High Level Eritrean Delegation in Yemen to Discuss Issues of Mutual Concern

Hopefully this would be the beginning to end the quietly simmering problem following misinterpretation of the 1998 arbitration and de-limitation of maritime boundaries between the two countries

By News Agencies,

The Eritrean Minister for Foreign Affairs Osman Saleh Mohammed and a high-ranking accompanying delegation arrived on Friday to the Yemeni capital of Sana’a to discuss the bilateral relations and cooperation with neighboring Yemen.

Osman was received on Saturday by the Yemeni President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi at the Presidential Palace in Sana’a. During the meeting, they reviewed topics of common concern between the two countries, topped by the bilateral relationships and horizons to promote the existing cooperation, the official Saba news agency reported

Osman conveyed Hadi a written letter from the Eritrean President Isaias Afewerki , in which he expressed his happiness that Yemen has made tangible progress in its political scene and chose the peaceful way of resolving the one-year political crisis, according to Saba. For his part, Hadi has told Osman to convey his best regards to President Afewerki and praised the special, historic relations his country shares with Eritrea.

Last week, Eritrean maritime boats have attacked four boats that belong to Yemeni fishermen in the international territorial water. As they attempted to force the four boats into their shores, three boats managed to escape with Eritrean naval soldier on board. However, the Eritrean maritime forces managed to seize the fourth boat and take four Yemeni fishermen as captive. Later on that day, the Eritrean authorities said they would keep the four Yemeni fishermen until the soldier is released. Its expected that the file of the Yemeni fishermen and the held soldier was being touched upon in the meeting.

Among the attendances were Yemeni ambassador to Eritrea Abdul-Kader Mohammed al-Hadi, and the Eritrean ambassador to Sana’a Mosa Yassin Shiek al-Din.

Osman further held talks here on Saturday with his Yemeni counterpart Abu Baker al-Qiribi. During the meeting, the two ministers discussed the relations between the two countries. Osman has applauded the peaceful way Yemen has chosen it its transfer of power that has averted Yemen an imminent conflict.
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President Hadi Receives Letter From Eritrean President

By Yemen News Agency,

President Abdo Rabbo Mansour Hadi received here on Saturday a letter from President Isaias Afewerki of Eritrea.

The letter handed over by Eritrean Foreign Minister Osman Saleh included heartfelt congratulations to President Hadi and the Yemeni people on the success of overcoming the last year crisis.

In his letter, Afewerki wished to achieve more progress in the subsequent phase of the Gulf initiative that are supported the Security Council resolution 2014.

At the meeting, Hadi accented that the relations between Yemen and Eritrea are historical and will be strengthened according to the common interests of the two neighboring countries.

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Foreign Minister Meets Eritrean Counterpart 

By Yemen News Agency,

Foreign Minister Abu Bakr al-Qirbi met here on Saturday with Eritrean Foreign Minister Osman Saleh.

During the meeting, al-Qirbi and Saleh discussed the cooperation relations between Yemen and Eritrea and ways of enhancing them, as well as the latest developments in the region.

The Eritrean Foreign Minister praised Yemen’s way to resolve the political crisis that has undergone over the last year.

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Yemeni President Urges Eritrea to Release Detainees  


Yemeni President Abdo Rabu Mansour Hadi called on the Eritrean authorities to release Yemeni soldiers who are held in Eritrean  jails since three years.

During his meeting with Eritrean Foreign Minister Osman Saleh, who left  Sanaa earlier on Saturday after paying a short visit to Yemen, President Hadi  has requested to set free lieutenant colonel Adel Abdullah Al-Shar’abi and the  soldiers Ibrahim Saleh and Othman Abdullah, Yemeni News Agency said.

The three detainees were arrested when they were sailing in a small boat  and lost their way outside the territorial waters inadvertently.

Yemeni Minstry of Defense announced that the three personnel were missing  in January 2010, after the change of sea-condition where waves pushed their  boat to an Eritrean island near Sudan.
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9 thoughts on “High Level Eritrean Delegation in Yemen to Discuss Issues of Mutual Concern

  1. This is positive as we need to make a lot of friends in our neighbourhood. As of now it is only Sudan which we can call a friend in need. The rest have ganged up against us and begged the UN for the imposition of two major embargos. As if this is not enough, it's unfortunate that currently major infrastructure are being constructed to enhance economic integration among the rest of IGAD members marginalizing the interest of Eritrea. I feel, we should not have left IGAD in hast only to reapply and be rejected a couple years later?

  2. We never left IGAD. We only self suspended. So no one can reject us. But Ethiopia didnt allow us to attend the meeting illegally. I would like you to watch a recent interview with Farah Maalim, Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of Kenya. Here is the link to part 1 of 4 of the interview

    . It talks about the current and past situations in the Horn. Part 2 and 3 is when Eritrea is mention. Please watch. It pertains to what you posted above, and is also the exact reason why Eritrea suspended its own membership in protest of the IGAD because of Ethiopias actions and the others' silence

  3. To Rezen
    unless you are from the south of the border (Brain less WEyane). we never left IGAD in the first place. We suspended our membership when THe so called IGAD became un instrument of Hankerti powers. goback and red past history before you comment.

      1. Thank you and I listned to the interview of Farah. Its very informative and full of facts. His account of the Somali problem and the historical root of Eritro-Somali relationship is very interesting and I will try to consult more material to further my understanding on the subject. Could anyone suggest of a book on the subject? The interview strengthned my belief that IGAD has been manipulated by Ethiopia to further its expansionist policies and its dream to be the super power of the region. That is why I was unhappy when Eritrea decided to leave the organization exposing it to the manupulation of Ethiopia. Had we stayed it would not have been that easy for Ethiopia to use IGAD freely for its sinister motives. Ethiopia's diplomatic strategy has been, and will always be to isolate Eritrrea and I see how those in Addis were happy when they hear Eritrea'a suspension of it membership. I was happy when i heard that we sent a letter to IGAD to reactivate our membership and very angry indeed when I heard that that has been turned down again with active manipulation of Ethiopia. Now, could someone tell me what the current situation is. To be specific, is Eritrea an active member of IGAD?

  4. The reason Eritrea self suspended its membership is because of Ethiopia's manipulation of the organization. Eritrea was against the idea of Ethiopia invading somalia but ethiopia did it anyways because it gets a free pass to do what ever it wishes with out repercussions. Ethiopia should have the most sanctions imposed on it! Invading somalia(against a UN resolution), arming somali rebel groups (against an arms embargo since 91), illegally occupying Eritrean territories for over 10 years (against the Algiers agrrement where the punishment is economic, political, and military pressure, and also against the UN convention), recently invading Eritrean territories….the list goes on and on but they have not been even warned. Not once. This is because of the free pass to be reckless given to them by the United States. Farah Maalim said it best…kenya does not have a foreign policy of its own. It's foreign policy is Ethiopia's and Ethiopia's foreign policy is America's. It is a chain that lives through corrupt leaders! To answer your question, yes Eritrea is now an active member of IGAD. It is impossible for Ethiopia to be a superpower in the region when it is so dependent on aid. Beggars cannot be superpowers. Pawns yes, but not a superpower!

  5. As the saying goes the best way to learn something is from other peoples mistake truly falls in the category We can all take lesson from our neighbors just because a few hoodlums are able to agree on ways they can deprive their own people and rape their mothers to satisfy their masters just goes to show what ERITREA has to deal with economically, social and politically within the East African Community. Eritrea, does attend a party that does not have Eritrean rhythms and beats we value our way of living and we take it everywhere we go. IGAD does not fallow its own rules. It was created in 1986 Intergovernmental Authority on Drought and Development and in 2012 the majority of these nations except for Eritrea are facing drought issue and are still begging their Masters, Gods, rapist for handouts what a waste of 26 years. And tiny Eritrea born yesterday has by pass the rest in pretty much in every category. IGAD was later turned into regional politics and security issue and we all know how well IGADS security is among the East African Community. And instead of working together and following their OWN bylaws these nations who do not have self confidence in their people and in themselves run to their master just to get a little dog treat. What a shame.

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