Ethiopia Wary of Mass Deportations from Saudi

The impending deportation of 200,000 illegal Ethiopians from Saudi Arabia.
The impending deportation of 200,000 illegal Ethiopians from Saudi Arabia.


Disaster-struck Ethiopia is on the brink of renewed catastrophe with the impending deportation of 200,000 citizens from Saudi Arabia.

The Ethiopians, who have been living in the Middle East country without residence and work permits, will be repatriated within the next two months, following a 90-day amnesty period to help them leave the country without penalties.

In 2013, a similar situation occurred when more than 170,000 Ethiopians were repatriated from Saudi Arabia.

Among the returnees, 40 percent were women in addition to a significant number of children, unaccompanied minors and migrants with serious health conditions.

Humanitarian organisations said they were preparing contingency plans to support the government in receiving these returnees.

The upcoming deportations come at a time the cash-strapped East African country is already struggling to cope with a severe drought affecting seven million people.

This includes an estimated 303,000 children under the age of five at risk of severe acute malnutrition in 2017.

The devastating drought hit pastoral communities in the south and south-east of Ethiopia, brought diarrhoea [read: cholera], food and water shortages.

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A huge influx of refugees fleeing the conflict in South Sudan has also gripped Ethiopia with up to 250,000 Sudanese expected in the coming weeks from the volatile Jonglei State.

Some 362,000 Sudanese are already refugees in Ethiopia.
They are among 830,000 refugees in Ethiopia, with others from Eritrea, Somalia and Sudan.

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  1. Color of their eyes? · Edit

    This means more money for Weyane officials because now they can say we need MORE MONEY for 200,000 deportees from Saudi Arabia and apply with the usual NGOs. I bet 90% of those 200,000 Ethiopians are Tigray, That said, I always feel sorry for deportees. But it was never a great life for them in Saudi Arabia anyway. Foreigners have no rights of any kind in Saudi Arabia. I wonder if the Saudis told the Ethiopians “We don’t like the color of your eyes so we are going to steal your houses and properties.” Probably not! Only TPLF does that.

    1. Probably they are poor house made assistants and not business entrepreneurs that’s why they don’t have papers to stay there. But where is UNHCR to talk about the weyane’s Ethiopia’s migration drama? or they speak only when they pretend to be Eritreans in EU?

      1. The amoral opportunist UNHCR is quite, & who knows they may be rerouting those deportees to their Tgrai Refugee camps and claim as usual that they are newly Eritrean arrivals

  2. Color of their eyes? · Edit

    I got a story for you guys though. So I went to a buffet with my friend last Sunday. I thought it was going to be Japanese. That is the only reason I agreed to go because I love Sushi. So I get there and find out it’s Chinese. I paid $14 for the buffet, went in and grabbed some food. When I sat down I couldn’t bring myself to eat it because all I could think about was the donkey slaughterhouses that TPLF set-up in Ethiopia. I kept thinking what if it is donkey meat? I couldn’t get that thought out of my head so I couldn’t eat any of it. Thanks TPLF.

      1. Color of their eyes · Edit

        NO man it’s lost on you. I couldn’t bring myself to eat any of it so I left hungry. I’m out 14 bucks as a result.

  3. Why were these poor folks running away from a country described as the economic tiger of Africa? in the first place

  4. If only black men knew how to run a country instead of running away from theirs, then their women & children wouldn’t have to find shelter all over the world. Y’all burn everything to the ground… whether it’s Africa, Detroit, Chicago, or Baltimore.

    1. To the ungrateful bigots that have no problem enslaving fellow humans the time of reckoning is on the horizon.

  5. Saudi gave all those living without work permits to return to their home countries. Ethiopia being a responsible nation that learns from its mistakes took initiative to return all of our people home by providing the necessary paper work as well opening more offices to accommodate the needy. It also gave a green light to the Airlines to pickup all passengers for free. Now, you would think Eritrea accepts its responsibility by providing services to its people instead of refugee camps in Ethiopia but it’s not happening. Some of these Eritreans claiming to be Ethiopians just to be returned as we speak but shabo would rather deny they even exist by claiming, we don’t accept “forced deportees”. Shame.

  6. Rather than writing “the upcoming deportation come at a time the cash-strapped East African country is already struggling a cope with a severe drought affecting seven million people”, it should have read-
    The upcoming deportation come at a time the African nation is struggling for its survival due to the WHOLE NATION political, economical and military rival groups are waging to overthrow the minority regime (Malelit).

  7. How is it a country that’s on “ICU” can call all her children, offer homes, free ride and work directly with the Saudi no to repeat the same mistake? This 90 days rule from Saudi doesn’t apply to just Ethiopians but while we are hosting almost 1million refugees, we are not sitting there complaining about forced deportees. In the meantime, the self reliant by name tiny country barely can keep her kids inside let alone to host anyone anytime soon. The crazy part, a lot of Eritreans in Saudi are going to Ethiopian embassy to get paper work just to be sent home or camp. Ironic to say the least.

    1. Now noone is stopping since you start to munch donkey meat perhaps eat the brains to increase your capacity of thinking critically!

    2. God help Ethiopians from the likes of you. When will you stop lying to yourself? Ethiopians buy amd forge Eritrean passpprt to go to Arab countries ask your brothers in Saudi and other GCC countries. And your brothers and sisters are in Canada and USA using Eritrean identity.

      When will you stop lying?

      1. ኣሌክ - Alec you · Edit

        Well said **TesfaNews(TN)**.
        But they know, whatever they say/do.. they can’t save their Tigrayan dominated empire from the floods of the non-Tigrayans. It’s too late.

      2. Fine, let agree to disagree but just answer one simple question for us please? If the 90 days Saudi gave applies to everyone without a permit, where are the Eritreans? Are you saying there aren’t any Eritreans in Saudi?

      1. Alexc KKKKKKKKKKKKKKK Mr/miss.. sentiko/shegar addis/Ethio/balance !! he is talking his wish?? He has microcephaly!!!

    3. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkAyte/ Mr/miss.. sentiko/shegar addis/Ethio/Balance/Tplf Agent !! Are you talking your wish?? People know you have microcephaly!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Cash Strapped Ethiopia is Facing Acute Foreign Currency Shortage

    The head of the National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) Mr. Tekelewolde Atnafu, said the amount of foreign reserve in the nation’s coffers is only enough for three months of imports. Businesses that rely on import of both goods and services are experiencing long waiting times, some waiting longer than six months to receive the needed foreign currency to run their businesses. In his report to parliament, Wednesday, May the 3rd, Mr. Atnafu said, currently foreign reserves have dropped to a level only enough for 2.3 months of imports.

    In his report to the finance committee of parliament, Mr. Atnafu added, Ethiopia’s widening trade deficit owing to the shortage of forex. The drop in the export of goods in the past three to four years along with financial problems the country is facing is contributing to the shortfall of foreign currency reserve.

    In the black-market, one US dollar is sold for over 26 birr, while officially one dollar is sold for 22.86 birr.

    In order to combat the current shortfall in forex, the National Bank of Ethiopia has put some measures in place. Recently travelers going abroad or visitors coming in to Ethiopia are required to officially declare the amount of foreign currency they have including pieces of jewelry in their possessions.

      1. ኣሌክ - Alec you · Edit

        The Tigrayan dominated power is going to fall apart without the Aid-handouts from its gods.???? ????????

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