Gedem Cement Factory Goes Operational

Gedem Cement Factory begins to produce 10,000 quintals of cement daily

By TesfaNews,

THE magnanimous, environmental friendly Gedem Cement Factory in Eritrea has officially started producing at a capacity of 20,000 bags of cement daily.

Strategically situated in Gedem, a region near  the port city of Massawa and Hirgigo Thermal Power Plant, it is considered as one of the national strategic projects that is expected to play a significant role in promoting the country’s national economic development.

After conducting several successful production experiments for the last six months, it has started by supplying more than 220,000 bags of cement to various national construction companies in the country. The general manager, Mr. Woldai Kidane, has said the main objective of the factory is to successfully meet the needs of the people and government projects and beyond.

Mr. Habtemariam Fissehaye, project coordinator, also explained that the factory produces three types of cement namely, ordinary Portland cement, Sulphure-Resistant cement and Polozaic Cement. In this connection, he said that the factory would concentrate more on the production of Portland cement which used to be domestically produced and acquired export popularity as far as the Middle East.

As cement production utilizes huge amount of water, the government has installed a sea water distillation technology with a capacity of purifying 70 meter cubic of water per hour.

Mr. Welday also said that with the availability of huge amount of lime stone and soft coral shells within the vicinity of the factory, which are vital ingredients for cement production, it is expected to sustain the factory for about 30 – 40 years from now even if it consistently produces 32,000 bags (16,000 quintals) of cement per day.

The fund to build Gedem Cement Factory within 36 months obtained from preferential loans financed by the Chinese government.

The factory has already created job opportunities to 300 citizens.