Fluor Wins Front End Engineering Design (FEED) for Colluli Potash Project

Fluor wins Colluli Potash project FEED
Danakali Ltd appointed globally recognised, multi-national engineering and construction firm, Fluor to lead the front end engineering design (FEED) and optimisation process for the Colluli Potash Project.

By Danakali Limited,

Danakali Ltd (ASX:DNK) is pleased to advise that globally recognised, multi-national engineering and construction firm, Fluor, has been appointed to lead the front end engineering design (FEED) and optimisation process for the Colluli Potash Project following a competitive tendering process initiated in 2016.

Fluor was one of three shortlisted engineering firms that visited Eritrea and the Colluli site for several days in October 2016. The visit included an overview of the country capital, Asmara, an inspection of the Port of Massawa, and a visit to the future Colluli mine site.

Fluor will provide a highly qualified team including project engineer’s skilled in EPC packaging, and a design team with world class process plant and infrastructure experience to the Colluli FEED and optimisation phase.

Fluor also has extensive potash experience in study, optimisation and execution phases. In addition, Fluor has extensive capability and experience in assisting clients to arrange financing for their projects and maintains a specialised group of project finance professionals located in various locations throughout the world. This capability and experience is particularly strong in working with export credit agencies to arrange export credit loans and loan guarantees for major international projects.

Managing Director, Paul Donaldson said “We are delighted to be working with Fluor as we progress the Colluli project. The combination of their values, people, reputation, optimisation approach, mining and metals experience, African experience and potash specific experience, will benefit the project significantly as it progresses towards construction.”

Colluli is one of the most advanced greenfield sulphate of potash (SOP) developments in the world, and demonstrates outstanding economics including industry leading capital intensity, bottom quartile operating costs, close proximity to coast and key markets and unrivalled product diversification potential.

Approval of the social and environmental impact assessment (SEIA) for the project was given by the Ministry of Land, Water and Environment in December 2016. The award of the Mining Agreement and Mining License for the project is well progressed.

Fluor – Globally reputable engineering firm

Fluor is a globally recognised firm underpinned by a strong set of values including commitment to safety and ethical standards. For the past ten years Fluor has been recognised by Ethisphere magazine as a “World’s Most Ethical Company”.

Fluor is a leader in the mining industry in developing projects based on a fixed-price EPC contracting strategy, and strives to deliver quality fit-for-purpose solutions at unmatched value, and is a recognised leader in optimising projects to reduce capital costs for mining clients.

Extensive African Experience

With successful completion of mining, energy and infrastructure projects in Cameroon, Gabon, South Africa, Zambia and Botswana, Fluor has extensive project management experience throughout the African continent.

44 thoughts on “Fluor Wins Front End Engineering Design (FEED) for Colluli Potash Project

  1. some news items about Fluro….

    Fluor wins contract for Chile refinery

    (04 January 2017) – Empresa Nacional del Petróleo (ENAP) has awarded Fluor Corp. the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract for a new process unit at its Biobío refinery in Chile. Fluor booked the undisclosed contract value in 4Q16.

    Fluor will perform the EPC services to install a new flue gas steam generator, a wet gas scrubber and purge treatment unit to treat residual gas generated in the refinery’s fluid catalytic cracker that will reduce air emissions. The company is also responsible for interconnections between the new and existing unit, which will occur during a 2017 turnaround.

    READ : https://www.hydrocarbonengineering.com/refining/04012017/fluor-wins-contract-for-chile-refinery/

  2. This is very interesting to say the least because Fluor is an American company headquartered in Irving, Texas. Hmmmm! Is this a tell-tale sign of things to come? I have to think sanctions will be lifted soon otherwise why would the State Department allow an American company to participate in an engineering and construction opportunity in Eritrea. Trump is all about business anyway.

    1. It is only the army who have been sanctioned, not the privet sector, in the other hand the privet sector is sanctioned by your gov.. this how it is, so stop blaming the CIA for Eritrea’s economic mess…

      1. What? What in the hell are you blubbering? And who gives a rat’s ass what you think of a business and a country you have no business in?

        1. Who are you to tell me Mr, ****, i have paid over 7500 dollars in 2% and all kind of taxes to the government of Eritrea. Who are you to tell people based on their opinion if they are Eritrean or not??? by the way about the governments crazy restrictions and sanctions on Eritrean private sector, what about forbidding construction now for 15 years, this is crazy, this in it self is a big dead blow to the private sector, but a **** baboon fare away from the hellish live of Eritrea will never understand that..

          1. Let me add to your comment, not only forbidding for the last 15 years still forbidden ! Generally it’s illegal to build any type house/s in Eritrea regardless of the housing shortages ,if you ask legitimate questions they either call you “AGAME” or ”WEYANE” or they blame US,UN,EU,ETHIOPIA…my advice to you is please continue to love your country and don’t stop from speaking your mind.


          2. So you know, unlike you there are hundreds of thousands of Eritreans who paid with their lives, limbs and youth. I doubt you paid a singe penny but if you did, you can take your $7500 and get stuffed

      2. Nevsun, Danakali, Zara and other 12 international companies are privet co. who are working & approved by Z GOV. Of Eritrea for the past several years. You must been living under the dark to think GOE sanctions Privet investment. Stop blabbering. If you are Eritrean invest on this Co. And make money in the coming ears.

        1. what are you saying ****! we must invest on these companies only ,please grow up or wake up and smell some coffee. Even PIA disagree with you .what makes think we should govern by these 12 companies .we can not invest in our country on our own .

      3. Nonsense! Anything and everything the could help the security of the country — directly or indirectly — is impacted. So, stop lying.

      4. Only the Army:
        The Tip of the Iceberg:
        -The role of the USA toforce Germany to back off from sponsoring the Bisha mining—-but for Germany ONLY to cry and regret and to come back ad beg Eritrea
        -The role of the CIA to Ban the use of the Boeing for Eri Flag Carrier(Eri Airlines)
        -The banning of the 2% Diaspora income tax
        -The petitioning or even lobbying by the USA backed Lobbyists against the EU Development Fund to Eritrea
        -The nonstop scrutiny and harassment of the Goe/Eritrea in ref to the Bisha Mining and its income by the West in general and the USA in particular
        -The serious bragging by the US Amb to Eritrea about Eritrea’s Economy collapsing overnight,not to mention the State Department sponsored pseudo-Activists including Haile Derue’s Cousin or Nephew stationed in VA/DC area to work hard to make Eritrea’s economy to collapse over-night…in collaboration with the Weyenti.
        Please refer to Ms Sofia Tesfamariam’s Articles on this and related issues.
        Finally, listen again to the latest Atlantic Council’s Meeting where it was disclosed that the Sanction over all has been a major Obstacle for Investment in Eritrea–quoting the Bisha Official/CERO.

          1. Go to one of the major banks in your city and ask them you want to speak with ‘Financial advisor’, ‘stock broker’, ‘portfolio manager’, etc …. One of these people will take you through the rest of the process.

          2. TN, should we Eritrean citizens sanction Santiko from ever purchasing any stocks to fund his lazy retirement? We don’t want his pockets to get fatter post-woyane era.

            But since we Eritreans are humble, kind- hearted, we may let him only buy a few shares. Perhaps one day, it may be a strategic long-term corridor to exploit it’s northern Ethiopia potash resources via Eritrean port Tio. The Ethiopian potash is proven to be un-fundable in the eyes of the Israeli giant firm and other international fertilizer players who abandon or postpone the project do to economic reason but blamed it on other factors, right.

            Anyhow, Eritrean Potash reserves with its long mine life of more than 200 years will feed the worlds kid’s, kid’s, kid’s with A1 quality grade potash.

            Another good news in time for the new year.

      5. Big thank you , you are 100% correct we are sanctioned by our own government. no one from state department ever told us not to invest in Eritrea.

      6. To begin with even the army should’t be sanctioned.But if you have broad knowledge of sanction to a country it affects the whole economy.It scares away potential investors from taking risk in a given sanctioned country.They had put all kinds of obstacles to Nevsun mining co.from obtaining loans from German Banks and elsewhere at first.But now they understood they can;t stop Eritrean resolve,they are coming crawling for their own interest.If not China is going to eat their lunch gladly.Like one USA president said it some 50 years ago “the business of America is business”

    2. same here,I’m Cancers but the Government of Eritrea is the wisest leader know what is doing.I rest my case.Isn’t it ironic i have the same creepy idea ,Then i said to myself let it go Let God.

  3. Ethics and social responsibility are very important. Nevsun scores high on ethical values and social responsibility. Hopefully, Nevsun’s blueprint on ethics and company values will be the blue print for all Western companies doing business in Eritrea. The Government of Eritrea should insist on it and hire international auditors to make sure the blueprint is being followed and complied with.

  4. ኣሌክ - Alec you · Edit

    Well done ERI-Goverment????????????????
    And to all Deqi ERI???????? invest in ur country????????

    It seems the sanctions is going to be lifted — I hope the Trump administration is all about business. And Eritrea is non Aid dependent country so, just business????????????????????

    1. As the saying goes, “If you can’t beat them follow them.” “What goes around comes around.” Yeah they were giving us a hard time for so long in the name of “democracy, human rights…bla bla; but the truth of the matter was to steal our God given natural resources without anybody knowing about it, like what they are doing in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia etc. Thanks to the foresighted and resilience of the GoE. Slowly but surely the GoE and its people are prevailing.

  5. I think we need to be focused here , let’s not give the detractors to diver us from the main issues, which is the economy, our next stage of struggle . We came up to here as a nation because we were so focused and consumed by the political struggle and we made it right, thanks to the resilience and indigenous mind of our leadership and gallant people,thus we need to be focused now build our nation economically, because It is the economy stupid !!!

  6. This is a great news Go Eritrea go ,sky is limit Eritrea is going to do an Excellent job in terms self-reliant .We are going to stick around to hear farther information about the investment go.I have a little cancan FLOUR it is the head Office is in Irving Texas the chevron give Award to FLOUR.I will never trust the Chevron Company because in Nigeria the biggest oil-gas company is Chevron look what a mess and chaotic is now .On the other hand I’m going to have a sound mind because God’s en-charge beside my government is wise .Overall I’m thrilled yes indeed it is a great new.Thanks TN

  7. I wish they had not awarded the contract to Fluor because it’s an American company. And American has been the soul reason why the sanctions were implemented and continue until this day. But Flour may be the best company for this opportunity and probably came at the right bid. Regardless, I hope this mine is build by Eritreans and Eritreans take the opportunity to learn as much as possible and acquire new skills. I hope in the near future, we can apply those acquire skills to other mining sectors in Africa, Asian, Europe and United States.

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