Yohana Dawit Finishes 9th at Green Mountain Stage Race TT

Eritrea’s first female Professional rider, Yohana Dawit, gets 9th place at the Green Mountain Stage Race TT, her first pro race in the US.

By CapEri,

Eritrean cyclist Yohana Dawit finished ninth place at the first stage of the Green Mountain Race in Vermont, USA. Her remarkable race today marks a significant milestone in her career – as the first Eritrean female cyclist competing for an American cycling team (Amy D. Foundation race team).

The a 24-year old Eritrean is competing as a guest rider for Amy D. Foundation race team and has been since mid July in intensive training in the US.

“Yohana gets 9th on her first race in the US stunning”, Yohana’s home club (Team Africa Rising), the first all-African women’s UCI team, said.

The Amy D. race team, named after American rider Amy Alison Dombroski, who tragically passed while training abroad in Belgium in 2013, is a development racing program that offers women the chance to compete at elite level.

The cycling program creates opportunities for women by organizing teams with open rosters that may vary from event-to-event. It tries to pair up-and-coming athletes, like Dawitt, with seasoned veterans.

The Green Mountain Stage Race is a four day stage race in the heart of the Green Mountains of Vermont and runs from Friday September 2 to Monday September 5.

14 thoughts on “Yohana Dawit Finishes 9th at Green Mountain Stage Race TT

    1. Many Eritreans in this competition, representing different teams .. we shall see a dominant performance from Ere boys regardless of thier team.

      1. That’s right. From the six UCI continental teams listed above, Eritrean professional riders constitute three of the teams already. Two Eri pro riders are with Team Sharjah of UAE, another two – three with Stradalli Bike Aid of Germany, and 4 – 5 riders with Dimension Data of South Africa. What a fit.

        The set up simply resembles one of former U.S. Ambassador to Asmara, Ronald McMullen’s evil plan: “use Eritreans to defeat Eritrea”.

        1. Thanks TN for keeping us informed.I will be following the race closely.We want the Eritrean national team to win it all.but It doesn’t matter which team they represent, we expect them to shine.And that is a given.

    1. Yes our sister Yohana is a trailblazer,a pioneer,she will bring so many Eritrean women cyclists along with her in the world stage.We are all cheering for you.

  1. The more they downgraded us, the more truth through many aspects Eritrea shine’s, neza Hager’s methazi tesainuwa..sala wehlul Hezba..This case Yohana Dawit contributes much..yeqenyelna gual Halal Meriet..

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