Ethiopian Opposition Briefs Members of EU Parliament

Chairman of Patriotic Ginbot 7, Chairman of the Oromo Federalist Congress, and Rio Olympic medalist hearing at the European Parliament.

Ethiopian opposition EU hearing
European Parliament hearing on the human rights situation in Ethiopia

By ESAT News,

Ethiopian opposition party representatives and marathon star Feyissa Lelisa on Wednesday briefed members of the European Parliament on the crises in Ethiopia urging EU member states to stop financing a brutal regime in Ethiopia.

The delegation includes Prof. Berhnu Nega, Chairman of Patriotic Ginbot 7, Merara Gudina, Chairman of the Oromo Federalist Congress, as well as Feyisa Lilesa, Rio Olympic silver medalist known worldwide for showing a protest gesture at the Olympic.

Prof. Berhanu Nega, who on the occasion said Ethiopia is at the crossroads, cautioned that there were only two options: resolve the crises in a peaceful manner or engage in full scale war with the regime.

Nega, who described the situation in Ethiopia as deeply troubling even to foreign observers, warned that unless a solution is sought immediately, the cises in the country could reach a point of no return.

He said the uprising in the Oromo and Amhara regions as well as the Ogaden, which he said was a war zone, is leading the country into a deep crises.

“What Ethiopians demand is the same peace, security and democracy that is being enjoyed by the people of Europe,” Nega said and added it was ironical that countries who are watchdogs of democracy were also allies of the tyrannical regime in Ethiopia in the name of geo politics and fighting terrorism. “Tyranny is the source of terrorism,” Nega said.

Merara Gudina on his part called for the rubber stamp parliament in Addis Ababa to be dissolved and for the establishment of a transitional government.

Feyisa Lelisa, who said the suffering of Ethiopians under a brutal regime still continues called on the European countries to stop financing tyranny in Ethiopia.

Up to 1500 people were killed and close to 60,000 detained in the last one year of protests, according to Merara. About 600 were also killed in one day in October as millions gathered for a religious ceremony.

Security forces shot at party goers creating a massive stampede. Some of the protesters died from gunshot wounds.

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  1. Hello IQ63 🙂
    Do you still refer to Feyisa Lelisa as an Ethiopian Hero?
    I know he is a Hero to 94 Million Ethiopians, but want to hear your take.

  2. EU don’t care of democracy for Africans, if they did, Woyane beggars would not survive a single day without the regular food stump from western government. What Ethiopians need is to kill Woyane soldiers everywhere they find them. You need to Burn every woyane “owned” property. Peaceful demonstration does not work with leaders of IQ63. Majority of Woyan’s army is non-Tigriyan, hence each of these soldiers has a duty to quarantine every Woyane soldier from Tigray.

  3. But really what has berhanu nega done?His practicaly useless. Why is the Eritrean government even harboring him? This is wrong move by the government.

    1. People like you makes me laugh, is that the only Wedi afom move you consider WRONG? Everything about that man for the last 20 years has been dead wrong but hey, what do I know? I only hear it from all your brothers coming to Addis to cry about it on our shoulders. May be they are crazy just like you.

        1. This is happening right after i called out thetigrayanwarlord aka thelastwarlord/truth (woyane pretending to be somali) lol., just annoying losers if you ask me. If you look at his history on that account he has 3 comments mines has 1000+.

          1. Yep, I saw that too. It’s so ridiculous this ppl are indeed gifted with the low IQ63 and now it’s going down even lower. ????

    2. Wtf… Another Agame masquerading as Eritrean.. Again!! For God sake.. What is wrong with u ppl, hav some dignity. Qomalat. Smh

  4. Aye ChinQlat Agame, the only one who betrayed Mama Ethiopia is Woyane.
    How stuppid for you to say ,… How come Feyissa is the only runner with this agenda?
    Millions of Feyissa are demonstrating all over Ethiopia. Do you have to be a runner or a famous person to be counted as opposition? . Why do you think your ugumesh government have state of emergency, if there were not millions of Feyissas?
    Sentiko, “Will you clarify it for me,” …
    if you call Dr. Nega a “Stupid professor”? what are you going to call your x-FM … the one who said … Sorry, but the question is not clear. Can you clarify it, if I may ask, sorry 🙂

  5. Feyisa Lilesa chooses the cause than personal gain..He’ll be remembered as a Hero in Ethiopia’s History in general and in Oromo in particular to have denounced the minor junta (weyane in Ethiopia). And he did not invent he just portray the image that weyane are doing to His People.

  6. Ugumesh,
    Some Oromo are blessed with the gift of becoming Marathon Champions, but only a few are also blessed with being activist on behalf of their oppressed Oromo. I used to joke calling you and your likes with the unproven accusation of having IQ63, it might not be a joke, after all.

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