Ethiopian Army Massacred 51 Civilians in Ogaden

Ogaden massacre
The Ogaden is Ethiopia’s dark, dirty secret where the regime commits numerous human right violations and killings with impunity


The Ethiopian Army wantonly massacred 51 civilians in Jama’ Dubad village near Gashamo town on June 5, 2016. The army indiscriminately opened fire on unarmed civilians in the village centre, shooting everybody in sight, not sparing women, children or the elderly. After the army started the massacre, many villagers run to the local mosque, hoping that they may be spared there. However, the Ethiopian army followed them there, shooting and killing them all. Then, the army torched the village, destroying all property, food and the water supplies of the village.

Many wounded civilians who managed to run away to the fields, are scattered and hiding in the fields. Some of the villages and many children are still unaccounted for.

In addition, the Ethiopian army has abducted more than ten elders whose whereabouts are still unknown. The Ethiopian army has sent reinforcements and are currently occupying villages along the border. This is an indication that the army intends to commit more massacres in order to create fear and stem any reaction from the local communities.

Just two months ago, the Ethiopian army massacred civilians in Dhaacdheer and Gaxandhaale villages near Galadi town in Wardheer region, killing scores of civilians. In February 2016, the Ethiopian army and the Liyu Police militia destroyed Lababar village near Shilaabo, killing more than 300 civilians and destroying the whole community in order to clear areas near the Jeexdin (Calub) Gas fields. In similar aggression the Ethiopian army killed many civilians near Bur-Ukur, Ferfer, Beledwayne and Hudur areas at the end of last year.

After committing crimes intended to extinguish the spirit and the humanity in Ogaden, Oromia and all communities in Ethiopia, the regime is now increasingly targeting other peoples along its borders and other neighbouring countries, specially those along the Somalia and Kenyan borders.

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The Ogaden National Liberation Front categorically condemns the action of the Ethiopian regime and calls upon all peoples and parties in the Horn of Africa and the international community to condemn this heinous act and come to the aid of the affected innocent civilians.

UNPO Condemn the Killing

The Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) joins the ONLF in strongly condemning the actions of the Ethiopian army and calling upon the international community to hold the Ethiopian Government accountable for these actions, demand that such repressions are halted and take Ethiopia’s poor human rights record into account when engaging in trade or other exchanges with its authorities.

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    1. This is the most beautiful video clip I have ever seen. Do you have more like this I would love to see them all .TPLF is taking control of the situation and protecting their interest. So what are you going to do about it?

    2. Ethiopia will never ever make same mistake like in the past with Egypt and its shaebia and jebha slaves. There is no hide and seek game with EPRDF and the gallant Ethiopian Army.The gangs in Asmera and its illiterate blind supporters must accept the simple fact and reality that Ethiopia is big ,strong and powerful in the region and in Africa.if you go against this,it is same like self will achieve nothing to change the status quo apart of wasting your time and resources.Admit Ethiopia is strong,admit Ethiopia is powerful,admit Ethiopia is progressing under the leadership of EPRDF ,then you are able to evaluate the current condition of your message to the Eritrean people is simple and precise to the point ,your nr.1 enemy is the gangs in Asmera nothing more nothing less.


    The Isaaq clan of the Somali people are notorious for their blood vendettas and swift revenge, they will avenge their kinsmen of this I am sure. Eventhough Somaliland’s government have urged restraint by the Isaaq clan it is without doubt that the president of the Somali region of Ethiopia have made some powerful new enemies in addition to previous ones such as the Ogaden clan which he have slaughtered on mass for years.

    As for the Ethiopia Somaliland relationship it will remain but among the Somaliland people the perception of Ethiopia as a friend might now change hopefully. Somaliland should join the fight against Ethiopia and accept that woyanne ruled Ethiopia is the enemy of all people in the horn of africa.

    1. Where did they find you? I think ONLF is short on fighters, shouldnt you be joining them? Somaliland is one step away from joining Ethiopia. June 28, we will make history as usual. EPRDF meeting in July to see what Somaliland want and how we can benefit each other. Bye haters

    2. Ethiopia anf Somaliland’s relationship has never been stronger. Sorry to inform you people of the truth that hurt you.

  2. I really dont know why shabo waste money on 100 soliders that can barley fight. ONLF has been crushed ever since they killed innocent people ten years ago. Lost all the respect of locals and out gallent force has been chashing them all the way to Kenya. There is no more safe haven in the horn. We will wait till shabo build the other 400 or so and march in Asmera if you get out of line. Full notice.

    1. ONLF are in Mogadishu and their bases is all over Somalia especially in Jubaland near the port of Kismoya in southern Somalia.

      ONLF are sons and the daughters of every single Somali from Djibouti to all the way to Northern Eastern Kenya and the struggle waged by the ONLF against the Dogs TPLF is well support by the people of Somalia and Djibouti and all the crimes TPLF committed against my fellow Somalis in the Ogaden and the Oromos bro/sis will not be forgotten, TPLF will be brought to justice.

      1. Hamsen and shewa Amhara has one thing in common, fukera and pride. I think they are teaching you their bad things. We only know how to get results without talking. Jubaland has three areas, low middle juba and gedo with Ethiopia liyu police teaching them how to hold an AK. If we go to Yemen to bring Andargachew, Somalia and Eritrea, imagin.

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    1. Somali from Jigjiga · Edit

      Ethiopia’s policy of killing an entire village of people because they can’t find one suspect who happen to be from that village sure is a strange and uniquelly Ethiopian practise of barbarism.

      I condemn in the harshest terms the crimes against humanity being commited by Ethiopia and its para military forces on in the Somali Region of Ethiopia.

    2. Somali from Jigjiga · Edit

      Hey you idiot calling yourself Somali man. Shut your stinkig mouth. And stop insulting Tigrai people and Isaak people.

      Debate here like a civilised person and offer the forum something other than your illiterate jibberjabber nonsense.

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