Four Government Ministries Powered With Solar PV Systems

By TesfaNews

A UNDP funded project aimed at powering four key government ministries with a solar photovoltaic system has been a success.

GSOL Energy Global, the company that installed the solar panels, has handed over the solar powered systems to each respective ministries.

Accordingly, the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Mines and Energy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Ministry of Water, Land and Environment are now fitted with an ultra-modern solar powered energy system.

Oscar, representative of GSOL Energy, walks a range of ministerial staff through the systems.

For more photos of the handover ceremony, visit UNDP Eritrea Facebook page by clicking here.

70 thoughts on “Four Government Ministries Powered With Solar PV Systems

  1. This is very good news for these ministries. There has also been another project which is aiming at other ministries such as ministry of justice ministry of education etc regional offices are getting sollar treatment.

  2. ውሾቹ ቢጮሁም ግመሉ አይቆምም !!!lollllll I wonder who said that 40 years ago, lol They can not even come up with their own words? What i don’t get is, if they are going to copy everything Eritrean, why not copy the good thing you know, like self-reliance? Ayyyyy weyane.

    1. Lol sounds a bit lame in Amharic anyway. This type of propogamda reminds me of tje derg era. As for copying the “good” they are addicted to the “aid” they will never have the gut to say no. No guts no glory!

    2. Nitric,
      Are you suggesting somehow you have patent for the famous English saying
      “the dogs bark, but the caravan goes on”?

  3. So the inverters are from Holland (Victron Energy), the solar panels probably from China (biggest producer of solar panels in the world) and the installation and maintenance is done by a Danish company (GSOL Energy). It’s good to see the ministries being powered by a sustainable energy source, especially given the horrible state of Eritrea’s energy infrastructure, but in the long run projects like these will not make us self-reliant. I know several small companies in Asmara that can install and maintain solar panels. We have so many talented people and qualified engineers that are not given a chance to contribute. Some of the students I spoke to at Mai-Nefhi (physics, and electrical engineering) have fled the country and are now in Europe. If we want to give these students a chance, we need to give them the opportunities to prosper and grow, otherwise small scale projects like the above will keep on being presented as a huge breakthrough while they are anything but.

    1. brother we have to start somewhere right? we have taltented people yes, but also many ignorant people who have little education. until we resolve this, we have to rely on outside talent for now. you say you went to EIT. have you not seen the many indian professors? why are they there you think, for fun? no, because eritrea has very small amount of talented professors. beleive me when i say, most of our young kids back in adi and also in diaspora are spoiled and ungratefull. the government is the last of our problems.

      1. Funded Projects are never unconditional. Our youth will embark on Projects like this when we are able to purchase the items ourselves. We are heading towards what you are saying and beyond.

        1. yes brother exactly I agree. only to me, our youth is the main problem. the mentality with our youth in diaspora and back home are very spoiled and ungrateful. back home they only think of leaving the country, and in diaspora they only live day to day with no plans for the long term. that is our main problem.

          1. “back home they only think of leaving the country”

            What do you expect? Who wants to be stuck in National Service forever instead of pursuing your own economic interests? Isn’t that why you haven’t gone back yourself?

            I agree that we have to start somewhere and this investment by UNDP probably requires a foreign company to handle everything, but the best thing to do is allow Eritreans to start their own companies and create industries without the government trying to control everything. Communism is a dead ideology, but the PFDJ still clings to it. It’s disheartening, so of course people want to leave.

          2. Of course no one wants to stuck on national service indefinitely. But how is that the government’s problem? What should the government do differently to free everyone from the bondage of National service? Answer this one pleas!

            Again, who told you there aren’t any Eritrean owned companies that involve in Solar technology? Who told you the government didn’t ALLOW Eritreans to start their own companies?

            Yes it is disheartening to see the youth flee while the special asylum privilege for Eritreans stand in Europe and most western countries. Its disheartening to see people pay up to US 30,000 to see themselves in Europe. US 30,000 is roughly half a million Nakfa, which is pretty enough money to start a business in the country. But why should they, eh? They just want to flee to Europe since their friends did that. Why should they stay home, eh? Its such a fucked up mentality that drives them all in droves, sometimes to their death trap. Am I sorry to that? Hell no.

          3. Communism dies probably in your head brother Sam. After the 1990’s Berlin wall falls, the unique system predominantly running the world is capitalism or “liberalism” or in slang “savage imperialism”. What we learn around the world is more un-justice and/or the widening of the gap between rich and poor. Thus as imperialism failed with bankruptcy of many institutions, those few countries who still follow Communism or Socialism they are right.

    2. The last thing I really want to read in any Eritrean comment section is the ungratefulness of some idiots. Reading from their comments, one can tell their self-centred nature very easily. They offer their empty advice as a solution to a problem first by criticizing or belittling what is achieved so far. They are quick to demand for more, while they have abandoned the country behind for their personal gains. They always start their argument with WHY? Why don’t we have this? Why don’t we have that? …. If the youth (including those who complain from the back their computer) were not so selfish and coward (this complainers rather call it as “If the youth get the opportunity in the country”….. as if giving them free training up to the Doctorate level amounts to nothing)

      I have advice to those ignorant FETEWTI NEBSOM. Be appreciative whenever you hear something good that was not there before happen to our country and people. Ask yourself who made that possible first, and you will see you have zero contribution to it. Celebrate for every small or big achievement and if you can, do contribute something to the good of your people and country. Else, shut the fuck up!

      1. Nebsey I am with you 100%. This good news is a nightmare to the enemy of Eritrean people. They wish was Eritrea to become another Somalia Africa. So everyone can have their hands on us. They failed miserably. Eritrea is free from prostitution. Unlike her neighbors .

        1. it is already a Somalia nation or North Korea of Africa as it now known as, it is a failed stat with no privet economy now freedom to work and i can keep on, young people can’t even move from one zone to another with out preemption, and they can’t leave the country legally, as North Korea the leader is seen by its supporters(living in the west) as god him self.. Eritrea is worse then Somalia..

      2. You dont want to hear any opinion that is different than yours.Every one who has valid criticism is the enemy of eritrea.For you who sip once a while cappuccino in Visinity of Asmara and enjoy a good weather of Asmara is what eritrea is all about.Under your feet there are cries of mothers and fathers.He just expresed his opinion and it is true.Why not we work all for the betterment of our country than throwing cheap shots at everone who disagree with you.

        1. Of course I want to hear opinion different than mine unless, of course, that comment is coming out of hatred, envy or ignorance.

        2. By running away for beloved country,is only you and your traitors
          fattening your pocket but for the a new refugee none Nada .You guys STOP
          fanning the news is not exist .Europe are sick and tiered hearing these
          HOUSE YOU WILL WORK ON YOUR PROFESSION AND GIVE YOU MONEY ” Daniel save it to yourself ,you are the enemy
          of humanity who is spreading (fanning )not true .If the Europium union
          is reading your comment really will held you accountability for your word and grab you by your neck and threw
          you into the jail .You and your likenesses skimmers cone-man .We all like to hear a different opinion but not likely out of hatred and malice .Good luck in Europe and North America ,I don’t think even President tramp will agree to take their job .,

    3. Look at the comments made by this idiot. Let me lower myself to his level and ask him why he forgot where the cables and solar meters come from. Again he said, ‘projects like these will not make us self-reliant’. I’m not sure what he is trying to say: is he talking about solar energy? being funded by UNDP? or being installed by a foreign firm? which one of which is he saying that will not make us self-reliant? I suspect he was trying to talk about the foreign firm who installed it. If so, that is where the ignorance of this idiot shines the most. Here is why:

      First of, Physics students in Eritrea (as in most other universities) learn theoretical aspect of physics principles, not its application. In other words, there is no way a Physics student at May-Nefhi would learn how to assemble a solar panel. NEVER (unless the student is preparing a term paper or research – selective course). That is one point of his ignorance.

      Electrical engineering students at May-Nafhi are relatively more practical (of course that is where they differ from Physics students, dummy) as they are trained for the applied part of Electrical Physics (including of course, about Photons as in Photovoltaic). Students at the end of their diploma are required to do a project and some do a research on Solar Energy. But this doesn’t mean that they are qualified in the installation of solar panels. Not at all. Of course, such background knowledge they have gained at the college would definitely help them at a time when they specialize in the installation of solar energy technology.

      The point here is, those kids you said you talked at the college DO NOT have the EXPERIENCE needed to design, install and deliver such technology. Until they gain such exposure and experience, it is a MUST to rely on the experience of other reputable firms, even if that firm comes from Holland.

      (P.S. we will keep importing the panels from China until we learn how to produce them in Eritrea. Did you see how stupid your opinion is?)

      1. please don’t indulge in insults and frustrated commentary. we may disagree with each other but lets remain civilized.
        As for your EIT points you mention, physics in EIT is mostly applied physics and not theoretical. perhaps you are not familiar with the curriculum in Eritrea, but next time talk to my good friend Prof. Tadesse Mehari NCHE director. I disagree with daniel’s opinion about giving the youth opportunity. even if the government would do that, it would not make a difference since the level of secondary education and even college education is very shallow in Eritrea. Eritrea’s problem is with its naive youth in diaspora and back home that only thinks short-term. our country is slowly being suffocated by this youth exodus, but the fault is not with the government, but with the youth.

        1. I am sorry but you are also one super idiot too. Please stop talking on issues that you have absolutely no awareness. There is no such thing called Applied Physics programs in undergraduate level in any University in this world. They only teach you the “Principles of Physics” with one or two laboratory courses in every semester. I know perfectly what I am talking and I urge you to stop discussing this subject since you know nothing about it. If you can, ask any family member if you have back home to confirm it for you.

          Again you said with a straight face Eritrea’s college education is very shallow. Have you been in one of our colleges? NO! So how do you know our education is shallow? Just assumption, right? Well, that is where your blunder is. In fact, our colleges follow a curriculum that is standard with most African and European colleges. We may lack some lab equipment’s or hands on training on some subjects but we crack same physics and maths challenges as any physics or engineering student in Europe or USA . We have text books that are standard to the US colleges although our all time favorite book was “Physics for Scientists and Engineers” by Raymond A. Serway. If you know what type of book I am talking about and how we challenge ourselves to solve the most difficult problems from this book, probably you wouldn’t say a word. By God.

          1. My oh my, what little do you know. There is no such thing called Applied Physics program in undergraduate level in any university in this world? Really? I guess my alma mater (Delft University of Technology) could teach you a thing or two my friend. You know perfectly what you are talking about, yet you have no clue about the curricula of universities throughout the world.
            Regarding Eritrea’s education (both secondary and tertiary level) being shallow, I based that on my numerous discussions with good friends like Petros Hailemariam (DG at the ministry of education) and Professor Tadesse Mehari. Just in case you are wondering who he is and want to criticize him as well. He is the executive director at the National Commission for Higher Education. I assume you realize that he would be one of the foremost experts on the level of tertiary education in Eritrea, but perhaps I’m overestimating your capabilities.
            Your last few lines expose your ignorance and shallow knowledge. If you think the insignificant community college you went to is at the same level as Caltech, MIT, ETH Zurich or any other world class institute of higher learning, just because they use ‘books that are standards to US colleges’ you know very little about science. I could mention the professors, the budgets for research, the amount of papers published in high-impact journals, but it would be to no avail. My advice to you is to refrain from commenting about issues you have very little knowledge about. Given your lack of understanding about the world of academia one would almost question whether you went to college at all. In that sense you differ very little from this daniel figure. At least his lack of knowledge is what made him conclude incorrectly that this solar project does little. In your case, your ignorance is only hurting us Eri-Gov supporters. Better to leave education to the educated my friend.

    4. Brother Daniel Most of us came from home as an Electrical engineers not a chance to work by your profession toilet washing yes .So put a side your falling the thing it is not exist .Now days the Europe and North Americans no job on the site running away from home land to Africa Australia .for a little country with a lot of potentials they are doing fabulous I will say .Don’t you think or hard to swallow ???put it a side your invitation .the people who are invite are swallowed to the fish.Is not going to happen ..

    5. My upmost respect for that incredible comment you completely nailed it. The only way to have the youth stay in their country is by giving them a chance to be prosperous. What exactly is the excuse for not allowing small companies to take over tiny projects like this? Are they going to sell it to woyane? What is the meaning of self reliance when engineers, doctors crossing the borders and importing professors? Almost 20 years went by preparing for invasion and fear politics to keep one man in power. What a shame.

    6. Step by step, here are the Eritreans building a nation from ground up. Do not forget, Eritrea is only 26 year old country. Here is it is, the Africans are heading to Eritrea to learn how to build a nation. What the Eritrenss do.

      For all I care, here is rope to hang your self from the high tree.

    7. Daniel, why are you always trying to find negative regarding any positive news on Eritrea? You said “Some of the students I spoke to at Mai-Nefhi (physics, and electrical engineering) have fled the country and are now in Europe.” You may be right, regardless of what & how they are doing in Europe. Even worse many EPLF and ELF fighters also run-away to Europe and other places, but Independent Eritrea was achieved regardless of who run away! Just like Eritrean independence was achieved by those who did not run away, the same thing is true now, Eritrea is defended and rebuilt by those who did not run away. Our Eritrean glass has not been full for a long time, but it is your choice to see it half full or half empty.

      1. There are some in this forum who will throw all of the kitchen sink from the left field and hope some of it will stick. Do you smell a rug rut from the south of the border? I do :))

    8. Let us talk about facts and data first to ensure things don’t get blurry, murky and or downright fictitious?
      What are the names and addresses of the “several small companies that you know it in Asmara” who could have done this work?

    9. Daniel, what the hell are you doing? Why are you spoiling kids’ party? you are supposed to say “hager tihimbeb ala” lol

    10. “some of the students I spoke to at Mai-Nefhi (physics, and electrical engineering) have fled the country and are now in Europe.”
      finish the story; okay they got to the promise land and heaven So,what are they doing in Europe now?

      1. I can finish that for you since it is obvious anyway ………

        European governments gave these ungrateful grads an opportunity that their government denied them – they get free accommodation, food, education and cars. Now everyone is doing fine and most of them are now better off by installing solar panels and building drones.

        The problem is, that is only a dream that never come true after they woke up from that bed. No one give a damn about their education as EUROPE is awash by many highly educated migrants from all over the world. Most of these brats are now forced to live by doing some petty – survival jobs.

        1. Tell me about. I have a relative in Germany contemplating returning to Eritrea after spending $20,000 US Dollars to get there. I hope they will pay for his return ticket.

          1. Very sad indeed. My question is there anything we can do to help anyone who wants to go back home? The truth is the sooner they realize the mistake they have made the better their future is. I really think anyone who is in Europe or any where; time has changed. You can’t even get a job let alone education. Go back home finished your free education and be a productive part of your society. live with dignity! don’t waste your time! face the truth.


          2. I like yr comment and support it highly. I really feel bad when I see the wastage of knowledge of many intellegent people and above all the poor people and the gov’t have wasted a lot of money to these who are fleding the country. Openly speaking everybody is desserting the country to satisfy its material interest. You can see the huge difference between professionally working and getting paid low salary at home and doing labor work abroad allows you to get a better income and to drive a car to raise yr child in a better way for many things are available here than at home. Here the highly professional posts are available only for insignifacant number so the educated and the uneducated live the same way so the free education is taken for granted.

          3. Perhaps you could give the best example and go back to third world Eritrea yourself. What a phony hypocrite. Just for your information, most Eritrean asylum seekers in Europe go to northern countries like Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Norway etc. These countries have extensive programs (funded language learning and vocational education, subsidized housing etc.). Not to mention all of the other things you hardly have in Eritrea like clean water, good roads, great public transport system, no National Slavery for a thuggish regime, no danger to be imprisoned when you speak ill about the governments policies.

          4. Well, you seem to be suffering from low self-steam and slave mentality; otherwise you could have understand the futility of leaving your country. all the countries you mention, they did not to be where they are with someone some time ago putting the work and the self discipline needed to build a nation. They didn’t just left their country like you did for a better one, they stayed and worked. The idea is sunshine, why make your country, to the country you wish to migrate? those country you mentioned did nothing different, there is no miracle, they just worked.

            here is for you and chew on that

            ““If you want to be a slave in life, then continue going around asking others to do for you. They will oblige, but you will find the price is your choices, your freedom, your life itself. They will do for you, and as a result you will be in bondage to them forever, having given your identity away for a paltry price. Then, and only then, you will be a nobody, a slave, because you yourself and nobody else made it so.”

  4. ኣሌክ - Alec you · Edit

    Good news. I’m pretty sure Eritrea is going to build Solar power plant one day.

    And **TN** — እቲ exploration ናይ geothermal ኣብ ምንታይ በጺሑ ይከውን? Remember.. “Eritrea receives up to $9 million for exploration work at the Alid geothermal field. A national energy plan for Eritrea was signed within the framework of the European Union’s 11th EDF (European Development Fund).” So, is there something u know. Any info would great. Thanks.

    1. Sorry Alec. I have no clue if the proposed grant even arrived to Eritrea either. Surely there are people out there at the Ministry of Energy who can tell a thing about the project.

      1. ኣሌክ - Alec you · Edit

        Okay, thanks for the reply **TN**. And I was referring to the “$200 million funding package by the European Development Fund (EDF), Eritrea receives up to $9 million for exploration work at the Alid geothermal field. A national energy plan for Eritrea was signed within the framework of the European Union’s 11th EDF (European Development Fund).” but I guess, asking to the source would be best. Anyway thanks.

  5. Who said that only foreigners are installing and working in renewable energy sector in Eritrea? Let’s make the facts straight. I have a cousin mai-nefehi graduate working for eritel and installing solar panel system all-over Eritrea. mostly Eritreans are responsible for 80℅ of this kind of projects and with the 50℅ price reduction from 5years ago household with $2000 can solve their electric needs for good by installing solar panels. The government is doing their best by providing free education to the young and hands-on experience in their respective field. If some of them choose to go to the west and be 3rd class citizens with a shattered dreams I can only say stop your pipedream and your illusion. Just get real.

    1. Excellent! The above comments are timely and the argument made between are really good. This is how we learn each other and get information.

  6. ኣሌክ - Alec you · Edit

    Courtesy of Hagerawi Dihnet – ሃገራዊ ድሕነት፡

    ኣብ ከባቢ ዲጋ ከርከበት ተተኺሉ ዘሎ 16 ሜጋ ዋት ሓይሊ ኤለክትሪክ ዘመንጩ ሓድሽ መደበር ጸዓት፡ ኣብቲ ከባቢ ዝርከብ ዘመናዊ ሕርሻን ዓድታትን ገጠራትን ናይ 24 ሰዓት ኤለክትሪክ ክህብ ጀሚሩ ኣሎ፡ስጋብ ሕጂ 2ሜጋዋት ን10ሽሕ ሄክታር ኣብ ዲጋ ከርከበት ዝለምዕ ዘሎ ሕርሻን ውሕዳት ዓድታትን ተጠቀምቲ ኮይነን ኣለዋ።እቲ ዘመናዊ ሕርሻ ናብ 50 ሽሕ ሄክታር ክብ ይብል ኣሎ 12 ዓድታት ከኣ ተጠቀምቲ ናይ 24 ሰዓት ክኾና እየን።”

      1. Ante Kimalam!
        What is it to Ugumesh the size of our MW? How does it affect your plan to feed your poor people?
        You haven’t even finish burying your recent poor Ethiopians that died scavenging in AIDS Abeba Garbage (aka Fast Food in Woyane’s land) Landslide.

  7. We hear always a good news from Home land ,it will be built more and more energy -resources in to the future, like Thermal and Wind energy because it is an important renwable energy and almost a new technology in the world. Wind and thermal energy is coming soon.
    It is one step foreward ,be proud of it. God bless Eritrea and its people

  8. We have to attract more by being better, it doesn’t really matter if we have a different opinion the most important thing is be one nation and that is ERITREA. There is no Problem that we can not overcome as long as we communicate with respect. God bless the beautiful Eritrean forever.

    1. I second you! I repeat below what I said above.

      “Excellent! The above comments are timely and the argument made between are really good. This is how we learn each other and get information.”

  9. And are we supposed to say “hager tihimbeb ala”?
    Gosh! This is something I can even install in my little apartment. But here, it is a national news. Thanks for pfdj for turning Eritrea backward.

    1. Luul, you’re just a “special” breed. Don’t lower yourself, Not everyone is as good as you! What do you do for a living? I hope it is better than the not so worthy installing solar panels for commercial buildings.

    2. Dear,Mr.Luul, I hope that you had been learnt ( Metamorphosis) the process of Grasshopper it should pass three kinds of changing in order to be an adult. So it is better to hear some developments such as School,Hospitals Energypanels and Dam constructions than to hear Famine, Drought and War.So I would like to say if you can ,do some thing with or be Pro Fiighters other ways don`t minimize these hard working people even now yes it is a National News ! better than our Neighbours, some times Garbage. some times drought and always Famine.God bless our people !

      1. This curmudgeon is nothing but a MLLT diehard dressed as an Eritrean, but it was actually unsophisticated typical Weyanes characteristic. He tried his level best to play Eritrean for a while he was just testing the waters in order to make a diversion out of topic which simply was his primarily mission: but Busted

        1. This inferior character is always saying crazy stuff to get our attention. LOL, notice he/she mixes Amharic words when writing Tigrena/English. It’s in their DNA.

    3. ኣሌክ - Alec you · Edit

      Says the Tigrawai whose ppl are starving to death, because of one simple thing. And that is lack of food. U do know how to grow corn right? It’s simple, just poke a hole in the earth and plant ur corn. So, pls this time plant more corns and less plastic garbage!! And about Eritrea, well, at least Eritrea is feeding its own ppl, by working hard, without waiting for Aid-handouts from ur white-master. So, what is ur excuse for starving the Ethio-ppl? Agame, u ppl are pathetic.

      1. They display their expired donated wheat,corn,oil etc with pride.To them this is an upgrade in from their past begging door to door in Eritrea.They are born to make the white man feel good about himself for acting an angel of mercy.

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