritrea!

    Praise to almight God for tripping them to fall on their own sword.

  4. This cowards think invading an Eritrean embassy is the same as invading and disrupting an Eritrean community center. Trespassing any Embassy means a declaration of war. They have drawn the line and set the condition themselves now.

    Like the way it defeats the woyane on the legal grounds, the govt should hire top of the notch lawyers to put Selam Kidane's NGO together with other sell out organisations like of the bitch Meron from Radio Erena to where they belong.

    Show of any weakness in this regard means a recipe for inviting other coward hooligans in other states to repeat the same. No need to look at the bills but at the outcomes…. this time we have the means. Lol

    As the saying goes, 'Every dog has its own time'. here we go… the coward ass-hols falls on their own fucking sword (excuse for my language).

  5. Wedi korich kenerakheb enna · Edit

    Atum deki sharela
    tesfakhum tewdiwoo eyou
    eritreawint chewent eyou
    nab emama tegray zetkhedu
    atum hasadat ..!!! Deki khelbi .,!!

  6. how could some one claim they are human right activists when they support the most cruel leaders like meles Ethiopian regime? I don't understand it.im not a fan of pfdj but those fools like selam don't represent me

  7. Don't scare man " Aywured " you already have Ethiopian ID, whats up with you. Be proud of who you are. We are talking about Hasusat, who have 25% eritrean blood and they try to represent us as if we don't know who they are. The likes of that fat chick who is " selam Kidane ".

  8. Lets make sure these hooligans are presecuted to the maximam the law allows. Deki ERE, let's make sure these gangs pay the heavy price for their vandal behavior and for terrorizing the Eritrean embassy in London

  9. wow…..and she claims to be human rights activist !!!! I wonder as a human rights activist her focus should have been on the human rights record of Meles than parroting his economic records.

    Wow…Selam ….pity….and you lost me. I would never trust you again to be a human rights activist to any nation or group of people.
    If you could not say anything about the human right abuses in Ethiopia t which you were asked directly, hen you don't have moral criteria to talk of other people's rights.


  11. Information:==
    Selam Kidane Is Married To An Ethiopian and as a result she has an identity crisis and thus why she advocate for the Unity with Ethiopia.

    Apart from this Selam Kidane Claims That She Is A Human Right Activist, She Is Making Money in The Name of Eritrean Refugees and Even Some Blame Her For Involving in Human Trafficking.

    Finally She Proved Herself As Core Leader Of Gangs and Holigans in London which She is reflecting her background where she has been brought up Addis Abeba Eri-Bekentu Slams Where Known for Criminality

  12. What is wrong with these Hooligans?
    Eritrea does not need to quarantine them.
    Never heard of virus that kiils itself …
    The Hooligans are deleting them selves from the recycling bin as fast as they can.
    Thank God!

  13. That is right mate, this is not Eritrean way to make a point if there is one. They need to see someone who could help them with their state of mind. It show only how sick brain could do destructions!!. Eritreans are well known by heroic action to saveguard their dare land, Eriteans paid life!!! to keep heaven Eritrea from evils!! Our embassy is our librated land, our embassy worth fallen tegadalit and tegadaly!!!!!!
    Awet n’ hafash
    EPLF for ever
    Semattna ni zekir

  14. I KNOW YOU WILL POST THIS COMMENT BUT I WILL.can I ask some questions , what do we mean by eritrean? does it have necessary to be eritrean 100% by blood? If that is the case your bosses back who guys are sucking their asseses are not 100% Eritreans which to me is irrelevant. Selam Kidane is a dedicated who talks her mind. cheers selam

    1. "Selam the witch a dedicated''……lol….. yes dedicated to her selfish and evil cause. Even the devil is dedicated for it's cause, to bring pain and distraction.

  15. What are they doing there ???????? this is not the way to react to something you believ. They are clueless people and very discasting to see and hear them when they talk. What a mess Unbelievable. If they want to change something , Why do they attack the Embassy??????

      1. Abraham Weyane, who r you to say anything about Eritrean officials ? don't try to act like you are Eritrean. Go there find your spot with Demhit, it would be wise for you to work with them , they are too close to throw weyane's minority regime. Ajokum Deki Ere eza B'rekti meriet. lets stay Unit, Weyane is a ticking time bomb. Demhit with its 70,000 soldiers, getting close to destroy weyane for good. lets stay as we are United.

        1. An advice, stay on the matter of subject. My family and ancestors go more than 8 generations and they all are documented in Eritrea… But that is not the case here brother, if in our time doesn't see the plight of our people under this regime, then I will have to question your Eritreanism. As seen in the past weeks there is a big rift in the elite and this should show you that things are not as they should. So instead of using time to insult your fellow countrymen…open your ears and eyes and help bring justice! " when injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty"

  16. This so called hooligans did what should have been done many years ago, they took back control of what is Eritrean people's property. The current regime is not legitimate, we chose independence from ethiopia NOT a government. So they are in their rightfully mind and they are Jeganu according to the majority of the Eritrean people!!

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