Hail to Young PFDJ

Building Strong, Conscious and Patriotic Youth Movement

"As of now, the YPFDJ is the primary outlet for young Eritreans in the diaspora to express pride in their culture. Currently, there is no non-EDA aligned counter to the YPFDJ." - The disgraced U.S. Ambassador MCMullen (Source: Wikileaks)
“As of now, the YPFDJ is the primary outlet for young Eritreans in the diaspora to express pride in their culture. Currently, there is no group aligned counter to the YPFDJ.” – The disgraced U.S. Ambassador Ronald K. McMullen


AMONG the Eritrean diaspora, as during the years of the armed struggle for independence, youth groups have always been an organized phenomena. Eritrean youth groups in the diaspora have in the past made an outsize contribution to the armed struggle for independence that greatly exceeded their numbers. Today, the youth group that is proudly carrying that mantle is YPFDJ. 

Today, YPFDJ’s influence among the Eritrean youth is paramount in its importance when it comes to community organization, education, political awareness, activism and Eritrean consciousness. YPFDJ provides an opportunity for Eritrean youth to put their feelings of patriotism and support for the Eritrean State into action by forming connections with other young Eritreans around the world whose ideals and love of Eritrea match or compliment their own.

The establishment of a sovereign Eritrean State marked the fulfillment of many of the goals yesterday’s Eritrean youth fought for.

Today, the inheritors of the promise, realize that they have a different task in defending the hard won sovereignty of the Eritrean State against determined enemies. They have stepped up to the plate by organizing, directing and leading strong Eritrean communities in the diaspora that leap to the defense of the Eritrean State whenever it is threatened from any direction.

A Wikileaks cable once aptly described Eritrean youth in the diaspora as “Very Protective” of the Eritrean State.

The symbol of the Eritrean State is the camel for obvious reasons. The camel has played an outsize role as the “ship of the desert” during the armed struggle for Eritrea’s independence. It symbolizes patience and fortitude as it travels long distances in the dry hot desert before it reaches its destination. Though calm and patient, a camel can destroy you with its hooves and sharp teeth when provoked. (You can ask janda Weyane about that).

I have often thought YPFDJ too needs a symbol. What would be a fitting symbol or mascot for this proud and loyal youth group that is strong, shows unconditional love and is fiercely patriotic and protective?

Hail to YPFDJ, for you are the inheritors of the promise!
We salute you!