Feyisa Lilesa has Nothing to Fear After Olympic Protest: TPLF

Olympic Protest
Ethiopia’s Feyisa Lilesa crossed his arms above his head at the finish line of the Men’s Marathon event as a protest against the Ethiopian government’s crackdown on political dissent on August 21. Ethiopian government spokesperson says Feyisa has nothing to fear.

By Thom Patterson | for CNN,

Olympic marathon runner Feyisa Lilesa has nothing to fear because of a protest gesture he displayed as he crossed the finish line, Ethiopia’s communication minister said Monday.

Lilesa won a silver medal Sunday with his arms crossed over his head in a sign of solidarity for his native Oromo people — the largest ethnic group in Ethiopia.

Lilesa said he wanted to draw attention to the government’s ongoing persecution of the Oromos, but he feared that his protest had put himself into such danger that he can’t go home.

Ethiopia’s Communications Minister Getachew Reda described Lilesa as “an Ethiopian hero,” saying he “shouldn’t at all be worried” to return.

Lilesa said he feared he would be killed or imprisoned. Some of his family members are already in prison, he said, and he said he’s worried about the safety of his wife and two children.

In response, Reda told CNN in it’s “a bit of a stretch to assume that your loved ones will be at risk because you have made one gesture or another. I can assure you nothing is going to happen to his family nothing is going to happen to him.”

Before Reda’s response, Lilesa said he may stay in Brazil or go to Kenya or the United States, depending on whether he can obtain a visa for those moves.

The Oromo make up at least a third of Ethiopia’s 100 million people. But they have been marginalized for decades, with tensions rising recently as the government promoted development that took over over Oromo farmland.

During the past year, huge protests by the Oromos have swept the streets of Ethiopia.

The government was brutal in putting down the demonstrations, nonprofit groups like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch reported.

“In nine months, more than 1,000 people have been killed,” Lilesa said on Sunday. CNN could not immediately confirm Liesa’s statement.

Lilesa-spotlightReda described that statement as “nonsense” but he would not offer a figure for the number of protesters who have died.

“This game of numbers has no merit,” he said.

In a report on the Oromos, Amnesty International said at least 5,000 Oromos were arrested because of peaceful protests or opposition to the government between 2011 and 2014.

According to Human Rights Watch, more than 400 people have been killed and tens of thousands arrested, since November 2015. Thousands more have been jailed, the group said.

“Human Rights Watch’s research indicates that security forces repeatedly used lethal force, including live ammunition, to break up many of the 500 reported protests that have occurred since November 2015,” the group reported on its website.

Reda disputed those numbers and said Ethiopia’s security response to the protests is standard police protocol — to disperse “rioters.” Some protesters have been armed with guns and hand grenades, he said.

As for Lilesa, he’s “is entitled to make” a “political statement. That is his right,” Reda said. “It’s not about holding one political view or another.

It’s unclear if Lilesa’s political gesture will affect his Olympic medal. In the past, the Olympics committee has stripped athletes of their awards for participating in political protests.

One of the most controversial demonstrations took place during the Mexico City games of 1968 when American sprinters Tommie Smith and John Carlos gave the Black Power salute while standing on the award podium during U.S. national anthem.

Smith and Carlos were sent home and banned from the Olympics for life.

But they were treated as returning heroes by the black community for sacrificing their personal glory for the cause.

Lilesa won silver on Sunday with a time of 2:09:54, finishing behind liud Kipchoge of Kenya. He finished with a time of 2:08:44.

53 thoughts on “Feyisa Lilesa has Nothing to Fear After Olympic Protest: TPLF

    1. The scumbag Getachew “Buna Tetu” Reda said, Feyisa would get a heroes welcome if he returned home with the rest of the athletes. Why do the government refused to air his second place victory on the state tv before anyone take their honey coated promise serious. No but thanks. Stay there Lilisa.

      1. Ethiopia’s state-owned TV network has refused to broadcast footage of one of its most successful Olympic athletes crossing the finishing line or receiving his medal after he staged a political protest against oppression back home.

        EBC, the Ethiopian state broadcaster, was showing Lila’s race live on TV on Sunday afternoon. As such, it was unable to avoid airing his protest as it happened the first time.

        But the moment he crossed the line was cut from subsequent bulletins and, unlike with its other champions, EBC refused entirely to show footage of Lilesa being given his silver medal.


        1. TefashNews,
          your mafia regime does that al the time. so why is that ok in Eritrea but not ok in Ethiopia?
          the 5oo regime supporters in Geneva were live on EriTV but not the 5000 true Eritreans who were calling for end of slavery.
          You are useless person who is sick obssessed at neigbours business.

          1. We do know the people of Ethiopia during Haile Selassie , Derg (Mengestu) and the TPLF (we brought them to power) failed to ask questions, demand answers, and hold government officials accountable until it was too late, and we know how that turn out to be and we know what will happen now.
            Trust? Feyisa Lilesa should not trust anyone, especially TPLF that ,Lies, kills, treat its own citizens like criminals, tortures and whose polices are dictated by foreign countries and always live in paranoia.

          2. Polio, what if your stupid regime orchestrated tigrayans pretending to be Eritrean protesters..Eritrea doesn’t have protesters..we understand that tigrayans have an old wish to be mentioned as Eritreans, as one american said it, the inferiority complex is eating you still.

  1. A crowd-funding campaign has raised more than $40,000 (£30,000) to help Ethiopia’s Olympic marathon silver medallist Feyisa Lilesa seek asylum.

    Rule 50 of the Olympic charter bans political displays or protests and the IOC say they are gathering information about the case.

    A legal team hired by Ethiopians in US is headed to Rio to try and help Mr Feyisa, who has a wife and two children in Ethiopia, with a request to seek asylum in the US.


    1. Just like they honored their word when they signed a document saying, “Final and Binding.” Tigray government knows nothing about honorable conduct. It’s riddled with jealous, inferiority complex and treachery.

  2. I kinda agree actually. Feyisa will have nothing to fear and will be able to go back home, ….soon. Woyane goons will be fleeing for their lives first.

    1. They don’t know how to love except to hate,This is the daughter of TPLF ,She want finish the Oromo and Amhara from the face of the Earth.this young lady has to have some accountability from the US Human Right .This is not freedom of speech this is hate crime and provocative .

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      She lives in central phoenix, Arizona, Camelmack Rd and 12th street
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      How on earth while in the premise of the Airport, wearing company uniform, she made racially charged remarks, degrading the people of Amhara and Oromo as well as making threats to cleanse them from the face of Ethiopia?

      Phenix Sky harbor Airport has been urged to take immediate action towards this particular employee who made inflammatory, racially charged remarks.

      She also said in her video, Amhara and Oromo who lives in the US are not immune from her and her Tigre gang attacks. She describes how they will carry out action in the dark, this is a serious threat!


        1. I feel your anger my sister. She is a wasted & low life. It’s not necessary to go as low as her. Her likes are still under evolution. Her & her likes are not any better than Chimpanzee. It’s unnecessary to heed for such primitive & retarded people. Such people are mentally challenged. It’s utterly disgusting to insult the recorded bravery of the Amhara and Oromo people, which had become the role model for the entire black race. There is time for everything, today such people felt invincible. But it won’t be that far before they rush to their hiding place. What goes around comes around!!!

      1. No wonder these uguminos were working as prostitutes in Eritrea. Doesn’t she looks like one? Nobody reminds these people, the 1985 famine? Qomalat, sahsahat, chenewti, resahat, ekeyat, drbayat- agame! Kemey zbelwom deqi diablos iyom eziom bejakha? Kabey iyom mexiom? Men m’nbarka do yresae iyu? Gohafat, lementi, areyti beles, defaeti arebia. Amlak dea ydfaekum ember.

      2. OK. Now this little tribal idiot has been dismissed from her job following her hate speech over Amhara and Oromo people later this week. Do you think she have learned a lesson from it? NO. She posted another video (below) to only expose her ignorance and stupidity further. From where I see it and judging from the amount of hate she stirred on social media against Amhara and Oromo people, I am afraid she is putting her life in a great danger.


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    3. So stupid., they are just so far removed from reality they have no idea they are endangering themselves and their people. She gives you a glimpse into the minds of people like sentek.

      1. Oh brother, i wish you read some books and understand simple facts. Ignorant people comes in every shapes and sizes. Its not “they” its her. Which group, race do you know that doesnt have its fair of ignorants? She doesnt speak for tegaru or Ethiopians, she is just one toxic diaspora taking my country 500 years back based on her limited understanding. I will pray for her.

    4. she looks like amorphous bloated frog. She should be sorry for her useless life. No Amhara or Oromos should care about such a human waste. I wonder how she ended up in US though? She is right about one thing. For every life TPLF is taking, they should pay in equal terms. They should start to feel the pain.

        1. That is in fact the truth.

          That is why she was called by “Helen Hailu” as a nick (but her real Tigraway name) and while in U.S. by the stolen Eritrean identity name of “Yodit Wolderufael”

  3. where ordinary Ethiopians killed for wearing white, holding a red card or crossing their arm who will believe this fat double tongue woyane. Saying one thing and doing another is a trademark of the minority regime.

  4. I hope the Western Media pay attention to the Ethiopian people . This is going on for long time The Ethiopian regime get way with it B/s is the USA ally. What the shame-to the World to see ? Getachew reda is lying . By now all is family are arrested but who cars about Ethiopian people. only i can say is he is breve and he had enough .

  5. And i quote, “often those who critcise others reveal what he himself lacks”. Instead of begging to get the medal you didnt earn, waiting to see if Ethiopia will be in “civil war” using Ethiopia for every little excuse for not implementing the consistution, G15 and national service like Mengistu era, it would have been smart if you clean your own house. There has been talks of unrest by you people since 2005 but nothing has changed, EPRDF is there to stay for a long time. Feyisa is a simple man who gave up his life for few pennies, seek asylum by trashing his own country and wanting to be famous on ESAT. We will wish him the best and will always be our hero. Bless his heart. I must say, he might be the first one to take the numbers killed at 1000, im sure his immigration case worker will get a kick out that.

    1. Everyone in our region knows the numbers are 10fold of 1000. This is Eritrean website go to tegaruoffline if you want your narrative of world news.

    2. Ayte sentiko,
      You said, ” Feyisa is a simple man who gave up his life for few pennies, seek asylum by trashing his own country and wanting to be famous on ESAT. We will wish him the best and will always be our hero. Bless his heart.”
      If Feyisa is one who is trashing his own country, Ethiopia, why do you consider him always to be your hero?
      Are you still playing games again, with one of your 7 Hearts? You really sound just like the mouth piece of Woyane, Getachew Reda (aka Mr. Buna TeTu). Sentiko, you don’t seem to be coherent, ever since the Oromo and Amhara demonstration started.

      1. IQ, i mean that from the bottom of my heart. He will always be our hero for putting Ethiopia on the map the last few events as well as this one. He can have his own opinion on current events but that doesnt make it facts. He is just a runner, thats all. If he cared for Oromo or democracy, people like him has a front seat to speak on behalf of that cause. Turunesh, Kennisa and Haile come from Oromia region and the PM is a phone call away for these people. They can all be the change they seek if in fact there is that much “killing”. Unless they are also considered to be “woyani”. But they know damn well the Ormoia corruption and few problems has been hijacked to no limit by few for self gain. We will make sure they will never gain any ground as we are cleaning shit out.

        1. Ayte IQ63,
          Let’s say you are for a change telling us the truth that Fetisa is actually your hero. Could you enlighten us on why Woyane government decided Not To Air the televised portion when your Hero Feyisa started to show his displeasure with Woyane government by raising his arms to symbolize with the oppressed people of Oromo? It seems you and your loved Woyane are not in the same page … Is that possible? I hope so and I won’t call you by IQ63 anymore 🙂

          Hint #1: Tell the truth.
          Hint #2: He is a bad example to other Oromo and Amhara athletes.

  6. Tefash News got up this morning hoping to read bloodshed in Addis demonstration yesterday. Nobody died and nothing happened. It must have been a depressing day for tefash news.

    1. No one can or trust the so called “Communication Minister” who in fact is “Minister of miscommunication. Let Getachew Reda tell his bosses at TPLF/Woyane fake government and have thousands of Ethiopians from Oromia and Amhara regions released first. Then Lellisa may come back home. Thousands of Ethiopians in Oromia and Amhara regions are languishing in prisons and tortured every day because what Lellisa did protesting the outrageous plans and actions of the government. Getachew’s statement will not hold water because he is lying to our face. We are absolutely believe that if Lelissa return homes the TPLF/Woyane thugs will put him in prisons.

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