This is How Former South African Ambassador, Prof Iqbal Jhazbhay, Explained Eritrea


Former South Africa Ambassador to Eritrea, Prof. Iqbal Jhazbhay, explores the steadfastness of the people and Government of Eritrea; the role of the Eritrean Diaspora; the rich natural resources; Geo-strategic importance; the constructive role on Red Sea & Horn of Africa Region; negative media campaign and animosity from big powers, existing and potential partnership between Eritrea and South Africa.

He explains the recent and the past, his personal and the official experience and reflections; the challenges and opportunities during his tenure as South African envoy to Eritrea.

36 thoughts on “This is How Former South African Ambassador, Prof Iqbal Jhazbhay, Explained Eritrea

  1. Eritrea standing tall and proud not because of some magic but a determination and resilient past experience to challenge and win against all odds. Uncompromising stand to safeguard it’s independent by setting it’s vital priorities in defense, basic infrastructure, food security, health and education are the most important thing that the Eritrean government achieved by keeping the peace and order. Unlike Eritrean southern neighbors it’s not drowning in a pile of trash to hide the reality and exuberant debt by building 3rd rate high rise and fancy toys. Eritrea is in a better economic sustainable development trajectory to achieve what others failed and failure is not an option. The Eritrean camel marching the dogs are barking.

  2. Because,
    (1) The independence of the Eritrea is achieved with Martyrs that affected every Eritrean family,
    (2) The men and women leading Eritrea are the selfless leaders of yesterday, and
    (3) The Warsay are the new generation Yikealo,
    We have Eritrean foundation that will never collapse.

    1. Adaley
      I would like to add one simple point. We believed on our self on our ability to make a difference, because we have redeemed our mind long time ago, we did not rely on others.

    2. Let me give you one example to refute what you are saying.Few months past the village i was born was swept with land slide.Many died and many were left homeless.The so called governer of the zoba blamed the victims.Then the goverment told incuding my own family to move from the area(fair enough).The government gave the affected one land to build with one condition.They are not to use stone oe cement or wood to build their homes.The question comes then what are they going to use to build their homes?. This is one example of the broken system we are talking about.Friends i dont know if we are speaking the same country we are speaking about.Deep in your heart you know Eritrea is now broken beyond repair thanks to the so called government.People are sufering in our country and you are portraying a different and rosy picture that is not consistent with the reality in the ground.I know you know deep in your heart.

      1. Dani, that’s sad story. Could you elaborate more on your sad news as when it happened, what caused the land slide, the name of the village, how many people died in the land slide. How did you find out when the government blamed the people for their death/land slide.If what you are telling me is true, my comments above I listed as (1), (2) and (3) will “refuted” easily. Waiting for your response to my questions …

          1. Dani, please read the response to you from habte. He seems to know more than me and you combined about the issue you brought.

      2. I feel your pain “brother”, if indeed you are what you claim to be. First of all, nobody is painting a rosy picture, far from it. I happen to know about the issue you’re talking about, these people were asked to move away from the water away in order to avoid yearly/seasonal inundation, also to help them manage social programs…
        And the GoE/people of Eri are providing the help. To go back to what the good ambassador was saying, I agree with him, the question is why the GoE did not collapse? They should teach that in schools, with add title “what would the enemies or Eri do to make the impossible happen?”, and Include everything that Happened 1950-2017.

        1. Thank you Habte.
          Some in the Diaspora have become just complainers. They don’t want to know the whole truth, they just simply blame PFDJ for any problem they hear, regardless of its truth.

      3. What a disgraceful idiot you are? Your comments are all full of crap and filled with defeatist agenda such as ‘broken beyond repair’, no fool, it is your guilty conscious that is broken beyond repair. Eritrea is rising despite the countless obstacles and conspiracy …… we are almost there.

  3. Really funny 5 year old American kid on the Ellen Degeneres show recognizes Eritrea’s flag. You can watch it on YouTube. In the search box, type ELLEN DEGENERES MEETS A 5-YEAR-OLD GEOGRAPHY EXPERT.

  4. In its 25 short years of existence, Eritrea has seen two extreme diplomats – one is the worst type (the Wikileaks litter McMullen) and the other is the best type (prof. Iqbal). We are glad to have Ambassador Iqbal for over four and half years and because of him, Eritrea and South Africa laid a solid foundation in bilateral and diplomatic relationship. Ambassador Iqbal was sorely missed by Eritreans. Even if his tenure has ended, we still see him as the Ambassador of South Africa. On behlaf of my fellow Eritreans, I want to thank him from the bottom of my heart. God Bless.

      1. Here is Wedi Afom in control and in charger. Take a look at his disposition. n. He is in control and changed.

        Wedi Afom, Long live for all to see.

    1. Look at the Loin of Nacfa the western has to go where is with is family (warsay ,Yekealo ) building the country brick on brick .Blessed leaders 3 of them the lions.

  5. Here she is the Eritrean mother, sister, and daughter still making wanders. You bet, she is my mother, my sister and my my daughter. Here she is at Gahtelai Dam to see what YIKEALO and Warssai are doing

    Eritrean mother, sister, and daughter; do not worry for is YIKEALO and WARSAI shall be there dendeing and builiing your home.

    1. What about Aster Yohannes, Aster Fizihazion, Senait Debessay, Miriam Hagos?
      1) Do you consider them your sisters?
      2) Do you think justice was served to them?

      1. saturday? How about Monday, Tuesday, …,Friday & Sunday? Do you consider them days of the week?
        If you wish stupid comments, we could be more creative that you!
        … Back to your response of HIDROM …
        Unlike you, HIDROM did not discriminate any Eritrean sisters or mothers. It is your head that is discriminating and looking to take our discussion to somewhere else.

      2. To my mother, to my sister, and my duaghter who there defending and building Eritrea that is what I am talking about/

        Who are ” Aster Yohannes, Aster Fizihazion, Senait Debessay, Miriam Hagos”? Please do not say they “are traitors” or “horsed” rwho sell their body at the corner of “Broad Way and 18th street” Come on, you can do better and you could come up better than these/.

      3. Brother why do you use initials instead just take your name and argue for your case. In the Eritrean family we should make our case with civility and of course respect the TN rules relevance with the subject for discussion.

  6. Ambassador Iqbal Jhazbhay: “Many Southern African countries are very proud of Eritrea”

    That’s a great vote of confidence for the Eritrean government.

  7. Everything I heard about Prof. Iqbal Jhazbhay is good except the title of the book on Eritrea that he is researching.
    I find “Why Has the Eritrean State Not Collapsed?” negative.

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