GPS Joins FEED and Optimisation Team for Colluli Project

Global Potash Solutions (GPS) joins front end engineering design (FEED) and optimisation team for Colluli potash project in Eritrea

Colluli Potash Project
GPS was the one that oversaw the metallurgical test program, process flowsheet development and initial optimisation work for the Colluli potash project throughout the pre-feasibility and definitive feasibility study phases of the project.

By Danakali Ltd,

Danakali Limited (ASX:DNK) is pleased to advise that Global Potash Solutions (“GPS”) has been appointed to join the front end engineering design (FEED) and optimisation team for the Colluli Potash Project.

GPS has extensive technical and operational experience in the global potash industry, supporting projects in the United States, Canada, South America, Middle East, North Africa and Australia. GPS has provided expertise and technical support to Arab Potash Corporation, Potash Corp., BHP Billiton, and Karnalyte Resources, as well as completing third party due diligence on potash projects for a number of engineering firms.

GPS provides services in potash process plant design, independent technical due diligence, hazard and operability studies, piping and instrumentation diagram reviews, auditing of construction, and commissioning and start-up.

GPS oversaw the metallurgical test program, process flowsheet development and initial optimisation work for the Colluli potash project throughout the prefeasibility and definitive feasibility study phases of the project.

The initial process optimisation work resulted in a reduction in process water requirements of over 70% between the PFS and DFS phases. GPS will work closely with the Fluor process engineering team on process optimisation, equipment selection and commissioning procedures.

Danakali Managing Director, Paul Donaldson said “We are delighted to continue our working relationship with Global Potash Solutions, and look forward to their continued contribution to the technical and operational elements of the project. Their extensive technical knowledge and operational experience has been of immense value to the project to date, and we look forward building on this as we advance to construction.”

Global Potash Solutions CEO, Don Larmour said

“We have worked on numerous projects throughout the world and bring considerable expertise in potash processing design, operations management, commissioning and maintenance. Our involvement in the project throughout the prefeasibility and definitive feasibility study phases, has given us an excellent understanding of the Colluli project, and we believe we can make a considerable contribution to the optimisation of the process design. We are very pleased to be able to continue our long-term contribution to the Colluli Potash Project, as we believe this project has very high potential, given its simplicity, ideal combination of potassium salts and the capability of the teams we have worked with throughout the study phases on this project. Colluli is the most advanced greenfield potassium sulphate development we’ve had the pleasure to be involved with and the Colluli Potash Project has excellent potential for development and long term sustainability.”

Colluli is one of the most advanced greenfield sulphate of potash (SOP) developments in the world, and demonstrates outstanding economics including industry leading capital intensity, bottom quartile operating costs, close proximity to coast and key markets and unrivalled product diversification potential.

Approval of the social and environmental impact assessment (SEIA) for the project was given by the Ministry of Land, Water and Environment in December 2016. The award of the Mining Agreement and Mining License for the project is well progressed.

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  1. ጥዕና ዘለዎ ንፋስ ዶ ይነፍስ ኣሎ ደቂ ኤረይ፧ ንፋስ መንጠለን ጥራሕ ከይከውን። በሉ’ስከ ሙሉእ ይግበሮ። ፍሪኡ የርእየና። In the mean time congratulations goes to the GoE and to the resilient Eritrean people.

    1. I think the fact that some of the actors are American firms could be an indication that the unjust sanctions may be coming to an end. Will the US ever apologize for the wrong things it has been doing to us for the last 70 years?

      1. No, but that is not in our interest
        They have not apologized to the rest of the world. We do not need that.GOE has reached its goal and I am extremely proud of it

      2. Trust Shaebia, the can do people, for the “unjust sanction” has been reduced to bite of “toothless barking mad dog” for quite some time now. No need to worry.

        “ጥዕና ዘለዎ ንፋስ ዶ ይነፍስ ኣሎ ደቂ ኤረይ፧ ንፋስ መንጠለን ጥራሕ ከይከውን። በሉ’ስከ ሙሉእ ይግበሮ። ፍሪኡ የርእየና። In the mean time congratulations goes to the GoE and to the resilient Eritrean people”, as Raee put it quite eloquently, ”

        Stay on course Deki Halal Meriet, for the Promised Land is here

  2. I know things are changing for the better for Eritrea while her enemies are going in the the opposite. while i am at it can someone take this song out of my head? WOW. at the end, Eritreans will rip what they have dearly paid. I love you Eritrea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the harmony between my people is the bright future of being, my productive life and everything worth of our martyrs. We will make you pride, mother land!

    1. Yes indeed, “WAZIEMA KOINU ” and it is time to play the drum to glory of the Halal Meriet. Yes indeed “WAZEMA KOINU: and givem the drum KIDSUQUO

    2. You can’t say that it’s getting worse for Ethiopia and Djibouti, they have much better infrastructure, growth rate per year and economics than us. At least for now, I am just telling you to not celebrate as if we just became a rich country!


  3. ኣሌክ - Alec you · Edit

    YES! YES! YES! – Grow my/our beloved ERITREA???????????????? and kudos to our government and to the IRON-WILL of Deqi ERI????????!!!

  4. 2017, a year of success for Eritrea in 5 domains: education, health, infrastructure (housing, roads, ports etc), agriculture (Gerset, Aligider, Sheib, areas etc), Mining sector (Colluli Potash, Zara, Debarwa or Asmara projects etc..

  5. As we all know “Sentek” is from Tigria and are the best Weyane and all his stuff is typical of them.for example if he sees some thing good in Ertra,he jumped from the plane 101 and goes to suicide.I want to push him to make such an attempt.A person can die once,but people like “Sentek” I F”””K it if he die 100 times per minute of his wicked and evil Dream to Ertra.
    I ‘ll wait until he comes soon……and why they are so?

    1. L.T. While you are looking for Sentek, can you ask him what ever happened to the MIG-29 that was landed in Mekelle Air-port? Amazing how the Ethiopians are reduced in falseness and cheap lies while Eritrea is marching quietly to the promise land.
      I give a lot of credit to this reporter though, at least he got the guts to question and expose Weyane lies.

      1. If you remember 2002 their FM Siuom Mesfin told to all Ethiopians”Badime become ours”and 200,000 Children came to Addis Abeba street…..what to expect from them?

      2. Or Nitricc they can get on the other as Always for example they may say”We do not mean the flight plan ,but what we mean is our famale bird has come up with your bird”Sihibato”(attracted him)and they come to Mekele without any problem:-)

    1. Brother Abay-Asmera;
      it is not another subject but there is Another good news for today,right?We Eritreans are the brave,home-loving,well-trained and most Beautiful people and it is not imaginary or fictional history but facts!

      1. To the uneducated or to the HATELA from the streets whom you might see barking like mad dogs, ot those he or she might be tempted to look at the above dam and for that matter to any other Eritreans from looking at it from from the amount of water stored above the dam. thiere is more than that, But and but, it is more than that.

        They hydrology, the hydrualics, and geology of a dam, I mean any dam dictates that for every 100 cubic meters of water stored behind the dam as surface water, there is 1000 cubic meters of water stored below dam stored as underground water. That is where the hidden strength of a dam.

        Which means below the Ghatelay Dam,, there shall be water stored as under ground water all the way from the Ghahtelay to Massawa. That is where the hidden resources of this project. shall be. Now you know.

        And yet, what makes more proud is this project is being done all by Eritrean brain an muscle. That is the bottom line difference.

      2. Excellent! Good to hear about this dam. “water with out water seems bridge with no river.” Hidrom has explained it. I know GT very well. There was a horticulture project where so many fruits and vegetables were growing. I never forget the “Pepperoni” with different colors which grew in that area. With my little knowledge of water drainig from your comment and Hidrom’s explanation, I try to understand the availability of plenty salty water in massawa is drained. Is that so? You know learning from a mistake is good. Once I remember in Keren a water project has failed because of not enough water underground. Considering the two facts please explain and assure for those of us who have limited knowlege or else refer where we could read if I am not asking too much!

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