A Blurred Message that Blends Humanitarianism with Politics

Famine and Politics in Ethiopia
Be fair, informed, impartial and non-judgmental. UN Chief Antenio Guterres recently requests the international community to ensure ‘total solidarity’ with Ethiopia as a matter of generosity. We ask, why is Ethiopia still in the grips of Biblical famine and endless “new droughts”? 

By Amanuel Zekarias,

Concerning the world governments and humanitarian agencies response to drought in Ethiopia; UN Secretary General Antenio Guterres and UN aid chief Stephen O’Brien in January 29 of 2017 whispered that the international community must ensure total solidarity with Ethiopia government as not only a matter of generosity but also of justice and self interest.

This was stated at 28th summit of AU in Addis Abeba. The UN Secretary General also describes Ethiopia as country of the largest refugee hosting country in Africa, with its open border for any cross boundary transactions. Besides, the head officer also commends Ethiopia as the source of stability in the Horn of Africa and the world community must collaborate in maintaining Ethiopian security for not to be challenged by the surrounding multifaceted chaos sourced from Eritrea, Somalia and South Sudan.

At last, the message of those UN occupants concludes by proposing and by calling the international community to take urgent initiatives to join this global charity move in funding the 2017 Humanitarian Requirement Document which seeks $948 million funds for assisting 5.6 million drought affected people in Ethiopia.

In its humanitarian version, this is a generous message with humanity and touching generosities at its core as a handful portion of the Ethiopian masses have been in destitute situation. This is also a positive move in safeguarding basic human rights and in mobilizing a global risk management strategy. In advance, this action nurtures a culture of humanity, cooperation and interdependence, as on its principles of cultivating a global norm to combat humanitarian challenges. Therefor, such kind of humanitarian outlooks must be apolitical, non-discriminatory and non-subjective in their content and objective procedures.

Despite this fact, what the words of the UN secretary general precisely tell in regard to the Ethiopian famine (despite many questioning its existence and concluding, it is the TPLF tactic of getting external hard currencies and aid matters) is a mere subjective ones with lucid content and blind partisan positioning alongside the genocidal regime. Its subliminal content also concretely informs how the one who portrays those words have ‘a very little knowledge about the ongoing political situation and history’ of Ethiopia and its surrounding environs.

On December 27, 2016, the Ethiopian PM gave pledges that Ethiopia “will register a double digit economic growth in the fiscal year as it is now on the right track of growth, as agriculture, even though challenged by drought, has shown a positive trend of growth.”

The 2017 UN Humanitarian Requirements Document report also claims that in 2016 “the Government of Ethiopia allocated more than $735 million to initiate the HRD response and to facilitate a speedy response to additional needs as the situation evolved.”

It also reports, due to a good rain that led to good harvest, “the number of people that require humanitarian assistance has significantly decreased in 2017 than in 2016″.

Then, many critical commentators raise one big question, why does the EPRDF regime still request one billion U.S. dollar amount of money to mitigate famine in the very start of the New Year?

Principally, states always form, join and remain in international organizations because they are perceived as to serve their own national interests. Therefore, they dedicate themselves in making a system of world governance in which interdependence becomes a reality but not an option. This is the core reason that derives the existence of the UN system.

In its idealistic objectives, this institution gives a considerable focus to maintain international peace and security. This is thought to be achieved by practicing tolerance and cooperation, developing friendly relations among member states based on the respect of sovereign equality and mutual respect. This inter-state relationship, either friendly or no, always has a prominent focus with non biased, impartial and mediatory UN roles.

In attaining those objectives, the UN office must run by knowledgeable, efficient and responsive individuals whom have the potential for deriving the universalization of morality uncompromisingly and with non partisan positioning. If the UN office oversights the ongoing political situations around the globe, and fails to take timely and relevant actions in due time, the faith that has been placed on the organization as a watchdog for international peace and order and its moral, political or legal responsibility could be evaporated overnight. So it needs to be investigative, responsive, informant and non-judgmental.

Concerning the above UN occupant’s message regarding the Ethiopian famine, therefore, as many of its content is at odds with the real facts on the ground; the following questions must need a concrete answer:  First, what is there in Ethiopia? Is there drought or famine? Second, grounds for the consideration of Ethiopia as a source of stability in the Horn of Africa need to be defined in evidences? Third, Ethiopia is in amoral responsibility of hosting a large number of refugees. Is that scenically acceptable?

In trying to answering these questions, let us assess the following facts, of course, not to refute the considerate humanitarian move but to give a partial image of the ongoing situation on the ground in the country at hand.

First, famine but not drought plays a central role in Ethiopia, history can attest it and the current situation proves it and famine in Ethiopia is always man made. In historical literatures, the words Ethiopia and famine are two sides of the same coin. They have been abundantly represented the moments of Biblical famine, humiliation and disgrace. Historical portrayals of famine stricken period was there during the reigns of emperor Menelik, HaileSilassie, Derg regime and most profoundly during the EPRDF era.

From 1885-1892, there was an appalling famine in Ethiopia prior to the upcoming of Italians to Eritrea. By 1890, almost 90% of the cattle were dead. This added with the chronic malnourishment, and the destructive invasions of Locusts and Caterpillars, created an extraordinary horrible situation in human’s record as the words of Martini (Italian governor of Eritrea) illustrates on his recorded memos that was written in that period.

In explaining the situation, he stated that ; (quoted by Dawit Weldegergis in his book titled; ‘The Red Tears’)

“The dead awaited the hyenas, the living awaited death. From a thicket issued a thin murmur of voices… We are accosted for help, and from their death beds suddenly rises a mob of skeleton whose bones can be seen under the taut skin as in the mummified skeleton of Saint….They try to follow as, they also crying out meskin, meskin…I stumble on young boys, searching in the excrement of camels to find a grain of durra. I flee horrified, hiding my watch chain ashamed of the breakfast I had eaten, of the dinner which is awaited me”

This was a time where Ethiopian parents sold their children as slaves to the Arabs than watching them die, Cowhides were ground to powder and baked into cakes, horses, dogs and even the carrion eaters themselves were consumed and Cannibalism broke out. It was a horrific time where there was an appalling stories of mothers devauring their children. Lions, leopards and hynas became so bold and even entered the largest cities to feed from the dying hunger victims lying in the streets.

What historians witness through their historic contribution was, the difference of emperor Menelik from the other Ethiopian rulers. He acted with humanity and generosity, opening private granaries, building shelters, encouraged peasants to use hoe by hand for agriculture instead of depending on their oxes. He himself also went into the fields with a hoe to encourage working habits for the Ethiopian masses.

During HaileSilassie reign, from 1973-1983, Ethiopia was once again struck by famine, which resulted in deadly catastrophe as almost 200,000 people died, the Emperor’s neglect of the situation to preserve his pride and throne, is a notable cause for such avoidable calamity. Specifically around the Wollo province, denials and contempt were at hand until a British Journalist Jonathan Dimbleby filmed the situation and aired a documentary titled, ‘The unknown famine’ in September 1973. This resulted is an overnight drastic loss of faith on the Emperor, who at that moment had private Lions that ate 18 kg of meat per day while children had been dying out of destitution. The inevitable happened in 1974, a civil war erupted, which saw the Emperor ousted and overthrown by the Derg juntas.

During the Derg regime also, history repeated itself. Mengistu, the chairman of the military council, detached himself from reality, living in his own illusion, as there was no place for famine in his metaphysical world. His infamous reply to one of his ministers on the ongoing dire situation was;

“Your primary responsibility is to work forward to our political objectives. Don’t let these petty human problems that always exist in transition period consume you. There was famine in Ethiopia for years before we took power- it was the way nature kept the balance…. So let nature takes its toll, just don’t let it out in the open”. (quoted by Dawit Weldegergis)

The famine in 1984 was difficult to be noticed by the outside world, Ethiopia was closed to the international media, its people isolated and starved. This was a period where the Mengistu regime was on the bustle of dismantling the revolutionary movements across Eritrea and in other parts of Ethiopia by diverting two third of its public budgets into the Red Star Campaign. In that moment, the Derg regime was also on the verge of celebrating the 10th annual anniversary of the revolution for self glorification, by budgeting more than 100 million Euros and by importing more than 400,000 Whisky from Britain for the celebration of the moment, while more than 10 million people were in an earnest need of food aid, whom 70% of the total number had perished.

The famine has greatest spot in human’s record as the whole world never organized and responded jointly to combat some humanitarian challenges as such throughout its history till present. Exclusively, for blacks, it was the moment of shame and humiliation, as the members of the ruling elites in Ethiopia lived in an ostantanous life and celebrity, the government at times declared an emergency decree to dispose food beggars from the cites, while thousand died out of hunger.

Moreover, famine also occurred in Ethiopia in 1998, 2008, and most profoundly in 2015. One important thing to discuss here is about Ethiopian resources. Facts prove that, Ethiopia’s resources could nourish five times greater than the current given number of population at hand. Many also wonders at the fact that how in one of “the world’s fastest growing economies” nearly 20 percent of the population is facing chronic famine, year after year.

Then the reason that always throws Ethiopian masses into the narrations of hunger victims is because of the inexistent visionary, popular and effective political figures, who have a dream of emancipating Ethiopian masses from the tells of hunger victims. Most profoundly, rent seeking, chronic corruptions, maladministration, and nepotism are always there as systemic credentials and certainly, Ethiopian politics can be associated with.

Ethiopia’s resources are always hijacked by corrupt, shortsighted and cleptokratic rulers, who fundamentally purse their individual and ethnic objectives ahead of the nationalist ones.

Second, a percept that states Ethiopia has been opening its borders and receiving migrants is not convincing for me. Morally speaking, many, the UN Secretary General included, could be convinced and could entail their appreciation in according. But the true fact is, Ethiopia in its task to host refugees has two strategic objectives. First, economically speaking, hosting a large number of refugees has a tremendous profit. The cost coverage for food, water, land for rent, shelter and other medical services for the migrants, are covered by external donors. This, of course, goes to the government. Moreover, the whole job is only reserved to Ethiopian occupants but not the refugees themselves. Thousands of Ethiopian nationals also get entry-visa’s to western countries posing to be refugees.

Furthermore, hosting migrants is also a lucrative business for Ethiopian security institutions, as most of its members engage in illicit activities of smuggling and trafficking refugees.

The government has been busy in forging the number of refugees in the country in the hopes of convincing external donors for maximum cooperatives. European Union for example, donated some 500 million Euros to help Ethiopia create jobs for refugees inside the country. This sends a wrong message, as it implies the union is backing a government that is at war with its own people. Further, this decision also implies how the western countries realistically engage in pulling migrants by trying to make ‘safe heavens’ despite the fact that they could invest the money in their origins.

Politically speaking, Ethiopian government bustle move to host refugees can be seen as a ticket-out-of-jail, as the government has been at war with its own citizens. The EPRDF regime kills, tortures, imprisons, and use Draconian measures for individuals who express his/her free will.

The government’s decision to open its borders to refuges can be seen as a façade to obscure its very own gross human rights violation, deceive its Western donors to believe that the government is on a moral high ground to be a rescuer in the region.

Which leads me to my third point, Ethiopia is by no means a source of stability in the Horn of Africa. This misguided attitude that always put Ethiopia at the epicenter of Horn African stability is not true; the reality on the ground on other hand proves otherwise. Let as assess Ethiopia’s invasion for Somalia in 2006 for example:

Ethiopia’s unilateral intervention in Mogadishu in December 2006, aiming to eliminate the constructed ‘Al-Shabaab’ threat (a name which was less echoed from 2003-2007 and dramatically designated a terrorist organization by the U.S. State Department in 2008) reasonably entrenches the above assumptions. The intervention created a fragile situation in Somalia as the country became a prime example of a ‘failed state’ and leading its people to become the victims of unrelenting humanitarian crises.

Further, Ethiopia’s regional policy also totally contradicts any regional moves of harmonizing regional interests. First, Ethiopia always purses an interventionist strategy for its national objectives and is always in a proper dream of projecting its influences throughout military means. Second, regional organizations such as AU and IGAD are always Ethiopia’s outfits as Somalia and South Sudan peace making process qualifies how these organizations have been entirely used for Ethiopia’s geo-strategic interests and subsequently tickets to purse an interventionist policies. Third, Ethiopia is a regional hub for harboring terrorists, opposition groups in regards to destabilizing its surrounding countries.

Suffice it to say, the Algiers Peace Agreement is a final and binding decision by the EEBC in dreaming a lasting peace, stability and security between Ethiopia and Eritrea. Eritrea from the day of the decision fully abides by the EEBC decisions and has been waiting for its enforcement for almost 15 years. Ethiopia denounces the decision and still is in a presence of occupying Eritrea’s sovereign territories.

In conclusion, the words of the UN occupants also tell cooperating with the EPRDF’s regime is also a matter of “justice and self- interest”. Are they aware, they are talking about a government that should be held in contempt for genocides acts, a government that declares a state of emergency to undo democratic oppositions, counterfeit election results, tortures, kills, massacres? And do they really investigate and do they have any clue about the drought situation in Ethiopia? The answer is precisely NO, as in the first place; the TPLF regime is weaponizing the famine issue by over-dramatizing the situation and by trying to show Ethiopia as if it is still in the grips of Biblical famine.

This is aimed at receiving hundreds of millions of dollars from external donors as some says, ‘it is a way of profiting and trading on the misery of poor and starving Ethiopian citizens’.

At last, the TPLF regime will take the money either to buy weapons or to enrich the ruling class’s pockets. In 2016 for instance, Ethiopia receives more than 1.7 Billion to respond the El-Nino drought. Certainly, no one knows where this big money goes, either to the victims (surely not as the TPLF still begs one billion dollar to mitigate famine) or to the pockets of the TPLF rulers.

At last, in its conclusion, this article agrees with what Prof. Alemayehu G. Mariam recommend in his commentary entitles ‘TrAIDing in Misery: The T-TPLF, its Partners and Famine in Ethiopia’, puts on and stated that “Starve the wealthy TPLF beast feeding on the Ethiopian body politics, and help feed the starving Ethiopian people!.”

32 thoughts on “A Blurred Message that Blends Humanitarianism with Politics

  1. Who will forgot Meles Zenawi in 1992 saying the litmus test for the success of his regime should be whether Ethiopians were able to eat three meals a day.

    However, a decade later in 2011, he pompously declared, “We have devised a plan which will enable us to produce surplus and be able to feed ourselves by 2015 without the need for food aid.”

    Here comes 2017, there still exists an aggravated famine in the country where the UN is asking for near a billion dollar aid package to feed more than 10 million people.

    The litmus test result simply shows the TPLF regime is a failure.

    1. ኣሌክ - Alec you · Edit

      Indeed, who can forget that kedami frog’s ጠራዕራዕ, and he deceived the entire ppl of Ethiopia. And the funny thing is, they are still getting swindled by the 9hearts of Tigrai. But thanks to Gonder some are waking up from deep sleep.

    2. Mr Antonio Guteres. First thank you for asking the world to help our brothers and sisters in Ethiopia .Ethiopia had been unfortunate by its rulers and handlers.. Fifty years or more of hunger due to mismanagement, and, corruption, and its special handlers handling it with special velvet gloves. and like you that do not know about Ethiopia and its rulers..Ethiopian people are peace loving, Ethiopian leaders are corrupt,killers, war mongers. To know that you should live in Ethiopia , South Sudan, Kenya and Somalia or Djibuti. Sitting in Europe to insult or to criminalize Eritrea, Eritrean leaders or people makes you look fool for you do not have your fact in front of you or in front of the world. It is people like you that is making life in Ethiopia and ethiopians, as well as Eritrea and Eritreans that is creating havoc ,miserable , Please learn about life in the Horn of Africa before commenting like that, .
      Eritrea is a peaceful country with hard working people and outstanding un corruptible leader.Will stand for its right. and please refrain from blaming Eritrea for things that happen in Ethiopia or other horn of Africa countries. It is you the westerners to blame. Eritrea fought the Emperors Regime, the military Juntas and now the corrupt leaders of Ethiopia the Woyanes. If you have your fact right that Eritrea is causing the problem in Ethiopia, what brought Ethiopia to Hunger, when Eritrea was under the colonization of Ethiopia guise (During the Emperor, Military Junta, and now under the Woyanes.)but truly Western power colonization. You are symbolizing the world leader . Remain truth full to yourself and the world. Do the right thing . Use the right judgement. That will make you and people like you respectable., judicious, truthful. otherwise history will judge you harshly. If not today they will tell you thank you ,but then they will criticize you behind you on later time,saying if you would have corrected them.
      .As for our Ethiopian brothers and sisters though ,may the Lord bring you relief by creating something good from his goodness.
      Mr Guteres, be wise enough so that Diplomats and world observers will not make a mokery out of you. Even the e literate Ethiopian peasants know what is going in their country and they are wondering where in the world you live to say that. By the way this is not only for you,but your co-league and those people with your thinking type


      1. Wow! Thank you Andat. Well said and to the point to this new comer who appear to be bending backward to appease his American masters. What a shameful guy. Does this imbecile guy know that it is the organization that has hired him that has been Abusing Eritrea and Eritreans for the last 70 years? Does this idiot understand that Eritrea has been performing much better than the Weyane Ethiopia he is trying to protect when Eritrea was under illegal sanctions that were slapped against us by the US in the name of his organization? What a stupid guy. God have mercy on us.

  2. ኣሌክ - Alec you · Edit

    When it gets sandwiched in all directions, the ደቂ ማይ ጠላሚት wants peace now. LOL????
    No peace with Tigrai till Woyane-Tigrai dies!!

    Courtesy of==>> Hagerawi Dihnet – ሃገራዊ ድሕነት፡

    TPLF leaders are pleading Finish government which is believed to have cultivated good relation with Eritrean government to help in Resolving the border standoff between Ethiopia and Eritrea.

    TPLF has told the Finish officials that it is willing to implement the EEBC verdict to letter and spirit, as long as Eritrea completely stops supporting multitude of Ethiopian rebels stationed in its territory and also agrees to have third party observers to assure that Eritrea cut ties with those armed Ethiopian forced currently stationed along the borders between the two countries. TPLF leaders are also asking an immediate normalization of relations once Eritrea stopped supporting Ethiopian rebels.

    So far the Finish hasn’t been successful convincing Eritrea as Eritrean president is adamant that the border issue should be implemented without any preconditions and he emphasized that Eritrea’s support to Ethiopian rebels envisions beyond the border impasse and Eritrea will continue to support Ethiopian forces which will bring lasting solution to Ethiopia’s complicated challenges.

    President Isaiyas Afework (PIA) is open about his opinion that the minority government in Ethiopia is incapable of resolving Ethiopia’s myriad problems and it is also incapable living in peace with its neighbors. He emphasizes TPLF’s foreign policy is reflection of its turmoil at home. PIA is advising Europeans to stop abating and assisting a minority government which has been a source of the problems that are now starting to surface and use their leverage to convince the minority government that the status quo can not continue and encourage it to form an all inclusive transitional government immediately before we see total disintegration of the 100 million nation which will be a disaster not only for Ethiopia but for the entire region.

    Insiders believe that Eritrea has managed to wether the no-peace no-war side effects and willing to sit on it and see TPLF spread thin by lethal uprising in all parts of Ethiopia. So, Eritrea will continue to increase its support to Ethiopian rebels and put TPLF in quagmire and it will never be able extricate itself out. Many Insiders say that PIA is convinced that TPLF will be liquidated. In his words “Chifra Weyane Ket-haqiqe ya” ጭፍራ ወያነ ክትሓቅቅ ኢያ– or in Amharic (ወያኔ ማሙታ ትቀራለች) .
    Despite Eritrea’s rhetoric if TPLF leaves occupied Eritrean territories, it is willing to talk “everything under the sun”, in reality it would like total eradication of TPLF from Horn of Africa political landscape.

    Insiders close to Eritrean policy makers say Eritrea believes TPLF days are numbered and involving in any type of negotiation with dying TPLF regime will only prolog its stay in power. And, eritrea is determined to increase its support of Ethiopian forces in leaps and bounds!

    1. Alec;
      I am not sure if this is a good move as a peaceful negotiation is ALWAYS better that the confrontational approach with more destructive impacts on both sides.
      But it makes sense though as that has been the modus operand and rhetoric of the TPL:F Janda-“Regime change by all means possible”).
      It makes sense to pay the same Junta/Janda in kind;and we should do it in the most merciless way if we could/can.
      The Political Pressure would do a better job and a “silent killer” job.
      Eritrea,along with the major Ethiopian opposition groups. should enforce this approach.
      But if the PFDJ Gov is determined to do what it has stated,then it should do in a swift manner and in a well premeditated and calculated manner as we have learned enough hard lesson in a hard way in 1998-2000 NOT to trust the Ethiopian.
      If it has to be done,then it should be done the sooner the better and in a full blown manner with serious vigilance and knowledge of its collateral damages-the UNKOWN outcome/Factor!.
      You reminded me about the “prophecy” of PIA saying ” Amma Kithakik alewa”.
      I hated that prophecy as it destroyed us and left with a non-healing ulcer and wound/psychological trauma..

      1. Yes, peace is beautiful, but with Woyane-Tigray it can’t be trusted. Because, if we stop Aiding Ethio-opposition-groups, like always TPLF will stab us in the back. And this is why we should not even open the window to TPLF regime. And we should increase the support of Ethio- freedom fighters for regime change at all cost. And attack in all directions.

    2. Dihri tirat Egri yiekeb. People of Eritrea. notice. Let us know our enemy. Our enemy is the woyane at leadership. Not all Tigrayans. I have a lot of respect to lots of the Tigrayans I met. They regret to see what is going on. As I said at the beginning “Dihri Tirat Egri Yiekeb’,. The Woyanes would truly regret what they did to Eritrea to satisfy the colonizers hunger.. In other words their handlers,regardless of what. That came to haunt them
      Now they want relief ,or some reasons to alleviate their suffocation from their death bed after all the Hubble and drum beating what do you thing they will do. Instead of saying we surrender, they will say let us make deal. If you will read into what they said to the finish is like saying, the Woyanes them selves making them resemble like the angels while the Eritreans are devilish .and the Woyane’s are not needed to give us what is ours. It is already demarcated virtually and it has been demarcated during the colonization period.I prefer not to push the Ethiopian brothers fighting for their rights at the border. For we will live a happy, friendly., brotherly and sisterly,managing our own houses or governing our two countries in peace. As to Woyanes though it is better to relinquish our land ,clear out from there and the sooner the better for them to do that

      We are done talking with you. Nothing to talk about. For the case is setled and closed at the Hague. “no Etsay Metzetsay. I also say To our Tigreyan Ethiopian brothers, they do have nothing to fear of Eritrea. For you are victims of your brothers. , exploiting you in the name of Abay Tigray, which we all Eritreans would like to see peaceful, happy prosperous Tigray and Tigrayans along with the other Ethiopian khilils regardless of what is said or done .

      My the lord bring peace , health, wealth and tranquility to the whole of Horn of Africa


      1. “Let us know our enemy. Our enemy is the woyane at leadership. Not all Tigrayans.”

        I disagree!! Who do u think is behind Woyane, almost every Tigrayan ppl, and yes they even supported the invasion of Eritrea during the 98 war. They wer dancing all over Tigray, thinking it was the End of Eritrean ppl. They dream was to make Eritrean ppl kneel before them, and know when that became a dream, they try t deceive us by saying we are brothers and sisters blah blah and blah. No thank u.. that bridge is burned. They did that and to trust them again ዘበት.

        1. Hi Alex. Do you remember the time when Haile Selassie was coming to Asmera.? During that period every body was forced to come out to well come him. Some dancing, some singing.Though some of the singing and dancing was politics added to it. and some brochures were also distributed. and that is what is going with the Tigrayans I believe. I believe that they are regretting what the freebees they were getting, Selling beles, wood from our forest, free stay in Eritrea,selling Charcool (Feham). All the fre bees they had. Also I think they will remember, how the government of Eritrea handled their deportation as in dignity with their belongings while the Woyane leaders ripped the Eritrean wealth deported sick and disabled people,separating families and kids from their parents, and that because they did not like their eye color. and believe me they feel that guilty. They might have danced sing or said something they did not mean.But then it could have been because they are forced. And again though I would remind them not to dream about Eritrea And those evil dowers to Eritrea will remain regretting it for ever as they regretted it after they left Eritrea to find nothing but only to be removed from their villages and properties by their corrupt thiefs and being looted on their name and Abay Tigray’s name. They might have been singing out of sorrow and danced out of emptyness

          1. During that era.. Haile Selassie was for his ppl not for Eritreans, of-course Eritreans will be forced because they weren’t Amhara ppl. And Woyane is a Tigrayan entity.. meaning it is there for Tigrawot not Eritreans. How can u even make an example out of that. Tigrayans they support the no peace no war against Eritrea, not because they wer forced because they want to see Eritreans destroyed. And now look at them, they will fill that whole they dug themselves for us.

            Bro, I know u mean well… but, Tigrayans are destroying Eritrea’s image by masquerading as Eritreans by using Eritrean ID they took by force from Etitreans in Ethiopia in-order to go to the West. While the idiots/ERI-Immigrants are languishing in camp. While the Agame are going to the west on their behalf. And Woyane is also getting money on their behalf. And yes, killing Eritreans in Ethiopia by Tigrayans, some Eritreans who enter Ethiopia, disappeared without a trace, and Trying so hard to destroy our history and unity by injecting every evil methods they can find, the list goes on man!! Like it or not Woyane and Tigrayns are the same. Period!!

            Yes, Nobody forced them to do that, they did that because it’s what they want..they have deep hate against Eritreans. They don’t want us to prosper. They want too see us on our knees begging to their mercy. It’s because, in our country they wer lesser..not in a bad why but in work related purposes, that is what drives them nuts, they just want to be above us while we under them. “The perceived inferiority complex that Tigrayans have towards Eritreans and the score settling they felt they needed to do as a result once they had access to the resources of a larger state.” It’s exactly what it is inferiority complex. They creat that kind of mindset by themselves. We didn’t do anything to them, we gave them life, work, free to walk in Eritrea without any problem. But they weren’t Eritreans, they wer immigrants. And we can’t see them more than our citizens. But they wer respected fairly. But Agame is Agame.. “ጸጊቦም አይገድፉኻ ጠምዯም አይገድፉኻ” It means “ጸጊቦም ክወሩ ክመጹ ኢዯም እንተ ጠምዯም ክልምኑ ክመጹ ኢዯም” – we will never have peace with those bustards!!

            They say, we love Eritreans but we hate Shaebia, really! Shaebia is the one that freed them from the shackles of the Derg..Derg that considered Tigrayans lesser than animals. But, Shaebia gave them hope, in return they gave them hell. So, how can u say not Tigrayans but just Woyane. It’s both. It’s like saying it’s Shaebia not Eritreans.

            They will never see that kind of respect from Eritreans ever again. Because of their greed we lost precious lives. Nobody can forgive that. Only God forgives. We Eritreans, we should stop with that we’re good hearted ppl blah blah ዘረባ, that kind of thinking is what put us in this mess in the first place and it cost us 20k, 20k and in June 2016– 18 precious lives. And this shall not be repeated again. Either ur the predator or the pry. I am from the new generation born in free Eritrea that says Eritrea/ns comes first at all cost. And I don’t forget or forgive till I make sure my future and the next generation future is secured.

            Again.. Peace is beautiful, but with Tigrayans/Agame it can not be trusted. The only peace will come, when Tigray will never have a single soldier on its soil.. just like what Israel did to Palestine. Soon.. we will sandwich Tigray in on corners, and the scrabbled for ****** will begin. And Eritrea will not just bring Badme, but a lot more land. Sometimes, u either the Lion or the zebra in these world. And if u don’t protect yourself, u will end up dead or a slave.

            Look at the Tigrayns/Agame ppl’s agenda today, when they get choked from every corner they are saying we’re sisters and brothers, we’re Agazian same ppl. Really?! Well then… FOOL ME TWICE SHAME ON ME!! They are looking for ምስኪኖት- ገርሂ ልቦም like u bro. But not like like us, this generation, because ppl like me are considered dangerous, because they know for Eritrea, we will do anything!! That’s how dangerous we really are this generation and we will never repeat our elders mistake when it comes to the Agame. That is how much we love Eritrea, and we do not scared to talk how we feel about Eritrea and we don’t love for the sake of peace. So pls I don’t know about u, but with all do respect, peace can go f*** itself, if it can’t insure us our ppl’s future from the familiar snakes of the south. Again they burned that bridge, and it will say that why.

            Sorry for the long reply, Thank u.

    1. He is now the director of the ICU at the UN. Nothing has changed on the status of the patient, all signs point to a flat-line.

      1. Let us NOT undermine what he said as he, most likely, was directed by the US Amb to the UN to say and to do so.
        The Ethiopian Public, specially the Ororma,the Amharas,the Somalis,the Gambellas,the Benshanguls,etc–should be well organized and coordinated to act as ONE to create a serious Tsunami to the “Dying” TPLF so as to pull out the Life Support. and the Vasopressors..before someone comes and tries to maximize the vasopressor dose and resuscitate the semi-comatose TPLF.
        If we do not do that now, well,…..

    2. Agreed! Another ass licker! But keep in mind, that position has never been a position where a General Secretary mattered. I believe Banki Moon wanted a peaceful resolution of the Weyane instigated war against us. But, because the US did not want that – nothing was done

  3. “We are the world” song of the 1980’s repeating itself in 2017.
    One might ask, why is Ethiopia in this vicious cycle and who are advocating for the emergency aid and food crisis there every time there is a Famine?
    Emperor Haile Selasie, Colonel Mengustu Hailemariam, and Late Mr. Legesse Zenawi (Meles) all cited this devastating human tragedy as it is caused by Drought. All this leaders has been vulnerable to the hand-outs and they kept it as an important part of their annual calendar.
    This deadly phenomenon of FAMINE (not drought) in Ethiopia can be concluded simply by looking at the political situation of armed conflict within the horn of Africa. When the TPLF’s full attention is diverted on the conflict, the chances of pursuing to find a relief to the suffering of the people (Oromo, Amhara) will be at their least agenda. Their survival to stay on power takes the priority. If we chronological see Ethiopian famine, from emperor Haile to present leader of Ethiopia , one doesn’t have to be a drought or famine expert to come with the respond. It is the “War with Eritrea.”
    And those who advocate for the famine are those who have an interest (geopolitical) in the region and NGO’s (CIA) who are fully engaged to resuscitate Ethiopia from paralyzed state. UN Chief Antenio Guterres is noting but a messenger of his bosses.
    Will Ethiopia survive her internal mass unrest, conflict with Somalia, Egypt, South Sudan and Eritrea? Does the temporary infusion by UN will activate and sustain the double digit BS in the next future?
    Time and patience will tell.

  4. TN, can we at least get one positive coverage on Ethiopia, once a year or something? Our Dibaba broke the world record, just on sports. Can we agree on just sports, amazing.

    1. You should appreciate TN for helping disseminate the appalling conditions inside Ethiopia. Hey “Beggar should not be chooser.” First thing is first, try to save millions of Ethiopians from hunger by begging if you can. Then and only then you can talk about other things. Like how to save your Weyane clique from demise. One thing for sure though, Shaebia is not available this time around to save Weyane from its deep problem። No more SHIRE saving.

  5. During the AU meeting few weeks ago, I heard the individuals Asmara sent was sitting in the front seat listening to how great Ethiopia is and will be. It’s my understanding, he was sick for few days with all sorts of complications and had to leave early. The bigger point here is, if this writer had spent this much energy criticizing his own leader, we would have been far by now. Saying the same thing 20 times doesn’t make it true now, does it? There is dryness is the entire horn but no famine exist in Ethiopia, how do we know this? We actually have allowed every agencies that’s not working with political organizations to go deep into our country to investigate without any interference. Can we say the same about this empty pride so called self reliance neighbor? Hell no. It has come to a point where Asmera even deny its own citizens at the refugee camp but we are the crazy ones? The second argument was about the so called “invasion” of Somalia but it has been debunked God knows how many times. The entire narrative around the world was how Somali election is a shame or corruption but look at how much of a success story Somalia is becoming? One simple election and their people finally has hope and we get peace. Much respect for the Somali people, Mr. keating, Kenya and of course Ethiopian Heroes who paved the way. Much more to come.

    1. Not sure what motivates you to make your self dullard and good for nothing!!!
      for those who never learn history they are going to repeat it again and again, As an Eritrean, we know it, while you and your brother were killing us and raping our women you were singing at the top of your voice just like what you doing now (perhaps bad habit die hard) but we came out triumphantly and I am a million percept certain we will come out on top, just keep behaving like and acting like a whelp dog infested with rabbis!!!

    2. It is amazing how you advocate for hand outs and degrade Self reliance. What makes you think this culture of depending on others will stop without the motto of Self reliance? Instead of advocating dependency why can’t you be logical? It is a sickness which require a cure.

    3. Sentiko
      What a shame to sit and argue how Ethiopia is great, while her children and elderly dying as we speak however, you and a few privileged followers of the Janda like boosting how you effected a double digit growth bl bl. Sentiko I do understand you don´t have shame but out of respect for those who are affected by the MLLT made drought and famine you should be humble. But as they say it when some one is diehard Weyane with a deadly inferiority complex one has needs to hear how one is great how one is first etc etc…
      Mr sentiko, by the way we did not forget, where are the pilots who have defected to MLLT gang you did not honour your promise to show them in ETV,

      Who is Ethiopian do you mean the less than 6% or the other oppressed nations stuggling to uproot the MLLT mafia group.

  6. ወይን ድሕሪ ደጊም ሓሊቑ’ዩ ፡ ብዓቕልን ትዕግስትን ነበረያ ነበረ ዝዀነሉ ርሑቕ ኣይክኸውንን’ዩ ። ዝበልዓሉ ጻሕሊ ዝሰብር፣ ዕሱብ ፡ ከዳሚ ፡ ጠላም
    ……ኢድ ሸናሒት ጸናሒት፡ ዲዩ ዝተባህለ?
    As for the newly selected puppy at the UN, it’s not unusual for any SG since its inception in 1945, to veer but strictly adhere and abide by the Western agenda, otherwise will be thrown out like the single term Boutros-Boutros Galli (he was not in favor of Eritrean Independence anyway) for his semi liberal attitude against their interest

  7. Here we go … searching about Ethiopia, wasting your brain power to see how Ethiopia is bad, and
    worst, meanwhile 10% of your population are refuegee in Ethiopia, ironiclly in the Ethiopian land you despise….:). Don’t be jealous Ethiopia has many friends that want to help.

    You cannot spend years lobbying to be the servant (“khedami”, in the parlance of Isaias Afwerki) of the United States,(the west).. failing, and then blaming those who succeeded (Ethiopia) of being servants. Well, you can, but only with those who have short memories or whose paycheck requires them to have short memories.

    Isaias Afwerki, sorta admits that he had attempted to be a servant for US hegemony and failed: the word he uses is “ayteHarenan”: we were not chosen. Not we didn’t want to. But we were not chosen. So, all we are talking about here is a foreign policy based on “ያታ ለማኞ ተሳድቦ ይሄዳል”: This goes to the hurt of Eritreans creation myth and the misery that came with it. Eritreans unfounded exaggerated sense of importance was one of the justification for eritrea’s independent. And After eritrean independet, Eritrea was smitten by the US, and when the US spurned Eritrea for Ethiopia, Eritrea felt ignored (“I am not going to be ignored!”) and went on some bunny-boiling adventure. Except the bunny here is the poor Eritrean people. Eritreans need to give up this stupid pipe dream of becoming an important country in east Africa. That will never happen: Do to size, demographic, religion, history and resorces reality…..

    As for writers alternate reality and conclusions;. here are the fact….

    There is climate induced drought in East africa including Ethiopia and eritrea and no famine, unless the writer have a very different definishing or is lying. Not to mention for the size and magnitude of the drought, the ethiopian goverment and NGOS manage the drought very affectively, including paying for it. Everyone has testified to the truth…,,

    As for Ethiopia being an Anchor for Peace and Stability and fighting terrorism, there is NO denying that. Ethiopia have effectively stop The Islamic courts threat and somalia becoming extremist hideout. Al shabaab has been greatly degrede and somalia is turning to normal country( As yesterday’s successful election shows)…. Not to mention; including peacekeeping missions and peace treaty agreements and economic integration across east Africa.

    As for Ethiopia benefiting from hosting refugees; if its true,that is great. Whatever the motive, Ethiopia deserve all the praise and help for sheletering such large number of refugees from failed states like eritrea,south sudan and somalia….It’s the least the international community can do, the same way they are helping other countries like Turkey cope with refugees.

    FYI; The more you whine about the no war no peace strategy the more evidence it is to us that its working just fine. Amazing what a decade of no war no peace and a few years of sanctions can do. Isolated, irrelevant and whining. That is how the regime in Asmara can be best described these days.

    1. No war-no peace & sanctions were installed to give Weyane a chance to compete with the powerful Shaebia aka (Weyane teachers). Eritrea is doing just fine against all odds. We are ready to bury Agame thugs once & for all. Look at TPLF controlled Ethiopia. Your house is set on fire by your own residents. Eritrea will sit back & sip tea, while Oromo, Amhara & others put down the mad dog TPLF. TPLF is good for one thing & that’s for sticking your hands out & begging for everything under the sun.

    2. Hi
      your midget leader by now 6 feet under has boosted ones he will serve you three meal a day, forget it you do not have even one meal a day mainly due to the crab mentality of the gang you are proud over. You have to liberate your mind first in order to understand what PIA said. PIA and Eritrea can not be a servant due to very nature of our independent mind set, we cannot be chosen because we choose NOT to BE. If you understand there is a fundamental dissimilarity between to be used and to be able Not to BE.

    3. Really Yes Jegna in looting, Jegna in killing and abusing, jegna in corruption and fooling his own people/. and remember his jegninet killed him with brain Timor or with some kind of radioactive material. from his handlers after he tried to defy them. But look the Eritrean leader true jegninet, building his country, putting base to its development, using his wise and no none sense wisdom. He that he is alive we are living our sharing our leaders wise decision and guided with their wise dome we will reach the helm. Again notice that Ethiopia is begging for food since Haile Selassie.to alleviate its hunger, the Eritrean leadership fed its people through its fine leadership not to suffer from hunger and to self sufficiency, despite all the sanctions and war thrown over their head. Viva Eritrea and Eritrean leadership. And that is Jegninet

      1. to correct some of my mistakes that is to say no none sense wisdom of governing the country, handling the economy and dealing with his enemies from TPLF and their clandestine works joint work with their handlers and that he is alive which is dagmay tinsae for us Eritreans, we are leaving better than what the said leaders while they are looters, or killers to the South of us are killing,destroying,imprisoning and making their own people captives of hunger,and getting displaced from their own lands and houses,even in Tgray, while fooling them saying “we are for ABAY TIGRAY”. Enjoy your leadership,while we are enjoying and joining our leadership. Chear it ups with a glass of Whisky

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